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-MissQueenBee- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 11:42am | IP Logged
I'm sry but what im going to say is my opinion and sry if anyone gets hurt.
I think Pintu & Krishna don't have common sense sometimes. Or the creaters are just making them look really stupid.
Firstly, pintu who has been humiliated by everyone but he doesn't do anything. He doesn't say anything bak or doesn't have any plans. Seeing the last couple episodes, he gets ordered around by everyone! It's making him look so weak and helpless! He need to get a job and earn money so he can get out of TTS mansion and get a place where he and Krishna can live together. He needs to do something cuz I hate seeing him humiliated by everyone like in the last episodes. Everyone was against him! Pls pintu stand up for urself and Krishna! Pls say all the truth about pinky! He should of said what he felt to babloo.

Secondly, Krishna who meets pinky almost everyday gets humiliated by her. All the things pinky said to her, Krishna doesn't tell anything about it to pintu & babloo. Or she doesn't even voice record pinky so they would have proof!
Now look wat happened, both pridhna are alone crying! They're is so much they can do! Are the creaters just gonna make them be like this the rest of the serial? They were not like this before!
They have the right to say things bak! Not just stand there listening cuz its not gonna do anything!
Again sry if anyone is hurt but my opinion.

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Jackie I know It's bad to see Prishna getting humilated like that . but what to do they are lead Actors and In every daily soap Lead Actors had to go thru so much before they get successful in their motive . So This we can't help . 

I don't think Leaving house is some solution . yes it will give a little peace of mind to Prishna but Do u really think Even after living alone BDP will not do anything to hurt them ? BDP are those who will follow Prishna and will try their best to hurt them and create problems for them just to see them getting hurted as they get satisfaction and happiness with that . So leaving TTS Mansion is not any solution of that . Pintu is not a selfish guy who will leave his family alone getting suffered by BDP . He can't do that . it is not the Pintu we all know . The Pintu we know is the one who will face BDP boldly strongly and will save his loved ones from them . 

Another thing . Everyone knows how BDP are!! , right from TTS to Ganga and to Babloo . there is nothing left which they need to know . Pintu already told everything what pinky did to krishna .So There is nothing left what Pintu should have told to Babloo when he was screaming on him . 

Another thing Pintu always loved his family . he literally loves and breathes for them . it was shocking and hurting for him to see his Brother not hearing him and believing Pinky instead of it . The way Babloo lost his temper in Thurs and Fri's epi and hurted Pintu with so many harsh words  , it was completely unexpected for Pintu And it was very very big shocker for Pintu . it hurted him and his heart very very badly . he was unable to speak and was speechless coz he was hurt , it was not that He didn't knew how to speak . So Seeing all this I can completely understand Pintu's mental state regarding what he must be feeling at that time . He was feeling all shattered . 

Krishna was always shown as calm person . She always believed that Hatred can only be won by Love .She never believed in tit for tat . But now it is changed . Now she knows that Sometimes it is needed to give tot for tat . This she learnt from pintu . And result is that now she doesn't cries or become emotional weak infront of BDP .Monday she gonna slap Pinky which is biggest proof of this . 

So don't Worry Very soon Prishna will try again and will make another plan . So what if this Kundli plan didn't worked in favour of them Wink

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
I completely agree with Moni. They have common sense that is the reason they can understand Pinky's evil plan.

They have already told Babloo the truth which he refuse to believe and I feel now they will have to present some proofs to him.

Prishna loves their families to the core and they don't feel it as humilation if they are scolded from their parents or elders. They are not selfish to leave their family on the mercy of BDP even if the family members are not in mood to listen. This is their love and respect.
Leaving home and living separately is never the solution for any problem specially at the time when family needs them most. They could have leave home when sargam was alive because at that time their family was not under pinky's threat.
Pintu raises his voice wherever he feels it's necesary and in front of BDP he is never quiet. He can't keep on fighting everytime he is present in front of his dad and brother. It's not his character from beginning he has been peacemaker at home and always tries to maintain it till he can do.
Krishna also raise her voice when it needs and fight for right so they are in very sense very mature and understanding and has lots of common sense.
Haan regarding proofs against Pinky they will start thinking of plan soon don't worry

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sandiab IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 6:18pm | IP Logged

beautifully said Racha and Monica Pintu is the ultimate family man and he would never even think about leaving them now no matter what they tell him. even i do feel that the amount of pressure that prishna's family puts on them is too much especially Pintu's family for me that ungrateful lot would be extremely difficult to love if they where my family would have escaped from the mad house a long time ago. They don't respect , trust or value the love and attention he gives them and they are always underestimating him. but as Racha said he is the peacemaker in the family he is the glue that keeps them together even though it has always hurt him the most to be this.


this may sound weird to many but for a very long time I felt like krishna is the female version of  Ahem and Pintu is actually the male version of  gopi(gia not that new girl }of sns.krishna and ahem connection obviously coz of their robotic ways and work ethic.  Pintu and gopi even though are total opposites but the way they love is the same. I remember reading on the sns forum once that gopi's love, forgiveness and trust is an ideal its the way we should love the people around us and i feel that this applies to Pintu as well exception being that his character has a touch of realism to it. the way he loves his family is an ideal its the way we should all love our family but in this day and age alot of us arent able to love in this way because we want to be independent and our independence is kind of separate of our families and pintu doesnt have this sort of independence, everything with him is connected to his loved ones whether his own family and now krishna's family there is no separation.  anything that makes us want more as human being makes us selfish to an extent whether it is material wealth be it monetary or something else like the fact that we all want to find our own destiny, to be some1 and find our place in the world this somehow separates us from loving the way he does coz it takes away our time and attention from our loved ones. that is why at the moment we dnt see a man with a purpose beyond keeping his family together he can show such concentration when it comes to his family but cnt keep a job for long and forgets about it the moment he turns his back.

as for the way he has been treated pintu is very innocent when it comes to love and family and their ways thats why he had to be told by some1 that his behaviour to krishna amounted to love and that is why leaving them will not enter his mind and he will not realise until some1 points it out to him that babloo's distrust of him might be more than him just being emotional. I feel like babloo feels he is superior to pintu and not only coz he is older and has always distrusted pintus opinion and its coming out now and for me once they reconcile and if pintu realises this they are going to have a very different relationship.
I also mentioned that i consider him  realist in many ways and the major 1 comes from his dabang ways that pintu can handle anything he is streetsmart, sharp and will never stands for nonsense. And the family man and dabang man hardly ever come together when he is with his family and the reason for this separation is that the moment these 2 come together he wont be able to tolerate what has been happening around and he would have to treat his family members the way he treats outsiders with total lack of trust. And if he allows himself to be that he can't be the peacemaker, the family man anymore thats why I say he is a realistic character. because the family man, emotional man dnt allow him to see things as clearly as they are and allows him a false sense of security.  From the moment Sargam and Vidya have died he has gone into family mold thats why he could allow krishna to leave him even though he needed her the most at that time. being in that frame of mind has allowed him to overlook tts behaviour and not dwell on it as much coz at the moment he is trying to keep and get his family back  together.


As for krishna she has changed her behavior to BDP especially pinky hopefully they think to tape pinky but besides this i dnt know what else they could do to change babloo's mind.  even though babloo's mind is in turmoil he has always known what sort of person pinky is besides pinky specifically saying that she hates sonu i dnt think even if she says she wants to destroy his family will he change his mind ab her because of sonu's attachment. but it is seriously beyond my comprehension how  babloo can have such distrust of prishna and choose pinky over them.

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kapoormenka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 8:09pm | IP Logged
Beautifully written by Monika rachna and sandiab and I agree with them. Both are more sensible, smart and intelligent than any other character.

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kmfan_2 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
This discussion has really got me thinking...Very interesting views by all...

First - Jackie - yes you may feel that they lack common sense but maybe they are too caring about their family for their behaviour which surprises or even shocks many.
Pintu loves his family and respects his mother, brother and TTS that he though very capable of going all out against them chooses to listen. If you may remember, there was one episode where TTS had asked Pintu to leave to TTS mansion and Pintu had agreed to it too...but it has not happened...words uttered in a gush of anger has no meaning and both knew that...
Krishna as Moni rightly said is a well balanced person and will think before she talks or acts...So one has to wait and see where these two want to take their relationship from here...

Second Moni - I do agree that Pintu is a family man and breathes for them as you said...but wait a minute - we seem to be forgetting that after marriage Krishna too is a part of his family and the MOST IMPORTANT one! He should breathe for her too which he is doing exceptionally well though not living with her - thanks to the circumstances - but considering all the factors - it is my opinion - that a new relationship requires more investment of time than a 20 -24 year old one...After all, these formative years of  togetherness will be the key for their bond to blossom and endure through life! 
As long as Saraswati was against this it was fine that each stayed away - but after Saraswati's realisation I don't see any reason for them to continue to live separately only because TTS wants her to be a bahu only and not a BDO...Pinky is a BDO they can always argue that out and bring back Krishna into the family OR move out of all this mess as Babloo too wants it that way in the last episode...

Rachna - I agree with you - that they have raised their voice whenever possible and one needs to wait and see how they are able to gather the proof - so that TTS and Babloo can see reality as it is and not through tinted glasses!

Sandia - you are right in that he gets caught up between his emotions and his dabang attitude when it comes to his family...he is torn and hence unable to get aggressive with them - though I will will still give him full marks of raising his voice even against his Dad when something is spoken against Krishna.

My views...Pintu and Krishna are married by choice and no matter what - I don't think a couple staying away from each other for their respective families is any good for any one in the long run - not to talk of their marriage itself to sustain.

Second - After marriage, the spouse is in the first circle of relationships - the in laws in the second and I don't understand why each one wants to please their parent's wishes after the matrimony - more so when the parents are not wishing for them - what true parents would indeed wish for their kids.!!!

Third - TTS was always known to praise people who listened to him like a puppet - first VP, then Pintu when he forced him to marry Pinky(the first time by blackmailing him...), then Bihari ( whom he slapped too...and now he same person wants to be his samandi...) and I can go on...So trying to please a family with such a head is only disastrous for his own future...So the choice is entirely his...

Lastly - I think one needs to be happy with oneself first before one can share it with others - in the current track none of the characters are happy in what they are doing so each one trying to make the other happy is an impossible feat!

Sorry for this long post - but this post and the comments really got me thinking...Smile

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 6:45am | IP Logged

Yes Pintu remains quiet till the time he could . But once it becomes over ,then he give back answers to TTS and others.


Beautifully written .U said very very clearly everything . Loved the post. 

@Shanti Di 

I agree with u Di .A new relationship do need time . But Don't u think the relationship which have less understanding and less trust requires more attention ? And the relationship which have full love and understanding could be focused little less ? Pintu knows his relationship with krishna is full of trust and love and understanding . And Right now major imp thing is to save the family from evil eyes / intentions . And So by leaving the family alone will not help in any means . Prishna are so selfess that Even if they leave the house right now , they will not be happy even after that as their heart will be still there with their family . So At that case also they not gonna be happy. 

Overall yes Pintu should leave the house but only after saving his family with this current evil persons BDP who are trying to ruin his family thru this wedding.

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-MissQueenBee- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 9:14am | IP Logged
Guys i understand what u guys are saying...but others don't think like that...All the adults who watch it don't think about the details and feelings...especially my dad...i mean if the hero doesn't say anything, they're automatically gonna think that he's scared. They don't think about what will happen how he cares about his family, they just want him to talk bak or leave the house cuz he is not treated right. And i knw pintu is not scared. My parents don't understand that and when my dad says something about pintu not talking in front of his family, it makes me mad and i kind of post my anger here. I guess its cuz i want prishna to do something that will make my dad finally happy. i understand prishna feelings but i mean the creaters can make anything happen right? Anything can happen...

Anyway...thanx guys for your thoughts.

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