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SwaRon OS: Cricket fever

Phantasm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged

Cricket fever
"And it's a six, wohooo" Swayam shouted on top of his voice and threw the pillow up in the air.
Sharon came out running to see why Swayam was shouting like a kid and then- Got hit by the pillow right on her face.
"Arghh Swayam what the hell is this, and what have you turned the couch into" she said shouting at him and threw the pillow on his face. He got hold of the same and again threw it in the air when there was another six. Sharon was yelling on top of her voice but he was least interested.
The living room had turned into a circus. The pillows of couch were all over the floor, the couch was dismantled due to Swayam's jumping on it. The popcorn was scattered on the couch, on the floor, some in his hair and some inside his T-Shirt. Sharon smacked her head and went inside to get a mop but stopped abruptly realizing this would continue as long as the match would last. So she went inside the bedroom to resume to her work. In few minutes she could see Swayam entering the kitchen like an athlete and refilling his bowl of popcorns he rushed again to the living room and on his way he again left a trail of popcorns on the floor. All Sharon could do is, take a deep breath and resume with her work.
In a while she was feeling sleepy and tired too. She tilted her head a bit from the bedroom door to check on Swayam, only to see him hogging more on popcorn and in between jumping on the couch with every four and six runs. She sighed knowing that he won't sleep soon and so she stepped inside the bathroom to get freshen up and sleep.
Seeing the empty bed she couldn't sleep just like that and so she arranged pillows on the other side so that she could hug them and sleep so as give her the feel of Swayam. She nodded her head apprehensively and stepped on the bed hugging the heap of pillows. It was quite obvious that the fluffy soft pillows failed to give her the kind of warmth Swayam gave, whenever he held her close. She kicked all of the pillows from the bed and marched out of the room.
She sat besides Swayam folding her legs. Unable to see anything apart from the cricket match, he continued with his munching on popcorn with one hand and other hand clutching the bowl as one of the batsman was about to hit century. With each passing second, right from when the bowler sprinted to deliver the ball, Swayam had put all of his fingers in his mouth biting them thinking that he was chewing some popcorns. He was so much engrossed in the match that he didn't realize, he was accidentally biting off his fingers. Gross!! What the hell is he doing? She stepped back after seeing his state. When the batsman finally hit the century all the popcorns from the bowl were showered on Sharon in excitement. Her jaws dropped down and she got hold of his collar and sitting on his lap she straddled him and shook him vigorously. Their noses were very close and their eyes now captivated each other's gaze. The fiery greens were battling against the mellow brown ones. She was distracting him unintentionally, soon as he realized this, he twitched his nose as she blocked his view; he then gently held her by waist and put her besides him and rested his head on her lap. All Sharon could do, was look at him in disbelief. The match was his first priority that night.
With the onset of advertisement, all of a sudden Swayam looked at her once surprising her. She thought Maybe he is bored of the match, now he will definitely come to bed. But he surprised her even more as he put forward his hand and holding her chin, he said "Baby could you please get me one hot chocolate with extra four marshmallows?" blinking his eyes he flashed his four fingers to indicate the number.
She got up immediately in an attempt to slam his head down on the sofa and marched towards the kitchen. He could hear the clattering sound of the utensils and silently prayed that she won't just pour the hot liquid over his head. Within few minutes she came with two cups of hot-chocolates one having four marshmallows. She sat beside him with a plan in her mind. She handed him over his cup and without looking at him she sipped her share. Swayam was surprised with her behavior. The anger on her face, especially her nose had vanished. Her nose which was red few minutes before was now brown due to the chocolate that she was gulping down hurriedly. He then observed her more closely, not only her nose but her chin and lips had chocolate all over it and she was hastily gulping it, the remnant of the liquid then made its way from her lips to her neck, flowing down tracing irregular path. All Swayam could hear was the sound that she was making as she gulped down the final sip, the commentary person could no longer captivate him with his witty comments. The only thing he could see was his wife's face almost covered in chocolate. He moved his hand to touch her face but she very smartly got up from the couch and entered their bedroom with an evil smile plastered on her chocolaty lips. While this happened the batsman had already finished his century and even had hit three fours but Swayam although was sitting in front of TV set, his mind had wandered off to what happened few minutes back. He couldn't concentrate on the match all he wanted to do was wipe off the chocolate from her face with his lips. He peeked into their bedroom while sitting on the couch and didn't dare to enter the room in a fear that she might kick him out for avoiding her right from when the match had started. He remembered her baking a cake for him in the evening but due to his eyes glued to the TV set, he didn't appreciated the efforts that she took for him. On remembering he again switched back to the match.
In an hour the match ended but Swayam was thinking about her. She is going to kill me one day he thought and switched off the TV. Reality dawned upon him as he realized what messed he had created; he took a mop and cleaned the surface and arrange the pillows properly on the couch. Sipping the last cup of hot chocolate he entered their bedroom only to see his wife sleeping peacefully as if nothing happened few moments back. He stealthily stepped inside and he switched off the lights. While entering the bedroom he literally felt as if he was stepping inside a den of a tigress waiting to pounce on him. He stepped on the bed and faced her back. Swayam then just rolled her over and she in turn landed on top of him. She was in half sleep state and so she didn't have the slightest idea about what Swayam was up to. She just buried her face in his chest and hugged him tightly thinking that it's still the pillow. Phew so she is not angry with me, ah I am saved, Swayam then very slowly kissed her shoulder and inched towards her hands kissing them right from the arms to her fingers. His touch did the needful as slowly but immediately her eyes opened wide and she raised her head only to see Swayam busy with her hands. She rolled off him and turned her back to him indicating STAY AWAY. But Swayam took it the other way and now pushed aside her hair from her back and put a trail of kisses all the way along her back. Shivers ran down her spine at his feather soft touch. Unable to control her desire, she turned around to face him only to see his angelic features glowing in the lamp light. She caressed his cheeks with her thumb tracing patterns all over his face. She started with his cheeks then under his eyes, around his long nose, at the back of his ears, and his chin and stopped them near his lips. He removed her fingers from his face and started kissing them one-by-one. Her irregular breath invited him as Swayam inched closer to her keeping his eyes fixed on her. She couldn't meet his gaze since she knew doing that would leave her completely in his control. But Swayam was not going to back out as he inched forward too close looking into her eyes in an attempt to captivate them. She had evoked this desire in him few hours ago and only he knew how hard he had controlled himself back in the living room. To feel his love she finally looked straight in his eyes and it was when he had won the toss.
He allowed her to get lost in his gaze for few minutes which reflected nothing else but pure love for her. And that was the best way to tell her how much she means in his life. His eyes were kind of mirror for her as she could see her true self in it, it showed her the girl which her Swayam loved the most, who had the sole right to be happy no matter what advances in her life and most importantly it showed her the other side which the rest of the world was not aware of, and this side of hers was known only to the person in whose eyes she was staring for long, My Swayam she smiled at her possessive thought. They didn't realize for how long they were staring at each other and finally she closed her eyes. Within few moments she could feel the known softness of his tender lips on hers as he sweetly kissed her. His lips tasted a bit like chocolate a little like salt as well as had some amount of caramel, but lastly they tasted like how they always did. This resulted due to his munching on two different flavors of popcorn and in the end the hot chocolate. The heat that was dissipating from their bodies added fuel to the existing fire. Remembering what happened an hour back as Swayam was ignoring her she didn't want to lose to him completely and so keeping both of her hands on his chest she pushed him away from her but continued kissing him with equal force. And that was exciting him more as he pulled her along with him. Now they were sitting on the bed, with Sharon still struggling to break apart the kiss forgetting the fact that it was her who was indulging more in it. She finally managed to keep a distance and adjusting her dress; she got up from the bed and stood near the window grabbing the nearby shawl to cover her as the wind and Swayam both were sending cold shivers down her spine and she mentally enjoying teasing him. Almost immediately he stood behind her and glided his hands under the shawl to get hold of her. She twitched back a bit as his grip tightened. He rubbed his nose on her nape and rested his lips on them. She jerked a bit and faced him faking anger on her face. He made faces to melt her but she didn't respond to the same but instead yanked his hand from her waist. He moved a bit back and he loosened his grip and turned to get back to bed ,as he realized he had screwed a bit time. But very soon something soft touched his arm as Sharon pulled him back. With an astonishing face he smirked as she pulled him in a tight hug, wrapping the shawl around him as well and whispered in his ears "Don't dare to ignore me next time you watch any goddamnit match." She felt his tickling breath on her neck as he scooped her in his arms and carried her to the bed, with the shawl still wrapped around both of them. He then claimed her lips this time not gently but roughly as he deepened the kiss more. Sharon rejoiced the moment.  He then moved his face downwards as he kissed every part of her neck and shoulders raising the temperature in her body even in the air-conditioned room. She pulled his hair slightly and kissed his head which was lowering down with every kiss, and it smelled like popcorn yet again. In fact his entire body smelled like popcorn as she inhaled the intoxicating smell of his body. Feeling the every bit of his actions and reciprocating the same way, she pulled covers over them and let her man take her to a world in which only the two of them and their love existed.
The sunlight made its way from the windows landing very casually on her face in an attempt to wake her up. It was chilly outside but her body was receiving known warmth. She moved her hand and rested on his, which was holding her stomach tightly. A series of event flashed in front of her as she remembered the last night. Yesterday she had lost the match with him, no matter how hard she tried to be angry with him; he was always on the winning side. Surprisingly she didn't mind at all losing to him in this case. His steady soft breath was tickling on her neck as he had nestled into her neck. She faced him and chuckled as his mouth was a bit open inviting the flies to enter his mouth as his breakfast. She closed both of his lips and kissed them softly to seal them. She was then playing with his hair as she slightly ruffled them; he swayed his face and pulled the covers over his face. He was hell tired after yesterdays jumping on couch while watching the match and needed some good amount of sleep and Sharon was not allowing him. Finally after failed frantic attempts to wake him up, she got up from the bed and entered the living room and switched on the TV. The highlights of yesterday's match replayed and Sharon decided to watch the match so as to know what made Swayam ignore her initially. She muted the volume and mentally thought Swayam wouldn't catch her watching the match. But to prove how unpredictable he could get, he was leaning on the wall behind her. In few minutes he saw her enjoying the match to the fullest. Very smartly she was avoiding screaming in excitement so that her dear husband would not come to know. How cute can she get, he thought and sat beside her on the couch. She froze then and there as he caught her watching the match and open her mouth to defend. But almost immediately Swayam said as if talking to the TV set "What a six dude, keep it up" and she joined him doing the same. In few moments he snuggled close to her and whispered in her ears "The chocolate cake you made yesterday was delicious Sharon" She maintained a straight face and continued watching the match. The highlights ended and Sharon got up from the couch making Swayam land on the floor as he was slouching on her. With a surprised look he got up and pulling her by waist said "You will get punishment for the same dear, give me my shirt back which you are wearing, RIGHT.NOW" She chortled wickedly and said patting his cheeks "Only after you tell me how on earth the plum cake which I made yesterday tasted like a chocolate cake for you." Thus horrifying him as he mentally kicked himself for screwing up yet again.
Reviews pleaseEmbarrassed

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after so long ... a SwaRon write up from you Dancing
the os was amazing !!
fantastically written.
the way swayam was behaving while watching the game , totally cracked me up ROFL
it was very romantic and it took me to SwaRon dreamland Day Dreaming
the way sharon tried distracting swayam and also succeded was very cute Big smile
the ending was very funny LOL  sharon trying and see the match highlights chupke se and then getting caught by swayam and after that both of them enjoying together .
totally loved it.
keep coming up with these lovely os's ...
thanks for the PM.

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Wow wow wow that was so incredibly romantic! Day Dreaming Wen i saw the title I wasnt so enthusiastic coz I dont like cricket.But what I got was far different from what I expected Wink

Sharon married to Swayam?! Wow! I loved every bit of the OS especially ahem the bedroom scene LOL It was so blissful reading it.U made it ever so romantic and perfect. I havd no words.

The ending was damn awesome.Hehe Mr Perfect Swayam goofed up. LOL Do Pm me wen u write again Smile

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Ardour. Goldie

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Gosh Rutu, you have no rights to scribble something so good and drift us to a SwaRonilicious world. I loved the title. Sharon being quintessentialy herself i.e. a tigress in disguise and Swayum behaving as the next-door chap is an adorable treat to the eyes.
Your Swayum behaves a bit like me, I also happen to be an insane cricket addict, LOL.
This OneShort has turned out to be so nice that I'm literally patting ur back. Well done dear, I'm truly proud of u. Writers like u make us smile amidst the sore miseries.

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swaronehad3 Newbie

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 5:49am | IP Logged
hey nice os rutu Clap
loved it Big smile
thanx 4 d pm Smile
n keep wrtn Thumbs Up

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swa-ron Goldie

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 6:42am | IP Logged
loved it

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 6:53am | IP Logged
awsome OS Rutu...awww swayam is so cute...he vth popcorn and cricket was so cute...sharon such a cute wife...thanks for the PM..loved it...

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nice os
keep writing more

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