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:: AarYan Express #8 : Chup Chup Ke ::

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AarYan Express #8 : 


Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Scene of the week : Jyothi06
Awww Moment of the week Visha_Dhami
Funny Scene of the week : KinSanj
Best Dressed Character of the week : Jyothi06
Romantic Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Performance of the week : Amanda_18
Dialogue of the week : Visha_Dhami
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: Amanda_18
Picture of the week : KinSanj
Shocker of the week :Visha_Dhami
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : abhiya_crazyluv
Hottie of the week : Visha_Dhami
Blooper of the Week : Visha_Dhami & KinSanj
Siggy of the week : burningdesire88
Avi of the week : burningdesire88
Icon of the week : Aanchal
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VM of the Week :Aanchal
FF/OS of the week : *Piku*

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Hi Everyone ! 
A happy week it was right?
Why? Ermm
Hmm, guess what i really love?
Re-unions!!! Embarrassed
The atmosphere, the love and the 'Oh i missed you feelings' just makes you float,
And yeah, we witnessed it this week. So lets have a look on what our NL team has brought for us Wink

And not to forget, my dearest AarYan News Letter Team. Thanks for all the time and contribution given to make this NL a sparkling one and here you go, a siggy/name card LOL to show that you are part of the NL Team Hug

http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif Regards,



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garagabhavanaRMYGSinalRocksdarrishpadmavarApoorvaFanakansha412ladyBgudadigaagpsaniyaangakeluv_lvndrnirmalac99MissPurpleFreakKittya_CullenStrawbellaAniSweetyInduG64ZetterFireLordPhoenixkholitalulujjjjAllbut1--Iqra--Deepti1808jyoti06ilovepyaarFallen AngelEuphoria.TanShi_CrazyLuvvillager00Loveforlife--HANISA--gcluv.Rashmi.gafulu14pickachusnowflake.KinSanjThabassum..

VishaD. IF-Addictz

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8 October 2012

Yash bumps into Prashant where the medicines that Prashant had bought for Aarti falls down and breaks and Yash gets replacement medicines for Prashant. Paridhi gets tensed when her sindoor box falls and Prateek asks Paridhi to remain calm. Yash asks Prashant to save his wife as he knows what is it to lose one and Yash wonders where is Aarti now. Paridhi comes to her shooting location and the producer tries to mis-behave with Paridhi and in an attempt to escape, she hits the producer with a pot and leaves. Vidhi and Pankaj are discussing about what happened but Vidhi takes Aarti's side. Aarti keeps saying Yash's name in her sleep and Ansh calls the doctor and the doctor says that all is fine. Shobha and Dubey ji talks about Prashant coming back into Aarti's life and Shobha says that Aarti would never accept him.Ansh tries calling Yash but Yash switches off his phone while Ansh keeps saying that Yash is the best father.

9 October 2012

Ansh watches cartoon in his room and Prashant asks him to lower the volume. Paridhi is feeling down over what has happened and Prateek consoles her not knowing what has happened. Yash is at the TV station prepared for his TV message apologizes over what has happened and asks Aarti to return with Ansh and Prashant who comes in the room sees Ansh sleeping and sees Yash in the tv. Prashant recalls meeting Yash at the shop and puts more volume and listens to Yash and realize that Yash is Aarti's husband and as Prashant is about to call Yash, he decides not to call and let Aarti wake up first. Yash goes to the police station and asks them to help finding while at the hospital, the doctor comes and says a high costing for the medical expenses which Prashant has no cash. Prashant brings Ansh to eat and Pankaj and Yash are at the same place but they do not meet. Prashant sells his car to get money for the treatment.

10 October 2012

Yash continue his search for Aarti and Ansh on the way he get hurt. The officer suggestion that Yash get his dressing done at near by hospital where he sense Aarti is near him. Aarti gain conscious in same hospital as Yash, but doesn't see him. Aarti totally confuse when Ansh told him about the uncle who is just like his father nice and caring. And that person his Prashant who feels guilty calling his own son illegitimate child and doesn't have the courage to meet Aarti. Hide himself when Ansh came looking for him. Pari and Vidhi are discussing that after Aarti left there is sudden quietness in their home. Vidhi complain about the changes in her husband and Pari give Vidhi a newspaper where she read the headline of her producer's death. She feels scared and snatch the paper.Prashant saw Ansh playing and goes toward him offering his friendship. Ansh except it. Prashant find Yash sitting outside a temple. Both of them start talking than Yash notice the band on Prashant and saw him of Ansh picture. Prashant is totally shock. Yash is also trying to understand everything by his expression. 

11 October 2012

Yash sees Prashant wearing the band and says my son has the same band and do you know him and starts suspecting Prashant and Prashant runs away. Ansh brings Aarti to the mandir saying the uncle asked to bring them here and Ansh sees Yash. Yash hugs Ansh and hugs him and sees Aarti. Aarti is about to leave and Yash holds her hands and says she is not leaving anywhere with his childrens and Aarti is happy that Yash has accepted her child. Paridhi leaves to meet her mother and Prateek asks her to be back fast as Aarti and Yash are returning. Prashant is having stomach pain and he falls down. Yash and Aarti stops by the road to have tea and Ansh tease them.

12 October 2012

Yash and Aarti are lost in each another while Ansh keeps teasing them. A policeman comes to the Scindia house and says they need to speak to Paridhi. Paridhi is scared and the police shows a bag saying that she had left her purse somewhere and a thief tried stealing it and he came here to hand it over back to Paridhi. Yash and Aarti returns home and Papa Scindia stops them and lectures them about their relationships while Yash apologizes saying its his mistake for what has happened.

This week the scene which truely stands out is the obvious Aarti-Yash reunion scene in temple which is brilliantly executed by the entire PV team and Gurmeet-Kratika were exceptional in the reunion scene which was kept simple ,playful , romantic and subtle without any OTT melodrama Clap

It starts with Yash-Ansh reunion ... what a beatiful father-son bonding both share Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..the pain in Yash's eyes holding Ansh in his arms and saying dont ever leave me was such a wonderfully touching scene ClapClapClap

Then comes the first look of Yash when he sees Aarti standing at a distance .. the look of longing , pain and a big relief when he sees her .. awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Gurmeet's eyes and those lips spoke volumes of how much he is longing for her WinkEmbarrassed

See the smile showing relief and immense pleasure after seeing her is slowly coming in Embarrassed

Those moist eyes filled with love CryCry

Lips showing desire towards her Tongue

Look at Ansh here .. he realised its time to leave Papa-Mommy alone .. so he goes to pray Embarrassed

Coming to Aarti .. she still is angry , with lots of pain and confusion in her eyes .. she still cant believe her man actually won the hide and seek round and is here to take her back with the baby..a feeling which will take time to sink in  CryCry

Yash realised her confusion and so rather than making her nervous .. he decides to make the whole atmosphere light and playful with his cheeky dialogues and the naughty smirk WinkTongue

Moment of naughty exchange between father and son as if both r planning to manaofy Aarti secretly Wink

And here goes Yash with his smirk and playful nature to manaofy his roothi hui biwi making sure that he does not feel scared of him since he knows thats one of the main reason she left  TongueWink

She is still confused .. why the hell is he smiling AngryLOL

But he knows what he is doing .. he wants to make her feel at ease and not get scared of him and so he has that naughty smile on his face to make her realise how much he wants her back from his heart and not just out of duty EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

She cant look into his desireful eyes anymore ..gives up Tongue

But he does not EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

How long can she resist his charm .. so she turns back to leave .. but he is on a mission .. grabs her hand with full authority and I want my kids back twice .. thats it .. Evil Smile...Kids=Aarti since the unborn kid is in Aarti's womb Tongue

Look at his face .. he is determined and possessive Embarrassed

She is stunned .. did he actually grab her hand in real and said he is ready to accept the kid from his heart and not out of guilt ? ,.. ShockedShocked...she cant believe it .. is this the same old Yash Scindia ?? ShockedShocked

And he is looking at her reaction in a naughty way after grabbing her hand .. almost asking her with his eyes kuch kuch huaWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

She is overwhelmed now after seeing this side of Yash .. so confident .. so determined ..so playful .. so loving and caring ..CryCryCry

He knows it that she is beginning to melt and he is enjoying all her reactions here Embarrassed

She looks up thanking God to give her old Yash back and restoring her faith again CryCry

He knows it too .. he is waiting for her to turn back and look into his love filled eyes once Embarrassed

And there she turns back EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Here he wants to hug her .. but resists himself since their relationship is yet to reach that level in real sense ...so he only has lots of respect and awe in his eyes for her Embarrassed

Now he tells her ..Let go home .. we r one now EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Both pray to God before leaving for home .. there is still lots of confusion on Aarti's face because of sudden change in Yash but Yash is at peace since there is no confusion in his mind and heart anymore EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

A bond which will never break .. past is not even visible here  as the bonding of AarYa overshadowed the black past .. Smile

Past is left back Smile

Yash is being a gentleman ... escorting her home .. a perfect husband Embarrassed

 A happy family .. Yash's attention is just on Aarti and her reactions .. he just wants to see her happy now Embarrassed

Aarti is still trying to wonder how this sudden change came in Yash .. is it because he is in love or is it because he understood his responsibilities or is it because he is on the way to understand and realise his love for her ,. what is it ?? Embarrassed

A loving caring husband .. a man who cannot do these small things for his wife and son is of no use .. Yash's first confession that he is a husband too and not just a father Embarrassed

Ansh likes it Tongue

Yash is embarassed ... he is a changed man now EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Aarti is pleasantly shocked .. proud of her man finally Embarrassed

Now tell me if this is not a perfect reunion .. then what is perfect reunion ... Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...


The aww moment certainly goes to the re-union scene of Yash and Aarti and i have to admit that the innocence and cuteness of Ansh also made me went awww many times. This kid is really smart and is aware of what was happening. An example of such instance was the moment Yash and Aarti was having the tea and Ansh's running commentary was certainly cute and worth watching for. And the moment he goes back where Payal and Palak hugs Ansh and says that they missed each another certainly made us go Awww again thinking how adorable these kids are Day Dreaming

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After a long week of AarYa separation, Thursday and Friday were a treat to watch. The Tea scene was romantic yet the funniest scene of the week.

Yash drops his cup of tea as it was too hot for him. (Dunno if it was an accident or done on purpose) Aarti suggests that they can share her cup. Ansh witnesses the cute moment, AarYa are so much lost in each other that they don't realize that the tea was finished ages ago and that they were just sipping on the empty cup. Ansh who is all confused as he sees the sipping from the empty cup and questions the two what they were exactly drinking from that cup because the tea finished a while back, only leaving Yash to blush and Aarti to laugh.


This week Best dressed character goes to Mr.Yash Scindia who looked drop dead handsome in his white shirt and loose tieEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... The formal look went very well with his overall physique thus impressing all the fangals LOLEmbarrassed



Of course,this week Romantic Moment was Yash & Aarti Reunion, when the separation finally came to an end and that too everything happened in the temple, They were afterall met to be together. And what made it even more romantic was Yeh Dil in the back ground, Then they both left staring at each other after such a long time and that background song totally fitted the situation, the words the verses, everything was perfect for the occasion.Don't you guys think so??
  Also, I fund this scene quit romantic when Yash grab Aarti hands and told her, you are not to take any of my child away form me, and she said okay, then Ansh will stay with you then she turns to leave, he again grab her hands and he said probably you hanen't heard me right, Isaid you are not to take my child away for me..EmbarrassedAww, so sweet of Yashu..,
Also, loved the part where Yash was dancing running up the hill with 2 hot cup of tea & one hot cup of milk, Loved when he told that is the least he can do for his wife and child... 
Omg!! But friday's epsiode got me off my seat...LOL Yash & Aarti was so cuteLOL they were drinking from the cup pass it to and from and nothing was inside..,So much of love..Damn it.
   That's all for now, See ya till next week!
Hoping to catch some more romance next week, but seems like Prashant is in the way.

The Best Performance of the week was done by Yash, Mrs. Scindia, Ansh & Prashant
Gurmeet Choundary did an awesome job this week as Yash Scindia, the grumpy man who have  very soft heart, loved the change of personality. He even made Aarti shocked.., On friday episode, it seems as if he is ready to move on, ready to forget his past, ready to live in the present and think about the future.., His attitude, his behaviour and his ego will all have to take a backseat now in his life, as Mr. Scindia made clear, he can't live in that house, if he & aarti will have problems. He did well this week, especially on his mission to get aarti home also. Gurmeet Choundary is an amazing actor.
Mrs. Scindia did well, in the last episode of this week...,by giving a reality check to bothYash & Aarti and making them accepting each other , letting go of there past and realising there worth. (But seriously Yash & Aarti are really stubborn). Let's and see next week what will happening
Divyam, This guy is amazing, wow! This little character knows how to make one laugh. He knows everythingLOL His character comes so sweet between Yash & Aarti..LOL Divyam is the best.. and getting better.
Sorry to say guys, but must acknowledge the guy as he was good this, he make Yash found Aarti & Ansh. He fullfill his duty as a friend to Ansh. I actually felt sorry for him, as i wonder what is happening with himConfusedhe seems seriously sick. However he was this week, if only he had realise aarti's worth, how yash realise it. I wonder how he feels knowing that's his first wife and how impoartant she is in another man's life...,
Vineet Raina did an awesome job as Prashant, replacing  Sawar Ahuja, however the character of Prashant will never change..,
So to sorry, But there wasn't much of Kratika this week, half of the week she was in bed..when she recover she was all quite, as she is infront of Yash Ji..LOL

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Words sometimes have hidden meanings which we normally fail to understand right?
Such an instance was at the mandir when Aarti sees Yash and she wants to walks away and Yash says that Aarti can't take kids away from him and Aarti says alright, you can keep Ansh and i'm leaving and Yash says guess you didn't hear properly to what i said. You can't take my kids away from me and Aarti is in joy that Yash has finally accepted her child.

Another person's dialogue that i loved was certainly Papa Scindia's stopping Yash and Aarti and talks about bond and love. Papa Scindia drew example from the kids asking Yash and Aarti to learn from each another. And Papa Scindia also made his points clear by stating that Arpita is no longer alive and instead of dwelling on the past, Yash is supposed to pay attention to Aarti who his wife.

And did i said that i loved the way he raised his voice and asked Maya (Buaji) to shut up everytime she speaks? ROFL

This week OMG! moment, was can Paridhi really kill someone..,Yeah, I know we all saw she hit the guy, but they shouldn't have made him death, What will poor paridhi do now. What were they thinking, But i am just hoping its a set up. Let's hope for the best.


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Prashant's change of character is certainly shocking and he is starting to get our sympathy. And with the precap of him fainting at Shobha's house, is he having any sickness and dying soon? Shocked

Talking of dying, Paridhi murdering the producer and when we thought he could still survive and his news of him being dead being published in the newspapers were really shocking right? Confused

Irritating scene of the week ws whn Dubey Jii was seceretly trying to hlp tht Phyton PrashantDead..hw can he thnk lik tht..whn he cnsidered Aarti as his daughter Naaa...he has no right to take side of PrashantDead...n most irritating character of the week ws Dubey jiDead

It's about Aarti's ward.

This Ward has magical windows LOL Aarti hasn't been shifted to any other wards but strange the it funny how the whole side of that wall changed

Shows the outside of the hospital

BAMB! it now shows the corridor of the hospital

Apparently the mandir where the reunion happened in Lalitpur happens to be the same Mandir that was in bhopal, where Yash did Arpita's Shraadh ROFL

Look at the image below:

And guess the nurse kept Aarti's gold bindi safely only to return to her once she is discharged from the hospital LOL

Apparently we are being told that Yash has been searching for Aarti and Ansh for 2 days, but strange how not once we saw dawn LOL

Coming to fridays episode how does pankaj know that Aarti was hospitalised and that ansh was on the road alone asking strangers for help? even Yash doesn't know that! Confused

And both Aarti and Ansh seems to be roaming around. Aarti even fainted in the jungle but her saree still looks so clean Shocked 

When Yash fell, he was bleeding badly strange how his shirt was pretty clean with no blood or any dirt since he did fall on the ground and that WAS as white shirt LOL
and his pants were equally clean too...no dirt on that either...haha!

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Siggy By sano88

Siggy By X.Sisi94


Small avi By blackbeauty 

Large avi By kinsanj

And here is a gift for you Wink :

Once again, we didn't had a contender for this category Ermm

And here is your gift Party : 

Heeellloo Hiii everyone!

What an action packed 2 weeks. Can I please pause everyone and tell you guys to look at the hottness of none other than humra Gurmeet Bhayyia. He's married ladies, let's all celebrate his hottness with a passion. ROFL

Yash aka Gurmeet. AMAZING week with the most amazing clothes that you have worn! Day DreamingBlushing

And how can we ignore the stubble that Yash is now sporting! Blushing

Profile view:

Frontal view:

Pictures are over, let's move on to the next category, ladies. Wink

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VM of the week by Allbut1


And here is your gift Party:

OS: Healing The Wounds-Prateek Paridhi

Author: Shubhika124

Genre: Drama/Hurt-Comfort/Tragedy  

Synopsis:  Paridhi with a burden in heart and mind leaves her husband because of her betrayal that made her realize how much Prateek loves her and how much he means to her. Will Prateek be able to find Paridhi? Will Paridhi confess to her husband what happened on that dark night?

OS: Carless Whispers

Author: Shubhika124

Genre: Drama/Romance/Diabetic

Synopsis: Yash Scindiya dislikes the fact that his heavily pregnant wife, is staying at her maayka until their child is born. She forbids him to call her! So what does he does? He becomes a Romeo and claims the pipe to surprise his wife. How will Aarti react? What will she do?

FF: The New Beginning

Author: Strawbella

Genre: Drama/Romance/Friendship

Synopsis:  Sometimes people are lucky to find their true soul mates, and the person that loves them truly for who they are. Dr. Melvin Khole- Psychiatrist Mind Expert with the help of zodiacs sign, help Yash and Aarti realize that they are soul mates and that they can find love the second time around

OS:Aarya Bedtime story

Author: villager00

Genre: Drama/Romance/Family/Mushiness

Synopsis:  This is a sweet story about how after Yash safely brings Aarti and Ansh home; Palak and Payal are  clinging on to their mother because of their fear of losing her. Yash confesses his love to his dearest Aartiji.

And here is your gift Party:

With Yash and Aarti returning back home, they will now be facing the understanding moment where they start accepting each another in their life and we will be seeing how Yash now looks and takes care of Aarti as his wife finally giving Aarti her rights as his wife. And with Prashant returning back to Shobha, we can slowly see Shobha and Dubey ji accepting Prashant and hope this does not means another problem for Yash and Aarti Confused

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NL is now up for your weekend viewing pleasure. Wow, 8th edition it has been since i had started doing. Time really do pass by fast right? So as usual, to sit back and enjoy our Aaryan Express and also don't forget to drop your valuable feedbacks for us. Till we meet in next week's edition Wink

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