Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



Arjuhi OS#12:My Blessed Raindrop dedicated to Jaya

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Hey guys

Its an advance dedication to my Jaya partner for her Birthday

HeartHappy Birthday Partner...Luv you lotsHeart

(I m posting it early cause i might be busy not taking risk...n raat ko too much sleepy to concentrate on anything else)LOLLOL

My Blessed Raindrop


He entered the huge doors of her house, ruffling his hairs to remove the little rain drops that stuck in his hairs just to cover the tiny distance between his car and the house door only to hear the chirpy and excited voice of his beloved. His hand stop in the middle and a smile automatically came on his lips as he imagined her. The curiosity arise in him to see her and know the reason which could lit that smile on her angelic face. He followed the source of voice and moved from the living room to the opened backyard door. He laughed seeing her playing with her cousins in the puddles of mud made by rain in the soil of her backyard. Her body was fully drenched with water, her blue sleeveless thigh length frock doing wonders to her skin. Her wet hairs were coming on her face making her irritated but nothing could stop her to enjoy the bliss of this season of Monsoon. It was difficult for him to not gaze at her and not appreciate this beauty. As if feeling someone stare, she stopped and started looking around and just in mean time he hid himself behind the curtain. Her eyes searched around for some time but on her 7 years cousin nudge, she diverted her attention back on the rain. Arjun laughed at her facial expressions. "She looks so sweet" and he found his heart filled with love for her to the brim. He sighed leaning against the rail of the door. His eyes couldn't get enough of her. His heart could never love her to the most. She is a blessing of God and She is his. He was still lost in her when a old servant came to him. "Arjun Baba, You here...Should I call Arohi Bitiya??" The servant asked with love filled voice. "Nahi Kaka...let her enjoy" Arjun looked out at her for a moment, seeing her making funny faces with her cousins and then back at Kaka. "Till that time she gets free, I will sit in her room But can you please bring two cups of coffee there" Arjun asked with a smile on his face and rolling his nose. Arjun never liked to order Kaka, he rather make requests. Kaka smiled. He adored this boy and is too happy that his bitiya is going to have such a lovely life partner ahead after facing so many hardships in her life. Kaka nod and after giving a lovefilled pat on Arjun's hand, left. After giving Arohi a last glimpse, Arjun too went up the stairs to her room.

Her house had a strange territory inside. Arjun was never asked to sit in the living room by Alhuwalia family like normal families do to there to-be son-in-law. He was directly asked to wait for Arohi in her room like no one cares what they both do behind those walls. Where sometimes it make Arjun smile to get extra, free of interruption time with Arohi, yet sometimes he would feel disgust of them to for being so ignorant of there child. She was an adopted child of Siddhart and Amrit Alhuwalia. Apple of their eyes. And after the death of Amrit Alhuwalia when she was around 14, she was not treated more than a liability and responsibility by her family. Siddhart fulfill her financial needs but no one dared to look at her heart that needed love more than money. She used to cry in nights laying in her lonely bed. Her pillow was a witness of her tears who absorbed them, trying to put some comfort. Her quilt will try to provide warmth in the cold nights. Her room will try to shelter her from the hardness of the weather. But she didn't need anything from that. She needed the comfort, warmth and shelter from a living person rather than these non-living, non responsive objects. And finally the darkness of her life vanished with the entrance of this amazing person whom she just collided while crossing the road and that day, she felt that she got her destination. They met in the college next time few days later. He was in his final year of masters while she just joined the college few days back for her masters degree. He looked out from the window of her room as he remembered how he was sitting with his gang to tease the new comers and seeing her entering, his heart skip a beat. The girls of his group smirk seeing her nervousness being a new-comer and the boys drool at her perfectly curved body and was planning on how to get her but he stopped them all. "Leave one dare tease her" He announced only to see his jaw-drop friends faces. He never defended anyone before but right then, there was a story behind this girl's face that was asking for help and he couldn't stop himself but to rescue her. Rather he gets up and helped her with the classes and getting schedule from the reception. He could still laugh imagining those faces full of shocked expressions of his friends. A few months later, when they were sharing the relation of good friends, Arohi confide in him, telling him about her reality. Being from a huge fun-loving family, Arjun knew what he would feel if he just have to stay a day without the love of his them. He would better like to die rather than living that hideous day and on realizing Arohi bearing all that ignorance from many years, his heart went for her. His chain of thoughts got interrupted when Kaka brought the hot cups of coffee just the way he like. Arjun put the lids on them so the coffee didn't get cold before Arohi come up. "Kaka.." Arjun stopped Kaka who was about to left. "Ji Arjun Baba'' He turned with a smile. "Can you please get me some candles and a matchbox??" Arjun asked. "Sure Beta" Kaka again turned to go out when Arjun again stopped him "Kaka, Please quickly". Kaka laughed at his impatient look "As quick as my bones will allow me". Arjun chuckled on that.  He heard Arohi's scream as her cousin's throw a water balloon at her that burst as it touch her body. "Owww'' Arjun heard her and saw her grabbing another water balloon aiming Romit, her 18 year old cousin. No matter how much she cried for getting this life, but she also gets few great stuff in it too. Like her cousins who loved there Didi the most and her Maasi who also is her Chachi and loved her as much as her mother did but then, she was the center of attention in her mother's life and her Chachi do have her own kids to look after too. Still, she is more than happy to get the mother's affection she was getting. She has learned to be happy even on the small things rather than wishing for big ones.


Soon, Kaka brought the candles and saying thanx Arjun started arranging them around the room. Hearing her foot steps and giggles, he hid himself behind the door. "You should quickly fresh up and then we can go out for a long drive and eat those chana chat and pani puri's from the road side" Arohi said making her a mouth-watering sound. Arjun smirk cause all Arohi's plan, has to change in a few seconds. "yaahoo..." Her cousin's shouted and smiling she entered the room, only to be left spell-bound. The candles of the room providing a warmth between the coldness of air entering her room from the window. Two coffee mugs on a small table beside her bed were graced with three different sized white candles. "Awww..." She gleefully looked at it, intervened her fingers under her chin making a dreamy look. Arjun locked the door to avoid interruption while she was busy admiring the beauty of the scene and in next second, she felt two hands wrapping around her soaked waist, pulling her behind as she hit a man's chest and even before turning, she knew who he was. Her knight in shining armor. Her savior. Her reason of happiness and focal point of her life. His hot breath caressed her cold cheek and she hissed feeling the sensuality of the moment. "You liked it?" He whispered huskily on purpose, in her ear. She shivered and smiled.  "Loved It" She replied. "You are the most romantic guy in the world, you know that" She added a few moments later, still looking ahead and feeling the warmth of his embrace. "You mind that??" He asked with a raise brow. "Never". She turned around and hold him from his shirt in a tight grasp as his hands hugged her from her waist. "I just want you to stay like this forever...bringing and showing love to me even in just a causal thing as sharing a coffee" She said with a smile which dulled as she spoke further. "You know I need that the most". And no one better than him know that. "Arohi" he took her name with a deep feeling truly depicting from his tone as he cupped her face. "All the love stored inside me is for you, my and tomorrow and it's never going to change for a single thing" His words fill her with content as she hugged him. No matter how bad her life seemed to be, she don't wanna change a single thing in it cause it gave her, Him. Her destination, Her power, Her strength, Her hope of a better life, Her Love, Arjun Singhania. Arjun took a deep breath inhaling that moist fragrance of her body. Intoxicant. That's all he could say.


"So enjoying rain haan??". He asked with a raised brow. "Yeah. I love it" Arohi break the hug and moved Arjun with herself to stand in the window. "So calm, So beautiful" She put forward her hand and collected a few drops in her palm. Arjun smiled seeing the innocent beam of happiness on her face. *Thush* Arjun surprisingly turn his face a little as Arohi splash the collected few drops on his face breaking his trance. Her giggle made him turn back to her as he grinned and then laughed with her. They both looked out into the purity of nature infront together for a moment when Arjun turned to get the cups of coffee. Passing her one, his left hand went around her waist from the back and from other, he was sipping his coffee. He just couldn't stop himself to touch her. Arohi leaned to put head on his shoulder and asked a moment later. "What do you see infront Arjun?" Arjun looked at her surprisingly with the sudden change of topic. "What do you mean by that?" He asked. Arohi took a sip of her coffee and clear her question. "What do you think is the future of these rain drops?" Her question was silly. He thought. But seeing the serious expression on her face, made him stop to tease her and he himself get serious. He cleared his throat "hmmm...I see them absorbing into the arms of that soil which captured them inside itself and cherish them to the most" He said looking down in the backyard, putting his cup on the rail with a bright smile on his face. "You know what I see?" Arohi asked looking down too now. "What?" "I see them striking the hardness of the rocks and floors and going into sewerage pipes"  Arjun was disturbed by her thoughts but she continued. "Life is just like this rain na Arjun...These rain drops are just like people around us...coming from a same source, the cloud, being as pure as the other one...the only difference is that someone get hit by a leave and falls like dew-drop. Some are absorbed and loved by the soil who help to nourish the trees and plants and other are hit by reality of life just like rocks and marbled floors and are shown the way to sewerage pipes" And now Arjun know, where this all discussion was going to. While here she indicated him as that raindrop who is loved and cherish by soil, an adjective used for his family, she was the one who was hit to the floor and sewerage pipe line referred the hardships and dirtiness  "Arohi" Arjun left the cup on the rail just providing it enough place to not fall down and turned her to himself. A sheen layer of wetness could be seen in her eyes. Arjun cupped her face and said "Arohi, Life would be just the way, You yourself want to see it like...It is never easier for anyone. Someone's are lucky to have people around them who cared for them but then, the don't understand, never appreciate and took care much of those relations just the way the one's who were deprived of them before and made those relations later-on on their ownself...Look at me...I am being from a family with close relations but I have never realized the importance and significance of them till I met you...You made me a better person" Arjun said trying to make her understand that she shouldn't be unthankful to whatever she got. He don't like to see her depressed. He like her chirpy and loud Arohi so to change the atmosphere he said with a smirk "And Now don't say that you didn't get extremely lucky to find a hot and handsome and adorable and loveable...and not to forget romantic guy like me" He said with a teasing smile that brought a small smile on her face too as he continued "That happens to love you back just with the same craziness as you do''. Arohi smiled widely and looked away shying. "You should be thankful to God that I wasn't already taken even after being so much in DEMAND" And Arohi laughed with that. "yeah yeah...I am extremely thankful to God" She raised her hand to caress his cheeks with her finger tips "That this Sun shinned in my dark iced continent" Arjun hold her hand and kissed her fingers tips as she shivered and gasp. "I am glad this sun melted the ice but still no flood is in view" he said against her skin as he smiled. "You know I have this little fantasy?" She said with closed eyes and a smile on her lips. "What it is?" He kissed her palm now and traced his lips upwards on her arm. She blushed as she thought whatever she is going to say is such a mushy dream of her's but she could share anything with him. Almost two years back when she first confide in him, she promised that she will express herself to him no matter what and after their formal engagement 5 months back, he has every right to know her every desire. "Say I wanna fulfill each of your fantasy, desire, hope" He said as he stopped on her hand and kissed her crimson red cheek. "Its just that...After our marriage...I want you to kiss me in the rain" Arjun looked shocked first and gazed at her face. She was serious. So his shocked face turned into a smug smile and holding her wrist, was trying to drag her to the door of her room as she squealed with surprise. "What are you doing?" She asked trying to stop him as he did. "Mouqa Bhi Hai, Dastor bhi hai...bharish bhi hai, main bhi hoon or tum bhi..So why should not we try that now instead of waiting to get married" he said with a teasing smile and start to pull her with himself. "No... Arjun...Stop" She said and was successful to stop him just at the door of her room. "We can't do that now...I didn't mean in a public place and surly I don't want PDA anyway and right now, all my cousin's are back from hostels and even Chachi is at home" Arjun pout his lips at her explanation and looked heart-broken. He seemed truly excited to try that now but it was just acting on his part just to bring her in normal mood. "That's bad" He said complaining "I should ask dad to get us married as soon as he can" He said bringing her closer from her waist and nuzzled her neck. "I can't wait to fulfill this fantasy of your's" Arohi chuckled and pat his cheek. "Awww...I do have many other fantasies but seeing this reaction of your's to just the one..I think its better if I just tell you all about them step-by-step after our marriage" Arohi said with a naughty grin and Arjun was shocked seeing this wild side of her calm Arohi "That's blackmailing to get the quickest wedding date, you know" Arjun said and God knows, She don't wanna stay in this house anymore after getting his unbiased love. She want her mornings to start and her nights to end with him, his face, his words, his love and not forget to mention, his soulful kisses. "You can consider it anything but this is the only way I will share them" She said with a playful smile. Arjun looked at her and gave a wicked smile as he got an idea. He moved his hand up and covered her eyes as Arohi flinched. "Arjun...What is this now?" She said trying to remove his hand from her eyes. "There is one fantasy of mine too...which we can surly fulfill now...and if you trust me, just keep your eyes closed"And Arohi could trust him over her life so stop struggling and kept her eyes closed. "I trust you" she mumbled. Arjun saw her and fell all the way in love with her. He removed his hands and hold her up in her hands. Her heart was beating too fast now as her mind imagined series of possibilities of his fantasy. Arjun took a few step and later she found her bare foot touching the coldness of the floor. Her eyes flutter but she kept them close. It was the question of her trust on him. He pushed her a little and now she could feel the coldness of the wall seeping in her body through her moist clothes. "Open your eyes" He commanded as she opened her eyes and found herself being caged in between his arms and the wall of her bathroom. She confusingly looked at him as he gave a naughty smile and said. "I thought before fulfilling your fantasy...I should do a little practice" Arohi looked at him still not understanding his meaning. "So before we kiss in the rain as per your fantasy..." He said in his silky smooth slow seductive voice. "Why don't we try the shower kiss first?" As he said, he turn the knob of the shower and warm water started sprinkling on her already moist cold body. Getting his point, Arohi blushed hard and before she could look back at his face, his lips took over hers. He started slowly first, giving her small pecks, trying to adjust her and himself with eachother and water. He don't want her to feel short of air. As for the forth time he moved away after giving her a small kiss, Arohi's hand moved up to tuck around his neck as she keep him really close to himself. Her ragged breath fall on his burning throat as her forehead leaned onto his chin. "I think...that's the best idea" She said in a husky voice and the next moment, tilt her head up and moved up on her toes to kiss him fully on his lips. Overwhelmed, he hold her from her waist, supporting her as she played with his lips, taking her small little time with each portion and In reply, he could only kiss her with more passion with each passing second. His hands hold her up as he leaned her against the wall and tilt his face to kiss her whole lips. She moaned against his lips. Only this man could take her to  the heights of passion to the point of not return. He nibbled and tasted her upper lip following the same torture to the lower one. They were so engrossed in the kiss to not realize the time but they had to stop, as they heard her room door banging. "Arohi Dii..." Romit called from outside. Arohi, who was just too lost in those exotic feelings arise by Arjun, pushed him away in a second. "OMG OMG..." She was panicked now. Arjun too stunned with the happening looked at her strangely but got that as Romit voice again called her name. "Di...Are you ready?" Now Ramya, another 13 year old cousin spoke up. "What should I do now?" Arjun heard a panicking Arohi mumbling. "It would be too embarrassing to go out like this" Arjun smiled and hold her from her hands. "Stop that" Arohi looked at him with hollow eyes as Arjun said that slowly and the next moment his lips pressed her's once again and cherish them till the time no one existed for her other than him. Her cousin's left after sometime jokingly saying that there di must have slept in the bath tub. Arohi's hands were moving over his shirt, pulling him close while his moved around her's amazingly soft curves. Finally when they get short of breath, Arjun break the kiss, satisfied this time and while moving back a little, turn off the shower tap. Arohi was still in daze looking too desirable. Arjun sigh. He could never get enough of her. A water drop was placed devilishly on her lips, teasing him and he sipped it off her lips and smirked. Arohi shocked, open her eyes and looking deeply into those brown eyes and found nothing but pure and eternal love. His eyes so crystal clear that she could look into his soul and could easily found herself there. This rain droplet of God is just for her body's soil to cherish, coming as a hope in her dulled life, bringing lots of happiness and fantasies along with it and she will do cherish and took care of that till the end of her life. Her very own, Blessed raindrop.

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is it complete or not ????????????????
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Originally posted by arunsunita_gm

is it complete or not ????????????????

its completedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Advance gift? Wah wah jayu di congo shongo. N res for d comment.
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wow new os!!!
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wow ana what a superb one -
what a brilliant piece of writing
what an emotional story
what an awesome one shot - loved it
loved it to the core
a great dedication to jayu
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