Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?


Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?
Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?

WU 12th Oct: Viraaj in Singh house/Raghav speaks

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Hey everyone! This is Lizzy, your regular Friday updater!

The beggar asks Viraaj if he'd like food, to which Viraaj nods. He tells him not to ask him for food, but the people around him. Puzzled by this at first, Viraaj eventually agrees. Raghav is still hiding behind the trees, watching Viraaj for signs that his mask may fall. The beggar proceeds to teach Viraaj how to beg, using phrases such as Allah/Baghwan ke naam pe dede. Raghav sighs in frustration and suspects that Viraaj had seen him and is therefore putting up an act again. Viraaj then proceeds to beg from a passerby, who gives him Rs. 20 and leaves. The beggar grabs this money and pockets it. He gives Viraaj a note and tells him  to spend it on some food and maybe both can beg again. Raghav, still watching, hears the sounds of sirens and realises that the cops have arrived at the area. Viraaj in the meantime stops at a snack-cart. Raghav wonders if Viraaj will pretend in front of the police too, or whether he has really regressed. The police ask around, and in the meantime the cartwala asks Viraaj what he wants. He drops a note and bends to pick it up, and the passing police car doesn't notice him. Raghav tells himself that Viraaj's timing is impeccable and cannot believe that he has lost his memory. Shaking his head, he says the word naatak (an act). Viraaj is seen bending for a note and a blue truck is seen passing by. A few whooshing camera movements later, Raghav realises Viraaj is missing, and we see Viraaj eating at the back of the truck. He comes out of his hiding place and asks the cartwala and the beggar whether they have seen the direction in which Viraaj left, but both don't seem to know this. 

At the police station, ACP Saxena tells the fellow officers that Raghav is their prime suspect in this case. Therefore, they have to keep a strict eye not just on Raghav's house but on the man himself as well. He will have to be tapped. Saxena is sure that if they tap Raghav, they will automatically also get to know Viraaj's whereabouts. The policemen agree on this and leave. Saxena looks down at Raghav's sketch.

In the meantime, Raghav calls Sundar up and tells him that Viraaj had gotten away and that Sundar must keep an eye on everyone in the house. Sundar assures him that he will take care of everything. Raghav tells Sundar he will return soon. Soon after, Sundar comes face to face with Sia, hurriedly mouths an excuse and rushes upstairs. Sia stares after him, worried. 

An informant enters Saxena's office to tell him that Raghav's phone has been tapped, and gives him information about his whereabouts. Grabbing the sketch, and pins it to a board, saying that since he always has complaints about the way the police force works, he will now see exactly what the police can do. He vows to solve the case, punching two holes into the Raghav sketch's eyes with his fingers. 

The truck arrives at the Singh house and is seen as belonging to the basti men. Viraaj gets up, and peeks out of the truck while the basti men discuss strengthening their protection for the Singhs, as Viraaj has escaped. One of the men assures the others that Raghav has updated him on this. Hearing Raghav's name, Viraaj sneaks out of the truck and enters the house without their knowledge. On entering, he sees Krish playing with a paper aeroplane. It flies and lands on Viraaj's feet and seeing Krish approach Viraaj backs himself to a wall. Krish feels the presence of someone close to the paper plane but dismisses these thoughts when Gayathri calls him to drink his milk. 

Viraaj enters and checks the house out. As he does so, he trips over the sofa, and then hits it in his frustration. He then spots a family picture and recognizes Raghav, and turns around and sees a picture of Raghav and Sia, and says their names with a smile. He runs to check out the rest of the house, and ends up close to a vase of daffodils. He sniffs and sneezes violently, breaking the vase in the process. Gayathri emerges from the staircase to see just a broken vase and asks one of the basti men, who tell her that it was probably Krish. Gayathri tells him it isn't possible considering that Krish is in his room.  Viraaj overhears this from the kitchen where he is hiding. Tanisha appears, asking Gayathri what is wrong. Gayathri tells her that the vase is broken and is wondering how it was possible when no one was in the sitting room to begin with. She then notices that the front door is open and asks how that happened. The man from  the basti tells her that no one had entered, and Gayathri wonders if Viraaj has entered the house after all. Tashu dismisses this thought and tells her to relax, and then turns to the bastiwala and tells him to clear up the mess and close the door. Gayathri on the other hand insists on locking the door first. Tashu leads Gayathri away. In the meantime, a policeman tells Saxena that they are ready to move to the Singh house for checking.

Raghav returns home. Sia is placing a garland on Komal's picture, but panics when she sees Viraaj's face reflected in it. She paces around the hall searching for him but cannot find him. We then see that Raghav has caught Viraaj and kept a hand over his mouth leading him to one of the unused rooms in the house. As he locks the door Viraaj delivers a few punches to his back. Raghav effectively silences him with a single punch. In the meantime Sia is seen pacing around her room in fear and then leaves the room.

Raghav tells him that by sneaking his way into the house again he has crossed all boundaries of decency and that he will have to pay for doing so. Viraaj protests but Raghav stops him from speaking, telling him that he is aware of his games -- he had enough astuteness and cunning to figure out how to escape the assylum, hide from the police and get into the house. He remembers all the ways Viraaj had abused the members of the family -- here we see flashes of Krish's near-hanging, Tashu's assault, the near-hanging of the Singh women, kicking a bound Raghav and stabbing Sia. He tells Viraaj that he has the choice of owning up to his act before Raghav forces him to. Viraaj punches at Raghav's chest, but Raghav floors him with a single punch. He recalls the saying 'laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin maante' and tells Viraaj that he will not allow him to live in peace or die in peace until he gives him information about Rana (here we see Viraaj raise a single eyebrow). He turns Viraaj around and asks again, and Viraaj raises his fists in a slightly menacing/angry gesture. Raghav sees this and tells him that his reality is now out and it makes his work a lot easier. He is about to punch him when Sia sees this and says his name (I thought the door was locked from the inside? LOL)

A very livid Gayathri tells Raghav that he has proved her right by his act of wrongdoing, and that he never listens to her. She then tells him that she will not speak anymore, she will just do: she is going to call up Saxena and have the police force nab him. Raghav however stops her from doing so, requesting her not to call the ACP. She tells him she isn't asking him about this, she is telling him. Raghav tells her that it's a request, but Gayathri retorts that it is more his stubbornness, and his blindness in not seeing how his own family is being affected by whatever mission he is carrying out. Raghav argues that this is for his family's happiness, at which Gayathri replies that that doesn't make sense considering that he is speaking of keeping a man like Viraaj in the house, a man who had attempted to destroy the family in every way possible, who tried to kill them all, who tried to take Sia away from him. She asks him how he could even think of bringing into the house the man they never wanted to have anything to do with again. She asks him what he was thinking, and Raghav tells her he wants to catch Rana. Gayathri loses her composure at this point and tells him she doesn't care a whit about Rana -- she just wants the happiness and security of her family. 

Raghav tells her that that is exactly what he wants as well. He tells Gayathri he has lost as many loved ones and she has, has the same fear of losing more of their family as she has. He tells her he can't keep living worrying every day about who will be next from their family, and it's come to a point where he can't get through the day without worrying about it. He tells her he is sick of the double life he's been leading, faking his happiness when he's actually scared out of his mind. Whenever he sees his family he is plagued by the fact that a man like Rana is alive and roaming free and allowed to target his family anytime he feels like it,the way he did Komal and Dev. He tells her that he has tried numerous times to get the thought of Rana out of his head, and has failed each time.

Raghav says that he doesn't know if he is right or wrong in doing this; all he knows is that he cannot sit silent and fear the evil around him. As far as he is concerned there is only one end for evil - and that is its destruction, and until the day Rana is destroyed he won't be able to live in peace. 

Sia steps up and tells Raghav that they understand how disturbed he is by this. His worries and the way they affect him worry them too. She knows his sense of peace will return only when he captures Rana, but they all fear for his life and for this reason they cannot agree to what he is saying. She asks him if it is necessary to plant a new fear in everyone's hearts just to remove one single fear. Raghav tells him he agrees but that they have been living a life of fear for so long. He hates that Krish has to leave the house in fear, that to battle her mounting stress levels Gayathri has to resort to pills for BP, that Sia feels compelled by her fear to keep calling him up to find out if he is alive and safe. He argues that the life they are leading isn't a life at all. He is aware that this situation is not at all easy on them but it isn't easy on him either. He can't stand to even see Viraaj either, but he has no other choice, and no other way to get to Rana.

He then turns to Gayathri and tells her that she is right in her place, but this wasn't a decision made in haste. He tells her that as long as he is there Viraaj can't do anything to them. As soon as he catches Rana as well, he will have them both put in jail. He informs them that is leaving now, and will only return when the shadow of evil has left the Singh house. He tells them this is his most difficult battle and he needs their support. He promises them that he will fix all this in a month. He pleads with her for a month's time. Reluctantly, Gayathri agrees. Raghav leaves to get Viraaj. 

The police force reach the Singh house and get in despite protests from the basti men. Viraaj taps at the door asking Raghav and Sia to get him out. Raghav unlocks the door and gets in. Viraaj tells him he wants to leave and not stay in the house. Raghav tells Viraaj to follow him and takes him by the hand. Raghav brings Viraaj out. Sia visibly tenses up as she sees Viraaj, who smiles at her. A split-screen is shown of Raghav with Viraaj, and Saxena in his car. 

No Precap.

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Thanks Lizz..

Gotta watch Viraaj.. The Baby Dobriyal scenes on YT

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Thanks for the update.

Wish there were more Sunisha scenes
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Wish V would get hit by a truck and die. I'd do the conga and put it on YT.
Watched R/G scene on YT. Brilliant performances. And I miss Komal. Still pissed at the CVs for killing her.

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Thanks for the WU...
I am glad I am catching up Raghav's scenes online! HC rocked as Raghav yet again..

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thanx 4 d gr8 update lizz...
gosh, amazing scene between RAGHAV nd Gayatri...these 2 definitely rock..
HC keeps me cuming for dis show more...
will keep watching his scenes online...
i do miss his scenes wid komal nd krrish..
i really hope we get sum KriGhav scenes soon..

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