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Kriayaansh OS-Childhood love birds<3

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Hey guys writing something after such a long time...actualy am busy with my 2nd year so nt getting time to update..Coz of shakti's bday am gonna write an os on kriyaanshTongue it may sound silly but jus wanna do it...

A boy and a girl of age 7 years were playing at the park...Their parents were bussiness partners cum best friends ...the boy and the girl are very close...they are besties!!!!

One day while they were playing ,the girl tripped and fell down,her knees got hurt...She was sobbing ...The boy came running towards the girl as he could not see her crying..

Boy-Kria What happend ?Why are u crying?

Kria-Rey *sobs*  i...i...fell down *sobs*

(Yes they were none other than our kria and reeyansh.No prices for guessingTongue)

He took her on his back and placed her on one of the bench nearby 

Rey-Nothing will happend dont cry kria..


Rey-please dont cry i cant see you crying..

Kria-Hmmm...thank you


kria-For bringing me here

Rey-You shouldnt say thanks or sorry to friends!

Kria-ooopss!!i Forgot!

They both laugh...

Kria-Ok ...Do you like me?


Kria-How much?

He thinks for few mins and pecks her cheek and says "this much!" to which she blushes and pecks him back saying "i too like you this much!"

They both smile,laugh have fun ...aftersometime then Rey goes somewer to bring water when his mother pulls him saying "we should go!"..then he pleads his mother saying he will say bye to kria and come.But his mother refuses to send him..same with kria even her mother starts pulling her even she pleads her mother but no use..after coming to house individually both were given warning to not meet each other.Actually kria's and rey's parents fought due to some bussiness misunderstandings so Kria's Family got shifted to Dehradun(actually they lived in mumbai) Years passed kria and rey both became big now and moved on in their lives..but somewer both could not forget each other and have feelings for each other.They were in college now,kria's family again got shifted to Mumbai.She had joined her college named *St.Louis*...HEr dressing was kinda behenji types...She used to wear chudis...Rey also study in the same college he is a cassinova now!A true CASINOVA!!Both of them dont know each other...

First two days of her college was nice...But on third day she met Rey!
He wanted to have fun with her he came straight to her and started askng her Bio Data

Rey-Say me Your BD?

Kria just gave him a disgusting look to which he got more angry and started teasing her everyday ..she used to get soo irritated with him ,she dint want to respond to him and cause more problem so just stayed quite without responding to any of his pranks..Though he used to tease and irritate her he used to have a small feeling for her which he used to ignore all the time..
One day she wore a Beautiful dress that she looked like an angel.HE couldnt stop hiimself from staring at her ,Infact all the boys started staring her which made our hero burn with anger.He wanted to talk to her very badly,he could not understand why?Atlast he went to talk to her..

Rey-Kria You look beautiful!

She could not belive her ears..This man who always used to tease her and make fun of her is now complementing her!!Oh vooo .she thought something fishy bt dint let any of her doubts on her face ..she just said "thanx" with a sweet smile..

From that he started loving her !!He is in love!!!

Group Projects are approaching.All the students were allotted their partners to kria's surprise she got a partner whom she used to admire since first day of her college coz he was soo friendly and cute.he was none other than swayam(it was just attraction).She was a bit excited by seeing her partners name.She approached him and started speaking to him which was not gone unnoticed by our rey




Swayam:oh so are my prject partner rite?


Swayam:So can we discuss basics about our project?

Kria:yeah sure..always!

Swayam:Ok great

He started explaining something to which kria was just not paying attention to his words but just staring at his cuteness..Here rey was watching them from a distance he was burning seeing kria staring at him.he just could see but cannot hear what they were talking coz they were a bit far away.

Swayam-Hey i think we should discuss this somewer else..its not possible in college.wat say?


Swayam-How about Vie deck lounge?Is it okay?

Kria-Yeah jus message me the time i will be there.

Swayam-ok great then ...See ya Bye !


She returned to her class and was waiting for her next class to start..Rey who saw all this was angry and was very eager to know what they were discussing.he came and sat next to her..she was surprised seeing him .

Rey-What were you both discussing?


Rey-You and that guy!what were you talking and why are you seeing him like that?
I dont like it when you stare somebody rather than me!stay away from him!

Kria-what?What are you saying?he was just a project partner and we were just discussing about our project.and why should i give explination to you?Who are You to me?

Rey-Just be far from him.I dont like You speaking to some other guy!

He says and goes away leaving and confused kria behind

Days passed Kria and swayam meet Out almost every alternate day to discuss their project..One day rey came to know about their meetings so he followed them and started listening to their conversiation.He dint like kria being so close to him.Swayam too had some feelings for kria,he is just waiting for the time to propose her.Next day while kria was walking the corridor ,Rey took a chance and pulled her into Fire Exit.
She started screaming to which he closed her mouth with his hand to avoid her from screaming.They had shared an intense look look session,which was broken by kria's senses..Anger was clearly visible on rey's face

"Why are you going out with him?" rey asked firmly.."Why do you need?who are you to que me?stay away from my life!" kria said with attitude ."I need it GodDammit!Coz I LOVE U!"he said in one go he could not control his emotions any more.kria was shocked by hearing this from him.,"Yes i loved u kria!i dont know why after falling in love with u i have changed ,am ready to do anything for u,i...i...i cant see you smiling or speaking friendly with some other guy..I cant go through this..I cant see you sad or crying it pains me alot.when ur happy i feel like am the happiest man in the world,each and every thing of urs matter you kria"he said ...She was confused she dint know what to do ,but she just maintained her attitude "I dont love u rey..leave me" by saying this she ran away...he was left shattered..For few days she stopped attending college..this bothered him ,but he dint stop loving her ,he was trying his level best in his love..He dint like swayam getting close to her..

One day while kria and swayam were returning from some place..swayam just tried to hug kria..she was feeling uncomfortable..rey who was following them saw and rushed towards him and pushed swayam and both started their fight..

"Stay away from here dude" Rey said in an angry tone.."Whats the matter ?why are you interfering?" swayam questioned.."Kria go to your house rite now!" rey ordered..She was feared she dint dare to go against his order so she just slipped away from the situtaion.."I said stay away from her.She's MINE!" Rey said looking staright into his eyes.."Oh come on now!she doesnt even love you!" swayam said sarcastically."But i love her!" he said...They fought and rey was bandaged as swayam had bought his friends for fight..
Both of them came to college ..Kria's heart winced in pain by seeing Rey with bandages ..While rey was passing ,she pulled him in..He was shocked to see her but was happy that atleast she cared for him.She was just silently bandaging him..he was saying "ouch" in middle but was just staring at her .."whats the need of fighting?" she said while bandaging his hand.."coz i love you" he said looking at her.she looked into his eyes.she just can see deep love for her ...she came to her senses.."If anything happend to you means?why dont you care about yourself?" ."coz i care about you!" he replied instantly..
She finished bandaging his hand now she started putting bandage on his forehead."please dont fight coz of me" she said ."am sorry i cant" he said to which she was just staring in his chocolate eyes..She finished her bandaging,she got up and took an ointment from her bag and gave it to him saying him to apply it everyday.He was just smiling at her innocense..After she went away he just kissed the ointment and said "i know you love me too"

Days passed kria started maintaining distance from swayam...Swayam was trying to complete his project as fast as possible to impress kria and rey just following kria as a bodygaurd without knowing her.

One day swayam proposed kria to which she just replied "I dont know" and went away..Rey felt happy by hearing that she dint accept his love..

8:00 pm
Kria was waiting for her car to arrive...Swayam offered her lift but she rejected saying that her driver may arrive any minute..Swayam went away...She was waiting for an hour bt her car dint turn up she called her mother asking whats the matter to which her mother said "come by walk kria" ..Ahh she was feared of dark..But she somehow managed and started talking few steps ..Roads were empty..she was walkng walkng and walkng on her way she saw two druken men coming towards she was feared to hell..they came near kria and blocked her from of the man took hold of her wrist she just closed her eyes tightly in fear.In next second that man was beaten to hell.she opened her eyes and saw him standing next to her with anger..he came close to her hugged her sideways and said "Stay away from her!" to the men..Kria felt safe in his hands..A small smile was crept on her face..Both the men ran away..Rey turned towards her asked whether she is okay she just nodded her head saying yes

"what are you doing alone that too on this time on the road?" he asked confused..."ahh actually my driver dint arrive so was going home by walk" she replied.."ok come on i will drop u" he said while starting his bike.."its okay i will go" ."no! i wont let you alone on the road !" he said firmly to which she could not she sat on his bike..After sitting she dint knw whether to hold him or was her first time on bike so she was a little bit feared..she holded the bars at the back.."its okay u can hold me" he said with a smile.."ah its okay" she replied...He started his back with such force that she banged into him "I told u" he said smiling...They were going,she was getting feared that she might fall and the darkness on the sides was like a cherry on a cake..she was thinking whther to hold or no..he saw her confused face on the side mirror and smiled.suddenly a wolf howled to which she got feared and hugged him tightly by closing her eyes..he was shocked to the core!he felt like heaven!he wanted to hug her too...But unfortunately they reached her house ..she was still in the same position.he just smiled at their position "kria" he called her which brought her back from her sleep.she got down said thanx and went in...he smiled and when he was about to go he saw kria's mom ,he was shocked to know that she was his childhood love.he felt soo happy...He tried to say her that he was the one!!but swayam always used to interfere and makes haard for rey to talk to kria..

It was the day of kria's friend Sharon's bday all were invited to Hard rock Cafe..

Swayam,rey,kria all went to the party and all were having fun except kria coz she doesnt like such type of lifestyle.she was feeling abit uncomfortable which was noticed by rey..kria excused that she had work and went away from the party..As it is late at night our hero cant leave her alone so he too followed her ..They met and rey thought of remembering her their childhood.


To which kria snaped her head towards him in shock..Yes they used to call each other baatcutter and line cutter ,from the day one after seeing rey kria used to feel like she had seen or met him somewer even he felt the same but both ignored their thoughts.

kria-how do u know that name?

Rey-only linecutter knows baatcutter rite?

Kria was happy after seeing after many years and was also shocked to know that it is him..They started to talk about their childhood and after they departed from each other etc etc..kria felt someone pulling her when she saw back it was swayam.
"what are you doing with him?" swayam asked raising his eyebrows.."ahh i..i." kria was stammering "whatever i had completed the project i think you should see it rite come with me" he said..kria thought about project so she went away with swayam.Rey was fuming with anger here.after saying so many things also she is going away with swayam..
For few days he ignored kria ,she used to send sorry msgs to him but he dint reply to any of those..

One day a girl came towards rey and started speaking to him..kria was awacthing all these and was burning with anger.rey thought that this will be the only way to make her express her love so he started roaming with the girl everywer..kria was not less she also startedroaming with swayam but she could not stop her jealousy ...rey thought that if he would conti this he would lose her next day he went near her and said "ok ur forgiven" ."Thank god" ."how is ur new gf?" she asked raising her eyebrows..It was soo much fun to him ...he started saying about her gf ,days continued by rey saying kria abt his gf...kria could not bare this one day she laid down in the class and a tear escaped..when swayam asked what the matter means she just ignored and went away..Rey followed her and took her to the old building of her college (No one was there) "whats the matter?" rey asked ."nothing" she replied looking down.."You think i cant see ur tears?" rey asked cupping her face..She was just looking down ..."you are jealous rite?" he asked repeatedly to which she shouted "YES!!am JEALOUS!!Coz i love u !!!!OK!????Yes  I LOVE U!! i dint knw when this happend but I LOVE U" she said in one go and started sobbing ...he instantly hugged her tight "i luv u too" he whispered in her ears..she responded to his hug and they stayed in the same position for a long time...after sometime they pulled back and kria blushed and started running away...he took hold of her wrist came close to her.hugged her from behind resting his chin on her shoulder and said "plz dont go away from me..stay with me like this forever"
to which she just blushed

They are officially couple now ..Their meetings in cafes,lounges,restaurents everywer..their lovey dovey talks..They are perfect CHILDHOOD LOVE BIRDS..

One day kria bymistakenly said something to him for which he got so angry and started ignoring her msgs 

Kria's messages-

"Am sorry"

"am sorry baba"

"Plz forgive me"

She thought it was no use of messging so she called him..fortunately he lifted the call..

"plz plz plz dont cut the sorry i dint mean to say i was just ...plz reeyansh..sorry" she was pleading him

"ok " a reply came from him...

(i dont know on what thing they fought Tongue)

"meet me at **** cafe .5 pm plz?" she asked..

"Ok" he said and cutted the call...

They met at the cafe and she was holding his hand and pleading him he could not be much time angry with her...
"If u want u can slap me" she said with a pout and looking down..
"can i have choice?" he asked with a mischevious smile.
"what?" she asked confused
"Can i give a kiss instead of a slap?" he asked with an evil smile..
She nodded a yes while blushing..he leaned closed to her ,she closed her eyes tightly..She could feel his hot breath on her lips..she waited but she could not feel any touch..she opened her eyes and saw him smiling and staring at her..she just kept a question mark face to which he replied "here and first kiss?nah!i have some plans for it" he said as if something evil is cooking in his mind.
They had their lovey dovey talks and they went back to their homes while sleeping she got a msg from him

"Get ready by 11.wanna have my first kiss as soon as possible.cant wait for it anymore.Good night baatcutter<3"

She blushed hard and drifted to sleep.

Morning he came picked her up and they went to a house which was well furnished ..kris fell in love with that house she asked whose house was it he simply said "Ours" she was shocked ,she thought he was joking but no.."Yes its our house i took it for us .we are gonna stay here after our marrige" she blushed hearing the word marrige..

(Yes kriyaansh completed their college and he was doing bussiness and she was doing some job..)

she was exploring the house almost every small thing in the house were of her likes..he was showing her kitchen,dinning room...and he took her to a room hugged her from behind rested his chin on her shoulder and said "Our bedroom"...She was blushing she couldnt meet his eyes..she turned facing him and hugged him tight to which he responded equally.after sometime they broke their hug and but he was still holding her waist..he leaned in..she know what was about to come so she closed her eyes in acceptance and he smiled and inched forward...their lips meet...Their FIRST KISS!!
At first the kiss was soft soon it turned to a passionate one..rey was kissing her passionately ,she equally responded ..he bit her upper lip ,she moaned in pleasure by this he made his way into her mouth and started exploring..kria's hands were roaming in his hair .his hands were pulling her more into him...he took her in his arms placed her on the bed with him on top of her and was kissing furiously..he backed as they were lacking oxygen..he started placing kiss on her shoulders,neck,collarbone..she was jus moaning loud ..she pulled him up and he crushed his mouth onto her and they again shared a passionate kiss..rey slowly started taking her dupatta.she came to her senses..pushed him slightly and said "Rey am not ready"...He understood her so he just put her dupaata back to its place and said "will do it when ur comfortable only" and pecked her lips...they both got up and went to terecce and he was asusual hugging her from behind...
"rey" she said..."Hmm?" he replied.."Our parents wont accept our love what to do?" she asked with a sad face "dont worry jaan i will make you mine soon.i will talk to your parents.dont worry i will never leave u" he said placing a peck on her cheek

Days passed rey tried convincing kria's parents ...first they were angry an rey somehow managed and made thair families one again and both the families agreed for their marrige.they were married..
Night after marrige
They made love for each other...They became two bodies One soul..
Both her lying in each others embrace under the sheets..Kria was sleeping on his chest..suddenly she arched up till they were face to face and asked 
"rey do u love me?"
"yes darling"
"how much?"
He remembered their childhood smiled and kissed her passionately aftersometime broke the kiss and said "this much"
They both giggled and slept in each others embrace

_________________THE END________________________________________

HAppy bday shakti mohan!!!!!Smile

Pheww atlast completed!!

Hope i made it wellSmile

Pms after a week coz am busy with my exams!

Sorry for typo errors dint re-check

Plz do like it!

Want bada comments...critisicm welcomedSmile

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 11:53am | IP Logged

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mujhe iska agla part abhi chahiye ...mummaa!!!!!!!

mai apna comment yahi pe deti hun...

u know what...

i loved it/.../i loved it ...i loved it...

first their childhood kiss and they telling how much they like each other...

then their meet...

u showed swayam a bit harsh...Broken Heart

rey fell for her...

finally she too fell...

then their love...

their rootna manana...

awww rey is soo cute...

unka ghar bhi ready...

aakhir manwa hi liya...

waise first kiss correct place mei hua...LOL

and rey is such a good one...

when she said she is not comfortable he stopped...

their marriage and all.

and u know maine socha u will write he pecked her cheek...Wacko

uff...likha nahi...

waise age ki hisaab se kiss change karta hai rey toh Wink

i loved it to coreEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by wildcatdeetha

mujhe iska agla part abhi chahiye ...mummaa!!!!!!!


Am writing will post the whole update and sleep ok?Smile
Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kriyaansh_07

Originally posted by wildcatdeetha

mujhe iska agla part abhi chahiye ...mummaa!!!!!!!


Am writing will post the whole update and sleep ok?Smile


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loved it...

jaldi jaldi update karo

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I want to
plz update soon

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rubykriyansh Senior Member

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Awsome ..!
Update fast ..!
Waiting 2 read ..!
Its really very cute..!

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