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12/10 Dragon Club:AarYa Reunion & Borna's Birthday

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged

Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Lets all Wish the Birthday Girl Borna

Borna on your birthday we want a spl AarYa analysis on their reunion in Temple haan ... WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed,.. And once again many many happy returns of the day Hug


Episode Analysis

Thats why I trust and love the PV CVs StarStarStarStar.. They will make you wait and wait for ages but in the end will come up with a sixer like today's episode where Daddy Scindia becomes the voice of viewers Cool.. So a good end to a really good week .. I dunno if such realistic episodes gets trps or not but I will certainly like if viewers appreciate such episodes for once where reality check comes out in the most direct manner from a father ClapClapClap

Daddy Scindia was the voice of the viewers today and CVs answered almost every single complaint of viewers today via Daddy Scindia and others in Scindia family ClapClapClap

Let me list out all the viewers complaints here and how brilliantly CVs dealt with it all .. this is something every CVs of any show should do to make sure viewers r never disappointed in long run Thumbs Up

Our First Complain : Always Aarti is blamed by Scindias whereas noone ever gave a reality chk to Yash ...

CVs answer : Today Daddy Scindia gives the much needed reality chk to Yash by making him realise that his obsession for his dead wife , today resulted in Aarti leaving house since neither he thought about his happiness nor he thought about the emotions of his present wife .. he failed as a husband as well as a father just because of his self-destructive nature and seeing this Arpita too will certainly not feel proud ClapClapClap...

Our Second Complain : How can Aarti leave house without telling anyone in this condition and she dint even think about PayPal ??

CVs Answer : Again Daddy Scindia blasts Aarti for her careless decision where she dint even think about how will Gayatri feel when she will come to know that she left the house in this condition OuchOuch... Loved the way Vidhi makes Aarti realise that she was unfair to Payal and Palak  who dint even eat food after their mother left CryCry... Loved the way Pratik told Aarti that she was his inspiration once but today her careless decision  really disappointed him Thumbs Up...

Our Third complain : Why Yash never said sorry for all his mistakes ??

CVs Answer : Yash today joins his hand and not only says sorry to all but also admits that  he is at fault reason why Aarti had to leave the house because she was scared of his insane behaviour  Approve...Loved the way Yash took  every single blame on himself making sure noone is able to point a finger towards Aarti , something which he never did till now and just walked off in his room leaving Aarti all alone to face the blames but today he stood there and took every single blame on himself and also promised to all that he will fulfill all the duties and responsibilities in this punarvivah with complete dedication so that  they can create a positive example in society  StarStarStarStar... Today Yash actually supported Aarti in real sense as a husband by standing with her and taking all the blames instead of leaving her alone like he did in the past  ClapClapClap...

Our fourth Complain : Why Payal and Palak's POV is not shown .. what about Aarti's emotions towards Payal-Palak when she decides to leave house ?

CVs Answer : When Vidhi tells Aarti about Payal-Palak not eating food in her absense , Aarti not only said sorry to both but also asked Payal-Palak to decide her punishment since she is completely at fault for leaving the house without thinking about her two angels CryCry...After that the reunion hug of Payal-Palak and Aarti was just soo touching ... Very emotional and nicely done ClapClapClap...Payal-Palak found peace in Aarti's motherly arms and Aarti too felt relieved once Payal-Palak accepted her apology Embarrassed

Our fifth complain :Everytime Aarti and Yash have their Ego clash , kids suffer .. Is this why both did punarvivah ?/

CVs Answer : Like I said Daddy Scindia was voice of viewers and once Ansh and PayPal hugged each other Embarrassed , Daddy Scindia  once again gave a reality check to Yash and Aarti by asking them to learn a lesson or two from their 3 kids who initially dint even wanted to stay with each other in one room and today  they cant live without each other for even a minute and this is what the kids  hv learnt from this punarvivah ..to b united and together always something which Yash-Aarti unfortunately could not learn all thanks to their big fat egos LOLOuch... Loved the way Daddy Scindia made both realise that  because of them kids r getting affected and all he wants in this house is some peace for the kids now and so better these kids stay and Yash-Aarti r kicked out of the house for sometime till they learn to b matured and united like a husband-wife LOLLOLLOLEmbarrassed

What I feel is Daddy Scindia might send both Yash-Aarti to Mumbai farmhouse or somewhere else for sometime so that both can understand and re-discover each other once again peacefully WinkTongue...This is where Yash's love realisation too might start Embarrassed

Now our last and final complain is when will Aarti tell Yash about her pregnency complications .. again all I can say is its also coming ..lets b patient ... CVs so far hv answered all our queries and will definitely answer this one too Big smileBig smile

Daddy Scindia's idea to send both Yash-Aarti out of the house could work wonders for their relationship Embarrassed

Daddy Scindia might send them alone to see if Yash is able to fulfill his responsibilities of a husband on his own or not .. he might send them to Mumbai which is a big city and so medical help or doctors or hospitals  wont b much of a problem ... Ermm...

I feel Daddy Scindia knows that if both continue to stay in same house where Maya bua too is staying , then Bua will continue to create problems which might further affect Aarti and Yash's married life and this will stress out Aarti as well when she needs to b stress free in this condition .. So Daddy Scindia might decide to keep them separate from the house for sometime till Yash completely falls in love with Aarti so that when they return back home , that time Yash will b fully ready to stand in his wife's support and even someone like Bua wont get any scope to create misunderstandings between both Big smile

So this could b Daddy Scindia's plan .. to keep both away from the kitchen politics and tension of the house Big smile

Aarti-Yash-Ansh tea scene was cute , simple and funny StarStarStarStar

First scene was fabulous .. a perfect start I can say Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Yash-Aarti both were just so adorable sharing tea from same cup ..awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...what made the scene extra special was Ansh's presense and his one liners in between LOLEmbarrassed...First he says both his momma and Papa r lost in pehle aap game and so he was like decide fast or else tea will become thanda LOLLOL and then he sees both his momma-papa r drinking from same cup even after tea is all over .. in short both r lost in each other's eyes and hv no idea that there is no more tea left in the cup Wink and so he was like arre tea is over kabka LOLLOLLOL...In short Ansh was enjoying the positive changes in his parents the way both looked so happy and almost like a couple just falling in love types ...dreamyy eyes EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

I loved that relaxed smile Aarti gives in the end .. Yesterday she was confused with Yash's sudden change but today she looked sure and confident that Yash is a changed man and he accepted her with the kid from his heart and so finally she gives that smile of relief EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Shobha's motherly feelings towards Prashant might finally rise Ermm

I was relieved after watching the precap too ..,. Shobha still has a mother's heart which is visible when she grabs Prashant in his arms when he was falling down almost unconscious .. very touching scene ClapClapClap.. I will love to see Shobha taking care of Prashant like a mother  because he needs a family right now and in case Daddy Scindia sends both Aarti-Yash somewhere out of town , then we can b rest assured that for sometime at least Prashant and Aarti-Yash will not confront each other Big smile...

Also I m sure Yash will hear nothing on phone since precaps r mostly misleading Big smile

Overall a fabulous episode after Aarti-Yash reunion .. both getting reality check from Daddy Scindia is the best we could get for both to realise their  mistakes ClapClapClapClap

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A FANTABULOUS episode StarStarStar

It commences with Aarti telling Yash that he didn't need to do all jthat as they are on their home...Yash replies if a husband can't bring tea & milk for his wife and son what use is he? leaving Aarti shock, they are looking at each other when Ansh whistles breaking their eyelock...LOL How cute is that kid HeartEmbarrassed

Yash tells  Aarti to drink her tea just as he's about to drink his, the cup falls...Ansh laughs at his dad's clumsiness, Yash is about to go get another cup of tea when Aarti offers him hers...Yash insists, she drinks it and they go back and forth until Yash finally takes the first sip of tea while Aarti watches him and Yeh Dil Hai is playing in the background then hands the cup to Aarti and they kept doing that for awhile....Aww that was a beautiful scene EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Ansh asks them what they are doing since the tea finished long back...LOLLOL I tell that cutie pie kid is just adorable...Yash blushes and tells them it's time to go, Aarti starts laughing then she looks like she was about to cry...The emotions she went through the past few days were finally catching up with her CryCry

At the SM...PraDi open the door only to be met with two cops, Pratik asks them who are they looking for to which the one in command answers they want to speak to Pari...The latter is very nervous just then SP invites them in...they only came to return Pari's bag that got stolen much to Pari's delight....But poor girl nearly busted her own pot, she needs to tell Pratik the truth before it's too late Ouch

Vidhi comes and tells SP that Yash called and says that they are on their way home, Vidhi wants to go make sweets to welcome them but SP stop her and Paridi saying that he has questions to ask AarYa and that they can enter the house only after they have answered them...uh oh SP is really pissed at them but he still looks handsome even when he's mad WinkEmbarrassed

AarYa and Ansh arrive at the SM, they are about to enter when SP comes and stops them, he tells Vidhi to take Ansh inside which she was about to do when PayPal come running and hug Ansh...Aww it was so cute seeing all of them together again and that hug was was beautiful HeartHeart

SP scolds AarYa...He walks up to Yash and tells him that his a failure as a husband, that he went mad over his first wife who is dead but not once did he think about his happiness nor about the emotions of his second wife who's still alive...He then scolds Aarti for leaving without telling anyone and for not thinking about the girls or Gayatri...Way to go SP ClapClap

He goes on to tell AarYa that they should learn a thing or two from their children who have so such a strong bond...Boa opens her mouth and starts talking when SP blasts here and tells her to keep quiet LOLLOL

Yash joins his hands and asks tells them all sorry, he takes on the blame upon himself...Vidhi comes and scolds Aarti, she asks her if she has any idea what PayPal went through...Pratik & Pankaj also joins the scolding team, Pankaj even goes on to say that they made a mistake when they did their Punar Vivaah much to boa's delight...I'm sorry but the heck is Pankaj smoking?? I understand his Yash's brother but why doesn't he puts the blame where it belongs on them both AngryAngry 

Yash stops him and tells Pankaj that it was his mistake...He says sorry!...Aarti joins her hands and says sorry to PayPal, she tells them she did wrong by them her children and that they can give her a punishment...PayPal walk up to her and hold her hands they tell her that her punishment is that she'll never leave them again...Aarti hugs them both and says she won't...Awww that was a beautiful scene, finally mother and daughters are reunited Embarrassed

AarYa are apologizing again to the family...Yash says that  he won't let his past interfere with with his present, he won't be unfair to Aarti and that he'll make this remarriage an example for others...Yash goes on to say that he takes all of Aarti's responsibilities upon himself...He says that Aarti is at fault, he is. If she wasn't sacred that Yash wouldn't accept his child then maybe she wouldn't have left home..So it is his mistake and that he's sorry....Awww Yash/GC was phenomenal  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Aarti also says sorry and that she will never leaves home again...Vidhi is like enough drama, lets go inside...Everyone is like yes lets go just then SP says wait, he tells AarYa that they are not coming inside the house because he knows them as they both have big egos which will clash again and he doesn't want their craziness to fall unto the kids again so he'll give them a punishment...haha I tell you SP isn't playing with them anymoreClap

He tells them that their punishment is that only the kids will stay in the house but not them shocking everyone Big smile

Precap: Shobha is on the phone with Yash and is happy that they are both home just then there's a ring at the door she opens it and it's P who falls unconscious...Shobha screams P's name and then she realizes that she's still on the phone...She doesn't know what to do...Well it looks like the Dubeys lie is about to come out and finally Shobha is gonna show some concern for her son...Shoba looked lost as she doesn't know who she should handle first her SIL or her son..Such dilemma Cry

EDIT: I think SP gave AarYa punishment so that they can learn to live and get to know each other better without any interruptions from boa & Vidhi & Pratik Wink

Chetan Pandit was the star of the show...He was the viewers voice today...He rocked the way he handled AarYa...Outstanding acting ClapStarStar

GC, KS & Divyam were amazing as well especially in the tea StarClapClap

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hello dcians!!! im back Embarrassed what did i miss?? Confused

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Happy Birthday Borna Hug

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YES, posting some of my favs again :)

@Indu and pearl this was the song that I tested my friend on

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Nice title jyoClap

Arya reunion continues with tea scenes and whats in store for us in paridhi case...letc

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