Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Jab Tak Hai Jaan - Note Page 24

Anu101 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Hey girls,
This is my new FF on VirMan. I don't know if this will be up to standard or if you will like it. But I will try my best to write a good story. I'm a huge SRK fan, hence the title. But actually the story line I have thought, is about two people who will stand by each other until their last moment. I sent out the pms to the readers of my FF Zindagi Milegi Dobara, so please forgive me if you did not need the pm. If you like the story please hit the like button, so I can pm you next time. Hope you will enjoy this new FF. (Also everything in this is fictious. I have no clue if these places actually exist or not. I wrote it just for the sake of the story. So please excuse me if I have written anything offensive).

The Vadheras are a famous, wealthy and powerful family in Chandighar. Most of the family members are famous lawyers, but they also own Vadhera group of companies, which is currently handled by the youngest grandson Virat Singh Vadhera. The eldest grandson, Viren Singh Vadhera is an extremely successful lawyer and is married to the beautiful and innocent Jeevika.

Rishikesh is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities. This beautiful city is a place where people feel blessed to live in or even to visit. But hidden in the beauty of this sacred city, is a place that is considered to be the worst hell hole ever found. Only those who lived there knew what it was like to live in such a place. You will never know about this place if you were a mere visitor who wanted to enjoy the beauty of Rishikesh.

Part 1
It was almost midnight when a black Audi pulled up to the drive way of the Vadhera mansion. The most successful, famous and youngest Directors in the business world, Virat Singh Vadhera stared out of the window. His assistant, Aman Mehera, who was seated in front of him, was almost asleep when the driver stopped the car. "Sir", said Aman in a meek voice. He was used to this routine. Each night his boss made it a habit to return home at this time. Even if he had work or not, he always remained in office until late. And each time he got back home, Aman had to force him to go inside. Well not literally force, no one could ever force the mighty, stubborn Virat Vadhera to do something he did not want to. Rather begged, yes Aman had to beg him to go inside the house. What Aman could not understand was, if Virat hated his house that much, why did not he move out. He had enough and more money to do that. "Sir", called out Aman again. Virat sighed, finally it was time. He opened the door. "Good night sir", said Aman. Virat ignored this and shut the door tightly and walked away. Aman sighed. Even though it happened everyday, still to see him transform like this whenever he came back home, was surprising. The driver turned the car around and they left.

A girl dragged herself up the lane heading towards the hell hole of Rishikesh, carrying two bags, which were about to burst. It had been a great day for her and she was able to earn good money today. Though she was tired and worn out, there was a smile on her face like always. Today she was even able to buy all her beeji's medicines. That was the biggest relief for her. "Manvi betiyaa", someone called out from the dark. Manvi stopped to catch her breath. She rested the bags on the ground. They were so heavy and her hands ached like nothing. "Bittu ji..kaise hai aap?", she asked cheerfully. Bittu ji came out of his house, shaking his head. "Manvi beta..time tho dekho..yeh koi time hai kya ghar lot ne ka?", he asked. "Hoye hoye bittu ji..zyada senti math ho..mein Manvi Chaudhry hoon..", she started saying. Bittu ji cut in. "Ha ha jaanthi hoon mein..Manvi Chaudhry ki bachchi..jaldi ghar ja..beeji bohoth pareshan hoon..yeh samaan dedo..mein lekar aungi", said Bittu ji in a concerned tone. Manvi smiled. "Thank you..iski koi zaroorat nahi hai..aap andar jao..warna aapke srimathi ji mujse naraz hongi..", said Manvi running off. "Yeh larki na..", said Bittu ji pretending to be mad at her. He smiled looking at her running up the lane. No matter how difficult things were, Manvi never stopped smiling, she never gave up hope, she never gave up her beliefs and her values. Each day she left her home looking bright and happy and worked the whole day, doing this and that, so she could find some money to make the ends meet and returned home totally worn out, yet still looking bright and happy. He said a silent prayer for her and went inside.

Virat stopped in front of the door to take out his key. It was so quiet and the whole house was in darkness. His days were filled with meetings, meetings, meetings and work, work and work. Each morning, he woke up to a busy, hectic day, meeting lots of people, handling billions and billions of money and each night he returned to a house where he felt suffocated, where he did not belong anymore. As much as his mornings were alive, his nights were dead. The only common thing about his days and nights was his loneliness, no matter how many people he was surrounded by, Virat always felt alone. Virat had no friend, no confidant, no person he shared his joys or sorrows with. If there was a person who knew everything about him, it was Aman. But their employer-employee relationship prevented them from having a close friendship, and the added cold, rude nature of Virat did not help either. Virat slowly opened the door and stepped inside.

Manvi looked up at the bright lights shining from every house in their chawl. How different it was. Each morning as she left looking for work, the whole place was dead. There was nobody around. No cheerful good mornings, no greetings nothing. But when she returned at night, the atmosphere was so different. There was laughter all around, people scattered here and there. The whole place lit up with shiny lights and girls dressed up in their best clothes. "Manvi!!!!!!!", shouted a girl upstairs. "Champa", shouted back Manvi and rushed to the stairs. She walked carefully, taking step by step on the centuries old stairway. The added weight of the bags was not helping at all. Once she reached the top, she was surrounded by three or four girls, who were her age, decked up in fancy clothes, fake jewellery and too much make up. Day or night, Manvi always had her friends around her. May it be the waitresses from the cafe she worked in, or the cleaning ladies at the laundry, or the girls from all the other part time jobs she did or the girls from her chawl, when it came to friends Manvi was rich, richer than any billionaire. 

Suddenly someone switched on the lights. Virat looked at Swamini Bua and Dadaji who were seated on the couch, staring at him. Virat sighed. He just wanted to have some peace after a hectic day of work, that's why returned home so late, just to avoid the family drama. But these people just didn't let him live in peace. Virat was considered to be a workaholic. He had no days or nights, no vacations, no breaks when it came to work. His employees, suffered under his reign, they cursed him for making them work as if there was no tomorrow, they wondered how someone could love their work so much. But they were wrong Virat never loved his work. This is not what he wanted to do. He did not want to become the successor of the largest company in India. No this is not what he wanted to do, this is something he had to do. He had his reason for doing it. Virat never enjoyed his work. It was a responsibility, a burden that he would have to carry forever. As much as he hated his work, he hated these family conversations even more. Swamini Bua and Dadaji topped his hit list. He still could not figure out who was first. He smirked. His day was just about to become worse than it had been.

"Manvi..dekho mere saree bohoth sundar hai na?", asked Champa. Manvi admired the saree. "Woh mere regular customer hai na..usne mujhe yeh saree gift kya", said Champa smiling. Manvi smiled slightly. The girls began to talk about the gifts they received and how much money they got and the customers they were expecting tonight. Some girls were happy that they were able to increase their price and spoke about all the things they were going to buy from the added money. Manvi smiled at these girls. They had nothing in their lives, no money, no honour, nothing. Yet they were happy with what they had. No one would have thought that these girls were traumatized for life from the work they had to do and they had no other life except this. They had lost their innocence forever. But they still kept smiling. Living life to the fullest, is something Manvi learned from them. It took great courage to be happy and smiling in this hell hole. "Manvi beta..agayee thum?", asked Champa's mother. "Ha chachi..aaj bohoth kaam tha", she replied smiling. Champa's mum looked at her tired face. "Manvi yeh kaam hamesha karsakthi hai kya..yeh sab chor do..aur"..."Chachi..mein aapse pehele bhi kehe chuki hoon..mein yeh sab nahi karne wali hoon..please..", said Manvi and excused herself and headed towards her house. She was eager to meet beeji. She worked so hard for her beeji. She worked hard throught out the day happily, thinking about how happy she would make her beeji. And each night to return home and lie on her lap was the biggest reward Manvi could ever ask for.

"Virat have you made your final decision?", asked Dadaji in a stern voice. The whole family was now gathered in the living room. Since the last few moths, it had been the same argument over and over again. They had been extremely patient with Virat. But Virat had insulted and spoken rudely to them every single time. Vanshika ma was looking worried. She did not know how Virat would react to Bauji's decision. "Dadaji, I told you before. I will not get married. That's my final decision", said Virat in a rude voice. "Virat, think about your decision again", said Swamini bua in a disgusted tone. "Bua ji, who are you to ask me to get married, when you yourself..."..."Virat!!!!!", bellowed Dadaji. Jeevika was thankful that Viren was not at home to hear this. He would not have listened to a word against his badi ma, even from Virat. Dadaji took a deep breath. Gone were the days of yelling at him. Gone were the days of beating him. There was only one way to make him understand. "Virat, fine that's your decision. Now listen to my decision. If you do not agree to get married within the next week, I will take away the company from you. Do you understand me, I will take away the company from you and you know that I can do it", shouted Dadaji. Virat stared at him in shock. He could not believe that Dadaji actually said it. "Dadaji..you can't..you can't do that", pleaded Virat. Vanshika had tears in her eyes. Virat never pleaded before anyone. But Vanshika knew why he was doing this. He was doing this for his father. Virat knew that Dadaji could do it. "Dadaji please...please", said Virat. "Virat..if you agree to change your decision, I will agree to do the same thing. You have one week", said Dadaji and walked away. Swamini Bua followed him and soon only Jeevika and Vanshika ma were left with Virat. Vanshika ma tried to say something when Virat stopped her and shook his head. Jeevika and Vanshika ma stared at him helplessly, now walking towards his room.

"Beeji", shouted Manvi entering the house. She flung herself on beeji and hugged her tightly. Beeji smiled at her childishness. She did this every single day after returning from work. It was like a stress relief for Manvi. The moment she fell in to beeji's arms, she forgot all her problems, all her tiredness just vansihed in an instant. "Manvi, aaj bohoth raath hogayee na?", asked beeji. "Ha beeji, aaj bohoth kaam tha..lekin dekhiye na..mein zaara samaan lekhar aaya..next week koi problem nahi hongi beeji", she said smiling. Beeji came to her with her food. "Theek hai theek hai mere bachchi..kuch kalo aur jaldi soja..kal subha kaam pe jaana hai na", she said and started feeding Manvi. Manvi smiled and started eating, it was just like the good old days. Beeji always kept awake until Manvi came home, just to feed her, cause beeji knew how much Manvi enjoyed it. Beeji could not give Manvi much happiness in her life, but for Manvi these small small things gave her more happiness than anything else.

Virat was looking out the window. His eyes were filled with tears. Nobody ever got the opportunity to witness this Virat. To everyone else he was the arrogant, rude, successor of Vadhera Group, who thought he knew about anything and everything, who had no time for useless things like traditions or customs or relationships, who was the most insensitive man on earth, though it was impossible, yet he really did not seem to have a heart. Nobody saw the boy who was behind this mask, the boy who once had dreams and goals, whose life was once filled with love and happiness. They did not see the boy who was still holding on to the painful memories of the past, the boy who was trying to fullfill a dream, a dream that was dreamt by his father. They did not see the boy who tried every single second not to let down his guard, who tried so hard to pretend that everything was fine. Virat did not show this to anyone, except his father who was now looking down at him. He only shared his feelings with his father. There was a time when his brother was everything to him. There was not a single thing that he did not share with his brother. But suddenly they seemed distant. His brother loved everything about his life, his work, his family, his wife. His brother's life was filled with love, while his life was filled with hatred. The love his brother had towards his life and the hatred Virat had towards his own life, made them drift apart. 

Why wasn't he surprised by Dadaji's decision. There was nothing new about it. Dadaji knew that this is the only weapon that he could use against Virat. And it's not as if he has not used it before. Virat kicked himself for being in the same powerless, helpless situation as before. It had been 5 years since that day, he had earned so much respect, so much money and praise from everyone around the world, but in the eyes of his Dadaji, he was still that helpless creature, who could be toyed with. "Papa please forgive me. I don't have any other way. I can do anything to fullfill your dream papa, and I will definitely do it. I promise", he whispered. He dialled Aman's number. It was time to put his plan in to action. 

Manvi sat with her cup of coffee and stared at the stars. "Mummy papa, kasie ho aap?..aaj bohoth lambi din thi..bohoth kaam tha..mein bohoth thak chuki hoon. Lekin aap chintha math karo..mein theek hoon. Ek dum first class. Bohoth kush bhi hoon. Aaj mein beeji keliye dawai bhi le aaya..mummy papa mein kabhi himmath nahi harungi..kabhi nahi..mere mummy papa ka sapna pure kar ke rahunga", said Manvi in a determined tone. Life was never fair to her. Since she was a baby there was not a single day that she did not have to worry. But Manvi never let anything get to her. She told herself over and over again that life was beautiful. You just needed to enjoy it. Whatever the problems that came up your way, you needed to face them bravely and honestly. She was her mummy papa's brave girl and she was never going to give up. She smiled and thought about what was in store for her in future. 

"Sir I found the perfect girl", said Aman to Virat.

So girls that was part 1. How was it? Should I continue it. I know it was a bit too long. You know how I am when I start writing. Don't worry, from the next part it's not going to be so long.

I'm so sorry if I annoyed you with the pm. I just sent pms to the readers of Zindagi Milegi Dobara. Just this once please bear with me. If you do like the story and want the pm for the next part please hit the like button. Thank you so so much. Love you loadz and loadz!!!!!

Chapters that I have completed so far:
Part 1 : Page 1
Part 2 : Page 8
Part 3 : Page14
Note:  Page 24

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avika26 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 4:11am | IP Logged
wow! ur second ff in this forum and me first to commentBig smile
yaar u are awesome writer dont even think that u are bothering us me and i guess all people over here are found of ur writing..Smile
coming to the topic...
i loved the title jab tak hai jahan as it remind me the song of basanti in sholay movie" jab tak haan jahan mein nachugni"LOL
yaar coming to virat character  he is tough haan like rowdy rathore wanna know his past soonThumbs Up
i loved manvi  in these she is so strong and loved to know that she wasn't hopeless.
i guess the perfect girl is non other than manviWink

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js1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 4:18am | IP Logged
Hey Anu not read it yet but will do so and comment.  Your work will be a pleasure to read.  Thank you for the PM..
Pls do also update ZND as well - that is flowing beautifully!
ProngsPadsMoony IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
superb start anu
cont soon
do pm me plsEmbarrassed

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Syed695 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 4:29am | IP Logged
Amazing cncept!!! pm me when u continue~!!!

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shilpa09 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 4:30am | IP Logged
hey anu...dont even think u bother us...bcoz' ur stories r best work i have read on this forum:)
as i m yet to read this one...i'll comment as soon as i go through it:)Wink
and...best luck svty 4 this new story:):):)Smile
awesome...u nailed it:)
just amazing start...:)
and this aman character...i alwaz love it as it has been used in many arshi ff's in very adorable and understanding way:)...i hope u make him useful in this ff as well:)
pls write soon dear:)
thnx 4 pm:)

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shaimah Goldie

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged
amazing start
continue soon and thanks for the pm!!

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xoxsusanxox Goldie

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 4:40am | IP Logged
Interesting..continue soon

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