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Ayesha'sCG:ArHi/AsYa/Jennifer/bolly/Request--pg129 (Page 113)

.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 July 2010
Posts: 25115

Posted: 07 January 2013 at 6:16pm | IP Logged
I never really thought people would request me , WOW you guys really surprise me yaar . thank you so much for requesting :) I really hope you like the outcome . I did not get time to make to anyone's request , well I did not started because i realized i never posted the rules . i know I am stupid:P

so here's the rules
--->HQ VIDS YT links please . (timing no longer than 10 seconds)
---> either 4-5 100*100s OR large
---> I have no problem working with any couple or myth .. yes i would not say No anyone .  you can provide more then one link .

here is the request list , i made this list according to who have been more regular here yaar ( not who posted first , please forgive me but there was some people who have been super nice and have been commenting from the first update even when I made stuff on people they don't even like >$ )

Sunshine Girl


^did i miss you , let me know :)

I will be opening this shop soon again :)

if you have not edited please edit in two days yara .

From now on only those who will be regular please

note :- which update you want First IPK tribute or request update . i will update which one you like be first :) I will post the next update on coming week.

Edited by .ayesha. - 08 January 2013 at 2:53pm

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mona_ghtaditiRadioactive..DivaDeluxe.dia27anne156-Indescribable--Shobhu21-BarishkiduaaFireLordPhoenixCrazy4AshVik.Mandy.saher_90sofiaaax.-Aliya-PrincessBushipinky_blueskiesAisha.OnepoundChic-Mema-shootingstar.xxthegameison.Kiran.Sabmeratu..Saraa.Ninja.Trouble.xAaliyaDEFOM-Mrs.SKMehwish-.Dulcetdumasruky786swashbucklingSunshine Girlragzz.MehRya..Nikki_TitliJennyPennySano88

.Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 August 2010
Posts: 22083

Posted: 07 January 2013 at 6:16pm | IP Logged

Ahem Ahem... Look who's hereCool LOL! See Ashu I kept my promise. I'm telling you I'm such a wonderful friend to have:P Lets get to update:D

This is such a brilliant update. You don't even understand how gorgeous your stuff is. You always think I'm just being nice when the truth is you really are awesome. Your work is sheer beauty. 

SaRun stuff is so beautiful. I have no words to express how amazing they are and I'm being honest here. Textures, coloring, style, text everything looks so pretty. Please please tell me how you do this. I mean really I can stare at them whole day. You really know how to bring down my confidence. My stuff looks so shit in front of yours. This is not fair. Give me your talent pleaseCry

OH MY GOD! What am I seeing?:O You made KaJen stuff. THANK YOU LORD! Finally you made stuff on them. They look wonderful. Borders and coloring look gorgeous. You need to make more stuff on them. Believe me Ayesha, they are bloody gorgeous. And these two are really adorable<3

Humsafar ones look great. Photoshoot of Sukirti and KT ones are amazing as well. Love the coloring<3 There's this uniqueness about your stuff that no can no matter how much they try can copy. Like the coloring and style is just so simple yet so beautiful. Swaron ones are awesome too. Sanaya ones are stunning. Love the coloring. It's amazing. This girl is so beautiful and adorable at the same time. And your avis just add to her beauty. 

Random Delena ones are so amazing as well. Love the coloring especially on first three. It looks gorgeous<3 Random avis on different couples look beautiful as well. I remember those Arjun-Riya ones and Ranveer-Aliya ones you made for me. Thank You. I love you<3 They are amazing. All of them look superb Ayesha. 

OH MY GOD! Those Ajab Si ones are so beautiful. Like I can stare at them all day. I seriously love them so much. Coloring is so pretty<3 And then Sonam ones are perfection. Love everything about them. Asin ones are so nice. JWM music posters look fab. You did an incredible job there. TVD stuff is stunning. It's actually beyond flawless. All of them are so friggin' gorgeous. I can't even express in words especially Delena dance ones and Katherine ones. They look heavenly. Sanya Irani ones are just another example of flawlessness you bring to your stuff. I'm just speechless. You just get better and better and people like me are just wondering how. 

okay I'm done. Will ya make avis for me now??;) LOL im joking. I'll try to edit previous ones as well. I love you<3

Edited by ..Kirann.. - 16 January 2013 at 7:11pm

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.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 July 2010
Posts: 25115

Posted: 07 January 2013 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
res for ashi ..

Jii auzhar  :)


Okaay so first of all girl i am SURE abt everything that noone are mad at you! me is very happy too see your stuff :D i was missing it :D so glad you made stuff and now i can enjoy and watch your flawless stuff :D

SaRun stuff

IEPPP womaniyaaa how the effing.. your coloring is really flawless i have not even a word to describe it .. i seriously love your text on the avis, the sizes are really superb amazing and lets talk abt the coloring... its F L A W L E S S  i have no word otther then that :D omg i am sooo happy you made it :D and i saved it ! muahaha sounds like a deal muahahaha:P no but reallly i have saved each and every of it :D your really amazing yaar kya bholu ab :P its OUT OF THE WORLD :D


askldjlkdjasld OHMYGOD. seriously how adoreble are they omg!!! i really love each and every avis of this !!! esp the last one ITS SOO CUTEEE!!!!! i seriously love them as couple they are freaking cute :D love the border thinngy tooo Ayeshu flawlessslyyy :D


Haii allah i love the cloring yaar :O its really fabulos! omg i love the scenes also ! sooo freaking pretty :D  good job jaaanuWink

Photoshoot Suku and KT

HELL is f**king gorgoeus omg i love the coloring :D and omggg SUKU is SOO CUTE omggg
love her smile and everything lakjdjksad and KT looking sooo HAAAWT !:D omggg i lov eit :D
FLAWLESS Ayeshuuu shachiii muchiii the ciloring is out of te world :D

Swayam sharon (there is more but for next update please)

Dont watch the show but dude ! i love the coloring :D

Sanaya Irani

OMFG ... did ya already saw.. i have been using this avi for 983749 days :p lol
i reallly love the coloring on the first one man... its out of the world.. and ufff kya kehna..
the outcome is really AMAZING i love it :D And cant wait to see her!!!!! shes really looking
beautyfull :P


HAAAYEE i love ittt esp the 1st & 3th wala :P
the coloring on the last one IS FABBB i love ittt :D its really prettty coloring :D i love it :D
saved btw :D

Random Avis of yours

Let me go too all of it  Tongue

IEEEP sooo you made of JEEVII its BEAUTYFULL i am already use that one :D
is flawless coloring is super amzing :D rreallly love it :D the first avi.. is really prettyy love the coloring
but i am not really fan of virman soo yeah :P but the coloring like i say amazing:D

askdjlksjd i love lvoe love the first walaa avii is myy fave haha :P i love it :D
omggg and the second wala also omfffgg its sooo pretttyyy haaayeee <3

IEEEP you watch also ARJUN (or had watched:P) omggg its f**king
prettty i cant beleive :p  your cololring is OUT of the world babes ! :D i love it :D
PRETETYYY babbeee!!!

PSSSH eeeik hiii avii on srk kajol... koi baaat nahi:P but DUDE you made a smile
on my face hahaha:p i LOVE the avi saved :P

CUTENESS OMGGG i love the coloring:P its diffreent i love love it:D
and the scene was soo cutee awww :P soo prettty gurlll Tongue

UFFF CUTENESS KA DOSE omggg I LOVE BOTTH of the avis :P fabbb

IEPPP VEERZAAARA OMFG i love that freakin movie:D
love the coloring on this is realllyy AMAZING :D love it :D


WOWOWOOWWW i reaaalyy love the coloring on this gifset :D
its soo freaking pretty :D lov ethe bw and the colored onf and the bw with text :P
is making the whole scene soo cute :D

Dehli 6

This four HAVE to be my fav !! i really love the coloring on these gifs!
and its soo pretyyy yaaar :D good job Ayeshuuu really favvv saved :D


IEPPP i love th ecoloring :D Asin is flawless :p ahaha love it :D

Jab We Met

Okaaay these are really my FAV songs :p of this movie with aao jabtummm :D
FLAWLESS cloring and the size is REALLY awsome :D i love th scenes tooo :D
your choice is really PREFECT :D plus the font is really makes it totllay complete and AWSOME :D


^ aslsjhkds  is that enough to express my feelings hahaha:p
i LOOOVE it :D


OMG i hope ishitaaa love it omg ITS FLAWLESSS
ireally love teh whole set :D


I AGREE i really misss her bitchyness lol :P love the coloring btw :D

Ihave already told you HUW MUCH I LOVE THIS :D  the coloring is FAB :D plus the whole set is OUT OF THE WORLD . i love the gif and the pic :D it made me happy haha:D Juts make awsome stuff okaay :D

WOW.. alreayd done:( boo that was sooo fast Tongue omfg this update was super amazing i love the whole update everything mixed.. dunno what my fav is i gues everything :D REALLY AMZING :D

i really love you rstuuf :D  and good luck with it tooo  <3

EHMM i would suggestion to doo ipkknd tribute i am missing them soo much :( bring them backkk make stuff and do that on your next update :D i would suggest you that :P baaki aapki marzi :P

Okaay i will stop now.. damn i typed this too much haaha:p but i really hope you like my comment :p and update soon goodluck with everything:D cant wait for your next update jaaani Tongue

ilyyy <3
~ Ashii

Edited by .ayesha. - 13 January 2013 at 3:53pm

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ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 May 2008
Posts: 38917

Posted: 07 January 2013 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
Reserved :D I hope i am not intruding ROFL


OMG Ayesha thanks for the reminder girl, i had totally forgotten, my memory is BAD :| 
Have you seen how amazing your stuff is?Shocked Absolutely breathtaking Heart Call me biased, but i love TVD and Sanz stuff the MOST Blushing OMG you just bring out their beauty even more Blushing your bollywood stuff is seriously so unique <33 Aww KaJen stuff is adorable too <3 Ayeshu, please make latest DE scene avis please...i have used some of the ones you made and what perfection your avis are :) too good for words ...and of course never stop making Sanaya stuff Approve If you are taking suggestions, then please make some stuff on Sukirti please Embarrassed

Love you <333 Hug :*

Edited by Ragz. - 13 January 2013 at 10:39pm

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shootingstar.xx IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 March 2010
Posts: 14560

Posted: 07 January 2013 at 7:20pm | IP Logged

so much beauty all over the place Embarrassed I just wanna say flawless and be done because that's seriously all it is :P let's just get one thing straight .. you are the queen of coloring ok? 

haww the sarun avis are cute. I still haven't watched that interview haha. but the text thing is cute. I love it when you use text or borders on avis. yay you made some on the photoshoot ones. I was hoping you'd make some on drashti :P I think you used texture on those right? because it looks good. I have never seen you use texture before or idk I might not remember but you should use that more. and the delena ones are my fav thing on your tvd blog including the katherine gifs. she's one of my fav characters on tvd ;) was delhi 6 a good movie btw? I did not hear good things about it isliye. I love that sonam photoset though. your coloring on the sanaya irani gifs is gorgeous. I don't usually like too bright coloring but it looks good. you should use more dark color too. something like humsafar avis.  its almost like a coloring you'd make on sv. 
sach bolon you have come such a long way. you are starting to look like a professional. 
omg and I wanted to comment about your last update .. the rk and madhu avis! I fangirled a bit when I saw you made them ROFL

Edited by shootingstar.xx - 07 January 2013 at 9:06pm

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dia27 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 November 2010
Posts: 4761

Posted: 07 January 2013 at 8:15pm | IP Logged
candy Thank you . 

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-SalShah4eva- IF-Achieverz

Joined: 13 March 2006
Posts: 128857

Posted: 07 January 2013 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
OMG ayesha its so beautiful
I dont have a words yaar..
too good

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.Kiran. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 August 2010
Posts: 22083

Posted: 07 January 2013 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
Everything is FLAWLESS! Like how can you be so perfect is beyond me. I really want tips. Now U need to seriously give some tips. I think you should start making tuts. People like me who make ugly stuff can learn from you! Your tips, tuts are highly needed!

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