Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

WU: Oct 11th, 2012:RaYa nok-jkok'ADMISSION LOVE'

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The episode starts with Peehu sharing her feelings with "happy" (teddy gifted to her by the-then 'Golu uncle' now 'papa' at Dubai.


Happpy yaad hai na; Papa ne jab tumhe mujhe diya tha, kaha tha ki Peehu tum humesha happy rahna'..I think, ab tum papa ke paas challle jaawo, kyunki papa Mumbai mein happy se unnnhappy ho gaye hain'

(Awww'.cutie pie with her powerhouse expressions was a treat to watch)

Peehu continues:

Unke paas jaake tum unhe happy kar doge na to happy kar dena.

(Peehu is completely involved in sharing her feelings with "happy" as if "happy" can actually solve her concerns)

Meanwhile, Sudhir and Nats enters the room saying '


Ooohhooo !!!!!!

Kya baat hai!!!! Kya baat hai !!! Happy se baatein ho rahi hain!!!

(While Sudhir continues grabbing his seat, Nuts hugs Peehu and kisses her)

heee, happy se to itne saare baatein karti ho! Aur naanu se itni kam!? Aaah!

(Peehu gives a broad smile'.)

Ye to bataawo, kya kah rahein thi happy ko! Haan bete?

Peehu (with disappointment on her face):

Main sonch rahi thi ki, main ab ye happy main papa ko de dun kyunki wo happy se unnnhappy ho gaye hain. ?

(Expression transitions of our rockstar were fabulous)

Sudhir (Nodding his head in agreement with Peehu):

Plan to aacha hai bhai'lekin beta, papa to pahle se hi happy hain!

Acha yek baat bataawo, papa jab apke taraf dekhte hain, to happy waali smile dete hain ki nahi!!! (expressed with a smile on his face, trying to cheer up Peehu) ;)


(Expressed with a slight excitement on her face) Papa mujhe dekhke to happy waali smile dete hain, par mama ko to'..''. (takes a pause with a disappointment reflecting on her cute face)

Sudhir (trying to convince Peehu):

Ookaay'to ye baat hai...

Tooo'ye bataawo ki'.happy mama ko de dein kya?

Ya mama ko tiger de dein?

(Changing the topic) Acha ye bataawo, mujhe kya dogi ?

Peehu (seriously and promptly responds):

No no no no no no!!! main kisi ko apni happy aur tiger na dungi.

Sudhir (with laughs at her and questions):


Acha yek din ke liye de do na please. (with a request) sirf yek din ke liye.

Peehu (with a broad smile on her face responds):

No no no no no no'.

Meanwhile, Priya enters the room calling-

Peeehu (Peehu looks at her with excitement on her face)

Priya informs her that shifting has been completed and now it's time for them to make a move to the new flat. Later, Priya confirms Sudhir that everything has been set (as the flat was semi-furnished and there were a few tasks to be done like cleaning, arranging, etc which was completed with support of Neha and other kids) and the flat is ready for Peehu to be possessed.

Nats prompts Peehu for an ice-cream and takes her away from the room, leaving Sudhir and Priya alone to continue with their discussion.

Sudhir inquires about the current situation of Ram and his anger for which Priya responds saying that the anger remained the same, and she should give him some space and time so that he starts visualizing things in a normal way. Also, she informs Sudhir about Peehu's admission interview in the school scheduled for next day morning with her parents. She emphasizes, any decision to be taken for Peehu, she would prefer to take in agreement with her husband Mr. Kapoor so that he doesn't feel he hasn't been involved in the decision making for their daughter.

(Sending Peehu to kitchen, Nats secretly listens to their conversation)

Priya takes blessing from her papa for her success in handling the current situation alone and leaves back to the new flat with Peehu.



Ayesha gets a call from her mom Shipra and gets the information that Priya is going to join Peehu in the same school where Khush is studying and Mr. Kapoor will also accompany Priya in the admission process. Post hanging over the call, she continues discussing with mama ji about this topic for which he advices Ayesha to reach the sakool (actually he meant 'School' ? ) well in advance and cunningly manage the matter

Nats seated calm with worry on her face and holding a book in her hand. Sudhir notices her and initiates a discussion.

Nats shares her thoughts about what Peehu said, Bhai's anger and it's effect on Peehu and expresses that her brother is not expressing his feelings in a right way. Further, she says that her Bhai is trying to cover his hurt and sort of betrayal with anger which is not a good thing for everyone especially for Peehu.

Sudhir responds (same words as expressed by Priya earlier) that Ram needs some space and time to handle this situation.

Sudhir continues saying that as a father, it's quite easy for him to forgive Priya..but it's not that easy for Ram to do so.
Now, Nats expresses her real worry and fear of Aisha taking advantage of Ram's anger and making things workout for herself which will have negative impact on Priya and Peehu and ofcourse Ram as well. She also gets worried that this will keep creating distance which may never get minimized.
Sudhir tries to convince Nats saying that this is all about Ram-Priya (RaYa) and he is confident that they are mature enough to handle this situation and can never let is out-of-hand and he leaves that place.

Nats continues with her thoughts on her real worries of Shipra (who has already taken Aisha's side and against Priya) agreeing with Sudhir;s confidence on Ram and Priya as both individuals and RaYa.


Next morning, Rajat visits Priya's place to meet her. But on the way he meets Shipra who seems to be very excited to see him there as if she found the magic wand, which she was searching for.

Shipra gets him into a discussion about Priya and Peehu and about Peehu's custody process.

On the other hand, Rajat tries to avoid her and takes a move. But Shipra stops him and continues saying that she feels very happy to see Rajat & Priya together and their friendship (Rajat looks confused) and she starts praising him about his support and concern to Priya and starting with her as helping hand in all the times in the last 5 years.

She continues saying that Priya is currently undergoing tough situation and asks him to support her even in the current scenario.


Main humesha Priya to support karunga and she knows that. Jab bhi usse meri zaroorat hogi, I will be there for her.

Shipra (with her enhanced excitement) continues with her bla bla '' and finally utters:

Rajat replies to her saying that he would be Priya's helping hand, but wouldn't get involved in her personal decisions for which Shipra insists him saying-


Ab wo (Priya) Dubai chali jaaye.

Peehu ko lekar waapas chali jaaye. (Rajat looks at her with a shock on his face)

To Ram Peehu ko usse cheen lega beta.

Aur uski custody ke liye wo lad ladkar haar jaayegi.

She continues saying that Rajat is well aware of Ram's power and his contacts using which he would take Peehu into his custody and when Priya cant stay alive without her baby.


Main to kahti hun, tum usse apne saath le jaawo.

Rajat (in still in a confused state and answers smartly):

Aap iss wakt apni konsi beti ke baare mein baat kar rahi hain? Priya ki ya Ayesha ki.

Hearing to this response, Shipra entered into a shocked state as if she didn't expect this answer from Rajat.

Rajat continues:

Aapko insecure feel karne ke koi zaroorat nahi hai.

Kahin aapko ye to nahi lag raha hai ki isske baad Ayesha ka kya hoga!

You and me both know ki Priya bhaagne waalon mein se nahi hai.

Usse ladna aata hai aur wo'..Peehu ke liye duniya yek kar degi.

Iss wakt apno ke support ki zaroorat hai, family ki support ke zaroorat hai, aapki support ki zaroorat hai.

She needs you.

Shipra continues with her argument trying to convey that she is a mother of both Priya and Ayesha and she needs to think good about both of them.

She agrees that Priya is capable of handling such situation independently and finally expresses her worries about incapabilities of Ayesha and needs Ram's support throughout her life without which she is no-where.

Meanwhile, Neha arrives there. Post seeing her, Shipra disconnects the argument and comes ahead to greet Neha. Neha informs Rajat that Priya and Peehu has already left for the school and Rajat leaves the place with a frustrating look to Shipra and her attitude.

Uuufff !!!! What a mother Shipra is ????????????

Aaahhh '' aaj to Rajjo Bhaiya Shipps ka to waaat laga diya'


Priya and Peehu reached the school on time and visit the Principal for further formalities.

When asked about Priya's husband, she informs that he is on his way and would be reaching shortly and insisted the principal to meanwhile carry on with the other formalities. Excuse for the delay was really interesting ie. MUMBAI TRAFFIC [J]

Principal hands over the admission form to Priya and asks her to go through it carefully alongwith her husband and get the filled-in application form back and she carries on explaining Priya that it's a mid term admission, the classes has already started, it would be though''..

Meanwhile, Ram enters the Principal's office screaming.


Don't worry, I don't think, it's too much problem honi chahiye na. I am sorry, I am late (taking his seat'..awww'..background music for our GOLU is on'.).

Priya looks at him with a joy on her face and introduces him to the principal saying '

He he he is my husband'.Mrs. Ram'Mr. Ram Kapoor (Addresses Ram as Mrs in excitement'meanwhile, Ram too tries to correct her that he is Mr starring at Priya's face)


I am sorry, I am late (to the principal).

Wahse, I am sorry to interrupt'.lekin, garmi thodi zyaada hai'( pointing to the ceiling fan ), yahan AC nahi hai..sirf yahi ceiling fan?


Bas, fan hi hai'.(seriousness on her face)


I see' !

(Continues) Classrooms mein bhi AC nahi hai, bas 1 ceiling fan? (Principal gives a sarcastic look to Ram)

Priya tries to stop him'.but Ram continues with his funny queries.


I think, bechaare bache padhte kaise honge itni garmi mein?

How can they even concentrate?

Priya tries to stop him again saying '


Mr. Kapoor, school mein education matter karti hai'AC nahi'please aap thode der chup baithiye na'(requesting Ram to keep mum for a while and tries to continues her discussion with the principal)

Principal again continues with the explanation of the formalities stating about the mid term admission and the selected candidate should be exceptionally good. She then informs that as an admission procedure, she needs to interview the candidate (Peehu in this case) just to know her mind.

Priya responds to her saying ofcourse she can talk to Peehu and she is sure that Peehu is a bright kid and fit for the school and comforts Peehu for the discussion.

Principal ( to Peehu ):

What is your name?


Peehu Sharma

(Priya looks at Peehu with a shocked face and tries to correct her saying that it's "Peehu Kapoor")

Peehu with a smile on her face turning to the principal and confirms "Peehu Kapoor".

Principal gives a small and interesting smile on her face (wherein we can find many feelings) continues to ask Peehu saying-


Very good. So, Peehu mujhe baatawo, aaj kon sa day hai?

 Peehu excitedly answers:

Aaj Thursday hai….fir Friday…Fir Saturday…fir meri beeest Sunday….Fir se Monday (with a sad expression)…fir se Tuesday……(Mr and Mrs Kapoor had a broad smile on their faces looking at each other and hearing Peehu's answers)


Bas bas….(with a mini-laughter)


Very good…! Peehu you are so intelligent.


Ha ha ha Big smile meri beti hai. (Pointing is finger towards Peehu and himself)

Priya corrects saying "ha …humaari beti hai…(Priya with a smile and Ram looks at Priya with anger as if Peehu is only his daughter)


Agar Peehu humaare school mein padhti hai, to mujhe bahut khushi hogi. Admission formality ke taur par main aapko checklist deti hun…aap ussko dekh lijiye…

Meanwhile Ram interrupts the principal saying-


Yek…yek minute (with is finger up and principal looking at him as if thinking "bhagwaan aab kya poonchega")

I am sorry ma'am, wo kya hai ki na, aapke checklist se pahle, meri bhi yek checklist hai…to can we discuss that please?

Principal looks at him with a shock on her face.

Priya tries to stop Ram saying –


Mr Kapoor, ye aap kya kar rahe hain?

Aap yese kaise poonch sakte hain?


Arey, what is the problem yaar?

Parent hone ke naate…..mera farz banta hai to make sure ki ye school meri bachi ke liye sahi hoga ya nahi…!

I am sure ki, principal ma'am ko koi itraaz nahi hoga just to answer a few questions.

(Principal looks at Ram in a irritating mood, while he tries to convince Priya).

Kuch itraaz hai aapko? (addressing the principal and she asks him to go ahead)


Thank you (with a broad smile on his face)

(RaYa Nok Jhok………)


Yek to already ye pata chal gaya ki….iss garmi ka koi chaara nahi hai…because ACs hai nahi…..(with his palm on this fore-head wiping the sweat as usual)

I guess, will have to manage…

Aa but I would like to discuss your food.

Principal replies in a shock:



Aapki aaa…..khana kahan se aata hai? Any special caterer? Details are needed.



Dekhiya Mr Kapoor, humhara canteen bahut acha hai aur hum yahan health aur nutritious food hi serve karte hain.


No, no, that's okay….but saari details to mujhe chahiye hongi…..and continues shooting his queries about infections, bimaarian, etc…...

Priya gets irritated and interrupts Ram saying


 "yek minute…yek minute…kyun chahiye aapko ye details? Peehu to wahse bhi school ka khana nahi khaane waali hai…main usse ghar se lunch box pack karke dene waali hun…to infect wagahra ka sawaal hi nahi uthta….


Okay..okay…mujhe nahi pata tha na yaar….

(and seeks Priya's permission to continue with his upcoming queries to principal)


I would like to discuss your corridor….

Principal with a vague expression says "jeee !!!!"




Yes, Corridor….what is your problem? (and continues with his further explanation about corridor…….)

Yek do baar….i almost slipped….bache bhaagte rahte hain…yahan se wahan….Peehu bechari agar gir gayi to…….i am sorry to say, but ma'am mujhe nahi lagta hai ki corridor ke tiles ache quality ke hain….tiles ke details mujhe bata sakti hain??????

Peehu observes her father with over confusion on her face. Priya's patience is almost at her saturation point and she tries to stop Ram, saying "Pleeease"……"please stop it...aap ye sab kya discuss kar rahe hain….?

RaYa's nok jhok continues inform of the Principal and Becharai Peehu.


Bas enough !!! Mr Kapoor Mrs Kapoor….kya chal raha hai? I don't think ki humaare school mein yese ladte-jhagarte parents ke bachon ko admission………I don't want any nuisance in my school……clear?

Priya (Trying to convince the principal):

Sorry…(not in terms of 'I', but in terms of 'We')


Pahle aap dono apni issues aur jhagde sortout kijiye….mujhe to lagta hai, aap dono ko counseling ki zaroorat hai……..and asked them to leave.


RaYa arguing…Peehu interrupts and asks Priya "Mama, hum Dubai kab jaayeinge????"


Kya hua Peehu, aap yese kyun kah rahe ho?

Aapne to kaha tha, aapko Mumbai acha lagta hai…issliye to mama apko yahan par rakhna chahti hai!!!!

Aab aap Dubai waapas kyun jaana chahti ho????


Kyunki papa jab Dubai mein the, wo "GOLU UNCLE" the….aur wo humesha haste rahte the…jab se papa Mumbai mein aaye, humesha gussa karte rahte hain….

Mujhe wo Dubai mein zyaada ache lagte the….

(Priya looks at Ram in such embarrassing situation)



Have a nice weekend everyone!

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Thanks for sharing the detailed written update... Thumbs Up
RaYa Magic is finally back...Let's wait for Monday to see how RaYa get together for Peehu...  Clap

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Thanks a million for the written Update 

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thanks a lot for the update

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Thanks a lot for the super-detailed update sree!! Beautifully written!
The school scene was so amazing!!!Day DreamingHeart

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beat shipra and ayesha

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Thankx a lot for this wonderful updates Sree..

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