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Written Update : 11th Oct 2012

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Manav Teju and Archana  go to the police station .All three of them are looking very depressed .Manav tells the Inspector that he is taking the case back because  Varsha's husband  Balan told them that when he met Varsha 18 years ago, she was all alone ...meaning that Soham was dead .Manav and Archana both start crying while Manav says this . The Inspector tells Manav that even if he believes what he is saying , what is the guarantee that a third class man like Balan is not lying to them . The Inspector says that he knows Balan more than anyone here and he is a professional criminal . He urges manav not to take this case back .

Archana gets hopeful and tells Manav that she can feel in her heart that Soham is still alive . The Inspector again says that both Varsha and Balan are cooking up stories together . There is a lot of confusion and doubt while they all are talking about how to get to Soham , if he is alive .
The Inspector takes out Soham's childhood picture and says that this pictire will help them to get to Soham . The police has located varsha's house in Darbagha and have details about her neighbours .A woman called Champa has been Varsha's neighbour for the last 20 years .She would surely know when this picture is shown to her , if she has even seen the little boy or not .
Manav and Archana are looking hopeful , the Inspector tells his team to get ready for this operation .
In the Kirloskar house , DK and Arjun are discussing their work and Ovi is putting breakfast on the table . Arjun tells his father that this guy called Mr. Agarwal somehow got information on their tender and he quoted a less price and got the contract .Arjun is upset about this as he hates cheaters like Mr. Agarwal .
Manav calls DK and tells him that they have a lead in Soham's case and that there is hope that Soham will be found .DK puts the phone down and tells Ovi and Arjun the good news .
Ovi looks happy for a moment but then she gets tense .She tells DK that she is worried about her parents and Teju and what they are going through .Arjun tells her to relax and not to worry as everything will be fine .
Vishnu is in his home and his friends are telling him that there is going to be a big celebration tonight and everything is ready for the big party .They praise him for the speech that he gave and say that he is already looking like a big leader .Vishnu is  excited and says that now he wants to see his posters all over this city . His friend asks him for a photograph of his so that it can be made into posters .
Vishnu gets his photo from the wardrobe but he notices that his childhood pictures are missing . he asks Varsha about it .Varsha gets scared because  Balan had already burned those pictures .Balan comes and tells Vishnu that he gave those pictures to a Photo Studio because he wants to make it all in a lovely album .Vishnu is so happy to  hear this .
Varsha is depressed that all of Soham's childhood pictures are now burned but balan tells her that she should not worry about that and not cry or else Soham will start suspecting .
Vishnu comes i nthe room and sees varsha crying but she tells him that she is crying because she is happy about Visnu becoming bahubali . Vishnu hugs her and tells her not to cry .Varsha tells him never to leave  her ever .
Vishnu takes money from a very happy Balan  for his celebration party .
When Vishnu leaves Balan starts laughing and tells Varsha that she is indeed a good liar .
Arjun is driving . He is trying to call Purvi but she is not picking the phone .He calls Sulochna but she too is not there .Purvi and Sulochna were coming from somewhere .When they are just about to enter their house , Arjun comes in his car . He tells Sulochna that he was trying to call them and got worried about them . Sulochna invites him in .Purvi is feeling awkward .Arjun tells them  that his dad told him that Soham will be found and he came to give this good news . Purvi asks about Aie Baba and Teju .Arjun tells her that they are feeling better as their is a ray of hope and soon everything should be good . Sulochna asks him to have tea but he says that he has to leave .
When Arjun leaves , Sulochna notices that Arjun left his mobile in the house .She tells Purvi to give him his phone .
Just then Ovi also comes outside the karanjkar house in her car .She wants to give the good news about Soham to Aaji and Purvi as this news will make them both happy .She sees Arjun's car parked outside the karanjkar house .
 She sees that Arjun  came out of the house and Purvi too came after him and gave him the phone .Ovi assumes that Arjun lied to her and he is still seeing Purvi .
The celebration party for Vishnu starts .There is a big stage , crowd is cheering .Two girls and two boys start dancing on ' Munni badnaam hui'  .Vishnu also joins them and starts dancing .The police comes there . Inspector tells a man to get this woman ( she is also dancing ) so that she can be questioned about Soham .Manav tells Archana that he will go and look for Varsha .The Inspector tells him to be careful as these guys are all dangerous and have guns .Archana tells Teju to go with her Baba .
The Inspector is disgusted to see Vishnu dancing and celbrating becoming bahubali .He tells his collegue that people like Vishnu should not be given power because then they misuse it .The Inspector wishes that Vishnu should make just one mistake and he will put this Gunda behind bars then . Archana is standing to them but her eyes are searcing for any clues in the crowd  .
One of Vishnu's friend sees Archana  and he tells Vishnu that Archana is here and the police took Champa ( Varsha's neighbour ) with them . Vishnu gets very worried as he feels that some kind of police operation is about to start .
Vishnu loses his temper and tells his friend that this time he has a gun with him and he will show the police who is the boss here .
 A police man gets Champa where Archana and the Inspector are standing .She tells the Inspector that she knows Balan and his family very well.The Inspector shows her Soham's childhood picture .She identifies the picture as ' this is a picture of our Lalla ' . Archana cannot believe it and is looking very anxious .She asks Champa if she can tell her where this boy is . Champa points her finger at the crowd and says '  that is Lalla, our Bahubali, Vishnu '  Archna looks shocked as she sees Soham dancing on stage ...
Precap ;
Archana is on the stage , Vishnu is also dancing there .Archana pats Vishnu on his shoulder but he turns and grabs her and puts  his gun on her head .Manav and Teju and the police come running  .Vishnu warns everyone to stay where they are or else he will use his gun on Archana .Varsha and Balan also come running and are looking shocked at the sudden turn of events .

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Thanx tanya di for wu.

Short update

At police station police give hints to arman. Archu gets curious to see soham. They all r leave.

at arjun house dk & arjun speaking about Mr agarwal. Dk gets manav call manav tell they get some hints to find soham. Dk tells this news to arjun ovi. Ovi looking upset. Dk ask wht happen. She says nthing.

vishnu ready for party. He discusing with his frnds wht happen when he become minister.ROFL. Vishu asks where is my childhood pic.? Balan tells reson. Vishnu leaves. Varsha crying bcoz balan burned pic. Balan console varsha. Vishnu come back & sees varsha. Asks wht happen. Varsha emotionals for vishnuAngryAngry. Balan praises about varsha tears & her emotional drama.

at car arjun tries to call purvi then he calls karanjkar house. Arjun come karanjkar house. He meet to sulo & purvi. Arjun inform about soham will find out soon. Sulo & purvi looks happy. Smile. Ovi car also come to give news about soham to sulo. Later she see purvi & arjun outside. She thinks still arjun meet purvi.Angry. Arjun car leaves. Purvi go inside the house.

at party vishnu dance on munni badanam huhi with dancers.ROFL police & arman, teju reached in celebration. Manav & teju goes to find out one lady. Police speaking about vishnu becoming bahubali. Vishnu frnd sees arman & inform to vishnu. Vishnu thinks they come to arrest him. One lady come near archu & police. Police asks that lady to did u see this pic boy? She tells archu that vishnu is bahubali. Vishnu sees police & archu wht they are speaking with their town lady. That boy is soham. Archu looks shock & happy.precap: archu come near soham & soham moves back. He catch archu & holds gun on near archu head. Manav sees.

a very gud epi & hope 2mrrow epi will be dhamakedar epi. I hate ovi how much time she suspecting on arjun.? She never undestand arjun-purvi pavitra rishta.Smile

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Thank for the update in advance.

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Thank you Tanya Di and Naresh for the wonderful update.
DK is updating Arjun and Ovi about Manav's call. Ovi looks upset...
she goes to give her aaji and sister the good news but her husband has already beat her to it.LOL
Suspicions suspicions suspicions... poor gal... she needs to at least be able to trust her husband...

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mr , agarwal seriousely coming  arjuns way ,, next jhatka purvi is agarwals employee ...arjun will get too many jhtaka ...too many jhatka on the way for arjun .

wow seems today on the way a arvi scene ,yipeeeBig smileLOL

            also ovi on the way AngryDeadCry

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Arjun talking abt how he dnt like ppl like Agarwal.He tells DK he does not like cheating.
Well this indeed sems interesting.Waiting to see Arjun's reaction when he learns that Purvi will be working for the man he hates.

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Now Arjun will try to protect Purvi from cheater Agarwal but Ovi will misunderstand Arjun .



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