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AIYYAA Movie Reviews - POST HERE (Page 9)

U-No-Poo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
S????? ?@ShibinTwTz

Watch it Watch it Watch it... #Aiyyaa... I love de movie... Raju and Rani awesome Performance... @sachinkundalkar

Agastya Singh ?@agastyasingh

Aiyyaa To Open Best !!!! - @Koimoi :)))))

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briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by you2

After #Aiyya it's going to be tough admitting to being Marathi. *still in shock*
Rani Mukerjee is BEAUTIFUL and super fun in the spoofy moments but #Aiyya is... *still in shock
 Imagine baby vomit soaking you on both shoulders, over that you've worn bomb disposal uniform and bombs go off in hurt locker... #Aiyya
If we laughed at the movie spoofs of Rani's imagination in #Aiyya it is because we suffered from Stockholm Syndrome
watching Taken on star movies. wish the big man had driven over Aiyya like he drives to save his daughter.


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briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 2:48pm | IP Logged

Rani Mukherji's 'Aiyyaa': you can smell the rat!

Gaurav Malani, TNN | Oct 12, 2012, 01.53AM IST

Rani Mukherji's 'Aiyyaa': you can smell the rat!

Director: Sachin Kundalkar
Cast: Rani Mukherji, Prithviraj

The female lead of the film has a strange smell fetish. She is turned on by the musk of a man. And that is an attribute enough to qualify him as her dream man!!! Unfortunately the film largely (rather only) banks on this female fixation, which isn't an attribute enough to qualify for a feature length film. Alas you smell the rat quite early!

Meenakshi (Rani Mukherji) is an average (and animated) Marathi mulgi from Pune and her middleclass family is in search of a prospective groom for her. Meenakshi has the hots for Surya (Prithviraj) plainly because he smells good. But Surya is an artist in his own world and is indifferent towards everything on this planet. Meenakshi gets engaged to Madhav (Subodh Bhave) but can't get over Surya. After much hue and cry, Aiyyaa ends up being the zillionth film where the girl runs away from her marriage mandap to be with the man of his dream.

Inspired from the chapter Lagnaachya Vayachi Mulgi (A girl of marriageable age) from the episodic Marathi film Gandha (2009) by the same director Sachin Kundalkar, the primary problem with Aiyyaa is that a 30-minute plot is stretched into a two-hour-30-minute film. Thereby half-baked characters and lame subplots are added to elongate the short story. The idea might have been to come up with wacky characters but, after a while, their eccentricities end up being irritating over amusing. So you have a father who smokes four cigarettes at a time, a brother who wants to start a global trade out of managing dogs and a wheelchair-ridden grandmother with golden (teeth) smile. But the most annoying of them all is Meenakshi's colleague Maina who seems to have a strong Lady Gaga hangover and is intentionally appalling in her garish makeup and grotesque dialogue delivery.

For its major runtime, the narrative keeps beating around the bush. The first time that the plot makes an attempt to progress is as late as the interval point when Meenakshi gets engaged. Before that all she does is to get aroused every time Surya moves past her. And even after that she does the same. And all that Surya is supposed to do in the film is pick some books from the library and snub Meenakshi.

Beyond the sensuously shot dreamy item songs, there isn't any palpable chemistry between the lead couple. That's primarily because it's merely a one-sided love track playing throughout the film from the heroine's viewpoint and the hero remains oblivious of his self sex-appeal. Not only does the film get one-dimensional with Meenakshi's obsession, you stop relating or even caring for her after a while. And after such indifference, when the hero suddenly professes love for Meenakshi, you understand that the film couldn't have opted for a more convenient climax. 

Almost every attempt by the director to add humour to the proceedings falls flat miserably. The treatment is not completely loud or slapstick but the film has a bland sense of humour. Also the continual spoofy tone of the film doesn't register well, for Kundalkar is no Farah Khan. Somewhere the director tries to blend the artistic appeal of the original plot with commercialism and in this concoction, the subtle symbolism and surrealism is lost.

Rani Mukherji adds extra energy to keep the proceedings lively. She occasionally gets the Marathi dialect incorrect yet is charming. But you certainly stop rooting for her droning character after a while. The only time that Prithviraj emotes is while dancing in songs. Otherwise he's an unresponsive cold-character throughout with hardly a couple of lines to speak. You don't feel for him yet you are glued to him, which means he commands good screen presence. Subodh Bhave is decent in his role. Ameya Wagh as the younger brother seems to be a compressed version of Riteish Deshmukh in terms of his looks, expressions and dialogue delivery. Anita Date as Meenakshi's friend Maina is tawdry.

Aiyyaa is an expression of surprise in Marathi. Unfortunately it turns out to be more of a shock here. This one is boring and can put you to sleep. So wake up and smell the coffee!

Verdict: Poor

i knew it , i knew it, i could smell this rat in promos...


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briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 2:51pm | IP Logged


Madhureeta Mukherjee, TNN, Oct 11, 2012, 10.21PM IST

Critic's Rating: 
Cast: Rani Mukerji, Prithviraj, Subodh Bhave, Nirmiti Sawant, Satish Alekar, Jyoti Subhash, Ameya Wagh, Anita Date
Direction: Sachin Kundalkar
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 28 minutes
Avg Readers Rating: 
Movie Review: Arrey Deva, hey kai? Kinky Kanda-pohey topped with sexy sambar-chutney? Of course, this can't beat the madness of the dramatic Deshpandes. A family of 'weird-Ums' - With aai, baba, bhauaajji and dream-girl Meenaxi Deshpande ( Rani Mukerji), who's truly the Queen of her filmi fantasies (she's revisited every dream sequence as Sridevi, Juhi, Madhuri). So what if this D-family is busy arranging 6pm and 9pm shows of 'Meet The Bride', this one is no Balaji brand bahu, really. She needs more tadka in her life than what a plain diet of varan-bhaat can give. Meenaxi spends time chasing her unique olfactory senses (read: nose) and slipping into long dream-um sequences (where jumping, pumping, thumping, laavni, belly-dancing and more happen) AGB!!!(read: Aga Bai!). When a studly, mysterious Tamil boy Surya (Prithviraj) walks in 'reeking' of manhood, sexuality and 'fragrance', this mulgi just doesn't want to wake up from her wet dreams (funnily, he's the one getting wet in all her dreams); so she starts reading books on Tamil fiction, watching Midnight Masala (Isshh!!), and turning aiyyaas to aiyyos. In the meanwhile, she also meets a potential groom, Madhav ( Subodh Bhave), who believes in filmi romance too, albeit the Farooq Sheikh - Deepti Naval type. 

From top to basumm Rani is truly Wonderum! As Meenaxi, she's 'nose-dived' into the character, literally. She's looking fabulous (especially in her bronzed dream sequences), and has dished out a brilliant performance, slipping from traditionally simple to shockingly sexy in a heart-beatumm. Her comic-timing is a revelation and so are her belly-dancing skills. And even with all that boldness, she steals the thunder (more with talent than her thighs-sighs).

Prithviraj is simply Eroticumm! He exudes chiselled, raw sexuality in every scene; gets wet, adds Southern masala with his moves, but says nothing really. Adding to all the drama is the supporting cast led by an over-the-topAai ( Nirmiti Sawant), chain-smoker Baba ( Satish Alekar), eccentric Aajjiwho hilariously zips around in a wheel-chair with dentures made of gold (saved for Meenaxi's wedding), Nana (Ameya Wagh as her bro) who prefers stray dogs to the human race, and her girl-friend, Maina ( Anita Date) - the Gaga-bai of the gang (modeled on Lady Gaga), - who lusts for John Abraham, thinks 'sex' and breaks away from the sweet Modak-mould of this typical Maharashtrian family. 

Sachin Kundalkar starts out well, but while juggling between Marathi matrimonials and midnight-masala, his plot goes 'wakda' (read: digresses). After a few giggles, erotic gasps, and gaanas (Amit Trivedi), the story stretches pointlessly and loses its scent. 

Even with such a talented ensemble, this one turns into a cultural showpiece, and gets lost in translation. That's the sad-partumm!

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briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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AIYYAA movie review: Rani Mukerji's laugh-a-riot is enjoyable, but extremely loud and over-the-top


Anurag Kashyap and Sachin Kundalkar's maseldar movie Aiyyaa is about Marathi mulgi Rani Mukerji's hunt for her dream man, South Indian mundu Prithviraj. And the film has all the fluff to engage and entertain you

Aiyyaa opens with Meenakshi Deshpande's (Rani Mukerji) spoof-like impersonation of 80s reigning divas Madhuri Dixit-Nene, Sridevi and Juhi Chawla singing and dancing. But she's not an aspiring starlet as the scene or the film's promos want you to believe. Meenakshi is seemingly simple, sane and normal-looking member of the quirky family, but looks are highly deceptive in her case. The story, set in Pune, is about the eccentric Deshpandes' search for a suitable mulga for their mulgi. But their daughter's nothing like a sweet, homely and television stereotyped bahu material.

Her loud, over-enthusiastic, roly-poly mother (Nirmiti Sawant) places a matrimonial ad to find a groom for her darling daughter in the local newspapers, but the young one wants to be in love with the man she marries. The Bollywood-struck, salwar-kurta clad mulgi falls for gold-medalist art student, South Indianmundu Surya Iyer (Prithviraj) at the art and craft's college where she works as a librarian. But it's not love at first sight for the wacky woman, she's mesmerised…hold your breathe…by his manly body odour.

So that's the story of Aiyyaa! Obviously there have to be a few hiccups in the filmi prem kahani. In writer-director Sachin Kundalkar's plot there are two big obstacles, not the typical caste conscious parents, but Meenakshi's tongue-tied behaviour every time she spots Surya and Madhav (the guy she's met in the arranged marriage set-up, perfectly played by Subodh Bhave).

Right from the outset you realise that first-time Hindi film director's script is 80s Bollywood melodrama spiced with Maharashtrian masalas and enhanced with South Indian tadka.

By the way prior to Aiyyaa, Sachin made a Marathi film titled Gandh in which the sense of smell played an integral part in the plot like the Rani-Prithviraj starrer.

The first half of Aiyyaa starts interestingly, but the recurring situations in the screenplay make you wonder if there's more to the story. For instance, Rani's constant Jim Carrey-like facial expressions, her blindly chasing Surya as soon as she gets a whiff of his manly scent, her breaking into a dhinchak song and dance every time the script comes up with an appropriate opportunity and last, but not the least, her loud family's crazy antics.

As we mention of this motley bunch of characters, one must point out that Meenakshi's Maharashtrian, highly caricaturish folks – apart from her mother, she has a docile father (Satish Alekar), her wheelchair-ridden granny with gold-plated teeth (Jyoti Subhash) and her street dog-loving brother (Amey Wagh ) – and co-worker Maina (buck-toothed Lady replica Gaga played by Anita Date) hold their ground against Rani's theatrics in the laugh-o-riot.

Thankfully in the second half Madhav arrives in Meenakshi's life and Aiyyaa moves forward at a decent speed. And the film concludes on a happy note.

While Anurag Kashyap's production entertains you till the end credit roll, the sluggish, tiresome and far-fetched screenplay mars the novelty of the bizarre comedy. When Aiyyaa reaches the last few reels of the film, Meenakshi talks to Surya! Till then she's has madly following him everywhere like Mary's little lamb.

Rani's  a livewire as the madcap Meenakshi – her tryst at the rising range of heroine-centric films - but after a point she seems to be trying too hard to impress with her histrionics. And you certainly feel so when she tries to pull off the Marathi accent. Though the reigning diva sounds believable when she's speaking in Surya's mother tongue (she learns the South Indian language to impress the handsome hunk). As mentioned earlier the supporting cast does a good job at making you laugh and sometimes cry as their acts get monotonous. And all those women think who think Bollywood always exploits the fairer-sex to heighten the hot-o-metre in movies, Aiyyaa is your film. South film actor Prithviraj's the eye-candy in this plot. He's mostly there to show-off his well-sculpted physique and lend oomph and sizzle to the wacky comedy. But sadly that's all he does when he's not throwing intense glances at Meenakshi.

Amit Trivedi's background score and cheesy songs enhance the masaledar movie. Cinematographer Amal Chaudhary creates some great visuals to support the over the top and loud entertainer. BeforeAiyyaa writer-director Sachin made only two and half Marathi films (two feature lengths and one short), but he possesses the reins needed for an entertaining story teller. Next time however he better ensure he has a solid, slightly logical and shorter script to ensure a blockbuster masala movie.

So go for Aiyyaa for Rani Mukerji's tadkedar Bollywood version of Maharastrian and South Indian cultures, but just don't expect too much from this laugh-a-riot. Carry along a bit of patience and oodles of crazy sense of humour to enjoy this entertainer.

Rating: 3/5

briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
One Tight Slapper: Aiyyaa is a waste of talent. Rani tries hard to excel over the script. Prithvi was a prop. And that myna character; i want to kill her.Approve
Rani R2Semoga Aiyyaa sukses d BO,dan smua org suka...Aamiin...

Deep Singh Kakkad: I see Aiyyaa trending on Mumbai Trends..Good to see that

Prem Pujari @Namrata_Joshi @mihirfadnavisplease dont bash aiyyaa,rani has put in a lot of hardwork,they say hardwork amounts to success LOL

vivek singh @bublugublu aiyyaa has lost the battle i think reading only discouraging tweets and reviews especially one from Times of india

Midlajj Mixed reviews for Maattraan and below average reviews for Aiyyaa. So tomorrow for Taken 2.

Ravi Mansukhalal So so so so so so bloody disappointed with #Aiyyaa . Rani had so highhh hopes from you. #fail

Agastya Singh The greatest reaction To Aiyyaa will be frm the audience...and they seem to be liking it... SO take a hike critics =)


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briahna IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bambogli

But the most annoying of them all is Meenakshi's colleague Maina who seems to have a strong Lady Gaga hangover and is intentionally appalling in her garish makeup and grotesque dialogue delivery.


oh mannn comedy starts...

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