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KRss:LOVE BITES!!! epilogue-pg121

pallavi.14 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
hey frnds so i am here again with an OS and to on our favorite couple kriyaansh plus swaron will also be their as they plays the most important role in kriyaansh's love story... i know i have sacred love to update but this idea came up and i couldn't resist so here i'm posting it hope u like it as this is my first ever attempt at OS so plzz bear with me...

about the title of OS love bites yes its not a spelling mistake i deliberately written it love bites(means to cut or to tear)  instead of bytes(means sequences), so hw this is related to

 one more thing don't hate rey's character initially u will get to now about him in later part.. so without wasting more time read now...


"REYAANSH SINGHANIA!!!!! come out of that damn room now or else i'm gonna kill u dude..."

"REY!!! REY!!! are u listening to me or i'm just blabbering for myself..."

a very angry swayam was standing outside rey's room.. shouting at him to open the room but his pleads fall on a deaf ear as rey was busy sleeping and was in his dreamland of ...Sleepy (hw can i tell u sometime later rey will himself tell)

swayam banged his hand for the last time on his wooden door and started to open his mouth but stopped in middle when he heard a sweet voice of a six year old cute boy...


"yaa coming Rahul.. just 2 minutes..." 
(rahul swaron's six year old boy)

swayam have a last look on his stupid best buddies door and kicked it in frustration in return hurting himself..." AAAOuch!!! aaj ka din hi bekaar hai"

he descended the stairs and came in dining area where his small boy was all ready to go to school and was waiting for his daddy cool to come and serve him breakfast...

rahul: daddy what's in breakfast today??
(he asked innocently)Smile

swayam picked him up and settled him on one of the chair around the table...

( kissing his forehead) baby aaj omelate hai, kal pakka kuch aur banaonga..(giving him a sowwiiee look)Heart

rahul: its okay daddy.. i love anything u prepare but if only mom would be here she would have given me a prantha or some pasta...
( he said last words in a murmuring way)Unhappy

swayam heard them and repeated in trance..." I wish mom would have been with us but..." (he came back into focus on hearing some one coming from stairs and yelling..)

rey came down in his messy bed look...Sleepy "kya yaar swayam mujhe sone bhi nahi deta tu, pata hai na ki main kitne ache dreams dekh raha tha, i was on a beach with so many beauties around me and..."

swayam interrupted him..." REY stop it.. kamsekam dekh toh le rahul saamne hai, bache ke saamne toh at least decency rakh...what is this u r still in ur boxer shorts yawning nd rubbing ur sleepy eyes... Dude wake up its ur meeting today don't u have to go for it..."

Rey: ohh... haan meeting woh toh 2 ghante baad hai i have ample of time, but yaar what a night it was yesterday... hey rahul ask ur tanya miss to come and often drop u home.. she is one of super wonder girl yaar..

swayam: rey i wonder now she will be even teaching rahul tutions after what u both have done  yesterday night...ahem... ahem..
(he coughed)Ermm

rey: but kyun i thought i started falling for.. Day Dreamingshe is one of damn cute and se*y girl..
.(he pouted)

rahul who was watching these talks between his father and his uncle rey butted in..." daddy tanya miss kaunse number wali hai??? 20 or 21???"

swayam: what?? rey tu yeh kya ulta seedha mere bete ko sikhata rehta hai???
(he got highly irritated)Wacko

rey: chill swayam, and rahul beta tanya miss was no. 23, 21 was pinky my last secretary and 22 was...

swayam: bas bilkul chup... not a single word, from ur mouth, rahul u go and pack ur bag, ur lunch box is at kitchen counter collect it from there...

rahul left from there...

swayam: rey what's ur problem dude i mean every where u do the same thing be it ur office, or any where in public and now u have also started flirting and one night stands with rahul tuition teacher also... do you know how much miffed she was in the morning when she was leaving from here.. You both made out last night and in morning u didn't even remember her name, she even refused to teach my son.. rey i am fed up of ur this Casanova image, can't u get a nice, sweet simple girl for yourself whom u can love and who loves you so that you both live a normal stable life...
(he said disappointingly)Disapprove

:(mocking him) Huh!! find a nice girl fr myself swayam dude their are no nice and innocent girl these days all wanted to have is money, pleasure and spend a good time so what's wrong if i provide them all these things...(he winked at himWink)

plus what love are u talking about yeh pyar vyar kuch nahi hota hai, dad mom ne love marriage kari kya hua baad mein dono alag raste chale gaye, tumne bhi toh love marriage kari thi remember and dat to with my sister and what happened tum bhi fight karke yahan pade hue ho, aur tumhari pyari wife meri behen sharon wahan tumhare ghar par hai... aur fir meri angel bhi toh chali  gyai thi mujhe chod kar so kis pyar par mein yakeen karun??

(he yelled upon swayam)
so plzz keep me out of all this love and all crap... and for tutoring rahul i will find a teacher fr him fine, and by the time we won't get it i will teach him okay...

swayam immediately spoke up..." no way ur gonna teach him anything aur uske textbooks ke paas bhi mat jaana tu... pata nahi kya padayega usko, Shocked main manage karlunga...aur rey listen har baar situations same nahi hote hai zaruri nahi jo mom-dad ke saath hua ho woh tere saath bhi ho, and about ur angel rey u was just 17 dat time may be it was not love, aur jo mere aur sharon ke beech  mein hai woh tujhe pata nahi so plzz don't comment on dat"
(he said in defensive manner)

rey: exactly dude i don't even know wat happened b/w u two just a week ago u and rahul came to my house with ur bags packed and my head strong sissy calls me up that she threw u out of the home but why?? i don't get it till now and u two even hasn't told me what gone wrong b/w u both...
(cleverly ignoring his and his angels part of discussion)

swayam was about to say something when there the door bell rings...

rey moved to open it...

and bang he opened,a very furious sharon came in yelling on top of her voice...

sharon: Mr.SWAYAM SHEKHAWAT!!! Angrycome out right now, damn u just show ur face u moron...

swayam came out of kitchen removing his apron...

rey: woahh... Shockedwhat happened sharon tum aise volcano ki tarah i mean its nothing new but now  what
happened?? ab toh swayam bhi yahan par hai so what he did now?? (confused Confusedand wondering what caused this type of outburst of his sissy)

sharon glared at him...Angry" shut up rey this is all because of u, now just move aside i want to talk to my dear hubby"

rey gulped hard seeing his sister like that and swiftly turned aside coz he doesn't wanna get his head crushed...Dead

swayam: sharon kya hua itna gussa kyun kar rahi ho??
(he asked in a irritated voice)

 sharon: so Mr. shekhawat doesn't know?? (to which he nodded for a no) for u kind information rahul's teacher called me up to say that she is quitting and she did tell me the reason also... eying rey...

(scared) main jata hun rahul ko ready karke school drop kardeta hun... Sillyand he ran upstairs

(sighed) UFF!! thankgod sharon tum aagayi warna aaj toh tumhara bhai mujhe interrogate karne ke mood mein tha...

(chuckled a bit)Big smile yup thanx to me swayam, i knew ur going to need me when tanya called up par swayam maine tumhe yahan isliye bheja tha taki tum rey par nazar rakho but woh toh sudharne ka naam hi nahi leta, aise toh humara plan kabhi successful nahi hoga...Unhappy

swayam: i know sharon humara plan yahi tha ki main aur rahul yahan rahe takki rahul ki presence ki wajah se rey thoda control mein rahe aur in the mean time u talk to
her and convince her par u know how rey is, woh toh saaf bolta hai ki main toh beshram hun kuch farak nahi padta mujhe chahe koi kuch bhi soche,
sharon i can't do this anymore sweetheart tumhe pata hai na tumhare bina main nahi reh sakta pata hai kaise yeh ek week guzara hai maine aur rahul woh toh aaj morning mein bhi bol raha tha mom hoti toh woh acha breakfast banakar deti and all... sharon main usko aise nahi dekh sakta hun...Unhappy

(who was in tears by now)Cry I can understand perfectly swayam main bhi tum dono ke bina nahi reh sakta aur rahul ko main bhi buhat miss karti hun par hume yeh karna hoga na...(he hugged her calmed her downHug) she looked at him plzz rey ke liye warna aise toh woh apni life ruin kardega, plzz swayam i want my brother to be happy,  don't u want this?? ...

swayam: no sharon agar woh dono ek honge toh mujhse zayda kon khush hoga remember both are my best frnds... but still there are somethings which she share with u not with me...
(he poutedErmm and she laughedLOL) leave it, so have u talked to her i mean kya kaha usne?? (he became excited)

sharon: No swayam i couldn't talk to her about anything u know na how she is usse is bare mein kuch pucho ya bolo toh woh topic change kardeti hai and lately she has been not here, woh apni mom se milne gayi thi so i couldn't talk to her...
but i have any idea lets not tell her everything just plot up a situation where rey and her would be together may be baat ban jaye... what say???

(hesitantly) Idea toh acha hai but hw do we make them face each other, i mean u know na she works with me on first floor and u and rey work on top floor of our building so hw are they gonna meet and i'm worried sharon if rey behaves like this also with her... u know na how naive and vulnerable she is though she shows she is so strong but we both know her right...

sharon: swayam don't worry about their meeting i have a plan for that and about rey's behavior i hope he controls himself plus we both will keep a watch on him..
. and she tells him her plan...(shhh...)

swayam: sweetheart  r u sure it won't be wrong on her part.. i mean to say that????
(he asked in confusion)Confused

sharon: Uffoo!! swayam i knew u wud say that pehle maine bhi socha tha yahi but kuch ache kaam ke liye agar jhoot bola jaye toh god bhi forgive kardete hai...

swayam: par...

in the mean time they heard rahul and rey coming down so they both started pretending like they were fighting...

sharon: How dare you swayam????Angry

swayam: what???

sharon: just bcoz maine tumhe ghar se nikal diya tum yahan mere bhai ke ghar aajoge... u know how he is.. what effect does his Casanova behavior will have on our son's mind?? brains kahan hai tumhare?? couldn't u find any other better place to live???

rey feels guiltyUnhappy on hearing those words from sharon, it pinched him although they were true but for heavens sake she is his sister shouldn't she take his side but here she was accusing him...

(earlier was shocked Shockedon hearing such nice words from sharon about  her brother rey then she winkedWink at him so he understood and played along) Haan... haan  toh kahan jata main?? tumne toh aadhi raat ko mujhe aur rahul ko ghar se nikal diya ab main kahan rehne jata??koun hai humara iss sheher mein mera apna, except rey??(he said dramatically)ROFL

(laughingLOL from inside on his overacting but controlled) kyun hotels band hogaye hai kya?? (glared at him)

swayam: Huh!! naa.. nahi... hotels band nahi hue hai par tumne pata nahi kitne din ke liye mujhe ghar se nikal diya hai toh kya main humesha apne bache ko lekar hotel mein rahun kya?? pata bhi hai how much it would have cost?? ab mujhe jo theek laga maine woh kiya aur tum mujhe kyun suna rahi ho?? just tell ur brother to keep control on his dirty tactics for the time being our son is his nephew afterall doesn't he have any duty towards him???D'ohSilly

now sharon glaredStern Smile at rey who was looking down knowing very well that his sister can blast his head any time soon...

sharon: REY!!! Angry

rey: haan... haan sharon i promise i won't do anything like this till swayam and rahul are here.. if i'll do it i won't do it in home promise... pakka wala promise...chalo rahul school chalte hai mum -dad ko baat karni hai...
trying to run away from their so he picked rahul up...

 but rahul said..." mommy its so good to see u plzz rey mamu mujhe neeche utaro na..." he literally jumped off his his arms and ran to sharon...

both mom and son have their fair share of kissing and hugging CryHugand sharon some how with heavy heart convinced rahul to stay with his dad and go to school now...

when rey and rahul was getting into car shron came to rey and told him something...
(at that time swayam was in house)

sharon: Rey mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai...

rey: haan bolo cutie.. kya hua??

sharon: rey woh.. woh.. na i have heard from some of swayam's team members talking about him and his secretary, plus he had been coming often late from past few days...

Rey: sharon come dude of all u were suspecting swayam of cheating on u? i mean how cud u do that r u mad or wat???

sharon: par rey what about those rumours they do effect me...

rey: sharon u think too much... right now i'm getting late do one thing we will discuss it later in office u coming na???

sharon: yaa.. but only after luch time...

rey: cool.. i will be waiting...

with that he zoomed away...

in car rey thought.." i need to do something, i can't see family suffering because of anyone else...idea idea.. yup.."
(he showed his crooked wicked smile Evil Smileand dialed a number)

sharon thought " i am sorry i had to do it Unhappy,but kya karti u both need to be together... its for ur own benefit dear..."
(she felt  hands on her waist, she turned with a smile knowing fully whom they belong)

swayam: so mrs. shekhawat it had been a while we have spent time together.. mind if u join me for breakfast today i mean all the disturbances are now away so what say...
(he winkedWink at her)

sharon: Umm... quiet thoughtful of u mr.shekhawat i am glad and the pleasure will be all mine...
(she gave one of her seductive smileSmile)

with this he picked her up and moved in closing the door behind with his foot...Heart

so here is the first part... ignore the typing errors plzz, how was it?? want me to continue it??

its an OS so it will have max 1 or 2 parts more which will be updated in post res below, as its my first try with an OS do give ur suggestions for improvement and do comment and hit the like button...

and who is this her?? whats rey past?/ how he became like this?? and what is in rey's mind?? to know all this stay tuned for next part...

My other works...

arsha ss:dis heart wants entry in ur heart!!

KRff: sacred love!!!

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pallavi.14 IF-Rockerz

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sorry main yhan par next update karna bhul gayi so index post kardiya yahan...
part-2 pg11

part-3 pg24
part-4 pg36

part-5 pg73

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-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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loved it...

update the next part asap...

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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 2:13pm | IP Logged

i loved it to core...

core matlab ...totally to core...

rey aisa????Ouch

angel kriya hai na???Confused

par hua kya hai???Dead

waiting for next part

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pallavi.14 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kriyansh24

loved it...

update the next part asap...

thanx dear...Smile
hopefully next part will be updated by Friday...
-Vaish- IF-Stunnerz

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friday dur hai... Ouch

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pallavi.14 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by kriyansh24

friday dur hai... Ouch

par kal meri class hai... i will be back by late evening agar uske baad bhi likhna shuru kiya toh bhi midnight tak nahi update kar paongi,,,,,Unhappy

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arrey its okay...

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