Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

NEW OS: Shot through the heart </3

cherry227 IF-Rockerz

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i've actually written this one shot in "one shot"... putting it up shortly!!!




Arohis fingers were twisting each other. She didn't want to be here. It was the most awaited night for her just over a month ago, when she was looking forward to it.  Now that it was here, all she wanted to do was run away and hide in a corner till the end of the century.


Arjuns eyes were trained on the door. He knew she would come today. It had been a month since he had seen her, talked to her. He had tried to corner her in college, go to her house, stalk her dance studio, but she had successfully avoided confronting him. The fact that Shefali was helping her troubled him more. "Just leave her alone Arjun. She has made her decision" was all she told him. He always thought that Shefali was his friend too but now he knew better.


Arohi knew that Arjun had tried every single way to get to her. He had even blackmailed Romit to make Shefali talk, but her best friend had kept her promise. Even if she didn't agree with Arohi, Shefali dismissed Romit's pleading by terming it as their private matter. She knew deep inside her heart Shefali wanted Arohi to reconsider her decision. But now there was no turning back. She could not bear to see the pain on Arjuns face, the hurt in his yes, the despair in his voice which is why she had avoided him completely. But today she had to do the inevitable, today will be the day she will drive the final nail in the coffin.


Arjuns heart beat was increasing with every passing second. His eyes were glued to the entrance and his fingers were fidgeting in his pant pocket with a ring. A plain simple gold band. He had presented his heart with this ring to Arohi, and she had rejected them both. After three years of love and five years of friendship, her reasons for rejection were not acceptable to him. 'This can't be it... It just can't be...' he reminded himself ignoring the growing dread in his heart. 'What if she doesn't turn up today?' Anxiety and desperation gripped his being. 'Then I will go and find her but she has to talk to me today'.


"Do you want him to get married and settle down before even exploring his future? The world is his oyster after he graduates, I want him to travel the world, hone his skills so that he can take over the business and flourish it more than I did. Do you want him to throw it all away and be tied down with responsibilities? Because that's all he can see right now, a future with you... Marriage and children. It's not his fault, he's in love. But what about you? You're more smart, more mature, so tell me... Is this what you really want for him Arohi?"


Arohi closed her eyes as Arjuns dads words resonated in her mind again. She knew Arjun will marry her as he took his responsibilities seriously and would never disappoint people who loved him or depended on him. N she had brutally crushed him, rejected his proposal by calling him immature, undependable and naive. What an irony! The shock of disbelief on his face told her that he did not buy her reasons at all but she had to do it for him... For his successful future.


Arjuns eyes lit up the moment he saw Arohi, standing at the entrance. He still could not hate her, or even be angry with her. Just one look and the longing in his eyes returned, softening his features and his heart. His gaze swept over her face hungrily, drinking in her beauty which he was devoid of, for the past one month. He had eyes only for her, completely ignoring the large male arm that she was clinging to.

Aryan loved Arohi for a long time now. She was his sisters friend and he had met her a couple of times. But his shy nature had not allowed him to converse with her more than 'hi' or 'hello'. She didn't seem the shy type, nor did she seem interested. And so he was surprised when she said yes to his proposal which his mom had taken over to her place a month ago. He was happy but he needed to know that she was. They had met twice in this one month and she had been quiet and lost both the times. "Arohi... Are you happy with this marriage?" Aryan had asked her. "Yes" was all she had said. So today when she asked him to be her date for her college farewell party, he took it as a sign and readily agreed.

 Arjun strode towards her, with determination in his eyes, his hands by his sides, the ring tightly gripped in his fist. Before this night ended he will have Arohi back, he will be kissing her with the same passion that they have shared, still share, he promised himself. Nervousness and unknown fear shook his body and he forced his heart to calm down.

"This is Aryan". Arjuns feet halted as he saw Arohi a couple of feet away, talking to her friends. He was hearing her sweet voice after almost a month now. But it did not bring warmth to his heart as always. Instead he sensed a cold feeling spreading in his veins as his eyes darted to her hand, resting on that mans arm, flashing a ring with a huge diamond on it.

Arohi sensed, more than saw Arjun standing behind her, slightly away. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Taking a deep breath, she continued "He's a very successful businessman. Just what I wanted in my husband... A mature, understanding and dependable man. Not a boy with just dreams in his eyes, without a single achievement to his credential".

It was done.

Amongst the din of music and chatter. she could hear the tiny sound of a ring dropping on the wooden floor behind her. The clang of metal against wood was too small a noise to be noticed, but to Arohi it sounded like a door banged shut, bolted. To Arjun it was a gunshot, fired straight to his heart.

The evening progressed with everyone dancing and singing to songs. Dedications were making the rounds. A group of die-hard friends dedicated "Yaaron... Dosti badi hi Haseen hai" and sang along in their croaky voices. "Nothings gonna change my love for you" helped someone to express their feelings. While many of them were eagerly shaking a leg to "halkat jawani". Everyone was busy in exacting promises to keep in touch with each other even if life takes them seven seas away.

All Arohi wanted was this evening to end. She did not notice Arjun after that. Her eyes were searching for him but it was as if he had disappeared. Shefali noticed her disturbed, hungry gaze scanning the room for him desperately, before finally meeting hers. With a slight tilt of her chin, she gestured Arohi to look towards the bar.

At first Arohi didn't notice him. Half of his shirt untucked from his pants, shoulders hunched, hands gripping a half filled glass and eyes glaring maniacally at the amber liquid inside. He did not resemble even an ounce of her Arjun... her Arjun??!! Her eyes closed in pain and silent tears slid down her face. After a while she opened them and Arjun was gone.

The dance floor had suddenly gone silent as someone grabbed the mike. "This is a dedication to my love... my passion' My life" Arohis eyes widened to see Arjun on stage looking straight at her. Trying to stand straight, he held on to the mike like his life depended on it and continued "kisine kya khoob kaha hai... Marne mein bhi khoob maja hai yaaron, jab Goli chalane waale haath mehboob ke ho..."

Shot through the heart and you're to blame
Darling you give love a bad name...

(please listen to the song as you read for added effects)

Sounds of guitars resonated through the speakers as Arjun downed his half filled glass in one shot, his reddened eyes returning to Arohis.

An angel smile is what you sell
You promised me heaven and put me through hell
Chains of love got a hold on me
When passions a prison u can't break free
Whoaa.. You're a loaded gun

Whoaa... There's nowhere to run
No one can save me the damage is done

Arohis eyes filled with tears as Arjuns hard teary gaze continue to pierce hers. The longing and softness in his eyes had been replaced by pain and rage. His mouth wording the last line looking at her "no one can save me the damage is done".

Shot through the heart and you're to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name

Rock music fans head banged on the dance floor. Jumping and screaming at the music and lyrics as they enjoyed this old but ever green song. The tune of the guitars and cracking of the drums filling their body with unusual energy as they screamed the words till their throats hurt.

Only two people in that room knew what the words really meant and how much they hurt...

You paint your smile... on your lips
Blood red nails on your finger tips
A school boys dream you act so shy
Your very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye

Arohi watched as the love, longing and pain in Arjuns eyes slowly turned to grief, disappointment and pure hatred.

Whoaa... You're a loaded gun

Whoa... There's nowhere to run
No one can save me the damage is done

Shot through the heart and you're to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name..bad name

You give looovvveee... Ohhh

Arohis image blurred in Arjuns eyes as his eyes filled with tears. He was desperately trying to hold them from spilling, lest his hopes, his dreams, his love flows away with them. Arohis face contorted in pain, her hands clenched till her nails drew blood from her palms. She tried to look away but she couldn't. Her brown eyes reflected the helplessness and agony from hazel ones, that stared at her across the room.

Shot through the heart and you're to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love...

Arohi didn't wait to hear the rest. She turned around and sprinted out of the hall, sobbing like a child, running as fast as she could to put distance between herself and the hatred and the pain.

I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name... bad name

Shot through the heart...

Arjun saw her retreating back. He closed in eyes in resignation, finally letting the tears flow down his cheeks, her anguished face forever imprinted in his memory.


This one is dedicated to my dear Punji, jisko arohi ne bohat rulaaya thaa Cry also a small dedication to the birthday boy KK Hug

I cant take the full credit for this one guys. I am a rock music fan and I love this song. Years ago when I had heard this on radio, there was a guy who sent a request for this song. He had shared a story from his college where a girl had broken a guys heart and he had dedicated this song to her in their college socials. The girl was totally devastated and he thought it was the meanest thing he had ever seen anyone do. When I heard this song recently I could not help but relate it to KMH1 where Arjun is going crazy asking Arohi her reasons for rejecting him and she doesn't give a valid one. I still cry when I see my Punji cry Broken Heart

NOTE: On serious public demand of a happy ending, i've written a sequel to this OS... Do give it a read.


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hahaha me first then

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kk ki bday treat hai kya?????Wink
me waiting!!!!Embarrassed

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dat ws os??
I want dem to reunite

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oh God, this shot really hit straight through my heart - iam heart broken sheetal - cant see my punji in tears - i tooo cry with him always always always Cry
superbly written - wonderfully written - the last song was just great - thx for sharing this with us
brilliant piece of writting - a very sad one though -

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Woh this was a heart breaking story Cry

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