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*Jeeyo hazaron saal saal*Yrkkh completes 1000epis* (Page 46)

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Yeh Rishta has always thought us the importance of relationship Embarrassed

But who did even know that somewhere in the crowd some have made an special relationship with the show and Naksh Embarrassed

Below are the description of their journey with the show and i guess this the best occasion to share with all Embarrassed Yeh fans kafi secretive hai ish liye shhh apni identity nai di lekin apni journey share ki Big smile       

     Kahani…..(Connection with fate/destiny)


These are not the words of single person but in together WE who are now just one individual by our souls... this is indeed a kismat connection for all of us... The journey of us with Naksh started by its 1st promo itself... After seeing the 1st promo don't know what we felt which made us get attracted towards this show...? The concept of arrange marriage was what which boosted us to watch the show as we felt our life is portrayed in the name of AKSHARA!!!!!!


Yeh reet yeh rivaaj yeh teej yeh tyohar dohraate hai baar baar
Kya shadi ke baad hi hota hai pyaar?????
awww we still remember these lines which had given us Goosebumps when we had listened it for the first time & in the 2nd promo when we got to know she too loves Hrihtik we were like omggg he is  our favorite superhero too but we were more excited to see Akshara's prince charming (we were eager even more than Believe us after seeing our hero Hrihtik was nowhere in our heart...:)
Finally the day came when we got to see the male lead none other than our beloved Naitik *hugs* we were going gaga over him @ the first sight & their life after marriage promo was by god the bestest promo of YR till now...
Me chahti hu jisko par pehchanti nahi
jiske siwa kisiko apna maanti nahi
par jiski man ki baat shayad jaanti nahi


WE were so excited for the show & our craziness was increasing day by day that we needed someone to share our feelings or else we would have been admitted to mental asylum by now... & Thank u guys (NAKSH) for giving us such beautiful people in our life... we hardly speak with our relatives or share anything with people whom we know but between us nothing is unknown or hidden, we feel as if we are living together even though we are from different parts of the country... we never like to go to our relatives place but look here we go to each other's place however far it is, we chat everyday, discuss while watching the episode & omit everything what we felt after watching the show, happiness, anger, pain, sorrow, everything in front of each other so that we can sleep peacefully...:)))))



We started to relate ourselves with Akshara's dilemma, her problems don't know how much gaali's we had given to Rituraj ...  but @ the same time was thankful to him, due to him Akshara  got the World's best husband J  till 39th episode we were literally cooked  because of getting hooked to the show lol we were like yeh prince charming ki entry kab hogi kab?? Kab??? Kab???? Ufff and then came 6th March 2009. Entered Our Hero Mr. Naitik Singhania...bilkul fairy tale entry with white suit  & mesmerizing smile which made his entry dynamic than any other hero, it was simple but yet looked very elegant ….:)))))) .

Naitik and Akshara's meeting was the most awaited moment for us since the day of it's first telecast. It was the most beautiful intro we have ever seen till date on any TV series for which we had to hang 3 days after Fri.'s episode but after watching the episode on Mon. it was worth waiting... Uske baad se hi, we were a goner, went completely crazy and trust us till date that craziness has only increased for proof you can ask our mom, family and friends..


We started seeing Naitik-Akshara as 'NAKSH' the name which made us crazy and perfect 'deewanis' by even of its mention…!! 18th March 2009, was the day when Naksh accepted each other as their would-be respected life partners.. J J With their beautiful dialogue of 'kabool hai'..awww.. Then Naksh started living their courtship period and thereby making us all the more addicted towards them. 20th and 23rd March 2009 will be among the remarkable dates of YRKKH history, as we saw them going for their 1st date ever..!! Naksh's relationship started growing with a 'taste with a twist', aptly said 'kabhie pyaar, toh kabhi takraar'... Ruthna Manana was an important part of their relationship..LOL… 3rd April's 'Jaadu yeh kya chal gaya' was drool-worthy and romantic in its own way..  June month saw them engaging then July made them tie the knots... and now they were known as Mr. & Mrs. Naitik Singhania... Then started their beautiful life of marriage... Ladna Jhagadna...jhagadkar fir milna... 12th Oct 09 marking the Historic day in Naksh as well as our life.. They said ILU for the 1st time. Woww still gives us goosebumps... By that time Akshara was an ideal daughter-in-law and wife...capable of handling her family and its values proudly and efficiently. Naitik too proud to posses her as his legally wedded wife.. 


            More ruthna manana, pyaar nok jhok se Naksh celebrated their 2 years of togetherness...!! Trust, Love and Respect was now in and out Naksh and they are now ready to give their love a new entity...!! Yes, with Akshara's pregnancy we saw them maturing a little more... More responsible, more trust, and of course more Love.. Naksh were now ready to be called as Proud Parents... with these 3 years of historic span, this January  marked their parenthood as well. Naksh is blessed with a baby boy named 'Naksh' as well or simply 'Duggu'... This has been the Beautiful Journey of Akshara, Naitik and Naksh..and with them our journey with the show and our Life.. The Most Beautiful Journey..!!



We don't know what to call ourselves fan, ac, refrigerator, no idea but yes we really want to share, till what extent we had gone & will go because of our madness & lots of love…. this is our Real Life Incidents.

The wildest thing I have ever done in my life is, kisiko jaan ki dhamki dena roflll yup its true once exactly at 9.25 pm our cable went & u had to c my exp omggg u wont believe I just called the cable operator & said if the cable doesn't come back in 5 mins then he will be not alive next morning…lol what all I had said him in anger ufff I never knew that I could speak sooo rudely to anyone I feel very ashamed thinking that incident but happy too coz the cable was back within 10 mins. Don't know it was of my call or something but I was very happy but my mother was very upset because of that incident she had almost made up her mind to take me to a psychiatrist. lol
& the same time I have been also insulted 'n' no. of times because of my love (for Naksh) not only in front of my family but in front of whole society ufff …ohh I still remember me & my mom had gone to buy a laptop & I was literally asking 101 questions to shopkeeper about design, model etc.. & my mother's one sentence made my mouth  zipped… she said " tumhari Naitik ki photo dekhne ke liye yeh laptop hi kafi hai" tat too in front of 20-25 people.. ufff after that she never dared to insult me in front of others but that was one of the worst moment, now if someone comes & ask my mom how does she wants her son in law to be she just says one line 'plzzz kahi se bhi Naitik ki xerox copy dhunke laado meri pagal beti ke liye'.. lolll

Another real life episode or rather series of a fan…LOL

YRKKH and Naksh are the ultimate things for me. My day starts and ends with YR and Naksh…ufff great magnetic power they possess I must say, otherwise who has this ability to make a normal girl, abnormal..????? LOL. My wake up alarm is the thought that 'aaj kya hoga episode mein? Kya Naksh scene milenge..??' LOL.  Since 2009 family outings, social gatherings, holidays, vacations etc are just a headache for me. Take my life but don't ask me to leave my home during weekdays and even weekends during Mahaepisodes.. After trying and procrastinating a lot, I just couldn't let it go one of our family vacations to Kashmir. My houseboat didn't have a cable connection.. Whoa…!! What my reaction would have been. I was almost dead as I had to witness Akshara's miscarriage episodes. The 1st line that I uttered was that 'where is the tourist office here, I need to file a complaint against the houseboat owner and need to cancel his license'…Rofll.. How dare he say he has TV with cable connection that too Star Plus as its main channel, whereas he didn't? The very next morning he was found fixing the cable and I got Star Plus, I was so relaxed watching the daily episodes there during my vacation. My dad declared me as official pagal and than I don't know to compromise. Rofll.. Well, its just one of the many episodes of my pagalpan. During any social gathering, or anything, I show my sincere gratitude to my headaches if they come or else my great lies are there, as Naksh has made me a 'Professional Liar'.. J  Excuses and 'bahanas' are now inbuilt in my real self. All thanks to Naksh that I have become so bad that I don't know there is a world outside my room too. I am bad for family and rest of the people but I am all good to myself as I just love to do this. J Well, shayad koi apne saanson ke bina jee sakta hai but I just cannot survive without Naksh. God forbid the day when I will have to witness its last episode. May God give YR and our Naksh a very long life. 


I've lot of funny/embarrassing situations with regards to my craziness for NaKsh and YRKKH.

One of those happened few days before
18th june 2011. Yup, you guessed it right Maha Episode of YRKKH which was all about Akshara's b'day.

18th june 2011
was my uncle's 60th b'day so it was decided that we will celebrate it in our farm house at Alibaug.
I was so happy at first thinking abt the whole occassion and outing but then it stuck to me that 18th june is YRKKH's Maha episode and there is no cable connection.

I was so tense and restless for whole 2 days finally dimaag ki batti jali. I got the phone no. of cable operator and contacted him. Just to see ME I got cable connection done
. I paid the whole month bill along with connection charges for 1 hr of Naksh filled episode. But it was worth  for me.

When we reached there everyone got to know and my mom was super pissed off on me but now she is ok...woh janti hai main kabhi nahin sudhrunge when it comes to my love for Naksh and YRKKH


We don't watch any other show except this nor allow anyone to switch on SP other than YR timings as we don't want to give even 0.001% TRP from our side to other shows roflll How much ever our schedule be busy  we try to watch atleast one repeat even after seeing the main episode @ 9.30 itself … For this reason only we won't go anywhere out of our rooms nor allow anyone to come….lol


And….. seeing us always being in front of system or with cell phone our family members had thought we all are having joint affair roflll we actually had to make them to talk with our friend's saying we don't have any bf's this is only our deewani's gang no deewana is existing here except our munna….lol

Now  its better now to stop or else you will surely book a room for all of us @ Agra.. roflll



For the Creative team.


We were asked to say few words for cv's or rather give our views to them about the storyline. We just want to tell that we are not great Scholars or tutors to give them any advice. They know there job better but ek baat zarur kehna chahenge that 'iss kaanch se bhari industry main unke paas 2 aese heere hai jiski chamak unhe sabse alag bana
dete hai & ab toh isme ek aur pyara sa heera bhi add ho gaya hai. Hamare Duggu ke roop mein'. Our sincere request to them is not to sideline our Naksh. Naksh hai toh YRKKH hai. They are the foundation of this show on which the whole the show is standing. We admit each & every character has its own importance & they too add up for success of the show but we can't tolerate when someone say its family show & show's name is Yrkkh not Naksh. By saying this they will loose there respect what we have for them nothing more than that. Whoever thinks this, we just want to clear there misunderstanding that for us this show is nothing beyond Naksh. Today wherever the show is, its only, only & only because of our Naksh & plzzz don't try to take away their credit from them...&
its not just our thinking you may read others views also in critics segment & each & every person has mentioned only about Naksh. The family is loved only because its Naksh's family...Naksh is not part of family whereas family is part of Naksh. The story is about Akshara and her relationship with her husband that is Naitik. Hence, the story shouldn't go beyond Naksh so that people starts hating other characters who genuinely are doing well. And here Naksh is Naitik-Akshara. After a long time YR got its #1 position back during duggu's birth J)) have you ever thought how was this possible???? Till now soo may baby birth sequences were shown  in Indian Television & in this show only we have witnessed varsha's pregnancy track then why only this fetched high TRP's??? We don't want to compare any character, but this is the truth DUGGU is Naksh's baby & it was born with a tagline as Junior Naitik Singhania J))).People were literally sooo exited as if  baby was born at there homes…J))  We just hope we get better Naksh tracks here onwards...& till now we have asked lot of things which was unfortunately not fulfilled.
Plzzz this is the biggest gift that you can give to your fans by showing 1000th episode full of NAKSH scenes without anyone's interference sorry not even more of I think yeh koi bada maang nhi hai...
till then we can just wait & watch...


Lastly we would like to say,….

For us YRKKH is not just a 9:30 pm show on Star Plus, but it's a 24 hours journey everyday. With the episode our moods change. Being directly proportional to the episodes being aired. During the episode breaks, we discuss it LIVE.. lol..then just after the episodes, we switch on to India-Forums to discuss the episode. If the episode is good then our appreciations and drooling or if its bad then we fill our posts with our frustrations….lol.. Next day is followed by waiting for the extra scoops and behind the scenes masti of our beloved Naksh and the commendable actors behind them Hina-Karan in various news shows. Now, sometimes we feel are we watching this show to live, or are we living to watch this show…??? Because, Without YR our life doesn't seems to be a LIFE. Recently, the rumor of its ending almost killed us. The feeling of Death was felt by us during that time. A day without breath is imaginable, but a day without YR is a nightmare. Weekends are simply BAD because there is no episode of it and weekdays, after day long work, is GOOD as there is an half an hour of our life being shown. We just sit to watch and live at 9:30pm everyday with the single hope that something good will be shown, that is  a different thing that everyday we become Popats. What we want to see we rarely get to see, but still we watch it religiously with great HOPES. Sometimes, we really feel that we are taken granted for our loyalty, as nowadays we are not getting satisfaction. Nevertheless, we still have hope that someday we will be happy watching the episode in the near future…LOL. Whatever may come and go our Love and Loyalty towards Naksh and YR will never decrease and nobody can even fathom it. Because it's just unconditional. Naksh, was, is and will always be the BEST for us till eternity.


You may think we are very strange yes we are, we had got soo many chances to meet hina karan, we hear others stories there experiences after meeting hiran, that time we feel why are we running away from them when we too can meet them, we were just 5 mins away from the sets or rather say from them who are now very important part of our life but ajeeb sa dar lagta hai unse milne me… thinking if we doesn't like anything when we go near them though we know hina always interacts politely with smiling face with her fans & karan toh is a gem of person once we can misbehave but he never, but still we think stars aasmaan me hi acche lagte hai & we will be delighted to see them shining always from here itself…;)))) Let our lifes be only till YRKKH & NAKSH !!!!



YRKKH… an epic in itself and LIFE for ourselves. Without this show, our life seems to be meaningless. We are thankful to YRKKH as it helped us to groom in a very positive way. We grew along with Akshara too. Learned so many things through the episodes, be it about relations, emotions or other minor things. It's the only show that we watch as of now, and we have promised  ourselves that it will be last show for us too. Because the love and respect that we give to YRKKH and Naksh are not meant for others, it's exclusively meant for Naksh. We have lived our lives through this show, and a person can't live many lives. We got the ultimate in the form of YRKKH. So much happy and privileged to be its fans. A day without YR is not a day for us. What life will be after it, we don't want to imagine, forget about witnessing. The dreadful Day of 20th April 2012 wouldn't have been easy for any Naksh/YRKKH fan. The rumor for its ending was spread that day, and we were almost in our graves. We experienced DEATH that day..!! Someone had to bunk office just by making an excuse of a member's demise so that she can come home and cry her heart out. Another one had to miss her classes so that she can not show her mournful face to her friends. Other couldn't concentrate on her studies thereby missing her internals, while another was on medication to control her fever. L L

Hence, would like to say that sometimes excess of anything is not good and this we came to know that day.. !! May YRKKH have a long life. Simple yet an effective line 'We Love you Naksh and YRKKH.!!!!


Your's Lovingly,

Don't know what to call ourselves…lol                         

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My cutiepie duggu aaj cake cut karega mamma papa ke saathDay Dreaming
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pree yeh post 1st pg pe
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12th oct nakshBlushingBlushingBlushing
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yay yrkkh complete 1000 epi todayBig smile

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tum ho  paas mere nakshHeart

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