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FF: Ishq Wala Love(LAST PART) 10.10.13 pg-136 (Page 36)

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Originally posted by Nakusha

hi oxy rose
nice promo ,is it  nana eyeing naku
better not be ganda buddha! maaroongiAngrymain ussay!

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Originally posted by tahera57

Originally posted by Nakusha

hi oxy rose
nice promo ,is it  nana eyeing naku
better not be ganda buddha! maaroongiAngrymain ussay!
good ?

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kaisi paheli hai yeh??   i fear her original tormentor morey has appeared

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Chapter 11

Nakusha made herself comfortable on the hard and strong branch of the tree. Swaying her legs to and fro she grabbed one branch firmly to maintain her balance and with her other hand plucked a hanging raw mango. She didn't remember when was the last time she'd climbed up a tree and spent her evening sitting on it. Glancing over the other trees of this huge garden she noticed how they were beginning to turn colors of red, orange and yellow, colors of autumn. Her attention shifted towards the sky, she saw pigeons flying overhead desperately searching for food to feed their young ones. She took a huge bite of the green mango, the sharp sour juice that burst out of it sat on her tongue briefly before cascading down her throat. The raw mango hit her taste buds really hard and she relished every bite that she was chewing. The craving to have something pungent subsided slowly. The sweet fragrance of roses and jasmines wafted upon the moist air of the evening, she inhaled the fresh air and leaned her head against the tree trunk and opened her eyes, ears, heart and mind to really embrace life and the magnificence of nature. Sometime later her gaze fell on the nearby road where a mother was holding her toddler in her arms. She narrowed her eyes and saw love dancing out of the mother's eyes as she caressed her baby. Automatically nakusha's hand went down to her belly, she too was carrying a life inside her, a part of her was breathing and growing inside her. She bit her lower lip on glancing at the mother and child once again, their bond seemed strong filled with only affection and trust. Her eyes glistened on remembering her own relationship with her mother, she was so close to her, almost like her shadow she'd accompany her wherever she went. For nakusha her mother was the best one could ever have. She looked down at the hand that was resting on her stomach and wondered what kind of a relationship she shared with her own child, for starters she wasn't sure whether she could call the child her own. Technically she'd already cut herself off from the baby by accepting the deal but then that didn't change the truth that she is the real mother and she too cared for this new life otherwise why did she listen to each and every instruction of supriya. Agreed she was being paid for it and she was supposed to obey her but at the same time she too felt responsible for the child and followed everything as it was for the betterment of the child. No matter how much she tried to convince herself that all this was just a contract and she shouldn't get emotionally involved because in the long run it would only hurt and pain her still the motherly instincts couldn't stop affecting her whenever she witnessed a mother and a child. Be it was in the temple and now here. It wasn't easy to carry this out practically without letting the heart get involved. Willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly the chord between her and the baby had struck the day she'd gotten pregnant, however what effect it would bring on her life only time would tell.

Lost in her thoughts she heard someone screaming her name, she looked down and found a hysterical supriya standing. Surprised would be an understatement, supriya was more than shocked to see nakusha sitting on a tree. Nakusha is silly, stubborn and childish, accepted but what was wrong with her? had she lost her mind completely? She thought gazing up in nakusha's direction. She was two months pregnant and what was she doing sitting up on that tree!

" nakusha ..wahan kya kar rahi hai?" supriya yelled at her. Irritated with the kind of emotions, feelings and thoughts that were running in her mind and on which she had no control, she snapped back," dikhayi nahin deta..aam kha rahi hoon." Supriya wished to pull her hair after hearing nakusha's reply, what was the need to climb up a tree for that? What if she slipped and something happened to her, she meant to the baby.

" toh iske liye ped (tree) par chadne ki kya zaroorat thi? Kuch ho jaata toh?" supriya could easily arrange raw mangoes for her if she wanted to have them.

" kuch nahin hota ..main bachpan se chadti aayi hoon." Climbing up a tree was no big deal for her, she was doing it since childhood, though lately she hadn't yet it wasn't such a big issue.

"lekin ab tu bacchi nahin hai..maa ban ne wali hai." supriya said loud and clear, how could she be so irresponsible and callous? Nakusha rolled her eyes, she knew she was pregnant in fact sitting here she was dwelling on that topic before supriya came and broke her train of thoughts.

" neeche aa tu ..phir main tujhse baat karti hoon." Surpiya said through greeted teeth, her anger was reaching new heights with every passing second. Nakku didn't like to be scolded especially when she felt she was not at fault, she knew what she was doing and would never even think of risking the baby then why was this supriya glaring at her? she lifted her hips slightly and moved her upper body forward giving an impression that she would jump off the tree.

" pagal ho gayi hai kya ? itni upar se kudegi?" supriya asked in a state of shock, her heart was in her mouth when she saw nakusha moving like that. Though nakusha had absolute no intention of jumping off, she wasn't that insane, she was only shifting her weight to come down slowly and safely.

" taayi ..agar tu aise gussa karegi toh main sach main kood jayegi." She threatened her.

" accha meri maa..nahin gussa karungi ..tu bus neeche aaja." Supriya was almost pleading her with folded hands. Nakusha's eyes had a glint of naughtiness as she thought what if she actually jumped off? The expressions on supriya's face would be priceless. Just the silly thought of doing so amused nakusha and she moved her face to the other side to suppress her smile. Pressing her lips hard she looked around and found a pair of dark black eyes staring at her.

He was standing with hands slipped inside his pockets in the balcony watching this whole drama. In fact nakusha had caught his attention the moment she had climbed the tree. To be honest even he had got worried seeing her sit like that and had wanted to get her down. But when he saw her relishing that mango he had got lost in the peace and contentment that had spread across her face. He'd watched carefully how her expressions had changed from happiness to confusion and finally to distress as she kept her hand on her stomach. She wasn't an irresponsible or careless mother, on the contrary after the night they had spent together she'd always come across as a very sensitive and sentimental person. Someone who understood and felt pain better than others because she herself had gone through a lot. Even though she portrayed herself as strong and thick skinned yet deep down she was an extremely emotional woman, this much he was quite sure of her.

The grin that nakusha was trying to hide vanished immediately as her eyes locked with his. She gulped the lump in her throat, maybe he too thought of her like supriya, foolish and imprudent. She bit her lower lip in disappointment and shook her head. He let out a thin smile seeing her doing so, he knew she was simply teasing supriya, she would never harm the baby. Seeing him smile she lowered her head in relief and carefully came down the tree. Supriya took a deep breath seeing her come down safely, though her lips were sealed but her eyes were throwing daggers at nakusha. Before she could give nakusha a piece of her mind she walked off from there after saying,"taai.. mera dawai lene ka time ho gaya hai." Stomping her foot supriya followed her behind.


It was late in the evening, nakusha was sitting on the bed with her knees drawn up, her head leaned on the head rest as she recalled the way supriya had scolded her sometime back. She didn't like it not just her words but the fact that supriya didn't trust her with the baby. She had no reason to risk the life of the child, if supriya thought that she was doing all this for money which she was then nakusha was intelligent enough to know that she'd get those ten lacs only after delivering the baby so till then she'd definitely take utmost care of the baby and even otherwise she was nurturing the child in her womb why would she even think of behaving recklessly with the child?

" nakusha ..yeh sari le aur jaldi se taiyaar ho ja." Supriya placed a beautiful green embroidered sari on the bed. Nakusha turned her head away, ignoring what supriya had said.

" ab jaldi kar raat ko humein party mein jana hai." Supriya informed. Nakusha's eyes danced in excitement on hearing the word party, ever since she'd come here she'd hardly gone out. Her visits were mainly confined to temples and hospitals.

" kaunsi party?" she asked casually attempting to hide the excitement in her tone.

" aaj mere baba ka 60th janam din hai..uski party hai."

" main nahin jayegi kisi party warty mein." She began acting pricey. Supriya glared at her seeing her behave stubborn again, however under no circumstances she'd leave her alone at home.

" toh akele ghar mein kya karegi ? humare saath chal ..accha lagega tujhe." After witnessing her antics in the evening supriya had made up her mind to keep an eye on her all the time. She was too risky to be left on her own. The word 'humare' stirred nakusha's mind, that meant even sahab would be attending the party! She turned to look at supriya and agreed as if she was doing a favor on her by saying," teekh hai main chalti hai..par mujhe yeh sari pasand nahin hai..koi aur de." Supriya nodded a yes and said she'd send another sari for her soon.

Wearing a royal blue sari with minimal make up and hair kept open she descended down the stairs. Dutta in his trademark black pathani suit was waiting for both the women in the hall. Unwillingly his eyes stayed on the person who was standing before him and couldn't help but admire that simple innocent beauty. Heat and color rose to her cheeks turning them into deep shade of pink seeing him look at her like that. Otherwise a very bold lady but under his gaze she always somehow turned coy. Supriya's heels furiously striking the hard stairs as she stepped down made him drop his eyes and without wasting a minute he grabbed the car keys and barged out.


Nakusha entered the huge farmhouse belonging to nanasaheb through the large well lit up black gates. It was single storey contemporary farm house. The exterior was loud with bright red tiles on the roof and white washed walls with several windows. She was walking slowly behind dutta and supriya exploring this huge estate. Nanasaheb dressed in a gaudy purple suit welcomed the couple with open arms. Dutta bent down to touch his feet but he didn't allow and hugged him instead. Nakusha saw the kind of respect that dutta gave him, he definitely treated nanasaheb quite highly. Supriya wished her dad with wide grin and he ushered both of them into the hall where the party was in full swing. Dutta turned slightly that's when nanasaheb's gaze fell on nakusha. She stepped forward and wished him cheerfully," haappy budday (happy birthday)". Nanasaheb looked at her from top to bottom then gave her a stiff nod, she was clearly not welcomed here, but did she care? No.

The whole dining hall was tastefully decorated, champagne and expensive wines poured like water and light music played in the background. Soon dutta and supriya got engaged in meeting other guests, it was mainly supriya who was coaxing him to converse with others, if given a choice he would've enjoyed a quiet drink in a corner. Nakusha continued with her exploration, this place was nothing compared to patil nivas which was silent and deserted, this house was buzzing with activities and people around. There was a time when the silence of PN used to disturb and bother her but now after spending some months there the same silence soothed and relaxed her. Looking out of the window she saw beautiful dancing fountains , the house appealed to the eyes but the simplicity and tranquility of PN touched the soul. She was too engrossed in her thoughts to notice that a pair hungry of eyes were following her each and every move till she collided with the owner of those eyes. Nakusha shot an irritated glare to the person who'd not only bumped into her but had also spilled his drink on her.

" dekh kar nahin chal sakta?" she snapped at the man in black trousers an extra tight maroon shirt whose buttons threatened to pop out any moment.

" ab aisi cheez samne aaye toh dhyan idhar udhar toh hi jaata hai." He replied shamelessly with a sly smile playing on his lips. It didn't take nakusha a second to comprehend his disgusting intentions. She hated not only his constipated look but all his lustful eyes that were gazing at her chest which had got wet because of his spilled drink. She parted her lips to lash out at him but before that felt a hand on her shoulder. Supriya stood behind with a dinner plate for her.

" Namaste supriya ji." He greeted her with a wide grin.

" arey ravi ..aap." supriya was slightly surprised to see ravi in the party he was the son of an upcoming politician, maybe because of political reasons her father must've invited him. Ravi was an infamous rich and spoilt brat. Nakusha still fuming from within took the plate and began eating to divert her mind however she couldn't do that as ravi was tonight hell bent on annoying her. With hands in pockets he circled around both the ladies particularly eyeing on nakusha and smirked while saying," kya baat hai ..aaj kal tamasha karne walon ki bhi itni seva kari jaati hai?" nakusha dropped the spoon and glared at him while supriya narrowed her eyes and wondered how did he know that nakusha was a bar dancer? Did he know only this much or more?

" ravi ..apni hadd mein raho?" supriya warned him in a firm tone.

" aisi nachne wali ke liye aap mujhe hadd mein rehne ke liye keh rahi hain?" high on his drinks he felt insulted that supriya was asking him to stay in limits and that too for a girl like nakusha.

" is do takke ki ladki ki aukad hai humare beech mein uthne baithne ki?" he humiliated nakusha further which was more than she could handle so she stepped forward and gave him a tight resounding slap across his face before abusing him," abbey saa*e tujhe toh main dikhati hai teri aukad." Falling on the floor ravi held his cheek which had been hit so hard and looked around, now all the guests had stopped what they were doing to watch this live drama unfold. Supriya curled her fingers in a fist seeing nakusha create a scene in front of so many rich and influential people. What was the need to slap him openly? Couldn't she control her temper? After all this was not for the first time she'd been insulted, surely she must've faced similar humiliations before, she should have been used to all this by now. Supriya tugged her arm and told her to leave from here, both of them were turning around to go when Ravi seething in anger stood up trying to balance himself only to lash back," ab tere jaisi bazaaru aurat mujhe meri aukad har raat kisi ke saath.." nakusha's ears shot up and she looked over her shoulder, supriya continued to pull her out, she succeeded in controlling nakusha but not somebody else who grabbed ravi's collar and punched him hard. Supriya held her head, she didn't know how to stop her husband who was beating the hell out of ravi. She glanced at her father who too seemed furious seeing the way his son in law was tarnishing his image in public. A bruised and heavily bleeding ravi folded his hands before dutta ," bhau ..aisi aurat ke liye aap mujhe maar rahe ho?" dutta pulled him up by holding his collars one more time and barked," yeh naachne wali..bazaaru aurat MERE ghar mein rehti hai." He repeated the disgusting adjectives that ravi had used for nakusha and continued to reply while looking at supriya," aur yeh MERI zimmedari hai..agar iske khilaaf ek shabd bhi bola toh AAYI SHAPATH teri jaan le lunga." Supriya saw blood rising to his eyes, he meant every single word that he said and she feared that in his anger he might blurt out the truth that nakusha was pregnant with his child, she left nakusha's arm and ran to stop him. Surely nakusha had been forced upon him by his wife but the fact couldn't be changed that even though she entered his life without his consent however now she was an integral part of it maybe for sometime but as long as she was he wouldn't let anybody disrespect her. 

In this whole chaos the person because of whom all this had happened stood in a corner gaping at the man who was fighting for her honor. She definitely didn't expect him to stand up for her and too in public. She was hoping maybe supriya would like before but she was wrong, she was attempting to cover up the matter by taking her away, she didn't have the guts to acknowledge her in public but she didn't blame supriya, it was not an easy thing to do but what he did shocked her to the core. He not only defended her but also openly accepted that a bar girl and prostitute stayed in the house of a respectable man like him. Astounded by his outburst she silently walked out of the hall to stroll in the garden.

Maybe today it was destined to spend most of her time out in the open. She sat on the grass and began plucking it ruthlessly, sometime ago she was so looking forward to attend this party but that creep ruined her moment. He must've spotted her in a bar otherwise how did he know what she did to earn a living, here posing himself as a saint whereas he must've behaved cheaply when visited the bar. Places like brothels and bars come into existence and flourish because of these so called reputed men. She crumbled the dry grass in her hand before throwing it away.

Suddenly she felt some movement beside her, she turned her neck and found dutta sitting next to her. She shifted on her spot and turned back again, what was he doing here?

" apna gussa is ghans (grass) par kyun nikal rahi hai?" he questioned calmly. Without replying she stood up to leave when he held her wrist and pulled her down, a shiver ran through her body.

" baith" he ordered. She kneeled down and sat again wondering what was wrong with him today? Why was he behaving so weirdly? He brought his other hand from behind that was holding a plate for her and kept it in front of her.

" khaa" he said looking at the food, her surprised gaze shifted from the plate to his face, he brought dinner for her? how thoughtful of him! Tonight he was surprising her every second. She dropped her eyes and picked up a spoonful of rice. Taking it in her mouth it struck her and she asked him," sahab aapne khaya?" he nodded a yes, she knew how much he must've eaten, not more than 3-4 spoons.  He kept on looking at her as she ate silently with her head lowered, she felt his gaze on herself and asked him slowly," sahab..aap yahan mein nahin jaoge?" it was strange that after handing her over the plate he was still sitting here. He shook his head in negation and replied," mujhe shor nahin pasand." She nodded her head in agreement and added," haan ..apko toh akele rehna accha lagta hai." His eyes stilled on her face when he heard her words, she'd spoken the truth, she'd always seen him alone then why was he staring at her as if she'd said something wrong.

" nakusha..kisi ko bhi akele rehna pasand nahin hota..kayi baar insaan bheedh mein bhi tanha hota hai..bus kisi apne ka saath chaiye hota hai is akelepan ko door karne ke liye." She narrowed her eyes and wondered, what did he mean, that he was alone not out of choice but because he didn't have anybody to pull him out of his loneliness. Till now she'd believed that he enjoyed wallowing in his loneliness, supriya was definitely distant with him but he too never made an attempt to erase that distance, at least she'd never seen him make any effort from his side.

" kabhi kabhi khamoshi bhi itna kuch keh jaati hai ki shabdon ki zaroorat hi nahin padti." He continued turning his eyes away from her and stared into the darkness. She'd never seen him speak so much, his silence communicated with others although nobody understood it ever but she managed to somehow however tonight he was voicing his thoughts and his words were deep and philosophical, the pain and honesty in them touched her heart.

" sahab..main kabhi sochi nahin thi ki aap itna bol sakte ho." With his arms resting on his folded knees he smirked without turning towards her, she was right, even he didn't know why tonight he let his guard down before her. Maybe her honest, open and non judgmental attitude was beginning to grow on him, maybe he was getting comfortable around her. Whatever it was it didn't feel wrong.

There was pin drop silence he glanced at her, she was deeply engrossed in gazing at the sky above.

" aasmaan mein aisa kya dekh rahi hai?"

" toot ta tara (shooting star)..kehte hain toote taare ko dekh kar kuch mango toh zaroor pura hota hai." There was an innocent gleam in her eyes as she told him.

" tu vishwas karti hai in sab mein?" he asked in surprise.

" haan"

" jo manga kabhi mila?" she paused to think over his question, maybe till now she hadn't got what she'd desired otherwise her life would have been completely different but still there was no harm in wishing and hoping, was it? even if it required craning your neck for a long time.

After what seemed eons she finally spotted a shooting star and pointed her finger towards it.

" SAHAB ..woh dekho wahan ..jaldi mango." She squealed in excitement.

" main nahin maanta yeh sab." As expected he rejected her idea, all this was too stupid and childish for him. Letting out a frustrated sigh she quickly covered his eyes with her right hand and her own with her left hand.

" uff ho ..ab mango jaldi se." till then she murmured a quick wish in her mind, 'sahab ki zindagi mein bhi koi pyar karne wala aa jaaye.' He looked at her from the corner of his eye, her lips fluttered to make a wish, she was really innocent and angelic, he smiled and closed his eyes wishing,' yeh jo maange isse mil jaaye.' Removing her hands she gave him a wide and satisfied smile.

He stood up on his feet and said," ab chalein?" she nodded a yes and replied," taayi toh andhar hi hai?" he took out his cellphone and called up supriya," main parking mein tumhara intezaar kar raha hoon..aa jao…hmm nakusha mere saath hai". They both began walking towards the car when nakusha said," sahab..thaanku." he stopped and furrowed his brows in confusion, she repeated," thaanku ..thaanku…aapne party mein  mera saath diya" a second later it dawned on him that she was thanking him," ohh thank you." She shook her head and grumbled," sahab apko angrezi (English) nahin aati kya?" he shrugged his shoulders and answered," aati hai..par teri tarah itni acchi nahin aati." She didn't realize that he was pulling her leg and said seriously," koi baat nahin ..main sikha degi."

The road that they were walking on was quite uneven, thrusting his hands in the pockets he kicked the small stone that came his way, for a moment nakusha lost her balance and was about to stumble when he saved her by holding her shoulders. She let out a soft cry," aah." And clutched her stomach. He asked worriedly," dard ho raha hai?" his hand was about to press the hand that was holding her belly but stopped in the middle. Curling his fingers he moved his hand back, She gulped and replied slowly," nahin..teekh hai." The sudden jerk had triggered a pain in her belly. For the first time she saw concern flicker in his eyes, not for herself but for the baby that she was carrying. Till now he'd been reluctant to accept and express his emotions towards the baby. Why tonight his hidden and unexpressed feelings were coming out in the open he didn't know, he definitely felt for the baby, after all he/she was his own flesh and blood, for years like supriya he too craved to hold his child in his hands, he too had dreams of having a family but still the circumstances under which this child came into existence, disturbed him.

Dutta went to the driving seat when supriya came out of the party and an elated nakusha sat behind them. The evening though didn't start out well but definitely ended on a happy note. She still couldn't believe that the man who loathed the sight of her, who had left no opportunity to insult her and throw her out of his room if possible even out of his life had brought dinner for her, opened his heart out to her and now had begin to accept his child, it was awesome, in fact too good to be true! A smile lingered on her lips when she recalled how he'd backed her and protected her honor quite like the hero in 'maine pyar kiya' who had saved the heroine from the clutches of that monster when she was getting molested and had even fought for her, just like him. In the movie the couple had eventually fallen in love with each other, would the same happen between them too? Would their relationship (if there was any) change? Would their feelings grow deeper and intense? She questioned herself and glanced at him through the rear view mirror, his eyes caught hers, seeking solace and she blushed for the second time in the evening.

She dropped her gaze and slapped herself mentally, this was no fairy tale, all these things come true only in stories and movies, real life is completely different. She kicked herself for thinking like that. Leaning her head against the window she closed her eyes and cleared her overworking mind, she reminded herself not to lose focus, some things are not meant to happen, all feelings don't culminate into love, everyone is not fortunate to experience this emotion. Love was not meant for her, the sooner she understood and accepted the better it was for her.

Thanks for reading and wish you all a very happy new year


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The dawn of new year has certainly invigorated the beauty of your writing. Not that it was anything less earlier but feel a strange freshness into this UD something sublime. Its like reading a well written novel.Clap

The description of the beauty of  the garden naku sat brought about beautifully.  But what can one say about this lady's foolishnes. Is it ignorance or childishnes or utter disregard of her present condition, fail to understand. How can she get so reckles climbing a tree for a mango Shocked.  Supriya has every right to be shocked at the insane act of this lady. And she is threatening too, brilliant !! She can be very wise and sensible when it comes to dutta yet she turns into a 10 year old child when it comes to other issues. Dutta too amused with her antics i dont believe it?  maybe he's gone blind in his new found closeness for her. Supriya just glaring at nakusha, anyone else would have slapped her so that she wil think twice b4 such adventures. Supriya must be totally in a fix, neither can she control  nor can she change her.

But coming to naku's thoughts of her relation with the unborn child, i really feel its an exaggerated emotion which need not necessarily be very common. Many  pregnant ladies do not feel emotionally attached with the baby in the womb. I have heard many say the opposite,  apart from a sense of obligation and fear they had very little bond developed, its only after the birth that a woman experiences true motherhood watching and caring the baby. Ofcourse maybe some do experience a  bonding already developed.

Dunno why i am not liking the eye contact and the developing bond between dutta and nakusha lol..  Its maybe due to the fact that she is here to fulfil her part of the contract and dutta is still supriya's husband. Why do i feel this is immoral Confused   even thou i have no pity for sups. Naku's clearly warming up to him and now she is finding it difficult to control  her feelings for him.  But her behaviour otherwise is still to change any bit.

Gosh! how wrong i was in taking it to be morey LOL.. should have known somewhat with sups none other than the tight shirt wala ravi hi fit kar sakta hai, so does this mean the two have some connection? its very interesting. What an encounter ?  ravi with naku and then with dutta... dhamakedaar tha. But looking at dutta goin full on with ravi again left me cringing... naturally everyone wil have the same question as to why dutta was so enraged for a dance girl.  But in all this chaos the smart suave lady is only worried for the dirty secret.

Hmm aaj toh duttaji hadd hi kardiye.   He's been stalking naku instead lol.. haye haye khana bhi leke aaye, kya baat kya baat. almost felt he would feed her too ... And the tone and authority of his language, "baith" "khaa" leaves no doubts what the two share. Naku is absolutely right, he's a different person altogether surprising her every step. wah, kya taal mel dono mein, naku mangti hai ki usko koi pyar karne wale mil jaye aur woh mangta hai ki jo woh chahti hai usse miljaye, yeh hui na baat. LOL

Umm, naku day dreamin but controling herself and chastisisng her wild thoughts. But im surprised a bit that sups is not noticing all this bein the sharp lady she is Wink 

Uff, Rose ive gone berserk with my comments and i hope you dont dose off reading. But its all your fault, your UD has mesmerised me totally. Thank you dear, plz continue the brilliant work Thumbs Up 

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dutta in action for nakku this bas... ravi got right punishment

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awesum...dutta stood up fr nakkusha...loving the bond building up between Tasha...continue soon...
Wish U A Very Very Happy New Year...

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hi rose
fab ud !suprise element was ravi

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love LOVE love LOVE!!

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Author: nazia.icycool   Replies: 16   Views: 3061

nazia.icycool 16 3061 23 August 2010 at 6:20pm by nazia.icycool
love love love alone!

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Author: nazia.icycool   Replies: 29   Views: 3960

nazia.icycool 29 3960 20 August 2010 at 11:29am by nazia.icycool

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