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FF: Ishq Wala Love(LAST PART) 10.10.13 pg-136 (Page 10)

uwith Goldie

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Posted: 27 October 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
looking frwd to monday ud regards uviSmile

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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nice promo dear

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FASSBEN Senior Member

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Hi Rose

Looking frwd to reading the ud on monday

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 3

Supriya, deep in thought was thinking how to set things right between dutta and nakusha. She remembered an angry nakusha coming back to the adjoining room last night after being thrown out by him. He was stubborn, he wouldn't give in so easily, she knew that but even she was desperate to have a child and for that if she'd face his wrath, she was all prepared. However here she was not in the picture, it was nakusha who had to get her way with him but HOW? That was the question. After finishing buttering the toast she placed it on his plate quietly, he preferred to engross himself in the newspaper rather than talk to his wife who had gone crazy as per him, most of the house workers were given a few days off, she didn't wish them to be around when supposedly all that would transpire between both of them.

Stretching her arms in the air, nakusha came down the stairs, yawning without covering her mouth. She gave him a sidelong glance while pulling the chair close to him then crossed her legs while sitting on it, he was avoiding her she was aware of that however he couldn't help being uncomfortable with her presence and shifted his weight on his chair making her chuckle.

" chai logi?" supriya asked softly.

" haan." She replied instantly, morning tea was a must for her day to kick start, she couldn't live without it.

" cheeni kitni?" supriya asked while pouring hot tea in the cup.

" na ..cheeni nahin leti main..mujhe isshtrong (strong) cheezein pasand hain?" she said while winking at him then leaned forward to grab an apple from the fruit bowl, purposely brushing her hand with his in the process. Fuming at her shameless behavior he dropped the newspaper aside and left the dining table gnashing his teeth. Nakusha slapped her forehead, thinking here he goes again.

" supriya..mera matlab tayi ( how could she address supriya by her name?)..yeh sahab itna bhaav kyun khaata hai?" she questioned in confusion, she didn't know why he was behaving like this. Supriya rolled her eyes in response, she was badly hoping that the ice would melt between the two but things were turning from bad to worse.

" taayi ..main raat bhar sochti rahi ki ..mujh mein kya kami hai jo sahab mujhse dur bhagta hai?" she said before biting hard into the apple. With men throwing themselves at her and leaving no opportunity to take advantage of her she was finding it hard to digest his indifferent act.

Supriya looked at the way she was munching on to that apple along with sipping tea by making those irritating and weird noises. She didn't lack something but a lot of things, her way of dressing, talking, eating, sitting everything was so loud and different that indeed it was difficult for him to accept her.

Supriya  gave nakusha her red sari and helped her drape it properly, then pulled nakusha's hair down into soft curls. Make up was kept minimum even though nakusha was insisting on wearing her bright red lipstick, it matched with the sari she thought however supriya didn't allow her to do so. Everything should be simple and subtle as per his liking including the amount of blabbering she did. Supriya instructed her to behave with him as decently as possible, her over the top attitude would not go down well with him.  Nakusha glanced at the mirror, she definitely appeared different. Crossing her fingers supriya hoped that he liked nakusha tonight.


Pushing the doors slowly nakusha entered his bedroom, scenes of the previous night when he had thrown her out flashed across her mind, she shivered slightly remembering them, what if he admonished her this time too? Swallowing the lump in her throat she moved forward, he was sipping on to his drink with his legs resting on the table. Good, she was sent now when he was drunk, this would make things easier for her, supriya was a smart woman she thought.

He saw her coming in, tonight she appeared different, simple and lady like, without loud make up the sight of her was arresting but what he admired the most about her were her guts, after being chucked out she didn't give up on him, maybe such was the power and hunger for money. His ice cold intense gaze was piercing through her body, the fact that till now he hadn't reacted outrageously encouraged her and she stepped in further. His glass was now empty, she picked up the bottle and refilled the glass without tearing her gaze away from him. His calm and non repulsive attitude was making her all the more confident, maybe her new avatar was casting its effect on him, the way she'd hoped.

She lowered herself to sit on the arm of his chair but before she could do that, he stood up holding his glass and walked to the nearby window. She shook her head on seeing his back face her. He gulped down the whole glass, the bitter liquid burned his throat and he relished every drop of it. He was glancing out with a faraway look in his eyes when he felt a pair hands snake from behind, come up and finally stop on his broad chest. She rested her face sideways on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Tightening his grip around the glass he sneered," aa gayi na apni aukaat pe!"instantly her eyes snapped open and she brought her hands down. He turned around and looked at her from head to toe making her feel as if she was some piece of dirt.

"tujhe kya laga..tere kapde badalne se ..main badal jaunga?" he mocked at her. She opened her mouth to defend herself but one glare from him and she went all silent.

" sharab pee hai ..phirbhi apne poore hosh mein hoon." If she thought that by making him drunk she could get her way with him then she was absolutely wrong. He took out his wallet and threw all the money he had on her face, she turned her face to the other side in response.

" yeh sab paise ke liye na..toh le." he said through gritted teeth. Lowering her head she clutched the edge of her sari in her fist as he insulted her one more time.

" tujh jaisi bazaaru (marketable) ladkiyan kabhi nahin badal sakti." he cringed at the sight of her. Tears of rage and hurt pricked the corner of her eyes.

"paison ke liye tera bus chale toh tu kisi kam**ney ke sath bhi.." she didn't allow him to finish and shouted back, " BUS..ab aur ek shabd nahin." Raising her head sharply she looked right into his eyes, instead of blood now anger was running in her veins. Enough was enough, how dare he think so low of her? her mind screamed. Yeah, she did all this for money but then who doesn't work for money? He himself was a gangster and killed people for money, she was at least better than him, here she'd come to bring a new life into this world then how dare he questioned her integrity and character?

Fuming in anger this time she left his room but not before giving him a piece of her mind," main yahan khudh nahin aayi thi..tumhari biwi aayi thi mere pass bheekh mangte hue..toh yeh gussa usey dikhana..mujhe nahin."

Nakusha went back to the adjoining room where supriya was sitting. Seeing her stomping her foot, supriya knew that again her plan had backfired but she wasn't expecting things to turn so ugly. He had this habit of not to think before he spoke when he got angry and hurt the other person however tonight he'd taken all this a bit too far.

" nakusha chalo ..aaj main dutta ji se baat karungi." Supriya said firmly.

"nahin..main kahin nahin jayegi..meri bhi koi izzat hai." Agreed she was a prostitute but then she also had self respect, moreover this was a husband wife issue, supriya  should've made him agree before bringing her here. If he wasn't willing to share a relationship with her then they should've sorted this thing between themselves, why was she being made to face his flak unnecessarily? Her chest was heaving up and down in rage when supriya held her wrist and took her along.

"tayi ..main nahin jaa rahi." She said in irritation, however supriya ignored and barged in with her. He flared his nostrils on seeing both of them. Supriya left her hand and nakusha took a step back, standing behind supriya in a way that she could only see him partially.

"dutta ji..apko aise baat nahin karni chaiye thi."

"ab mujhe tumse seekhna hoga..kis se kaise baat ke jaiye." He replied glaring at nakusha whose eyes were scattering the floor, she was looking everywhere except him. Supriya followed his gaze and said softly," yeh humare liye is ghar main aayi hai." Clenching his jaws he spat back," kya zaroorat thi raaste ki gandagi ko mere kamre tak laane ki? Nakusha flinched on hearing his bitter words and tried her level best to maintain her cool, she was standing here tolerating his nonsense only because of supriya , in whose eyes she'd seen that despair to have a child. Closing her eyes for a moment supriya attempted to explain the situation to him.

"aap hi bataiye, nakusha ke elavaa aisa kaun hai jo humari madad kar sakta hai?" he turned his head to the other side as if this whole thing was irrelevant for him.

" koi bhi ladki is kaam mein apni marzi se nahin aati..koi na koi majboori rehti hai." His eyes ever so slowly moved in nakusha's direction who had her head bowed, somewhere even he knew that she was not at fault and was venting out his frustration on her without any reason, but then he was helpless he couldn't give what supriya was desiring.

" aap jaante hain nakusha ko is keechad mein kaun laaya? iska khudh ka pati! Iske sautele baap ne iski shaadi ek makkaar (corrupt) police wale se kardi ..jisne baad mein issey bech diya..ismein iski kya galti hai?" he curled his fingers in a fist, all that supriya was saying was making him feel  guilty, but still out of guilt he couldn't sleep with her, it was impossible for him to do that, he stared at nakusha who brushed her finger at the corner of her eye where a lone tear was threatening to roll down. For the first time someone had stood up in her defense and that too a wife against her husband! Otherwise wives and girlfriends always shielded their husbands and boyfriends from her, badmouthed, insulted, cursed and accused her for breaking their homes and relationships but never for once understood her plight and accepted that their respective partners were womanizers. Somehow supriya today managed to earn respect in her eyes.

" phirbhi jo tum keh rahi ho ..woh nahin ho sakta." he refused flatly.

"kyun nahin ho sakta? Kya aap nahin chahte koi apko baba aur mujhe aayi keh kar pukare?" she urged with glistened eyes and wondered couldn't he see the eagerness of her becoming a mother in her eyes? How could he be so selfish?

"main bhi chahta hoon ki humari koi aulaad ho ..lekin uske liye main tumhe dhoka nahin de sakta." He too wished to be a father and could feel her restlessness but for that he couldn't giveaway her right to somebody else. nakusha raised her head and glanced at him in amazement, for years she believed that men were sw*ne, not her fault, every man she came across was desperate to get into bed with her without caring what effect it would have on his family and here was a man who was adamant on not taking advantage of her, not cheating on his wife even when his own wife was allowing him to do so. She was dumbstruck seeing his loyalty.

"ismein dhoka kaisa? Jo mera hai ..woh humesha mera hi rahega." Why was he thinking that he was betraying her? it was only a matter of one night, he wasn't doing anything behind her back, she was aware of the situation and all this was happening only for their baby, they would only gain out of this and not lose anything, she believed.

Dutta shook his head in frustration, seeing her turn a blind eye to the future. She was destroying everything that they shared with her own hands and the worst part was that she wasn't willing to acknowledge that.

"bacche ke pyar main tum itni andhi ho gayi ho ki tumhein yeh nazar nahin aa raha ki koi teesra humare beech aa gaya hai." In desperation to become a mother, she was forgetting that she is his wife first. To gain something you need to lose something but here they were losing everything. In an attempt to take their relationship to another level she was shaking the very foundation of their relationship.

Nakusha watched him silently, he was a gangster, who are not expected to have moral and ethics but he was so different. He desired to do justice to his marriage, he was giving so much respect to his wife and their relationship that she couldn't stop herself from getting impressed by him and comparing him with her cop husband, a crook, a fraud who only abused and tortured her. Those cruel, bitter words and that obnoxious behavior were his attempts only to safeguard his marriage not that she'd had any intention of ruining their relationship, she knew why she was here and would leave forever after doing her job.

This whole conversation and his stubbornness was now getting on to supriya's nerves, she stepped forward and held his collar, shaking him a bit before reminding him," dutta ji aapne hospital main mujhse waada kiya tha." Dutta wrinkled his nose in fury and freed himself from her hold then declared," aisa koi waada nahin kiya main toad nahin sakta." Supriya stared at him wide eyed and started walking back in defeat.

" toad dijiye ..sab toad dijiye..mere sapne ..meri khwaishein..meri umeedein aur ..mujhe bhi." With that she left the room leaving a confused nakusha and enraged dutta behind. Nakusha didn't know who was right or wrong, all she could see was a couple who was failing miserably to understand each other's point of view and accusing the other one of hurting him/her. if one wished to move ahead the other desired to hold back. If supriya's sacrifice of allowing her husband to have a physical relation with another woman baffled her then his loyalty and commitment towards his wife touched her. The anger subsided within her and now her heart was only filled with sympathy for both of them. She wished all this hadn't happened with them, she wished she didn't have to come in between them.

He glared at her retreating back, how easily she'd blamed him for her misery? He picked up the glass bottle and smashed it on the floor, he looked at nakusha and wondered how easily she'd brought her in their and in his life in particular, even if it was for just one night. He held their wedding photo frame kept on the table and threw it down. Glancing at the red sari that nakusha was wearing he thought, how easily she'd forgotten that this was the same sari which he'd gifted her on their first marriage anniversary, his blood was boiling with anger when his gaze fell on the bed which they'd shared for years, how easily she forgot the nights that they'd spent together? And after forgetting all this she conveniently wanted him to spend the night with some other woman in the same sari and on the same bed. He smirked a devilish grin, if she could overlook everything so conveniently then so could he, if she could turn so insensitive then so could he, if she didn't care about their present and future then so wouldn't he, if she wanted it this way then it would happen this way. With that he banged the door shut, startling nakusha for a moment.

She saw him approaching her with blood shot eyes, automatically her feet began moving backwards till she hit the bed and fell on it after losing her balance. She knew what was coming but was she prepared for it? She didn't know neither he gave her the time to think so. He was on top of her, pressing himself on her, he was anything but gentle as if punishing himself for doing this awful act. Her bangles tinkled, reminding him of supriya, his head shot up instantly, no she wasn't supriya, no he wasn't making love to his wife but some stranger, the expressions which had relaxed for a moment disappeared the next second. He grabbed her wrists firmly not allowing the bangles to make the sound which he loved hearing. This time he was even harder and brutal on her, she wanted to wince in pain as the bangles broke and pricked her skin but she didn't protest, she knew what he was going through, the pain that he was enduring on himself was much more than what he was inflicting on her. squeezing her eyes shut she allowed him to continue till he felt something wet in his hands, he glanced in the direction and found blood trickling down her wrists. He immediately left her hands and glanced at her with guilt, supriya's words that she'd been abused and sold off by her husband, that no girl gets into this profession willingly echoed in his ears. He looked at her pain stricken face and felt horrible, he hated himself for behaving like an animal with her, she was only here for their sake, so that he could be a father and he was punishing her for that? What he was being forced to do, she'd been doing it every night for years yet he couldn't understand her plight? Shame on him, he was disgusted with himself.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked back into his dark pools, there was no passion, love or desire in them, instead they were filled with hurt, pain and guilt. Both of them with teary eyes gazed at each other, their emotions were mixed however deep down the feelings that they shared were the same. They could feel the other person's anguish and helplessness. She lifted her hand hesitantly and placed it on his cheek, as if ensuring that she was with him in this. He held her hand which was on his cheek and dipped his head down slowly then with his other hand he pushed away the bedside lamp which went crashing on the floor plunging the room into darkness. He hoped that this darkness would swallow his dark act. She wrapped her arms around him, this time he was soft and tender. She could feel droplets on her face, whether they belonged to him or her, she was unsure, she only knew that tonight somewhere  they'd connected and for the first time she didn't regret sleeping with an unknown man.

Thanks for reading 


next part

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aishwish IF-Rockerz

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"Ishq wala love" …….song personally not a favorite of mine,(bt the lyrics is impressive) though am aware of urs inclination towards this song…….so I couldn't figure the central idea of the story by merely the title, it was only after reading the first chapter………..meri dimaag ki batti jail!!!!!!!!

Rosie…………seriously I love this fact that this tome you have decided to explore something a little more gothic than your previous ffs…………did I told you hw much I liked your "Guns and Roses"? To know what happens when the man finds his true love is definitely interesting bt what will happen if a "HUSBAND" finds his true love!!!! For me this is the primary aspect of the story, to me everything else including the female lead is secondary.  Seriously…………..lets see how you handle naah convincingly handle this "True love after marriage"…………….even karan Johar had such a hard time handling such issue….lol. How exactly tasha's relationship will remain in the boundary of "love" and nt transcend itself to an extra marital affair!!!! And to top of it how much intact the" divine" feature of this couple will be, when prostitution and surrogacy involved.  I know you'll keep mum and even I'm not expecting an answer…………just looking forward to some mind blowing updates! Lets see how well you do dealing with such topics with the famous (read infamous innocence of yours)

Chapter  1:

Bas ab jaan le loAngry…………I always win "Mishal mera hai contest" but this doesn't mean that you'll try to kill me…aur kuch nahin toh hamare sautan hone lihaaz kiya hotaOuch…………..Dutta married………first heart attackOuch…….to supriya…….second heart attackOuch……….nakusha……..third attacOuchk!!!!!!!! Poor sweetu how much will he sufferCry, five years……for whole five years he has to bear sups, now to compensate it I'll have to marry him for 14 birthsBig smileBig smile. Poor guy he always gets a drama queen……who survives after having sleeping pills?Shocked

Chalo ab kuch kaam ki baat…………the whole first chapter was the general narration, a very clear announcement from the writer's side that the focus is gonna be only and only the central character and central idea, nothing not concerned with them shall be entertained! I liked the way you incorporated the basic info the story in one single update! The first makes me curious how exactly dutta's temperament gonna be……exactly the way in the show or a little toned down……lets see! Loved the mention of how with each passing day not only many were killed by him but also a  part of innocent and vulnerable dutta was brutally butchered. Yeah it's hard to accept sups as her wife but hadn't we wondered quite often that what if dutta would have been married supriya, so a part of me is also looking forward to it! But still he kissing on her forhead……imagining myself in naku's place is still easy bt for sups ut I've to do it for sweetu's sake………see yeh hota hai ishq wala loveLOL

Personally I don't sympathize those people who reject the adaptation option on grounds of "apna khoon apna hota hai" and I loved the fact that dutta didn't gave up until it became a matter of life and death……..that's where sups is lacking as a wife, all the dedication and loyalty that dutta has invested in the relationship she's taking them for granted, whatever the reason may be you can't force someone to sleep with anybody out of his/her desire if as a life partner you are unable to ensure your partner's basic rights then you are a soul mate just for name sake………she's is only looking at her pain, coz even after living with dutta she hasn't realized that for this man sex is where two soul meets followed by the body! She is not meant for dutta. Dutta needs someone who could spread positivity around him and supriya is definitely not one,she not at all acknowledges the fact that his husband is not blaming her for not being fertile enough to provide a heir, rather he took the entire blame on him!!!Nakusha's appearance is quite appropriate……… made me remember the praises I showered at you for prescribing the attire for your leads…lol

The best part he combing his wet hairs………..we are still not over with it and don't know why but when that dialogue came that "ab itne saal se koshish…………." It's a really good dialogue but still that made me laugh…lol!

A good start rose…….the kickass part was naku's entry, with AS too out of picture seems the focus will be only only these three!!!

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afzal7861 Senior Member

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hi rose
i enjoyed reading the ud its very emotional very nice 
sups desperation to have baby at the cost of wht 
looking fwd next ud 
plz ud soon 
and thanks for the update 

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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dutta insulting nakku supriya telling about nakku past dutta guilty supriya accusing him for breaking her dreams she doesn't deserve dutta in any sence when dutta showing loyalty to marriage why can't she see beyond child

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uwith Goldie

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hi rose
dutta finally sucumb to his wife wishes...lets see where it takes them .pls ud soon regards uvi

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