Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

*_ Happy Birthday Punjabi Munda Karan Kundra _*

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Tere naam se jee loon
tere naam se marr jaaun 
 teri jaan ke sadke
mein kuchh aaisa kar jaaun
tune kya kar dala
marr gayi main mitt gayi
main ho ri ha ri ho gayi main
teri deewani deewani
Today 11th October is an important day for us ... 28 years ago a special creature was brought into the world that would be dreamed by a lot of people!!!
Our calendar has one more party
because on this day you were born.


special day

with music to listen

to be transported

in a romantic world.


Month of the Libra,

sign of balance

"Listen to our heart

You are our Sadu Boss"


Year of celebration

thou of our dream

you're the thief.

Eleventh of October Eighty-Four




Doesn't everyone's heart beat like that?

Like a Dhol?

When this extremely handsome man shows up on your screen?


Handsome Man?


That reminds me of Punjabi Boys

Speaking of Punjabi Boys

There is a specific Punjabi Boy

Whose Birthday is Today (Oct 11)

Hmmm...Any clues?

Enough of clues, everyone should know

But if not,

Hope this little actually long poem can help


Here comes the Birthday boy,

All saj dhaj ke, aye,

Oh soo much joy,

For this special day

His charm, oh so charismatic

His voice and his expressions

Not even a bit over dramatic

This is no new confession,

But he stole hearts of millions

With his fresh style

He is worth more than billions

His eyes to his smile

To his body to his killer looks

A girl will fall for him from over a mile

He loves food and he cooks

He's a business man

And an actor

What else can this man plan

He grew up with a tractor

Where his homeland is heavenly beautiful

From it's culture to it's land

To its people to the romance

It's a huge inspiration

This beautiful and holy place is called Punjab

Where this extremely handsome man was born with a lot of talent

Like a typical Punjabi, he loves to  joke and have fun

From a city called Jalandhar

He was discovered

And now check your calendar

Hope your memory lost recovered


Either he wears a kurta

Or a sherwani

It is no other than Karan Kundra

Who we give meherbani 

Off course it is  Karan Kundra!

Hit it! Bring the Dhol in!

It is our Punjabi Munda's Birthday!!

*dhoom dhoom lak lak*


We all know Karan Kundra is very proud to be Punjabi,

We can see his proud from his interviews

And when the party is Punjabi styled

Actually any styled

No one can stop us Punjabis


So Off course tonight's party for Karan Kundra

Is going to be something special

And rememberable

So off course this party is going to be



So where's the party tonight?

At India-Forums and everyone else

We have nothing to give you, but with this poem

we want to say you 

Punjabi Munda Karan Kundra now is 28 years old!
It really seems yesterday when on 19th January 2009 he became part of our lives and he was a young boy of 24 years.

And Today he is turning 28 YearsStar!!!

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A ju n Pun j
Sir, Kitani Mohabbat Hai?
Kehne Ki Baat Thi, Tho Kehdi...Azmaana Mat

Arjun Punj is a name, an attitude, a personality, a way of life, a man who hated that stupid emotion called love but later he defined the true meaning of love as nobody else did and will do as well. Karan Kundra did an awesome job and nobody will ever be able to match the level he portrayed Arjun's character: his gaze, his smile, his style to walk and talk like a boss, his mesmerizing dialogue. From Sadu Boss Punji he turned into a Paagal Deewana in a such way that you can not forget easily the depth and intensity of Karan's acting and look.
Arjun is now a person, has its own life, its own personality; when Karan Kundra began to act as Arjun Punj he has created a PERFECT person, sweet as a memory, but also light as a laugh and tender as a dream.
A r j uS i n g h a n i a
Ek Dharkhan Abhi Bhi Baaki Hai
After adoring him as the very innocent Arjun Punj, Karan Kundra as the mature Arjun Singhania with a grey shade was a surprise package. He brought along a new charm, a new personality that left one and all in awe. From the mysterious young man to the loving husband, the journey was full of fun and emotions; never a dull moment, the way Karan Kundra portrayed Arjun Singhania effortlessly was commendable. Be it the little smirk or the totally evil act Karan Kundra has come to be one of the finest actors I have seen. Thriller, action, comedy, romance and more; he has done it all. The little details in his expressions he'd take care of, the little actions he'd pay attention to, is just amazing.
One can't help but admire him in the role of the romantic partner who became every girl's dream lover that came straight out of a book. Besides, the much patient guy Arjun was close to reality. It all looked so natural that one could say he wasn't playing the character but living it, leaving us all wanting for more.

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Siggie Ki Baaris




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Happy Birthday Karan Kundra! <3 
Many many happy returns of the day.. 
Wishing u a wonderful birthday with lots of love on your special day!
Wishing u all the happiness that a wonderful birthday could possibly bring..
Enjoyy your day! <3
loveyouu sooo much! <3

ITS MY ROOOCKSTAAARS B'DAY MAAAN Silly.. i dont know how long we waited for this day, and finally its here.. :)).. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUNDRAAA :).. may all youre wishes come true and seriously have damn big blast.. :) .. you're an AMAAZIN actor and for me such a damn down to earth person.. ALWAYS keep rockin as always and be yourself always :) .. i really want to you give you something, but i am soo untalented.. just all my LOVE  Heart LOL 

KMH were my first show, YOU were my first love and ArJuhi were my first fav couple.. you guys will always be  a special corner in my heart.. ALWAYS :)).. hope to see you guys together someday :).. (i needed to confess that right now ROFL)
Wishing u all the GreAtesT things in life Tongue, And May every DreAm of yours come true, this sPecIal day of yours be filled with LoVinG MeMorIes Full of Fun,Wink Party   Party   Party   Party
And May God give u all his LoVe and WaRmTh in every step of yours Party   Party   Party   Party
u are the Reason of my SmiLe Tongue~The best thing HappeNed in my life was when i saw u FirsT time on tv, cant ForGet those MemOrieSWink... Party   Party   Party   Party
U r and u will always be the PRINCE Hug of my DreAm.. "ITNI MOHABBAT HAI"Embarrassed Party   LOVE U Party   Party   Party   Party

wish u a very happy birthday karan :) ..may god bless u..always wish the best for u Heart keep smiling Embarrassed

happiest birthday karan. I luv u <3 I've been ur fan ever since the kmh1 days n have continued to admire u till date.
U r happening as ever. Handsome as ever stay the same. Arjun punj made me fall in luv with karan n den u made me fall in love with every role u played.
Luv u . May u get all the happiness in world.
happy birthday karan! Its been two years knowing u..two long which i've laughed, cried, danced, sung n done what not with u.. You know, I totally luved kmh2 n that propelled me to watch kmh1..n i'm ever so glad for watching both of them..ur mindblowing performances n awesome chemistry with kritika made me just fall in luv with u , so much that i cant even look at other actors without keeping u in mind n wishing u were there instead.. U know even a glimpse or a pic of u with Ur one-sided, dimpled smile just makes my day. N thats cuming from me, who doesnt usually falls for celebs n all..Wink trust me, ur the first male actor (female being kittu) who i adore to the core, n whose such a big phanka i am..

May u get all u deserve n more..may u get all the happiness n success that comes ur way..may u always remain the loving, down-to-earth, full-on mastikhor foodie n bindass person that u are..(who doesnt make any wrong choices)

n may u come in tons of hit romantic serials like kmhDay Dreaming
a very very very happy birthday to my rockstar Karan Kundra Heart
its been two years since i have come to know u, but i still love u actor has been able to take ur place in my heart Big smile
i first saw u as Arjun my my wht mindblowing expressions u gave Clap .. while we saw the comic side of u in KMH2 but the sad, n heartbreaking acting as Arjun Punj took my heart away ..ur acting is one of the finest i have seen in the industry Approve one can beat u to this *hands down*

i hope with eaching growing year u turn younger n younger ROFL n achieve the heights of success Big smile n may we get to see u in B'wood soon enuf Wink n pls stay the down-to-earth person you are :))
Happy Birthday once again Heart
-Lots of Love <3
Happy Birthday Karan Kundra, our Punjabi mundaParty
May all your dreams and goals come true 
Cheers to your 34th year and may more birthdays come and give you all the happiness you deserve. When i first saw you on KMH, I instantly fell in love with you and your character Arjun. You portray emotions incredibly well and you are incredibly handsome. So today is the day where a talented person was born and who entertained us. We all laughed with you and even cry. I just want to say Thank You for all the hardwork you put in your job to entertain us. Clap I know you will succeed more than you imagined.
Once again Happy Birthday Hug and I hope you have a blast
It's your day today!
I have never been a fan of any celebrity like I have of Karan he is sooo SPECIAL to me and my love for him is unconditional..sadly I have realized no matter what he does I can't stop loving him! HeartHeartHeartHe is my King..and he is my first and BIGGEST CRUSHBlushing I don't think I'll ever get over himTongue One AMAZINGG ACTOR!! He is soo F*ken Sexy and HOT and Adorableee it makes me wonder if that is even possible???ROFL ROFLCall me crazy but I'm totally gaga over this guy and so are my gals I guesss we are just Crazy Canadian Chics! Ahahah, like I WANT HIM...Embarrassed hehehe, ok well not him cuz I can't hv him and I'm not a stealing chudrail TongueROFL but someone guy who looks just like him..! LOL. Wink 
 Big smile TRULY A DREAM COME TRUE :')Big smile
Many many happy retruns of d day king kParty...may u have many moreHug...God bless u...
its been 4 years  now,i am celebrating ur birthday bcoz u r an amazing person..u r d only celeb i know who have heart of gold n so down to earth,so friendly,so funny,damn handsome n hot BlushingWink...always stay like this Smile...ur just simlpy amazingHeartEmbarrassed...

and I want to thank your parents today for bringing you into this world for me Blushing OK for usLOL

 this poem is for u Karan Big smile...
ak tara ak ajooba sab naal vakhra...
karda eh apna naa ucha...
vekh vekh k duniya hondi hayran...
kithon aaya ay eh Gabru JawanWink

vm Embarrassed...

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VM made by Nami and her gang


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C r e d i ts

Opening post +First Poem: DUGGUlicious
Second Poem: PriyaxBassi
Biography: mansi_47
Arjun Punj's take: DUGGUlicious
Arjun Singhania's take: shibz
PMed all member: .Dulcet
Siggie Maker:



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Res. for my wishes...edit tomorrow :P


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