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MG FF-VIVAH - Thread 10 (Page 136)

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This new banner is gifted to me by Piya. Thanks a lot darling. Love ya.


Thank you friends for your lovely comments.


Though I am not late in updating, but still sorry for ignoring your messages. My daughter had fallen sick again on Monday and was in very bad shape. Now she is much better and I am off next week so that should help in her complete recovery.


Now coming to this part, it is dedicated to Mishtiritu who requested to write a part on this song. This part was completely written and added on her request. Hope you enjoy.


Kalabhas  - Thank you dear for commenting for the first time. I am glad you like the story. I totally agree with you. Even I went through initial chapters of my first FF and wondered did I actually write it. They were very short and little immature. But I am glad that you felt the difference and like Vivah so much.



VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF



Chapter 66


Warning - 16+ content. Please skip if not comfortable'



It was just two days since Maan left her. She was missing him terribly. Though they spoke every morning and evening, still the emptiness in her made her oscillate between moods. By now she had given up on herself as she found herself smiling and crying at his same talks.


Like yesterday evening, when he had huskily said he was dreaming of her in bed.


"Jaan bahut miss kar raha hoon tumhein. Bas 2 days more and then I will be in your arms. Kuch kam mein man bhi nahi lag raha. Bas har jagah tum hi dikhti rehti ho."


(Jaan I am missing you a lot. Only 2 days more and then I will be in your arms. I don't even feel like working. I am just lost in you and see you everywhere.)


First she had blushed, then kept on smiling like a fool and finally tears had come out of her eyes as she realized that he was not there with her in reality.


Today she was busy whole day in gallery and finally finished the painting according to her own expectation. Wrapped in brown paper, she had transferred it to the home studio for final touches.


It was 10:00 in the night and sleep was far away. But her body demanded some rest after a long toiling day so she dipped herself in a bath.


As bubbles burst she immersed herself in her favorite pastime- thinking about her husband.


"It must be 1:30 in the night there now. So rahe honge na...pure bed pe akele."


(It must be 1:30 in the night there now. He must be sleeping...alone on the whole bed.)


She blushed slightly as she imagined him sprawled on the bed. She bit her lip almost as she asked herself "Kya pehna hoga ya phir..."


(What he must be wearing or is he...)








Jaadu hai nasha hai madhoshiyan
Tujhko bhulake aab jaao kahan



Hiding her face in her palms at having such naughty thoughts, she came out of the bath. She wrapped herself in a towel and walked towards the wardrobe. Her curls were still wet and water drops fell on her shoulder and slid underneath the towel knot.


She opened the cupboard door and before she could bend down to take out her nightdress from the drawer, her eyes fell on his clothes. She touched his shirts and suits hanging in the cupboard remembering his words


Dekhti hai jis tarah se teri nazrein mujhe
Main khud ko chupaao kahan

Jaadu hai nasha hai madhoshiyan
Tujhko bhulake aab jaao kahan

"Pata hai Jaan...I have a fantasy of seeing you in my shir...just my shirt...since the day you fixed that button on it."


She removed her towel leaving her only in a white underwear. Slowly with her shaking hands, she took out his white shirt and wore it. Leaving top three buttons open she walked to the mirror. She applied mascara, eyeshadow and kohl to give her eyes a smokey effect. Then picked up a pink gloss and applied on her lips.


She threaded her one hand in her hair and lifted her wet curly tresses from one side while the other hand roamed on her waist as she looked at herself in the mirror objectively.


"Do you look sexy Geet Maan Singh Khurana or what?"


Yeh pal hai apna to is pal ko jee le
Sholon ki tarha zara jal ke jee le

Pal jhapakte kho na jana
Chuke karloon yakin

Na jane yeh pal paaye kahan

Jaadu hai nasha hai madhoshiyan
Tujhko bhulake aab jaao kahan


Suddenly she started imagining how Maan will look at her. She felt her whole body enveloping in heat as she felt his ardent gaze on her. Her own hand moved from her waist towards her mounds when she noticed that from one side water had dripped on her curve making them transparent. Dark part and her bud were clearly visible and she felt them hardening under her own gaze.


Not able to take the intensity, she walked backwards thudding on the bed. Her breath became shallow as she realized the warm arousal between her legs. She was in pure heat and moved her hand from her neck to her valley, down to her navel to her thighs touching and feeling herself.


She felt incredibly stimulated and with a groan flipped over in bed burying her face in his pillow.


"Oh Maan"


She clutched the pillow tight as she visualized him on top of her, touching her where she had just now touched herself, doing proper justice to her aroused state.


She turned, twisted and writhed on the white cool sheets as reality and dream merged and erotic images took over her mind.


Maan was feeling so restless and was chiding himself to fall asleep. But alas sleep was miles away. He sighed noticing the time. 2:00AM.


"Should I call her? I know dantegi itni raat tak jagne ke liye par kya karoon. Neend hi nahi aa rahi. Uski mithi mithi awaaz mein daant khake hi sahyad neend aa jaye. Only talking to her can calm my heart."


(Should I call her? I know she will scold me for waking up so late but what can I do? I am just not able to sleep. Maybe I will be able to sleep after hearing scolding in her sweet voice. Only talking to her can calm my heart.)


Not able to stop himself, he called her.


Geet's trance was intruded by ring of her phone. With shaking hands she saw Maan's name flashing. A fresh wave of desire hit her at seeing his name. Her breath hitched a little more and she was in no position to pick up the phone but then her concern won. She frowned seeing the time.


"Itni raat ko...sab thik toh hai"


(So late in the night...hope everything is ok)


She picked up the phone and in a quivering voice still laden with thickness of her passion she asked softly "Maan!!!"


Maan almost felt the seduction in her husky honeyed voice. He heard her ragging breath and for a moment lost his senses completely. But not knowing what she was doing, he controlled his thoughts and responded - "Geet...before you get angry, I couldn't help from calling you. I am missing you Jaan and not able to sleep"


His words just pushed her to yet another edge and she responded with just yet another moan "Oh Maan!!!"


His own desired started rising as for sometime he just heard her breathing and moans when she finally blurted out hoarsely "I am wearing your white shirt...just your shirt."


Baahon mein teri yun kho gaye hain
Armaan dabe se jagne lage hain

Jo mile ho aaj hum ko door jana nahin
Mitado saari yeh duriyan

Jaadu hai nasha hai madhoshiyan hai
Tujhko bhulake aab jaao kahan

Maan felt his love and desire peaking at the thought of how she has made his fantasy hers. For few moments they just heard racing heartbeats as they both struggled to keep themselves in check. With heads fallen backwards, eyes closed, they both just got excited understanding each other's need.


After few minutes when Maan could not take it anymore, he asked her to put her phone on speaker mode and slide it down her body slowly. Geet was long lost to think of anything and did as he said.


She almost felt herself coming as she heard the first kiss when the phone was on the hollow of her neck. Next one when it laid on her valley. He kept on smooching her till she almost shrieked his name as the phone found place on top of her panty.


Dekhti hai jis tarah se teri nazrein mujhe
Main khud ko chupaao kahan

Jaadu hai nasha hai madhoshiyan hai
Tujhko bhulake aab jaao kahan



"Oh Baby!!! Oh"


His words ignited a dangerous fire as her whole body shook with desire.


Maan himself was finding it difficult to control himself anymore. His own body drummed with naked need as he almost felt her convulsing body. He slowly asked her to take the phone back and keep it near her heart.


This time he kissed her gently and then remained silent. There was no need for words for what they both were experiencing.


After a long time, slowly their heartbeats came under control as she almost whimpered "I want to sleep like this."


Maan smiled but kept quiet as they both heard each other's breaths and slept off.


Precap  - Maan - I not only want to cherish you for this lifetime but for next seven lives.

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RESERVE... WILL READ nd Comment :--)

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