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This new banner is gifted to me by Piya. Thanks a lot darling. Love ya...


Vote of thanks – Please see the post above.


Also, thank you so much for your wishes for Rhia. She is feeling much better though I really hope she adjusts soon.


I have mentioned below Anu's comment. It captured the essence of last update beautifully and will urge to read it and then my POV which builds on top of it.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF



Chapter 65


Anu (Hermosos Comment) –


bahut se rishtey hum nibhate hai , par husband wife ka rishta bahut anokha hota hai jiske ke saath hum saath vachan khate hai , saath phere lete hai aur saath janmaon ka saath nibhane ke kasme khaate hai . Do alag duniyaa ,do alag parivesh se aaye do alag insaan ek hi bandhan mein bandthe hai

yahan se do anjaan insaano ka safar shuru hota hai jahan sab kuch naya rehata hai  . dheerre dheere do se ek hote hai . kya kabhie bhi hum sochte hai ki hum us anjaan insaan ko hum apna sab kuch de dete hai , ek soch , ek disha ,ek sapna aur apna pyar . Hume pata hi nahi chalta jo insaan kal to ekdam anjaan tha , aaj duniya uske irdgird ghumthi hai ,har subah uske saath shuru hoti hai aur aur har raat uske saath khatam .


Hum apna chotha sa aashiyana banate hai , yaadien sajate hai ,aur zindagi ko har rang bhar kar use khoobsurat banate hai . Chothi chiothi khushiyan zindagi ko naya ilm dethi hai  aur ek doosre ko aur kareeb lati hai .


so, this gesture of maan will add one more beautiful page in their life and increase ten folds of trust and love towards each other .



Thanks Anu – Finance is a very integral part of married life. That was the wall which separated them when Geet sold off Hope for her dream house. If done without feelings, it is the easiest to cross. If done with feelings, it is as hard as physical barrier. Kisi ko itna apna samajhna ki har mayine mein jo kuch hai dono ka hai…ek ka nahi. Shayad isiliye it is one of the seven vows. But Thanks for capturing it so beautifully.


Maan let out a sigh of relief - "Ok so tell me what you want to do?"


"Jo bhi aapka mood ho"


(Whatever you want)


Maan took her out of his embrace – "Nahi…aaj tum batao. I am at your service so whatever you say Mam…waise bhi tum kabhi nahi batati"


Geet detected a hint of sadness in his voice – "Aap aise kyon bol rahe hain"


(Why are you saying like this?)


Maan avoided her gaze but she did not let the matter go – "Batayine na?"


(Please say)


"You didn't even tell me when it was your Birthday…I felt so bad…"


"But we celebrated and I loved it"


Maan kept quiet


Geet realized his pain and unsaid words and pulled her ears – "This time genuinely sorry…aapko bura laga tha na but promise next time I will share everything with you and you also promise the same…hmmm"


Maan smiled at her cute promise and nodded like a kid


"Acha aaj sham ko na…bike race karte hain"


That wiped out the smile from his face immediately. Images from their last bike ride flitted in and racing on two separate bikes was definitely a loosing position for him.


"Kya hua. Aap aise kya dekh rahe ho. Bada maza aayega…let's so dirt biking. Aap Arjun se puch lo if he is free and let me ask Rahul"


(What happened? Why are you looking at me like this? It will be good fun…let's go dirt biking. You ask Arjun if he is free and let me ask Rahul.)


Maan looked at her with a smile. Though Maan was reluctant of sharing his time with anyone else but he could not refuse seeing her excitement. Also, he had hope now that they will be riding together. Moreover, for first time she had asked him something she wanted to do so how could he not make that happen and somewhere he knew that she had asked for this to just revive his own passion for bikes.


Both Rahul and Arjun along with Annie waited at the dirt race ground which Geet managed to book for couple of hours. Maan joined them on the bike few minutes later followed closely by Geet in car along with Vicky.


Arjun whistled seeing Geet dressed in a fitted black jeans and a shirt.


"Wow , now that is smoking hot"


Annie whacked Arjun.


"What…arre it was just a general comment. What you don't agree"


Maan smacked him again – "Shut up if you want to be alive"


"Acha tu marega mujhe?"


(Why are you gonna hit me?)


"Why should I make my hands dirty when her brother is standing right here"


Everyone laughed as Geet came closer with Vicky.


"What's the joke guys"


"Tum na hi suno toh acha hai. Hi Vicky…you here?"


Vicky responded proudly - "Hi…I am here to see Tayiji race and win."


"Yeh lo…Tayji ka chamcha, isne to apne bade papa ki party bhi badal li hai"


Everyone laughed as Arjun introduced Vicky to Annie


"So Mrs. Khurana ho jaye…well let me tell you that me and Maan together are a deadly combination."


Geet smiled – "Well "Breaking News" so are me and Rahul and you two are not driving together"


With that, the first race started. Geet sat behind Maan in the first race and Maan felt a sense of exhilaration which he had never felt before. He loved the way she held onto him, confident of his abilities. She was a very gifted pillion rider as well murmuring the stats and directions after observing the course.


As they rode, mud flung around them, making them wet and sticky. Maan concentrated on the race as they were in high speed but still could not help but feel her her body glued to him. Her face was very close to his ear as she talked over the din of bikes. Her soft curves pushed in to his back and her pelvis and legs glued to his backside and legs like second skin.


Her condition was no less vulnerable as she was fully aware of her posture. With great difficulty she managed to concentrate on the race and off course as a team they won the first round. Vicky cheered for them the loudest as they grinned, showing off.


They continued with multiple races with Geet going solo or joining Maan / Rahul alternately or cheering with Vicky.  It was great fun as all were experienced drivers and were feeling the adrenaline rush after a long time. Vicky enjoyed too and Geet took him for a round albeit a little slow, drenching him too in mud like everyone else.


They finished with a solo race between Geet and Arjun with Arjun winning just with a fraction. Everybody laughed around cheering and hooting at so much fun they had together.


Later in the Night


Adi called Maan letting him know of an urgent trip to Tokyo. Maan had started his overseas business with this client and he had very close relations with them. Apparently some concerns had been raised by authorities over earthquake proofing and architecture team was required to resolve the issue. Maan immediately asked Adi to book his and Sasha's tickets and plan for a trip next day.


Then he informed everyone including Geet.


"Dekho Jaan aise naraaz mat ho. I will come back soon yaar. Zaroori nahi hota toh I would not have gone"


(Please sweetheart, don't be angry. I will come back soon yaar. I would have not gone if it was not absolutely necessary.)


Maan was further baffled as Geet hugged him tight crying. He had always seen her pragmatic side and this emotional state was confusing him.


"Acha mujhe yeh batao tum ro kyon rahi ho? You know I keep on going on business trips so what is it? Kuch bolo na Shona!!!" Maan said as he tried to calm her rubbing her back


(Ok, at least tell me why are you crying? You know I keep on going on business trips so what is it? Say something Shona!!!)


Geet finally spoke out her inner turmoil – "Last time…sob…aap ke trip ke baad…sob….so many misunderstanding happened. I am scared of loosing you"


Maan cupped her face, wiping her tears with his thumb – "As you said yourself, they were mere misunderstandings because we did not communicate to each other. Lekin ab toh we do talk out our heart's desire with each other. I know you love me lots Geet. So trust me. Nothing and no one can take me away from you. You can never loose me because I live in your heart and you in mine. Now give me a sweet smile so that I can complete my work peacefully and come back as soon as possible."


Maan smiled and thought of something naughty to distract his wife – "By the Way Geet, you know, last time I got a gift for you from London but I never gave it to you."


Geet sniffled as her sobs died at his soothing words. She looked at him expectantly with twinkling eyes – "Sachi…toh diya kyun nahi?"


(Really…then why did you not give it?)


"I just felt the situation was not right. But you know ab tumne mujhe itne saare naam diye hain – besharam, loafer etc etc toh mein soch raha hoon ki tumhein de hi deta hoon."


(I just felt the situation was not right. But you know not that you have given me so many names - – besharam, loafer etc etc, I am thinking that I should give it to you.)





"Ruko…ek minute"


Maan went and took out the wrapped gift and gave it to Geet. She was still thinking that he was joking but was super excited to actually see a gift which was wrapped in Harrods tissue paper.


She smiled and took the gift and opened it. She saw the silky material and then lifted it. Her eyes widened and mouth opened in a perfect "O" shape seeing the negligee.




She picked up pillows and started throwing at him.


"Arre…itna naraaz kyon ho rahi ho…that was because you gave your red one to Meera"


Geet blushed hard – "So…so what…yeh leke aaye aap mere liye London se…tab toh we were not even…I mean"


Maan laughed out loud at her condition - "I mean what…ab I thought tum bina kahe samajh jaogi, that I am ready for progressing this relationship"


"Chi chi Babaji..sach mein ladkon ka dimag na ek hi direction mein ghumta hai"


(Chi Chi Babaji…it is true that men think in one direction only.)


Maan smiled and came closer holding her hands as she pouted in anger – "Are meri phoolan devi, I was in a different mind frame then. Bina kuch kahe hi tumhein apnana chahta tha. Yeh bhul hi gaya ki pyar ke saath uska izhaar bhi zaroori hota hai."


(My dear fighter wife, I was in different mind frame then. Without saying anything, I wanted to move ahead. I did not realize that it is as important to express as it is to love.)


Maan placed a kiss on her forehead as she looked down shyly.


"Waise it is beautiful"


"Hmmm….thik hai, mere waapis aane ke baad pehn ke dikhana. Waise tab tak…I mean…yeh period kab tak hota hai?"


(Hmmm…ok, wear it after I come back. Well I hope till then…I mean…for how many days do these periods last?)


Geet blushed and hid herself in his arms "Maan…kyon ched rahe ho…5 days…so when you come back pehn ke dikhaoongi"


(Maan…why are you teasing me…5 days…so I will wear it when you come back.)


Maan tightened his hold hearing her last words and they stayed like that for entire night just feeling each other's presence.


Precap – Ok guys, please don't be mad. This is no separation but just full circle of life. Jahan pe sab bigda tha wahi se sab thik bhi hoga. So don't worry and this trip is going to be very very small.


Next update is a request by dear mishtiritu. Only hint is that it is a little naughty and not a dream.


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After a long time commenting 1ST 

firstly about the reply "thanks that some maaneet scenes will be there with some naughtiness"

now about the update 

geet for the first time asked maan something and that too riding firstly maan was reluctant as he wants to spend time with geet alone but half heartedly he agreed 
geet asked for the company of Arjun and her brother Rahul so maan couldn't deny with the excitement seen in her eyes
geet dressed in tight fitted jeans and when the ride started alll the memories of their first ride came in front of them and all the desires came out automatically

later all of the sudden maan was going to Tokyo for the business meeting but for the first time geet cried like a baby which makes maan see this side of geet and console her 
after consoling maan gifted geet what he brought from London ROFL

looking for to the next update 

thanks for pm 
bye take care of yourself and your kid

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hi ritzy... how u and ur kids????

thanx for updating in advance...

me waiting...

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sree10 Goldie

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inteha ho gayi intezaar ki aayi na kuch khabar update kii...

waiting impatiently

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Shruthe IF-Sizzlerz

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Seriously ,, you updated and i was just posting waiting like a crazy person... Wink

Anyways the update was superb... i loved the bike racing... Embarrassed the thrill of bike is just brilliant and maaneet doing a race against others... haayeee Embarrassed ,,, thats just awesome blossom...
I liked the way Maan thought about her wish more than his desire to spend some time with her alone... this just expresses the care and love that has blossomed and matured in time ... 
And even the birthday bit... am glad you covered up that one also.. you are closing all the minute parts in the story... and that is just perfect...

And the business trip... ofcourse iam MAD at you... Cry you made Geet cry... poor gal... though its a small one, poor them,,, am feeling bad for this small separation...
but the precap is making me all smile wide... cant wait for the next.. .jaldi update karna

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Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming

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1st of all..lemme shout...

i had a biggg smile reading the update...just too good!!!!!
and bike race...haiye..finally my wish came true!! and arjun tho kisi din pit jayega maan se!!!
but it was good to see all of them doing mastiii...

and TOKYO...haiyee dii mujhe bhi ab tokyo jaane ka mann kar rha hain..u know y ryt!!!!
and it was good tht geet let out her fears...and yes of course the negligee..
the oder day anu di and me were discussing on that topic maan usey gift dena bhool gaya!! but maan babu ki memory tho kamal ki hain...!!!!
even for a moment i thought it was separation..but then kaam tho kaam hi hota hain na!
cant ignore. its just a phase which will pass away eventually and am guessing tht agle update ke end tak maan waapis bhi aa jayega!!!Wink
tell me if am wrong!!!Big smile

but me waiting so badly for the next update..continue super soon!

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