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Will post the update tomorrow

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updating after after 2hrs 

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Possessive or Over possessive

Next Part :-

Maan bend little and say what to do break ur bore dom sona, tell me or shall I do it.

Before She can say anything , maan's finger playing on her bare waist to create havoc on her where she just hold his collar tightly and looked at him .

Maan smirk little and bend and dipped her head in her neck to devour it and make her moan then giggle when maan looked at her and found her giggling , he pull more close and asked what happen now ha and bite her nose.

Geet pouted quickly and rubbed her nose cutely and said it's paining but soon maan's facial expression changed from love and teasing to concern & tensed , he quickly examine her cute nose then said m sorry sona, jada dard toh nehi ho raha hain na sona.

Geet just looked at him in awe then kissed his nose and said I love u kuwar sa.

Maan looked at her in astonishment then said accha mujhe pata nehi tha.

Geet looked at him the realized he is again teasing her and she said aap bure ho, u r bad , always tease me huh,

Maan just take her in his arms and relished this moments when geet snuggled more close to him when maan just kissed her hair.when geet said m feeling bore


Maan smirk little and bend and dipped her head in her neck to devour it and said as I suggest u but u

But geet pushed him little & say m angry on u , u r teasing me huh ,

She pouted and turn her face then looked at him from corner of her eyes when maan said so my sona get angry on me ha ,

Geet nodded cutely and maan is about to say but his phone buzz and it's from Kc, this holidays in past maan was busy to recheck everything about KC but this time he give his time to sona but again something happen or need him so this call.

Geet looked at him and left the room silently.

Maan sighed and know she is upset but she will understand . he smiles then busy with the call.

Later after three days maan didn't find time time to spend with his sona who is too upset but know it might be something urgent other wise

They met either when geet slept and maan came and snuggled or hugged her tight and dose off to sleep ,it's like kashmir where also maan's work some times doing this . geet used to it still.

At night geet is sleeping but sleep is not peaceful as her kuwar sa is not here till,as he is busy with some files in study room.

She sighed and try to sleep but sleep is far away as it's happen when she was on kashmir as her kuwar sa spoiled her sleeping ,she blushed to think it.

At late night she felt him sliding besides her and then take her in his arms , she just smiles and hide her face in his neck where her hand caressing his hair and said feeling tired ha.

Maan just snuggled and said hmmm.

Geet slowly raised her self when maan make himself comfort on her and where geet removed his vest and slowly caressed his back and said itna kaha busy ho gaye aap, itna work toh uha bhi nehi tha.

Maan smiles on her bosom and said tha uha bhi sona .

Geet is caressed his back and massaging it when she said ha dikh raha hain mujhe kitna alag hain dono place pe.

Maan just smiles and hugged her tight where geet is worrying about his health  as  his own work then here also he looking after, and she know that he is right but also know that he will not take care of his health, she took the bum and massaged it on his back .

When he only snuggled more close to her and hide her face on her neck now.

Next day maan is wake up after feeling fresh and find his cutie is sleeping , he just looked at her then slowly kissed her forehead and caressed her smooth cheek then said sorry sona, socha tha time dungi but kuch problem aise aagaye ke ,mein tumhe time hi nehi de pa raha hoon jab ke promise kya tha iye holiday sirf tumahere liye hain,


He looks at her serene face and smiles how innocent she is still how mature, he felt over emotional to have her in his life.

Geet stirred little then open her eyes to found her kuwar sa is looking at her intently , she quickly asked how r u feeling now ?

Maan quickly give a peck on her lips then tucked the loose hair strand and said fine .

Maan noticed there is relief in her face as she was so worried and he know that .

Later maan get up and doing his regular exercise when geet came and said kuwar sa.

Maan just turn and said hmmm, geet seat in the floor and playing with duppatta when maan said kya hua sona kuch bolna hain.

Geet nodded yes when maan stop at his place and come and sit besides her and said bolo kya hua,itna dari hui kyuon ho,kuch hua kya, kisisne kuch bola,

Geet thought see how is he, thora sa pareshani dekha mujhe toh saare ghar sar pe kar denge, aab kaise bolu mein, oh suniye na.

Maan:-Geet kaha jana hain bolo

Geet looked at him with wide eyes when maan pinch her nose and said muh bandh karo aur jaldi se bolo, kya hain.

Geet pouted then said kuwar sa oh mujhe na kuch help chaiye aapko mere exam honge iha se jane ke baad but uske liye kuch cheese chaliye ,I don't have .

Maan:-ok will bring them but y u didn't bring them here .

Geet:-kaha se laati mujhe kya pata tha, oh toh Rishi & sandhya ne phone kya so pata chala.

Maan got alarmed and said now who is rishi ,I mean who r them , means rishi and sandhya ?

Geet:- class mate aab boliye kab le jayenge.

Maan:-hmm, ok aaj shaam ko , chalenge .

Geet smiles when maan pull her in his lap and said kaha ja rehe ho

Geet shied then said oh room mein kuch kaam hain phir masa ko thora madat karenge na , phir dadi ma ko help in gardening

Maan smiles then kissed her eyes then rubbed his stubble on her smooth cheek and said sabka khayal hain ha, rest kab lena hain, itna kaam kyuon iha pe hain na sab.

Geet giggled then said are mein rest leti hoon na, kitna rest loon , aap bhi full day busy with ur work and m feeling lazy so,

Maan:-so me is busy for that u want to keep urself busy ha.

Geet nodded no and yes then said thora ha thora na.

Maan looked puzzled when geet kissed his cheek then said will say later now get ready and come in dining room for break fast,


At evening geet is waiting for maan but he is still not come from office and masa said don't know what he is doing there now, how many times we said him to enjoy the holiday but this man. And now after marry her also .see,masa, poor girl is waiting for him and he is busy with files when his poor wife is waiting for him here.

Dadi sa is looking at her bahu then at geet who is making baby face as if saying pls don't get mad on her kuwar sa.

Dadi sa chuckled to see it then said bahu pls,

Masa sat on the couch and looked at her masa and bahu both r making cute faces and try to say don't get angry on maan.

She can't control her smiles then said hmmm & just sat there.

Maan came after 9 with all exhausted and said to geet, sorry sorry geet, sona, I'm really sorry, as I stuck in some work, sorry sorry .

But seeing him like that all forget everything and masa quickly said come on maan jaldi se khana kha lo , baatein baad mein hoga.

Geet nodded and almost runs from there to bring hot food for her kuwar sa.

Dadi sa said baith jaiye beta, we will talk about it later.

Maan sighed and know it'll happen,

Later three days went like this and masa and dadi sa got irritated with this as they can see how much geet is longing well she used to it still.


After three days, maan came back to home early and runs towards her room before any one say anything to him .but found the room is empty then he smiles and know she might be with masa or dadi sa to help them or in garden.

He went but found her no where and he panicked when masa said what happen maan, y r u looking tensed

Maan:-masa where is geet now?I can't find her, she is no where in the palace.

Masa :-hmmm we know it.

Maan looked more shocked then said u know it and still so cool and calm.

Masa:-maan went to market then from there to book store and few needed things for her coming exam.

Maan looked at his calm dadi  sa and masa then said how could u let her go alone masa, dadi sa, don't u know she is little , she don't know anything, she don't know anything about this place, and it's going on

When both masa and dadi sa r looking at him then said calm down maan, don't react so over.

Maan:-I'm reacting over, dadi sa, don't u know she is kid,she is alone out side and u let her go alone.

Masa felt irritated with this and said she is kid yes, she is alone staying with u a different place where u don't even come for many times as for ur work and she stay on that home alone , she is kid and don't forget here we r every one about ur wife and our bahu is safe and will return back soon, baas time ho gaya and send driver, guards r with her , don't worry. Itna toh trust aapne masa and dadi sa pe rakh sakte hain aap.

Maan felt little guilt with his behavior but how can he  make them understand his tension, problem.

He said I'm sorry masa , dadi sa,

Later Wall clock stuck 7.30 and geet is still not at palace, he keep glancing at the main door then masa and dadi sa then at wall clock and keep romaing in the whole palace hall and calling on raj's no., raj who went to meet some relative .

maan is looking too tensed and keep watching at the wall clock,

maan said masa did u see the time and m going to bring her back , don't know what 's wrong with them, they r left the place 1 and half hrs ago now what is happening, the place is hardly 30mins away and , I just can't believe it and more what's the need to stay there too long ,

After saying this,he almost took key and  and  clock stuck  at  8p.m. geet came back with heavily panting

She lookes at maan and know he is angry on her but more he is tensed for her, she make sorry face and try to say something but stop to see maan is giving her glare

Geet lowered her face when maan said to geet go to ur room geet now.


And here maan looked at her but before she can say anything Raj came and said opps late ho gaya , raj said bhai sa oh but stop to received the glare from maan.


Geet know he will not listen anything and she also don't want to say in front of any one anything, she will make her kuwar sa understand or will say everything alone.

After geet being left maan looked at raj who murmur maar gaya, chalo ready to be court mershall .

Maan:- where r u went, can't u accompany him,

Raj:-oh bhai sa one of relatived called me so, and then I met my child hood friend there so.

Maan:- do u all know how innocent she is, she is kid, she is innocent , how  could u,how could u let her  u all r elder than her, I thought u r mature enough to understand but '..


Masa , dadi sa both of u know and still,u think m reacting over, ha, this is the reason see, the time, do u know how much secure the place where they went ,


Maan glared at him and went from there when dadi sa said don't sad ha, u know na.

Raj shook his head and said are nehi , m not bhai sa has full right to get angry on me, m really sorry but will take of this matter from next time

Dadi sa smiles then next time aayega nehi kyuon ki aab kuch bhi ho maan will try to accompany her with everything ,then looked at nakul and asked nakul what happen , y u r late and bahu rani

Nakul:-oh maafi hukum , bhabi sa said she will eat golgappa after buying the neccassary thing for her, and can't say no and then car broke down.


Dadi sa :- what , lo ho gaya, kal ek aur baar sunke liye ready rehena sab car broke down and we all send geet there with that car

Raj chuckled then said don't worry bhabi will manage our sher I mean bhai sa,

Masa :- bahut bol raha hain badmash chal aab.


Here in Maaneet's Bed room:


Geet is looking at maan with baby face which make maan difficult to say anything and melting him but still he said with stern voice can u explain for this irresponsible behavior geet

Geet:-oh u don't want to go

Maan looked more shocked and said WHAT, come again.

Geet with baby face said oh u don't want to go na, oh toh mein harbari mein bol dia actually , kuwar sa, she came closed and said mujhe oh jarurat tha , parna tha, exam preparation ke liye but u r busy then said u will not be able to go with me and then so, upar se u r so busy , I don't think to disturb u so.

Maan:-so , I told u , I'm busy for few days ,ok forget it but can u say me the reason for this late arrving , sona it's past 8 , do u know the place,

Geet:- u r busy and m feeling bore so ,I have to buy those things and then I was  searching few cds and books so.

Maan:- can't u tell me or wait little.

Geet:- aap toh busy the and ho so.

Maan  pull her close to him and said so, u should wait for me,

Geet:-par aap toh but maan with stern voice little rudely said baas, once I told u, na then, can't u wait, what's so u know this place no then, no more word geet,

Geet murmur har time khud busy rehethe hain toh mein kya karu,huh, mujhpe gussa ho rehe hain kaise , mere kya galati ,exam ke liye parna bhi toh tha.

Maan gritted his teeth geet.

Geet weakly smiles at him but recived only stern glare and she almost runs from there after murmuring something


Maan know he is little bit rude but still ,he is helpless.he just too tensed for her,he can't let her hurt by any thing but is he doing right, she has the right to live fully

Masa look worried to see this and in her room she is thinking about it, y she is feeling maan's possessiveness will create problem, hope it's not but still,


Here after dinner, which is too quiet and all ate silently where geet is keep trying to manofy maan who is still angry or tensed don't know.

Later at night time, geet said to nakul, give me this ,will give him

Nakul nodded and give her the coffee mug & left from there immidiately .

Geet knocked their room and came and stand besides maan and said kuwar sa.



Maan with stern voice said what happen geet, if u want to say something then say or other wise leave the room.

Geet at first startled to hear rude voice from maan then said aapka coffee and m sorry.


Maan throw the file in table and bang his hand there.

Maan turn and said yes u r sorry isliye itna late, iha mein pagalo ki tarah phikar kar raha tha, kaha ho tum, kya kar rehe ho, do u know how I felt.can't u wait for me, itna jaldi kya tha?

Geet:-I told masa and dadi sa but they give me permission and I'm sorry , meine jaan bhoojhke late nehi kya.

Maan just turned and said nothing when geet said I thought u r busy so it'll be easy if I.but never want to make u tensed .

 He get up when geet said kuwar sa, kaha ja rehe ho, aapke coffee.

Maan slowly turn and took the mug and left the room.

Maan went to terrece and thinking about it.he is right or wrong, he is wrong now, ok he was tensed but she didn't do it intentionally , still he hurt her but he didn't mean to hurt her, he just want to say something but he .how much he want to say something but hurt her instead.he know she is right,she just went there but y he was or is still feeling something else, he was too tensed, scared about something which he is unaware .y.I have to appolgise.I have to when he felt her besides him ,

He was so much engrossed in his thinking don't know when she came and take sit besides him.

She said softly,naraj hain aap mujhse,

Maan nodded no.

Geet :-I'm really sorry , I really never want to scare u or make u tensed but I thought u r busy and it'll just so when masa and dadi sa got to know they suggest me and so, but when we r coming back, car broke down so we reached late, kuwar sa I can never do anything to make u hurt or worry.

Maan felt more guitly then geet slowly get up and said come back to room ,pls and left from there.

At night , in maaneet's bedroom:-

Maan is looking at the roof and keep thinking about everything, he don't know y he is doing this one side he know he should let her enjoy another side he is thinking , that she is too small, kid.she don't know about this world then

Maan is thinking, m I forcing her, m I binding her too much ,but she is kid, she is innocent, but she is 18yrs also where others girls r enjoying where she bind by this relation but she is happy na also,

Maan turn and looked geet's face and kissed her forehead and said sona tell me na ,kya karu,I want to see u  enjoy like this , live the life happily but sona how could I go alone anywhere u r too small, too innocent for this world.sorry sona.but u r so innocent and can't let u do this

He take her in arms where geet happily snuggled more and sleep peacefully.


Next day geet wake up but find her kuwar sa is sleeping and holding her firmly.

She smiles and carrassed his hair when she heard him saying good morning sona.

Geet smiles and replied back with equally .

Maan smiles then pull her in him and kiss her forehead then eyes and said I'm sorry for shouting on ,

Geet try to protest when maan said no sona ,I was wrong, but don't know y I was or still m feeling that alone u went there and it's just I can't let u go alone, I don't know I felt u r little and it'll not good for u.U don't know about this world and I feared something happen. I know this is not right but but sona,


Geet looked at him in awe then kissed his nose and said I can understand kuwar sa and as I said I will never do anything to hurt u but u trust me na  then don't worry nothing will happen, when guards r there , driver was there

And I know if little bit problem will there then my kuwar sa would reach there to protect me, save me hain na.


Maan smiles little but his facial expression said he is disturb little but geet pull him in kiss to forget everything.


Few days Later Maan is helping geet in study but his mind is clouding with so many questions and emotions.


Geet looked at maan then asked kuwar sa,kuch puchu aapse.

Maan smiles gently then said ha sona, pucho na,

Geet  smiles and asked chirply aaj free ho iya busy .

Maan:- free hoon sona and take her in his lap when geet said ok that's fine then will u go with me some where?

Maan looked at her then nuzzled his nose on her neck and said hmmm will go but geet's concentrate break and said ummm


Maan take deep breath then place a kiss on her ear lobe and neck and said sona, will go but what about ur preparation for exam,

Geet who was still lost said hmmm, well will do na but thora relaxation chaiye na, chaliye na pls. ek baar hum wapas  chale gaye toh phir aap busy and I will feel bore.

Maan looked at geet's face intently then said uha tum bore feel karte ho na.

Geet :- hmmm some times, kya karu aap na adat bigar dia, har time aapke sath rehene ke dil karta hain but I know ur work is also imp and I'm really proud of u and ur work, u know in my college u  and ur team  has so many fans , and geet keep continue which makes him smiles again but something going inside him.

 Masa's Room

Later masa called maan to have talk with him when Maan entered the room and said ha masa, boliye

Masa looks at him then said maan come here , I need to talk to u.close the door and sit here.

Maan can understand the situation and atmosphere of the room is too tensed, he don't know what happened and just obey his masa then take a seat and said ha masa.

Masa looked here and there then said dekho maan, pls don't misunderstand me but this things I have to tell u .

Maan :- y u r looking so tensed , y ur hesitating ?masa boliye na

Masa smiles then carrassed his head and said I'm proud of beta, what ever u have till now and always pray for ur happiness, success and I'm really greatefull that geet able to erase all bad memories from u,

Maan smiles and felt proud of his sona and said masa thanks , to bring her in my life masa, I was angry on u for this, even had fight with u but Today I'm so happy with her , thanks masa.I was wrong but u made the correct and best decision for me and my life and our life and more than me Geet's life.

Masa looked at maan then said beta, I'm ur mother , I'll be always be choose best for u and it's ur life and I glad that u r happy and more to have Geet as my daughter in law .

Maan smiles then masa said beta I know u loved her , even for more than urself but beta.

Maan looked at her with curious eyes when masa said  she is too young only 18yrs old and she didn't enjoy her life till she came here, but u know 18yrs old when people should enjoy their life she tie up in this relationship, don't get me wrong beta, she is lucky to have u in her life as I'm more than sure about it as u will love her more than anything, u will care for her each thing , each need , u will give her all respect but maan I want to see her live her life fully like all girls in this age lived, u might be thinking that if I know she is 18yrs then y choose her for u as ur wife then I really don't know first later after one meeting came to know but my mind didn't let me to refused this alliences that time ,  just don't know anything but can say I have done right, as Later I found sply after her marriage how her parents and family there and what they have done with her.


Masa noticed maan and his clinching fist and jaw , she hold his hand and said beta, don't be, that was her past now she is freed from that , yes few relation can't be removed ever but she is far away from them , but now she needs us and main u and ur sath, and more she needs to live the life happily and enjoy it,


Maan quickly said do u think m not letting her live the life masa.

Masa na na beta kabhi nehi u r giving her everything, I'm just , see beta let her little free , go out side and see the world and understand and learn about it, she has to be independent beta , she has to learn the life by herself, maan felt aggiatated and get up and said but masa she is kid, she is just 18yrs old, how can I let her face everything alone.she is innocent masa, she is nave.


Masa :-beta I know she is but every one in her age , but they had to go and face the world, what do u want, she will be under u everytime ,is it possible maan, don't u have work, don't she has her study,

Maan turns and closed his eyes and try to absorb the thing when masa said beta I'm just saying thora thora karke usse bahar jana usse khilne do, jinne do iye zindegi. Usse tumhara sath chaiye beta.

Maan said with helpless face but masa, m giving her all freedom, all thing where I said she can't do anything, I'm giving her na .

Masa :-ha beta u r but think what I'm trying to say, just remember ur action when she reached late or went to market, ,beta m not saying she can reach late but try to understand she was not doing that intentionally but she stuck there

Maan:-masa I'm also saying that she was stuck there if something happen then no no I can't let anything to harm her ,I can't,I have to protect her.masa don't u know how the world is , she is innocent masa don't know anything about this world


Masa:- ok , I accept that and know also that at night it's but let her enjoy other time, let her go to movie and watch , let her make friend.

Masa :- when I didn't let her , I gave her all freedom, she can watch movie, she can make friends from where this r coming , I really don't know masa,

Masa closed her eys and felt so helpless when maan said I'm not caging her masa, I will never, she is my life but I have seen her suffering her pain, I feared to see the same pain in her, I can't let her face that but I also want to be independent, and enjoy her life like she want ,

He paused few moments then said if u feel m doing wrong thing with geet then I'll rectify it, I'll not caging her any more, I'll let her free, masa, I'll.

Masa noticed something different in his voice which pained her more but maan said don't worry ur bahu will enjoy all those things.


Masa :-beta don't do anything hastily, I was just try to suggest u, it's ur life & I just want to see u both happy.


At evening:-


Maan at evening doing something when geet came and said kuwar sa.

Maan:-hmmm sona.

Geet:- we r going out na u promised me.

Maan chuckled then said sona ,get ready we r leaving,

Geet nodded happily and went to get ready.

Later maaneet went to shopping little then to movie and geet is so happy where maan's eyes r looking at her and her facial expression, he is keep thinking about his masa's word, he try to understand the things going on.

They went for a dinner when maan smiles at her happy face and said do u like to come here.

Geet nodded happily and said I have never done this thing, going for shopping, watching movie or, it's all after marry u, aapko pata hain kuwar sa, masa always said no girls didn't go out side and they should stay in home and give their service to their family, I have always second thought y ? we r also human na, we have also right to live the life na, ha iye baat hain there is word security still little being  enjoying doing mast and enjoying and u know brij bhai sa some times take me but always masa, dadi sa all scolded me more y I went with brij bhai sa.

Maan looked geet, his facial expression is changing, here geet is keep telling about all, he know this once they where is honeymoon, she told him that she never went any where. And still he.


he is in his deep thinking and when geet said kuwar sa who just replied m sorry sona, that day I reacted over when geet nodded no quickly then said no kuwar sa, it's ok, u r worried and if I informed u then,

Maan just keep looking at her when she said accha kuwar sa, hum wapas kab ja rehe hain,aapne kaha kya ticket confirm hogaye.

Maan :-hmm, oh ha, we will be back by next week, I mean after 7 days.

Geet look sad then said sirf 7days,

Maan:- miss karoge iha rehe na.

Geet nodded yes then said masa , dadi sa, I wish we all r stay together .

Maan just nodded but his mind is playing something,

Next few days maan is trying to make raj and munsi jee understand about business where he purposefully let geet alone but with guards  or some times with raj or some times with masa and dadi sa explore ,

Before two day leaving, geet came with foreloon expression and said kuwar sa,

Maan who is packing their luggege said ha sona,

Geet came and poking his shoulder and said y u r avoding me ,

Maan stop there and geet can easily guess that with his body langugage just said kuwar sa , maan composed himself then without looking at her said no sona, m not, see we will be leaving by two days and need lots of things to take care na.

Geet keep looking at him when maan said aur phir iha se jaane ke baad mein rahunga na tumhare sath humesha till then enjoy hmmm, anyway, masa said u r going today for some function ha, dress choose kya. Enjoy karna uha, pata hain bahut acche but geet cut him and said I don't need anything,

Then ,Geet slowly come and hugged him from behind and said I don't need anything I want to stay with u , baas pls don't' stay away from me.

Maan turn slowly then said sona, kaha mein tumse dur hoon, kaha na iha ka kuch kaam tha baas dekho aab free ho rehi hoon, lets enjoy today's function then m with u,and now chalo let me choose some dress for u.


But geet clinged to him more and said but I will not go kuwar sa pls,

Maan smiles then kissed her forehead and said accha kyuon , dekho na accha place hain aur toh kuch ghante ke baat hain and u know masa is going na , she will be feel alone, chalo na kuch der ke liye.

Geet keep saying no, I don't want to ,pls kuwar sa,pls.


Precap:- will geet go there without maan, or will geet able to know what her kuwar sa, is doing and y ?


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Seducing ,Aftermath & twist :-Page50


Next Part:-

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Hi all
how r u all
I'm so happy to see the excitement for uds of this FF
thanku thanku thanku
I'm feeling so happy to see it and I'll try my best to always entertain u and make u all happy by my works

pls read the note and pls trust me also

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 
First trust me dearies, every incident happened ,is happening and will happen only good for maaneet and their relationship

if u feel any part sad and don't want to read then don't know what to say for always showing everything happy, in real life we don't have happy life always, sad , hurt pain all r part of our life then how maaneet r exceptions

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

Sorry for late updating this time but updated long part hope u all like it


Vikram chapter is not close fully,

updating after long time pls say me how it's , good bad anything pls say me

pls forgive me for any mistake

this chapter is based for future track but trust me and enjoy the story with kuwar sa and his sona

pls trust me and Maaneet r soul of this FF

Sorry for not replying any one as too busy in many things but I read all of ur comments and it's encouraged me really
pls keep showering ur love and support on me and my ffs

 See the note pls :-
I'm really sad to see the decrease of likes
Part 26:-162 likes
Part24:-178 likes
now tell me what to do and along with likes , comments r also decrease
if u r feeling bore then pls tell me I'll not bore u but it's really hurts to see after sending pms not sufficient likes and comments and more decreasing of likes and commentsCry Ouch  Cry OuchOuch Cry

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Hi all dearies
How r u all
updated my ff "Road To Love & Beyond Pt27 Pg81 Dt 08.11"
Possessive or Over Possessive :-Page 81
pls read and do comments
Pls pressed the liked button

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amazing update

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