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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
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 Happy Eid To everyone

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Glitter Text

Next Part:-

Seducing, aftermath & Twist



Geet pushed him and moved from there where maan smiles and shook his head in disbelief and move from the partition and said accha sona, tang nehi karunga and looked at the room to find out it empty fully.

Maan looked here and there and said sona, sona,this girl is becoming crazy now

When some one said m not girl huh

Maan smirked then said oh really ,

Geet who is behind another partition , is looking at him then said with pout yes, m big now ha, and m not girl, huh.

Maan turn and find her pouting cutely and how she hide behind that partition , he chuckled and said so , u r women,hmmm btw what r u doing behind that partition.

Geet who is thinking something and cribbing and said aapse chupne aur aapko then looked at maan who is now standing in front of her and said accha .

Geet who is looking at him and said aap bure ho, I thought to but maan hold her waist and said u know sona, u r really my cutie, sweet sa , little cutie wifey girl when geet pouted and said no m not girl , I said u but soon maan pulled her little and make her fall on his chielsed , taut chest and where his hand hold her slender waist little tightly and squeezing it where her rest on his shoulder .

Maan said :-accha u r not girl

Geet quickly said no no m girl

Maan leaned little and almost brushed his lips with her and said exactly m saying that na, u r girl, a little girl cutie girl , cutie wifey.

Geet :-hmmm then said no , m not

Maan smirked and see she is almost loosing herself and said oh oh.

Maan brushed his lips with her rose petal little then move to her ear lobe and huskily said kya hua sona, u said just few moments ago u r girl now u r deni but geet pushed him little some how as she know his kuwar sa is playing with her,

She said m saying  that m girl but she again lost she looked at his molten gaze which make her tremble in passion, his eyes r becoming dark.

She lowered her eyes when maan bit her ear lobe and said hmm so u accept it, u r girl.

Geet try to say no yes she is girl but she is young woman but her voice lost in her throat as her kuwar sa star magic with his sinful lips and long finger which is removed the barriers and scoop her in his arms .

Maan make her lie in the white silk satin sheet and he slowly removed the sheet from his waist and hovered over to devour her, tease her sense ,make her moan in pleasure, wriggled beneath him in pleasure,  to make her hold the sheet and pillow in pleasure ,duged his nail in his biceps back and duged her heal on his waist and to take her to goal , the world where only they exist and their love, passion, desire, and ecstasy .

Next day early morning:-

Maan turned little as the sound of his phone break his sweet sleep broke, he quickly take the call as it'll almost near to break the sleep of his sona who is looking too tired and worn out but still flushed and content,

He take the call and smiles and said ok , will send the car, don't worry, see u at evening.

He cut the call and rest his head on the pillow and looked at his cutie ,his sona who is frowning as if missing his touch, he bend and took her in his arms when geet happily snuggled close to him.

Maan smiles and kissed her forehead and tucked those hiar strand from her forehead when geet slowly open her eyes and smiles at him shyly .

Maan smiles and puller more close and kissed her cheery cheek and make geet turn red but soon she heard something from her naughty husband , her kuwar sa said,

She gaped at him when maan chuckled at her and said kya hua,sona, m saying simple thing na, see u r also frowning little before after missing my warmth, and this spread making us separated let it go .

Geet's eyes got wide where maan smirks to see her like this shy shy.

But she soon felt his hands r holding the sheet and pulling it slowly and she try to hold when his one hand hold her two slim hands and another hand move the sheet from her slim figure and make the red hue cross her whole body and face.

But soon maan removed the sheet and then joined her and cover both of them with one and said now it's perfect .

Geet blushed and hugged him tight and kissed his neck and make him groan.

Maan:-sona, what r u doing now.don't

Geet innocently looked at him then said u'.u always teased me and now saying me.

Maan smiles take her in his arms and peck her lips and said now sleep little, u r full worn out.

Geet hugged him and it's make their body shiver as both bare under one sheet and her softness collided with his taut chest.

But maan know from previous night till today early morning they r drown in the love and passion and it's really making her tired, she needs rest and for maan, her rest,her comfort.

He controlled himself and kissed her eyes and said so jao sona,pls.

Geet smiles and kissed his cheek and

slowly she closed her eyes as she is too tired to think anything other than her kuwar sa and slowly drift into deep sleep.

Maan looked at her innocent face & kissed her forehead and try sleep for couple of hours.


After couple of hours maan wake up and looked at his innocent wifey and just want to see her face always which give him always smile and peace, happiness.

He make her sleep well in the pillow but soon noticed there is frown appearing on her lips as if protesting on her sleep that don't leave her.

He chuckled then peck her lips and caressed her face by back of his palm and then slowly freed him from her,and moved from there after securing her in the sheet and before leaving again kissed her forehead.


Later geet get up and stretching her hand to find her kuwar sa but find nothing as the side is empty.

She get up with a jerk and try to looked here and there but no the room is also empty but she can feel his fragrance still lingering on the room



Raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin - 2

Last night's intoxication has not yet gone from my eyes

then she shied and think not only the room but on her , his fragnance, love, passion ,mark, claim all on her , and it's capture her soul.

She smiles and cover her face with his eyes


Tera nasheela badan baahon ne chhoda nahin

My arms have not released your alluring body


geet slowly removed her palm from her face and hugged herself and then lay on the bed in shyness then suddenly get up and looked at her own arms and how she hold her kuwar sa.


Aankhen to kholi magar sapna voh toda nahin

My eyes opened but that dream has not broken


Geet looked at her kuwar sa's side then slowly get up after wrapping the white satin sheet completely and noticed the room was full with their cloths scattered every where, and the bed sheet was raged and stained under passion and love.she closed her eyes in shyness and think it's like may be dream, but then open and think how her kuwar sa loved her, claimed her, teased her , it's a dream and the fragrance of her dream still lingering on her.

Haan, vohi voh vohi

Yes, that one

Geet again shyly smiles and looked at mirror and noticed her face is glowing with extra glow like rose bloomed with it's all petals and embracing the love

Saanson pe rakha hua tere honton ka

Left on my breath by your lips


Geet looked at mirror again then find her lips r extra swelling and she shied again as it's makes her remember the previous night, how her kuwar sa tease her and love her and kissed her, the mark of her kuwar sa r still there and she placed her finger as if feeling it and closed her eyes when her breath is heaving with the feel and remember  how her kuwar sa said that she is making it difficult for him,how her breath falling on his lips and make him tremble.but who will say him the same things happening with her, his simple smile, gesture , touch,and his hot breath on her, make her tremble, make her lips shiver with the intensity.

Sapna abhi hai vahin

That dream is still there


Geet twist her lips then said huh it's he who always make me tremble under his love,passion ,but he said my simple move,and my breath on his lips making him, dhat, kuwar sa bhi na and cover her face with his palm

Oh, raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin

Last night's intoxication has not yet gone from my eyes


Geet slowly moved from there  and slowly take all cloths and arranged them neatly but her hand lingering more on her kuwar sa's cloth as if feeling him.she smiles then slowly went towards bed but she can feel little soreness between her legs.

Raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin

Last night's intoxication has not yet gone from my eyes

She smiles as it's making her feel content , content with the love and claim of her kuwar sa.she changed the sheet and place a pink satin sheet then arranged the pillow when she found her anklet there and shied how maan take this by his teeth.

Tere bina bhi kabhi tujhse machal leti hoon

Even without you I become excited over you


She again shied and feel shiver to think about it, she placed those anklets near the side table when her eyes found the ear ring and near then side table and how it's also removed by her kuwar sa by his teeth and how he used his sinful lips on her ear lobe,she felt herself shivering to think about this only.

Karvat badalti hoon to sapna badal leti hoon - 2

If I toss and turn, I change my dream

She turn little then hugged herself tightly & found herself feeling so much arouse ,her kuwar sa's only think make her like this, her kuwar sa  make her dream some sinful thought.

Tera khayaal aaye to balkhaake pal jaata hai

If I think of you, the moment goes by in a stagger


She didn't noticed some one came there and noticed her cute yet innocent seducing acts from few moments.

Paani ke chaadar tale tan mera jal jaata hai

Under a sheet of water my body gets set ablaze


She get up slowly and went to towards washroom to take a hot shower so she can think other thing but her mind is full with her kuwar sa.she stand  beneath the shower and let the sheet fall and open the shower and let the water sliding on her body and make it ignited the fire more on her.

Haan, vohi voh vohi

Yes, that one

She can feel still the passion flowing oozing out from her every cell, each and every vein screaming that yes,her kuwar sa's love is here,it's increasing the passion , it's increasing the desire , it's increasing the love more.

Saanson pe rakha hua tere honton ka

Left on my breath by your lips


She shied and think again and again and remember their passionate moments

Sapna abhi hai vahin

That dream is still there

The dream they have seen about their love, passion, desire r there and still burning her

She opened her eyes and found her kuwar sa's molten gaze on her she shivered then closed her eyes to think it's dream but when she opened the eyes again and noticed the same thing ,

Oh, raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin

Last night's intoxication has not yet gone from my eyes


She can still feel the heat from his eyes covering her whole body which is jolted again under his captivating gaze

Raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin

Last night's intoxication has not yet gone from my eyes


She try to looked away but can't as it's impossible for her she try to hide herself from his eyes which is boring on her soul.

Tere gale milne ke mausam bade hote hain

There are many seasons for embracing you


She just turn and hugged him tight as if hiding from herself, her sinful thought, desire and more his hot gaze.

Maan hold her back and hugged her also.he kissed her hair and smiles that GOD and DESTINY make them husband wife.

Janmon ka vaada koi yeh gham bade chhote hain

Upon my life, this despair is very short


His all despair ,went down in drain after she came in his life and make it lively with her smiles, love.

Ho, tere gale milne ke mausam bade hote hain

There are many seasons for embracing you


He hugged her more and embracing the love from her ,care for from her,respect from her,she looked at his face once and her one simple love fill look, her simple innocent love filled angelic smiles her simple carrass with all care and love ,

Janmon ka vaada koi yeh gham bade chhote hain

Upon my life, this despair is very short


Make him forget everything, make him forget his all despair, sadness, bretrayal,everything, r so small infront of her love, care, respect and the oath both take under their love,those promise make everything so tiny ,every evil bad , sad things r so tiny and short.

Lambi si ek raat ho, lamba sa ek din mile

Where there is one long night, where one long day arrives


Their nights r long with their love and passion ,like their days will be ,maan scoop her in his arms and went to bathtub and enter their and make her easy their , she slowly relaxed and maan helped her take shower.he know it's tough for him to control but he has to , as she is too tired and he just kissed her cheek and said am I hurt and make u tired too much sona.she just smiles at him so cutely.then nodded no and hugged him tightly.


Bas itna sa jeena ho milan ki ghadi jab mile

This is all you live for, when it is time for meeting


Their heart beat fast ,he slowly after giving her shower ,again wrapped her in soft towel and scoop her in his arms.she just submitted herself in his strong arms .he make her sit on the bed then slowly helped her to wear a saree.but it's too tough for her,and him also as his finger touch some forbidden place unintentionally and make them burn in their passion and desire.

Maan moved from there after helping her to wear everything but soon he found her hugging him tightly.


Haan, vohi, bas vohi

Yes, that one


Their hands interlocked, their finger inter locked with each other, their breath raged and maan just groaned as he is feeling helpless under his sona's innocent touch.he turn and pulled her closed to him when their eyes met with each other as if want to drown there.

Saanson pe rakha hua tere honton ka

Left on my breath by your lips

Maan's high breath fall on her lips and his breath r kissing her lips, face ,eyes, every features.


Sapna abhi hai vahin

That dream is still there

Here ,she is forgetting all and just want to be on his arms always,

Oh, raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin

Last night's intoxication has not yet gone from my eyes

Maan take her in his arms and looked at her eyes more which clearly shown the love, passion she is  holding for him.he closed her eyes but soon her lips doing some sinful acts and her hand before they know anything they again on the bed to make it tremble more in their passion,love.

Raat ka nasha abhi aankh se gaya nahin

Last night's intoxication has not yet gone from my eyes

They again ragged the whole bed and sheet and strained with their love where geet just want to drown in her kuwar sa's love, she don't know y, and both lost in each other world.


Later maan is breathing heavy when geet is cutely lying on his chest and making patter on his taut chest and writing something there.

Maan hold her finger and kissed them slowly sucked then and said what r doing with me sona,my innocent seductress, my innocent wifey.

Geet blushed and hide her face in his bare chest when maan said sona, it's not right.

Geet raised her eyes to look at him when maan tucked the loose hair strand behind her ear and cupped her one cheek and said it's not right sona, u r so small and what m doing with u,

Geet look confused and full puzzle when maan looked at his cute innocent wifey but her next act make him full puzzled and stunned.

Geet pouted then twist her lips cutely and kissed his heart and I don't know anything baas I want to stay in ur arms forever, I want to be pamper by u always, I want to love by u always,I want to be tease by u always, baas much kuch nehi pata and dare u think something like ,like

Maan raised his eye brows and said said like

Geet looked at him then cutely with angry face said mein bacchi nehi hoon na, mein sab samajhti hoon, and m big now and and.

Maan chuckled to see her fumbling and just hugged her tightly then said sona, I know u r not kid that way but u r just 18 and what I'm doing with u, it's no but before he can say anything geet hit him on his chest then capture his lips with her and said I'm urs only urs,no bar between us, nothing .

Maan smiles to see the pagli of his and said sona.


Later Maan scoop her in his strong arms and headed towards bathroom where geet is blushing like morning rose and hide her face in the crook of his neck.

Later at lunch time maan informed masa and dadi sa about someone's arrival and said they will join them shortly after the lunch.

Masa and dadi sa didn't say much as they know maaneet need each other also and enjoy the time.

After lunch maaneet came to their palace and masa and dadi sa r looking happy to them.

Dadi sa:-so beta enjoy there.

Maan with streight face nodded hmmm and looked at geet who blushed like newly wed bride well she is still as how many times, they become one or make love or share many passionate and intimate moments still little or slight gaze from her kuwar sa

Masa noticed it and said ok ok, chalo go and have some rest, btw my bahu is looking little tired what happen?

Maan turned and noticed it but geet said quickly no masa , oh masa, oh actually baas aise hi, m fine,

Dadi sa chuckled but the worry from maan's face r still there.

Masa:-ok  beta ,maan suno munshi jee came and want to meet u, he is waiting for u in office room, go and meet him,

Maan:-hmm, then glanced at his sona once and left from there with confused heart now more.

Here geet sighed then looked at masa who r busy to do something 

when dadi sa said bahu see the mark on her shoulder as the pallu slide little and make the bite mark visible.

Geet quickly try to cover it when her  pallu moved from her waist and dadi sa noticed there is marks also there and chuckled little and turn her face but said to maan's masa , bahu see there is another mark there

Masa looked at the mark then smiles where dadi sa teasing said beta iye kya hain .


Geet  at first confused then understand and stammer oh oh ,may be some insect or some allergy or something , don't know and runs from there with full shy face where along with cursing her kuwar sa for making her fall n this situation.

Masa and dadi sa r laughing then blessed them to see happy when masa said to dadi sa but masa,she is too small ,isn't , I mean,

Dadi sa looked at her bahu then said I know and can understand what r u trying to say but trust maan beta, he know and he never let her cause any problem and more I can say from my experiences and after had a little talk with geet, that, he is and was pampering her and make her to live the life like a 18yrs should be.

Masa nodded yes then said I know masa, and trust maan fully as he will take care of geet but just want to see live the life, she is really so small .

Dadi sa placed her hand on her shoulder and said I can understand beta but like I said trust maan, he will sacrifice his own happiness infront of her happiness , comfort.

He will never do anything and he will never put extra resposibilty on her.

Masa smiles and said I know, he is my son, baas wish they stayed and lived together with all love and care always , forever.

They pray to almighty for their safety and lovefill life.

Later at late evening ,maan is manafy his cutie as she is cribbing to him, about his health, y he can't take care of himself,

When maan smiles and cutely manaofy her.

When some one knocked on their room,Maan :- come in.

A servant came and said hukum, raj hukum aagaye hain.

Maan smiles widely and said raj aagaye, thik hain aap jaiye hum aarehe hain.

After the servant left , geet is looking at him with her cute confuse expression when maan said my cousin bro, actually, he was in abroad and some times in holiday he came here,he always fond of masa .

Geet smiles then said ok.

They went to met him at down stair hall room.

Hall room:-

Raj took blessing from masa and dadi sa then asked where is bro, I mean bhai sa.

Masa smiles then said aate hi aapne bhai sa ke baarein mein puch raha hain oh dekh here is ur bhai sa.

Raj looked at upstair and found him desending from there bu unusual to him, there is smile lingering on his lips and his hand tucking an another hand of a beautiful girl or woman or angel who has beautiful smile along with innocent face and heavy personality.

He smiles and went there and hugged maan and said bhai sa, I missed u lots.

Maan hugged him back with smile and said Me too raj.

Geet noticed it then seen

A young man called himself and his family, raj ,who is cousin of her kuwar sa, just aged 24 said hi m ur cousin devar ,sorry coudnl't attend the wedding as I lived in abord and that time exam was going on but never the less, nice to meet u geet,


 Maan with extra serious voice said geet bhabi, Raj.

Raj nodded yes bhai sa, oh  some times galati ho jata hain but I must say bhabi is so preeti.

Geet smiles little when maan laughed and patted his back and said u and ur antics.

Raj:-what to do bro, I mean bhai sa, me always forgot this terms na so, and it's make me confused also.

Geet giggled to hear it when maan turned and smiles.

Raj noticed it and said oh oh, bro, bhai sa is smiling and I just loved it, wait wait let me capture it .

All laughed at his gesture, he is like another fresh breath in this palace.

Maan:- take rest then order one of the servant to take all bags of raj and said go and take rest little we will meet then.

Raj nodded and said yes bro feeling sleepy also ,I must say this travelling uff, ok  bhabi sa , will see u later bye, wow, m just called u bhabi sa and don't fumble isn't it great,


Geet giggled again and whisper to maan, he is so cute na.

Maan smiles and said yes, he is and too innocent also.


Later at dinner time they settled have their dinner together and chatted little .

While raj keep cracking joke and make all laugh when maan felt good and smiles.


Two days later,Palace Garden:-


Geet is doing something on garden when raj came and said may I help u bhabi sa.

Geet :-yes of course but u know about gardening.

Raj:-yes little bit and start the story how he came to know about it

Geet was too much engrossed and asked lots of questions .

Both laughed and smiles and enjoyed where maan is missing his sona .

He was busy with few files for his own office then their family business but then he is missing his sona .as how much busy he would be, she always came and say something to him.

He smiles then think , he might be thinking too much kya karu sona, I can't stay without u for a moments.

Again he try to engrossed himself for some work so he can spend few moments with his sona who is now taking lession from her devar raj.

Later full day to after noon, geet is busy in some other work or doing something where maan is missing her terrbly , he want to see her now but where is she?


Here in study room:-

Maan is sitting on his rocking chair and thinking about something when nakul came and said hukum, ur coffee.

Maan looked at him then said where is ur chote bahu rani now?

Nakul :-oh oh she is with bare bahu rani and chote hukum.

Maan make fist and said take it back .


Nakul looked at him but maan just glared and he almost run from there.

Maan throw his head in back and rubbed his forehead and thinking y he is reacting like this, she might be busy in some work but he is missing her also. His sona.


Maan looked at their pic and suddenly think, am I too demanding kya ,no m not but y I can't let her busy little , y I want her with me always, it's not right , I'm too demanding , I should let her free and enjoy the life, my little sona, she will never say no and always come to me but she should enjoy the life, and now when raj is here, he can help her as her friend, yes I can rely on raj.let me have a talk with him.


Maan went to meet raj and came in living room where masa and raj and geet r sitting and laughing at something, he smiles then  said what is happening here?

Geet looked at him and smiles happily.


Maan settled himself besides raj and raj said bro, mean bhai sa we r just talking megha and her cute antics, how she once refused to go to school their her mischive ,

Maan smiles when geet pouted and said excused herself.

Maan know ,what happen and smiles then excused himself.


When masa shook her head but raj said what happen with both of them , one came and another go and and then one follow her, so strenge na.


Masa chuckled then said ur bhai sa and bhabi sa na, asked them.

Raj:-yes good idea but then said no never, bhai sa will glare at me and bhabi sa will just giggled at my plight,  I should expose the library little.


When geet is cribbing and said see, full day m mising him and he is busy in his world, she turned and noticed her kuwar sa is leaning on the door and staring at her.

She smies weakly then teasingly said I'm feel bore here, all r either busy and becoming bore now huh.

She turned and smiles naughtily when Maan hold geet and pastered her body with him and said y,m boring na, for that u r avoding me ha.

Geet smiles and said m not boring, it's u who r avoding me, har time either phone or files, huh,

She cutely pouted when maan just again fall for her and said accha, so m busy and becoming bore and so

Geet:- choriye mujhe I have some work ,

Maan pressed him more on him and said shhh no work, first tell me m bore then shall I break ur boredom.

Geet looked at him with puzzled expression but soon she feel heat coming through her cheek to see the moltel gaze of his, his just simpel gaze make her shiver and make her knees become jelly.

Maan bend little and say what to do break ur bore dom sona, tell me or shall I do it.

Before She can say anything , maan's finger playing on her bare waist to create havoc on her where she just hold his coller tightly and looked at him .

Maan smirk little and bend and dipped her head in her neck to devour it





Possessive or Over possessive

here is the next part

hope u all like it

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don't worry he is not negative

are koi devar hona chaiye na geet ko jo kabhi usse tease kare toh kabhi uske sath milke maan ko tease kare

and about twist

see I gave hints little in this part guess the twist



Tell me am I lived upto ur expectation or not m so nervous

Previous Part:-

Re -Award Or Punishment :-Page12


Next Part:-

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Few thing need to clear
Raj Agarwal is my imagination here to give little relaxation before the storm or twist will come
raj Agarwal is devar like
I want for geet ,
always want to see in GHSp but  they didn't see any devar of GEET
so I always bring a fun loving devar in all most of my all FF's
he will be friend of both maaneet
pls wait for future updates before conclude about raj and his character and
m again saying Raj agarwal is my imagination purely

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Hi all
how r u all
I'm so happy to see the excitement for uds of this FF
thanku thanku thanku
I'm feeling so happy to see it and I'll try my best to always entertain u and make u all happy by my works

pls read the note and pls trust me also

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 
First trust me dearies, every incident happened ,is happening and will happen only good for maaneet and their relationship

if u feel any part sad and don't want to read then don't know what to say for always showing everything happy, in real life we don't have happy life always, sad , hurt pain all r part of our life then how maaneet r exceptions

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
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Sorry for late updating this time but updated long part hope u all like it


Vikram chapter is not close fully,

updating after long time pls say me how it's , good bad anything pls say me

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this chapter is based for future track but trust me and enjoy the story with kuwar sa and his sona

pls trust me and Maaneet r soul of this FF

Sorry for not replying any one as too busy in many things but I read all of ur comments and it's encouraged me really
pls keep showering ur love and support on me and my ffs

Character Sketches:-
Raj Agarwal:-
he is cousin bro from his masa's side, and very fun loving, care free man, he is very close to maan as he idolize him,he is here to help maaneet to understand the relation between husband wife more, unknowingly he will help them to make their bond stronger
let's see how he will help maaneet and more thing will reveal slowly
till then enjoy

Few thing need to clear
Raj Agarwal is my imagination here to give little relaxation before the storm or twist will come
raj Agarwal is devar like
I want for geet ,
always want to see in GHSp but  they didn't see any devar of GEET
so I always bring a fun loving devar in all most of my all FF's
he will be friend of both maaneet
pls wait for future updates before conclude about raj and his character and
m again saying Raj agarwal is my imagination purely

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 March 2009
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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Hi all dearies
How r u all
updated my ff "Road To Love & Beyond Pt26 Pg50 Dt 25.10 "
Seducing ,Aftermath & twist :-Page50
Pls read and Do comments
Pls Pressed the liked button

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shri12 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 April 2012
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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged
Wow di this is fabulous and their passionate moments was too good and moreover maan thinks that he should his wify freedom to enjoy her life though he is possessive for her

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 17 March 2011
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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 12:49am | IP Logged
update maneet passion raj entry happiness spread in km raj geet bonding and raj maan bond fab update geet telling maan bore maan showing his romantic side

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pari1689 Goldie

Joined: 11 July 2012
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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 12:59am | IP Logged
awww beautiful update dii...
maaneet moments sooo romantic...
loved it sooo much...

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meena.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2012 at 1:13am | IP Logged

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