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Next Part:-

Reaward or Punishment

18+ (little bit mature content):-


Geet looked at him when maan keep looking at him when maan gradually coming close to her lips and make geet closed her eyes in shyness.

Maan slowly slowly bend and kissed her cheeks slowly then said sona, who just in shyness said hmmm.Maan smiles and nuzzled his nose in her neck and said sona,

Geet who just moaned in return .

Maan smiles then just pull her in his arms and said sona, geet looked at me .

Geet who just slowly open her shy eyes and looked at her kuwar sa then smiles and said lowered her eye lashes.

Maan kissed her eyes then said geet, want to say something.

Geet slowly looked at him then said kya kuwar sa.

Maan scoop her in his strong arms and went to balcony and settle there and make geet hugged him and said geet, I don't want to say thanks cause it's so small and mere a word but I'm really happy today , this surprise birthday party and the way u congratulate and celebrate my promotions ,u make it bigger way, I never think this but u made it , and maan simple kissed her forehead and eyes ,maan said then , sona u know u make feel like something different with his surprise, sona,I'm really lucky to have u in my life, it's one of my best birthday,just cause of u .

Geet smiles then said if u feel happy then it's my biggest gifts kuwar sa, I just want to see u happy, u know when sir called u from head office and inform me this and that time I just want to see u happy .

Maan smiles and said u make me happy geet,u know from last couple of years there is no one with whom I can share this news , yes there is masa and dadi sa r there , the always be ahppy with my success but they r also sad with manything but after u came in my life everything change , sona u know u r an angel ,who came to fill all color in my life,u make my masa and dadi sa happy and smiling ,geet, I really don't know or ever think to be smile again or to see my masa and dadi r happy .

Geet cupped her kuwar sa's face and said kuwar sa u deserve this happiness ,masa , dadi sa deserve to be happy and no m more lucky to have u in my life,u make my life colorful, u make feel m also human, who can loved , respect , care by her near ones, who can understand by near ones and it's u who felt me like this, who make my dreams fulfill, who is always stood by me guide me like my guardian,

Both maaneet smiles looked at each other & lost each other eyes, may be this is called destiny when two soul r disturb by their few so called near ones but their destiny make them met and tied them in sacred bandhan for ever,

They may be tied by destiny and their family but they falls in love and now they r one forever,they meant to be together forever in this life and in every life,

Maan cupped her face and just looked at her with all love and then slowly bend her face to capture her rose petals like lips and slowly kissed her lower lips then nibbled her lower lips and then sucked it throughly and make geet clutched his shoulder tightly and here by maan's hand pull her so close now geet's leg tangled in two side and her saree almost lift upto her calf.but both maaneet r unaware from all as they r drown in their passion and love, geet also slowly participating him to kiss in equal favor .

They kissed each other , nibbled, sucked ,bited, licked each other lips .

Where maan's hot rough palm caressed, massaged and squeezed her waist and geet's hand massaged his nape and pull her more close to her.then, Maan bit her lips little hard and make her moan loud in his mouth but soon maan licked and sucked the lips and again make her moan but in pleasure more, he entered her mouth and hold her tongue and start sucking it fully then maan sucked each and every nectar of her sweet mouth like he found some honey is there.

Maan slowly get up from there and went towards there bedroom along with his cutie and still kissing her also.

Both entered the room and maan placed her in the bed but never break the kiss as he is too busy where now his hands r busy to explore her flat smooth tummy and naval,

Where geet felt she is floating in air now the pleasure her kuwar sa is creating now.

Finally maan left geet as there is lack of air and dipped his head in her silky smooth beautiful hair and said I love u sona, I love u geet, never ever leave me, always stay with me,I will die without u ,

Geet quickly giving a glare towards him then said dare u say this thing again major khurana,u know  ,I will ,how could say this words and too today , leave me , leave, I don't want to talk to u,choriye mujhe , hatiye

Here maan at first shocked then understand it's hurt his sona and quickly he hugged her and hide her petite body in his strong and big form and said m sorry ,sona, m really, I never want to hurt or say ,I just want to say don't leave me, my existent now revolve around u ,without u, m nothing sona, m nothing,I feared sona to loose, I can't but soon his words muffled as his shy sona become bold sona and kissed his lips like making him understand that she will never ever leave him at any cost ,at any circumstances and will stay with him every thick and thin.

Both again drown in to their passion and love and kissing each other passionately.

After few mins they break and geet rested her head on the satin white sheet where maan rest his face on her neck and taking her smell and feeeling her throughly then kissed her neck slowly then licked it and said I love u sona and write it by tip of his tongue in her neck and make her moan in pleasure his name and tossing her head and clutching the sheet more tightly.

Maan get up from her neck to looked at her face which is flushed due to their love and passion and red like roses.her lips r swell and bearing his all marks there , he again bend to kissed her eyes & whisper this two eyes r making me always crazy,what r u doing with me sona,


Geet just blushed and hugged kuwar sa tightly as if try to hide herself in his kuwar sa forever.

Maan chuckled to see  her like this shy like newly wed bride.

Maan slwoly parted to see his sona who is like bud try to hide herself in him.

He raised his rough palm and caressed her face slowly then he smirked naughtily and take his long finger and trace the her face from forehead to eyes to nose to ear to cheek to lips then rubbed it little again went to her ear then to her ear lobe and to her neck to her pallu then in swift movement pulled apllu from her shoulder then caressed her shoulder and hold the thin strap of her blouse and pulled it little by his finger and make geet gasped little ,he take his hand to her jaw to her collar bone to her upper chest and make circle there where geet is feeling she will die with this sweet torture, what is her kuwar sa doing now with her?

Here maan slowly by his one hand removed one strap then bend and kissed that side shoulder and licked the place then again went to another side and now with his teeth removed the strap from her shoulder and make a soundable kissed there and then bite it slightly and make geet moan more maan smirk and licked the place where he bite and mark his claim ,maan come close to his heart and looked at geet and smiles then slowly kissed her heart where his hand went towards her curves and slowly caress them with all care and love then start to kneaded them and make geet moan , her kuwar sa really teasing her all sense ,his lips r creating havoc on her upper chest where his finger playing on her naval and another hand loving her curves,

Maan slowly looked at geet who is completely red due to his passion and looking completely cute with swollen lips, smudged lipstick and marks on her shoulder, collar bone and upper chest.

He smiles and keep looking at her face as if taking her beautiful face in his eyes.

Geet slowly open her eyes to find her kuwar sa is looking at her with his all love, she shied but smiles with full content then again looked at him and his eyes now again become dark with passion yet naughty , his lips curve into naughty smirk ,

Geet gulped her saliva and know he will tease her more now ,

She shied and her cheeks turn full red where she bite her lips in excitement and anxious   when her kuwar sa is keep giving her naughty glare,

She just pushed him and try to runs from there where at first maan startled then hold her pallu which is already descended from her petite form and make geet stop at her pace, she closed her eyes in anticipation but maan just smirked and held her pallu and slowly pulling her close to him and geet in stance coming close to him and

the moment maan draped the pallu again onver shoulder and cover her then placed his rough hot palm over her stomach and make her tucked it in when maan bend and kissed her ear lobe then sucked the lobes and said y so hurry and y still r feeling shy, we r not any more stranger na sona, he bite the ear lobe and removed the ear ring from there and moved his attention another side and do the same thing and make geet's knees become jelly in his passion.she try to leaned on him when she found him full bare chest and his bare chest touching her bare back almost and make her heart pound loudly .After removing his two ear ring maan went towards his neck and kissed there where the beautiful mangalsutra lying ,maan smiles the think as there is some gift for her wife which will adore her beautiful neck, well all is material thing but still he want to give it to her,he kissed her there then slowly before geet can say anything blind fold her and turn her slowly and say now  ur punishment and reaward starting sona, bahut tarpaya tumne ek baat karne ke liye.

Geet is full shocked then shied and think till now what he is doing with her,her kuwar sa bhi na bahut badmash ho gaye, she blushed and her cheeks got turn full red like cherry where her lips curve into shy smile when maan whisper not done, sona, and if u continue this then I have to take u now here only.

Geet gasped and her fullbody shiver in shyness and she just hugged him tightly to hide herself .

But another shock or surprise or punishment or reward for her when she hugged her kuwar sa ,she felt her saree gone some times ago and she didn't even realize and now only thin blouse and silky petticoat and here her kuwar sa half bare ,their hot skin connect with each other and make them shudder , when maan's lips kissed her behind her ear and just scoop her in his arms to take her in their royal bed.

Maan slowly placed her in the royal bed on white satin sheet, he looks at her marmeid lying on the bed like red roses in her peticote and sleeveless blouse,

Her fair complexion and red cloths along with this satin sheet giving an extra ordinary compliment.maan slowly dimmed the light when geet slowly whisper kuwar sa, feeling cold cause of chilly weather.

Soon his kuwar sa joined her and said feeling cold sona.

Geet nodded innocently but soon maan said don't worry will close those windows and door,

Geet nodded again felt the warmth of his kuwar sa missing then within few sec, he joined her and caressed her arms and cheeks and said now sona.

Geet smiles and said it's fine now.

Maan:-well it would more and anyway, m with u na, to make u feel hot within few moments and bite her cheek .

Geet just moaned and blushed deeply more one side her kuwar sa's warmth giving her one sensation another side his simple carrassing make her feel goose bump on her petite form .

Geet :-kuwar sa who is now nuzzling her neck and shoulder and looked at her and said ha sona.

Geet:-oh this blind fold,

Maan smiles and come close to her face her lips touching his lips almost, his breath kissing her face fully and make her turn to pink to red to crimson .

Maan:-hmmm , let me think about this blind fold sona .

Geet sighed and know her kuwar sa is now in teasing mode .

Soon she felt something cold on her neck and felt it's some thing like chain when maan said it's my gift for u, remember u good result and I promised u give u few things and it's one of the and ur another gifts is book of ur two favorite author about botany and then bend little and placed a deep kissed near naval and make her moaned and bend more and kissed her legs and ankles and toes then said news anklets and toe rings for u, hope u all like it.

Geet smiles then raised her arms to hugged him and soon maan joined her and hugged her tight .

After few moments they broke when maan kissed her nose then slowly again make her lie and then slwoly brought something near her face and with his long finger carrasse those things on her cheek to her neck to her shoulder to her coller bone to her upper chest to her belly which is so sticky , cold little bit when maan said guessed what is this?

Geet is looking utterly confused and shook her head no when maan said well then u missed it, if u gave the ans then might be I was opened the blind fold but now.

And soon some thing pour more sticky on her naval then poured on her chest which is desending on her vally to inside the blouse and make her shriek .

Maan smiles and kised her ear lobe then slightly bit her and whisper huskily this is the beginning sona, for ur re award and smirk naughtily when geet think this is re award or punishment then smiles shyly no it's sweet punishment.


Maan bend towards her face where his breath is kissing her face then his lips start to kiss and licked , sucked her face and neck, shoulder, collar bone jaw, cleavage tummy and naval and make her sung his name almost loudly.maan sucked her naval which is fill with chocolate cream then bit the area and mark her again

She wriggled under him and some how try to hold when maan pulled her both hand by his one hand and placed it above her head and then bite her shoulder and by using his teeth removed the both strap of her flimsy blouse and then by his other hand bare her fully when geet wriggled more as she know her kuwar sa now feasting her beauty by his eyes only and her skin felt goose bump under his intense gaze and creeping red hue there.

Maan smiles an bend to devour those beautiful twin peak and slowly got lost there and left her hand and geet hold his hair in pleasure and make it fist and pulled it some times and some times by her another hand make scratches on her biceps ,

Maan give his full attention to devour her twins and make them red and full sour by his constant kissing, licking, sucking, biting sometimes & kneeding .

Maan get up from them and panting heavily then when geet some how open her blind fold and looked at maan who is giving her naughty smirk but soon geet pout and pull him and make him lie on the bed and come on top of him and before maan can say anything just she poured all the chocolate cream on him , his face and chest, abdomen, torso full with this, and geet in lost in passion just devour him by kissing , biting, licking and sucking and make maan wonder who is this sherni now ,his innocent shy sona or bold geet maan singh khurana, he chuckled and groaned in pleasure .

Her innocent look messy hair ,swollen lips, smudged lipstick, smudged sindoor on forehead, and now voluptuous twin making her more edible, alluring yet too innocent and make maan groan but his hands r holds by his wifey who is now mission to tease him by her innocent, yet passionate seduction and passion.

Geet kissed him from his face to neck to coller bone,to chest to abdomen and gradually going towards his waist in lost her passion when maan pull her and kissed her lips fully


After few moments Maan then within moments take her beneath him and then said it's really new surprise for me sona, my innocent sona is becoming so bold ha.

Geet who was lost in their passion first looked at him then understand hide herself again his arms when her bare curve collided with his bare taut chest it's create thousand vold current almost,

Maan kissed her hair and his hand wondering on her bare back and make geet snuggled more close to him as the sensation is too pleasure to take .


Geet is drowning in his passion when suddenly feel something running through her spine and first she thought may be his husband's long finger but then no it's something sticky but smooth and in quick reflex her nails r digging in maan's biceps as maan gradually rubbing sensually her entier length of her spine and back and lower back .

Geet moaned maannn.

When maan just teasingly smiles and kissed her cheek and said hummm sona.

Geet somehow try to looked at him but found it's completely fill with mischievous and she blurted out what r u doing with me?

Maan pull her close and now she is sitting on his lap comfortable as if they r fitting perfect with each other , when maan said by bitting her ear lobe, filling u with my love sona.

Geet just don't know what to say and before she can understand or say , she is beneath him but now this time lying on her stomach and soon found her kuwar sa teasing her sense once again.

Maan bend and touch her back with his tip of his tongue and licked the entire area of his spine where geet's hand clutched the pillow tightly then maan's kissed her back and make her moan his name again .

Maan came down and bit slightly the area and then licked the place to sooth her pain where geet bite the pillow to control her pleasurable moan.


Maan :-soon turn her and found her closed eyes but a shy smile playing on her lips.

He bend and peck there where his hand move to her curve to kneeded them then to her tummy to naval to her peticoat and one a moment the string of her peticoat opened and then it's removed from her and make geet gapsed as she is now only in her panty.

Geet try to cover when maan get up  and soon join her again with only his boxer .

Geet gasped and closed her eyes in shy.

Maan nuzzled her face with his face and said hmmm so my sona is feeling shy ha.

But soon geet felt they r cover by a sheet , only their face r showing where maan smile at her and kissed her forehead ,her eyes and said my best birthday till now,I don't know what I have done  as my past I behaved rudely with u but till u gave me ur all love and respect geet ,

Geet frowned little then pull her by hold his neck & said if u again mentioned about those things then will not talk to u ha and isn't it me who say this to u , who make my life change, who give me love, care and respect and understand me,

Maan smiles and peck her lips then kissed her forehead when geet just pulled him more close and maan said sona, ok will not say those thing but it's truth sona, it's u who make me live the life again , make me smiles again, make me laugh again wholeheartedly ,make me see the positive thing in life, make me trust in love again, make me fall for u crazily.

Geet slowly looked at him when maan also looked back when both of them come close and reduced the gap between them and their lips met with each other and they kissed each other now this time there is passion but there is more understand, love, care as if try to more understand each other .


Slowly the night turn more passionate and the room filled with their moan and groan as maan keep filling her with his love ,his lips, finger, hands, tongue, teeth kiss, bite, licked, sucked her and make her sung his name like never where her nails scratch his back, shoulder , and finally when maan's hand removed her last bit of the cloth from her ,it's make shudder with his long finger touch on her secret place but soon it's worship by his finger then his lips and finally she is enough ready maan make her again by claming her by entering her and take her in ride which never to imagine be there.


Geet filled she is riding some roller coaster ride where maan keep rocking her and thrusting her and moving in rhythmic way and make her scream in pleasure.

Soon maan felt her muscle clinching tight and she is holding him tight when her teeth marking his shoulder and maan just take her form in his strong arms and soon geet shudder and screamed in ecstasy and pleasure and soon maan also reached with her same goal and screamed her name in pleasure. Soon maan fall on her but careful not put his heavy weight on her. He balanced himself and panting heavily and try to regain his breath and then looked at her with he , like him, she also breathing hard with raging breath and he kissed her forehead and cheek and looked at her eyes which is closed but her lips have a content smiles .

Maan smiles and kissed her forehead again and settle besides her when geet turn slowly and hugged him closely and kissed his heart then looked at him and slowly looked at him and cupped his face and kissed his eyes, nose, cheeks and then corner of his lips, below the lips and looked at maan , her kuwar sa who is looking at her with expceting eyes but geet smiles mischiveiously and in quick reflex moved from there before maan can understand anything.

His trace broke due to geet's giggle and then he noticed her  giggling and now wearing the white sating sheet like a saree and looking so cute yet innocent seductress ,

He glared at her then said sona, what is this now.

Geet who is just giggling and laughing said well kuwar sa u tease me so much now it's my turn ,

Maan slowly get up and tied the another sheet near to his waist and said accha , so my innocent sona will tease me ha.

Geet gulped her saliva as she know ,how naughty her kuwar sa is ?

She nodded yes when maan looked at her and gradually coming close to her  when geet think what to do now as she know her kuwar sa very much

maan almost near to her when geet ducked and just runs from there after holding the sheet when maan shouts Sona, what is this.But geet just show him tongue .

Maan shook his head and in quick reflex runs towards geet where she hide herself in another small partition and see her kuwar sa is searching her and thinking that she might be went out side, she giggled and smiles when suddenly noticed her kuwar sa is missing from the room,

Geet:- kaha gaye iye, jauru bahar gaye honge but kahi , mein kya bahar jaun but suddenly felt a pair of strong arms on her waist and hugging her tightly and kissing her neck and said huskily wanna play honey ,let's play then and turn her to see him

Geet who is completely shocked and startled then try to wriggle and said choriye , aab humesha mujhe tang karte ho aise nehi chalega,

Maan make her grip firm but kiss her cheek and said accha toh kaise chalega.

Geet make a pout and said mujhe nehi pata.

Maan chuckled then slwoly held her chin and said u know geet, I never have seen an innocent girl like u.

Geet smiles then said m not girl ha.

Maan :-accha my lady khurana,

Geet pushed him and moved from there where maan smiles and shook his head in disbeleif and move from the partition and said accha sona, tang nehi karunga and looked at the room to find out it empty fully.




Seducing, aftermath & Twist Wink Blushing Dead


here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake

sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistake



PS:- m nervous for this part pls tell me how is it
as romantic, passionate part r most difficult to write  anyway, pls say how is it, pls express ur views
P.S.:-Neha thanks for the awesome banner, will use ur banner surely dear, muhhaaa lots of huggsss dear

Previous Part:-

Tum Mere Ho, U r Mine :-Page 140


Next Part:-
Seducing,Aftermath & Twist :-Page50

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Hi all
how r u all
I'm so happy to see the excitement for uds of this FF
thanku thanku thanku
I'm feeling so happy to see it and I'll try my best to always entertain u and make u all happy by my works

pls read the note and pls trust me also

Now about maan well in the concept and prologue I told how is maan from there judge Major Maan Singh Khurana.

Don't worry geet is not cry baby , she is fighter , brave girl again read the prologue & concept about GEET.

Story will unfold more and many more action, drama, romance, passion, twist and turns, here maaneet r not simple character but they have many complex in their character , they r normal human, they have anger , they have pain in their life, they have dream in their life , they react also like us , instant reaction, some times they r frustrated when they try to react badly,  some time realized , some times not, like this more will come  , the journey of MAANEET in new way ,till then keep reading Road To Love N Beyond 
First trust me dearies, every incident happened ,is happening and will happen only good for maaneet and their relationship

if u feel any part sad and don't want to read then don't know what to say for always showing everything happy, in real life we don't have happy life always, sad , hurt pain all r part of our life then how maaneet r exceptions

P.S:-Feel free to criticize me or express ur views I would love to read ur views
pls pls read and do comments and pls pressed the liked button

Sorry for late updating this time but updated long part hope u all like it


Vikram chapter is not close fully,

updating after long time pls say me how it's , good bad anything pls say me

pls forgive me for any mistake

this chapter is based for future track but trust me and enjoy the story with kuwar sa and his sona

pls trust me and Maaneet r soul of this FF

Sorry for not replying any one as too busy in many things but I read all of ur comments and it's encouraged me really
pls keep showering ur love and support
this part is not complete neither raat or night is complete more things will come as per story demand
for that stay tuned in
"Road To Love & Beyond"

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waiting waiting waiting Rakhi di Embarrassed

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Hi all
How r u all
Updated my FF "Road To Love & Beyond 5th thread pt25 pg12 dt16.10"
Re -Award Or Punishment :-Page12
Pls read and do comments
Pls pressed the liked button

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update maan teasing his shy sona poor geet blushing maneet passion

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awesome update 
maan teasing geet 
geet blushing 
loved maaneet passion

congrats for new thread

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hot passionate..
only can say as time passes their love is getting more and more with all unsaid feelings
superb rakhi

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awesome update
hot n passionate...

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