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Originally posted by BULBUL.A




thanks dear
I'm glad that u loved the update
my pleasure dear

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Originally posted by Madhuri53

Amazing part

thanks dear
I'm glad that u loved the update
my pleasure dear

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thanks for beautiful comments
loved them
replied them also
pls have a look
 thanks for all of u who pressed the like for previous part

but m really upset with decrease of like
 don't know what is happening
anyway updated next part

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Assumption to Confusion to Confrontation

Next Part:-

But geet cling to him more and said but I will not go kuwar sa pls,

Maan smiles then kissed her forehead and said accha kyuon , dekho na accha place hain aur toh kuch ghante ke baat hain and u know masa is going na , she will be feel alone, chalo na kuch der ke liye.

Geet keep saying no, I don't want to ,pls kuwar sa,pls.

Maan kissed her eyes then her forehead and said sona, pls for me, pls sona, ur kuwar sa wants this from u,pls .

Geet nodded when maan said ok ,now chalo get ready.mere liye sona,pls.

Geet nodded and took the dress and left from there.

In side the room, geet is thinking about maan's word , her kuwar sa is going far away from her, she want to know what is her fault, y her kuwar sa is sending her away from him, y, from last couple of days.

She wipes her tears and get ready but her heart want to know the reason behind this.

She come from the washroom and noticed maan is standing there with phone.

She looked at him then ignored him and went to dressing table and took the accessories when maan said sona, u didn't wear that dress.

Geet continue her work and just plainly said I loved this dress, kyuon acchi nehi lag rehi hoon.

Maan smiles and caressed her face and said  sona, u r looking beautiful in everything u wear ok if u like it then it's ok.

But geet almost throw the comb and murmur no he will not say anything but will do whatever I would say huh.

She went from there without saying  when maan called sona, wait take this , lo iye aapna phone rakhke chali gayi, pagli but then frowned aaj dekho kaise mere dia hua dress nehi lya ,but '.

Here geet is murmuring y her kuwar sa behaving like this , what is the problem with him, arrrhh, can't he say me, share his problem with me .no for him , just kid, wait,m not kid, arrrhhh, y he is like that, kuwar sa pls say na,u r just ignoring me , now who once don't want to leave a moment now sending me yes for few hours still but y, and last couple of  days, he changed completely, she twist her lips then went to down stairs and called masa .

Masa smiles and said are mere beti toh looking beautiful

Geet smiles but her smiles didn't reach her eyes and masa said kya hua beta

Geet nodded no then looked at masa and said chaliye na masa.

Geet's heart is beating fast as first she don't want to go but she has to and here maan is still didn't come down , she felt sad for this but what to say when her kuwar sa become like this, y this sudden change , kuch bolbhi nehi rehe hain asie dur dur kyuon rehe the hain mujhse , pata hain na, I can't stay without him still.

Masa noticed geet lost in some where , she shook her head and know this is something related to her son.

She don't know what was happening between them but she noticed maan is little away from geet don't know what but something is there sure and today also when he is free , once he agreed to go with them but now suddenly he said he can't attend the function, she first thought may be he was busy but no, what is going on?



Later They enter the hall where geet felt lonely around this crowdy people,

She hate this , she don't like , this at all , but she is now caged here, y her kuwar sa is changing like this, y he is so busy no he is not, he is avoiding her, she can clearly  tell just few days ago when she asked him to accompany her in shopping but he denied as he is busy , she thought it might be true but no it's not true,and even that day when she said he needs her help in study, he helped her like some professional, where her kuwar sa lost,

Her chain of thought broke due to some noise  then she noticed people around her gossiping or saying something, she smiles and shook her head and went from there  

Later she went back to home with masa but her mind is too heavy and filled with  lots of emotions, she know or guess that kuwar sa is avoiding her but y , he is doing this, what is the reason, don't know y some kind of fear crept on her mind.

She entered their room and found him sitting in his rocking chair and looking something .

She want to know y he is doing this, here he is sitting idle and looking something but can't accompany her .

She came and went to cupboard to take the night dress when maan said sona, how was the party ?

Geet:-hmm, nice.

Maan:- did u enjoyed there.

Geet turn to looked at him , his eyes which always showed some emotions but today it's blank like before , she closed her eyes for a moments then said sarcastically too much that I' missing it .

Then geet again went back to do her work when maan came near to her and slide his arms on her waist and placed a kiss on her shoulder and said angry on me, naraj ho, gussa ho ha.

Geet already feeling goosebumps due to his closeness and maan is now teasing her more by nuzzling his cheek and nose on her neck.


Still geet some how said no, m not.

Maan placed a kiss on her ear and said jhooth.

Geet freed herself as she is melting ,and said y I'll be kuwar sa, u told me to go there and enjoy ur self alone and I did it very much .

Maan noticed some aloofness , pain, hurt from her voiced and pull her in his arms and said sorry.

When geet looked at him then said it's ok kuwar sa .I can understand u r very much busy and something more imp is there than accompany me somewhere.


Maan:-no sona it's not like that ,I was really busy, oh mein toh sach mein I thought ,I mean but geet took her night dress and said when u will know about the real reason or shall I say, when u r prepared to let me know the actual reason then say , good night and went to washroom for shower .

Maan stood there full baffled and don't know what to say now .

 At night geet slept with disturb mind as her mind just want to know the reason, she is not so innocent or naive to not understand the situation and today , her kuwar sa's behavior .

Soon geet felt her kuwar sa slide besides her and hold her from behind then said I don't want to hurt u sona,

Geet bluntly said but u did it and pls kuwar sa I'm tired and wanna sleep, good night.

Maan stay there just but his mind fill with many emotions as he is still fighting with the emotions and then her sona is hurt,

Yes she is little bit ignoring him but for him , she is hurt that is his main concern  nothing more.

 She is hurt and in pain cause of him but he just want to see her enjoy the life as it's true might be he is binding her too much with his over protective nature, over possessiveness

But what maan don't know or didn't realize it's him  and his sath only give happiness to his sona, his geet, and more importantly he needs to share his problem with her, don't take any decision hasty .

Maan looked at geet who is closing her eyes tightly and try to sleep when maan kissed her cheek and said sorry sona,pls let me explain once,pls.

Geet with great difficulty said pls kuwar sa mujhe need aarehi hain.pls sona hain mujhe.

Maan know y geet try to avoid him, as she try to avoid her pain cause it'll hurt him when he is the cause of her pain.

Maan didn't say anything just kiss her forehead and let her sleep there after tucking her well with soft duvet.


Next couple of days went same as this time maan is trying hard to say something but geet is avoiding him ,maan's patience going out , at the time when they will be back to Kashmir , their jannat, masa called maan and said beta,

Maan:-ha masa.

Masa:-I told u or suggest u to give her little spece, not to ignore her, y maan u always do opposite,y , I really don't know the problem until today noticed her crying silently

Maan shocked to hear it when masa said beta, talk with her, share ur feelings then she will know, then u will know what she wants not cause what we said or u think , it's about two of u, ur feeling, ur wish and for that u need to communicate not to take decision  by urself, u r her husband but not decision maker, before u took any decision let communicate with her.

Maan murmur I have done huge mistake but communicate huh, from last couple days she just avoiding me , chalo manao aapne sona ko,but pehele toh kitni jaldi maan jati thi aab dekho, he makes face when masa caressed his face and said beta try to understand her more .

Later maan came back to his room as at night they will be left from there .

Maan noticed geet is doing some packing or checking as last minute but soon he noticed her to wipes the tears from her eyes .

Maan come close to her but soon geet wipes her tears and said checked everything, aap aapne files sab dekh lena, mein thori dadi sa milke aati hoon.

Maan:- sona,

Geet:- ha, kuwar sa,

Maan:-I''I'm sorry sona.

Geet smiles and said kis baat ke liye , aapne toh kuch kya nehi, kuch bole bhi nehi phir kyuon waise mujhe der ho rehe hain mein aati hoon.

Maan sighed :-kash geet mein tumhe bata paata , I just want to see u happy nothing more sona, nothing more.


At evening maaneet got ready for the journey back to Kashmir ,Dadi sa, masa and raj r sad and geet is more sad this time and suddenly she hugged masa and cried there silently.

Masa quickly take her in her protective arms then glared at maan who himself looked tensed and in pain to see his sona is crying like this and not even sharing her pain with him now, it's all his fault, he just little not just avoided her and see the result, why he had to do that ,


Next day they reached Kashmir when geet is looking too pale and sad when maan hold her palm and called her sona,

Geet :- hmmm.

Maan took her hand on his palm and slowly make pattern there and said I know I hav done huge mistake by but geet cut him and said we reached ,kuwar sa and went out from his grip.


Later also maan didn't find a time to talk with her, he know that in past his simple ignoring ,giving space bring this , he just want to give her freedom well though that was burn him to stay away from her still he did that and think may be she will be happy but no all went opposite and which makes his little sona upset.


At night geet is sleeping when maan said sona,

Geet who just said good night.


Maan again left baffled but decide to give her rest and tomorrow they have to clear this , he can't take any more and he now more than anything understand  


Next day is holiday maan want to reduced this distance , clear this mus, but how maan don't know, his one wrong assumption lead this , he want one thing and happen another thing and more importantly his sona is hurt now ,maan is just lying on the bed and thinking about the incident ,how he try to stop geet who said she has some work don't know what work she has now and more imp than him, maan,looked at geet's side which is empty , he sighed and know she went to down stairs to prepare break fast, how much he want to stop her and spend this morning then together some time  but no as usual like last few days she is avoiding her in the name of some work or something but now it's enough he has to do something , he know he has to go long way, so he give her space now and think for herself and he can also clearly think about her and rectify his mistake, he know geet's pain, make her doing this and he has to control it, reduced it  and he know he make some plan and went to  gym for his regular exercise and forming few plans also.



 Here geet make break fast like machine but her mind is full with questions, she want to asked her kuwar sa and know he will give ans also but she don't know y she felt like avoid those things don't know but she is feeling suffocating with this all, y kuwar sa is hiding something , y he avoided her , he was there past one week like machine, y , what's her fault, no she will know this and right now she is too angry no not angry how can she will angry on her kuwar sa but too upset and hurt don't want to talk or can't talk or is she avoiding the truth and fearing something.


Geet went to their room to call him and for some work when some one closed the door and geet know who is there?for this she is avoiding as she don't want face this , don't know first time she felt hurt too much by her kuwar sa's hiding , and avoiding, yes she want to know the reason but along with this she hurt also.


Geet can felt her kuwar sa's hot breath on her nape but she just try to ignore which is next to impossible for her. Maan's long finger hold her palm then clutch the finger and called her sona.

Geet felt she will melt with this simple touch by her kuwar sa and said hmmm.

Maan:- sona, I know u r angry on me, upset also, as I avoided u but sona I''I' thought to give u little space as may be I was blocking u , caging u.

Geet felt many emotions going through withing her one side her kuwar sa how selflessly only think about her happiness and then how could he think this, from where is blocking, caging happen and she start to freed her hand when maan's another hand hold her shoulder and said pls sona let me say,pls.


Geet sighed and almost leaned on maan when maan said I never wish to hurt u, I was just scared to see u hurt or in pain or in sad as this world is too cruel and u r too too innocent sona, nave and if u hurt then so I thought to protect u and I'.. just thought it'll be good if u only stay with me all time and if u go out side then also with me, atleast I will protect u but never thought may be u will be happy without me and soon geet flinched and moved from his hold and sit in the bed where her soft and little finger clutching the sheet tightly as if fighting with herself 


Maan sighed again and sat on his knees and said I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that ,I mean if u go out side alone then u will enjoy by urself may be as m so serious bore, may be u can enjoy by urself and by going u all time or staying u all time as if I'm caging u , I got busy so many times but u still adjust with my time and my work and I never think u should lived the life by urself, so I thoguht to give u freedom  , space, and not caging u, blocking ur way, may be u could do anything independently more good without me , I ,mean my sath , may be with my presence constantly some where it's creating blockage there so I thought to give u space sona, never want to avoid just'..

I just want to see u happy,I want u to lived the life like all others 18yrs old teenager do.


Geet take deep breath then said u want my happiness and u don't know anything about it.u don't know where my happiness lying , u don't know what I want , u don't know me neither my wish, desire, but u know or took decision on behalf of me, u don't want to hurt me but u hurt me,what an irony kuwar sa where I should feel peace , the arms of my kuwar sa , suddenly snatching from me cause u thought its creating problem na. y u always took decision and think behalf of me, don't I have the mind to think, don't u think to say or share this with me.ha boliye na.

Maan lowered his face when geet cupped his face and said I don't like when u lowered ur eyes or face .I loved to see ur head is high and eyes r looking at me ,u r my pride Kuwar sa, smajhe tell me what did u think u r blocking , caging me, did u ever want to know what I really felt , ha no na, y, u always think I'm kid ha kuwar sa, y

Maan cupped her hand which is holding his face and said cause m insecure, cause I'm much elder than u, cause u r too young, cause u vibrant, colorful jovial and cause m dull , colorless, serious, cause u teenager and I'.i'..

A drop of tear fall from her eyes and said so do u think we r mismatch na, or do u think I don't deserve u ha.

Maan quickly hold her face and wipes her tears and  said no sona, never think like u r more than deserve and I'm really lucky to have u in my life as my wife, my life partner my friend ,my companion .

Geet with teary eyes said really.

Maan look confused and said sona , u r my everything.

Geet:- oh ok, but do u really consider me as ur friend companion and ur life partner or wife.

Maan almost roared GEETTT.

Geet flinched little then said if u really consider then u didn't hide those things , u didn't u would share ur feelings with me, u would want to know what I felt , u want to know my feeling, my wish but no and wife what wife kuwar sa, u think I'm kid y just cause 18yrs old, and from where u r taking this ha.u think,, u decide, u assume, u know , ur conception, ur wish, ur desire, ur ,ur, where r we , don't we named together kuwar sa or it's for the sake of name nothing more.

Maan sat there like froze person when geet said u know those one week I felt my self lost and thinking what I have done wrong or hurt u or have committed something, y my kuwar sa was avoiding me, I was trying hard to find out ,but my husband thought I'm not the person with whom he can share his pain, his feelings , so he is avoding me good,

Maan try to say something when geet just said aapke break fast niche laga rehi hoon khana kha lijiyega.

Maan:- geet pls listen to me

Geet get up from her place and said I have some work kuwar sa when maan hold her hand and said pls sona but geet removed his hold and left her kuwar sa alone in the room to fight more with his pain, hurt and more his guilt simple thing became so complex ,how simple thing create so much mess, how simple wish become curse, how less communication misconception, assumption create lots of caos.

Maan sighed & get ready for the day, he wipes his tears which is not for his pain but the pain geet went through or his sona still is going through  still.

He got ready and come to the down stairs and noticed geet is talking with one of the servant and giving some instruction .


Maan also noticed how his one mistake make his sona become pale and serious where is his bubbly sona, his innocent geet, he is seeing a woman who has lost the colors of her face and peace of her mind and hurt badly by his simple mus ,by his simple ignorance then he remember how geet's past, childhood how much she craved, longed for love affection and once she got it from maan , she became lively, even when he was busy for his work, she never complained but always support him ,and here he thought .

He cursed himself when geet placed the plate for his break fast and said aapka khana.

Those words r so emotionless .

Geet turned little to take the glass to filled with milkshake when maan hold his ear and said sorry sona,

Geet startled and looked here and there and said pls aap aise mat karo.

Maan still said sorry and hold his ear and said I'll never repeat my mistake but pls forgive me.

Geet quickly said pls kuwar sa I'm not angry on u or pls don't say sorry ,pls give me time and I need it and went from there.

Maan know this will not be so easy but still .

Full day almost went same, geet is keep herself busy in manything and avoids to come near to him as if fulfilling his so called wish ,which is become curse for him.

Later ,maan went to library and found his sona is cutely frowning and searching something.she is looking so cute and cribbing there.

How much he want to take her in his arms and say her sorry, erase her those memories how he wished but'..

He slowly went there and said need any help sona.

His simple voice starlted her and she turned at once but his face and his eyes make him suddenly shiver don't know y,his simple looks always done this with her .

She said no, nothing and try to move when maan blocked her way and said u r avoiding me sona.

It's so simple sentence but so clear but geet just stay mum when maan said u want to punish me, u can sona, u have full rights but u r punishing urself, look at urself,y u r punishing urself when u r angry on me , upset on me,

Geet's lip quivered in pain and she just lowered her eyes when maan simple tuck her loose hair behind and said sona, I know I have done wrong,I'm sorry  and I can take ur punishment but not to see u hurt and in pain.

Maan carrassed her face by his long finger and said u know geet U look more beautiful when u fight with me, smiles, laughs but don't look so serious, I want my sona back , my sona, who is jovial,bubbly, lively, pls come back geet ,pls. I'm missing u. I know I have done wrong by jugding and taking decision by myself but trust me ur maan, ur kuwar sa never want to hurt u, he just want to see u happy ,pls geet.


Maan looked at geet whose eyes r closed and tears r falling from her eyes, he kissed those precious perl , licked them and when geet's hand hold the book shelf tightly and maan said I'm really sorry and I promised will never repeat my mistake ever.


After few times, geet opened her eyes and looked at maan and try to say but her throats chocked when maan's phone ring and he excused himself.


That night both ate slieltnly there food but both r stealing glaces of each other.

Later maan slide besides geet when she slowly come in his arms and slept there but didn't utter a single word but maan know her condition now and her inner turmoil her hurt , pain. He kissed her forehead and cover her by his strong arms when geet slept little peacefully after amost many days.


Next day geet is getting ready for her college and looking at her kuwar sa from the corner of her eyes but again keep her slience.

Maan noticed it and smiles little and said m waiting for u down stair come will left u there.


After completeing break fast maan said come out side ,m waiting .

When geet makes face and quickly took her bag and went out side but try to pass maan when he hold her hand and pulled her tightly and said where r u going sona?

Geet wriggled to move from his strong grip when maan said I told u na , we will go together then, now come with me. But geet still wriggled when maan almost scoop her in his arms when geet said choriye kuwar sa pls leave me,

Maan smirked and said so u break ur silence "MAUN VRAT",

Geet looked another side but pouted cutely.

Maan cutely said don't try to avoid me u will not able and I'll not give u to do that



Precap:- Woh hain jara khafa khafa, maan gussa, geet gussa uff kaun kisse pe gussa kaun kis pe khafa




here is the next part

hope u all like it

pls read and do comments

pls pressed the liked button

pls see the note also

& give me lots of comments and likes

Sorry for any mistake

sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistake

Note:-Diwali, and many festive session will be add here Embarrassed, soon we will celebrate it with Maaneet in their way

Tell me am I lived upto ur expectation or not m so nervous

Previous Part:-

Possessive or Over Possessive :-Page 81


Next Part:-

Disclaimer :- this story & concept solely belong to me and my property if any one try to copy without telling me or try to take this  & try to copy & paste it any where then I'll take legal action against him or her , pls don't copy this FF & it's concept


P.S .:- any one want pm for this FF then send me buddy req or post a comment here

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Hi all
How r u all
updated my ff "Road To Love & Beyond Pt28 Pg107 Dt 23.11 "
Assumption To Confusion To Confrontation :-Page107
pls read and do comments
Pls pressed the liked button

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superb update..
just a mere thought of maan tat he is binding her to himself and  she needs ehr freedom made way for pain and punishment.
wat maan did was right as she is to young but he forgot tat her life revolved around him.. he had to share with her wat he feels.
geet was so much in pain tat she thinks tat he believes she is a kid..
superb update Rakhi

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