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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Hi all Maaneetians
how r u all
I'm really so so happy for giving ur all love and support towards my FF 
"Road To Love & Beyond "

we reached 5th Thread  of my ff 
"Road To Love & Beyond "

m so happy
thanks for all of ur love and support
I truly blessed to have u all as my  friends , readers
u all r always giving me love & support and keep giving me ur all love and support to me and my FF

 big hugs and lots of love to all of u my sweet readers
keep supporting me and loving me and my FF like this

"Road To Love & Beyond "
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pls see the next posts also

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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This is story of  Man who is full of principal in his life , he rules his life by himself and his rule, his principal, he thought women r weakness for men and work but what an irony he loves his Grand mom  & mom more than anything, his guru is grand mom but for some reason he has that thinking for rest of women

He is most handsome man , he has his own kingdom which  he  have from his maternal grandfather , he got construction business from his ancient but He devoted himself for his country .

he is king, but has golden heart also but some time circumstances change something and make him more rude , arrogant .

He hot, rude, arrogant man. He never believe in marriage neither willing to bind by any bandhan

Here that, Young , gorgeous, beautiful brave girl is alone in this world, no one have with her, but she fights with high spirit , loving her life with high spirit her family thinks her curse, and make her marry with a king when she is only 18yrs and  it's new world, new palace, or new jail,two different people met in sacred bandhan but r they willing or can able to carry this relation and how

Glitter Text

He is King

She is Princess

He has kingdom but devoted himself for his country

She is princess of kingdom but she is prisoner in her kingdom

He has blessed by wonderful family

Her family thinks, she is cursed for her family

He doesn't want to bind with any relationship

She scared about any relationship

He wants to go away from the name of marriage

She scared to think about marriage

But Circumstances and family make them married with each other but,will this two different person will ever to come close, will ever be able to love each other

Meet &

Read the journey of

Major Maan Singh Khurana and Princess Geetanjali(Geet)Singhania in


Road To Love N Beyond 

Ready for an another passionate Love Story of MAANEET

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Character Sketch :-

Major Maan Singh Khurana:-30yrs old Major maan Singh khurana ,

He is most handsome man , he has his own kingdomw have from his maternal grandfather , he got construction business from his ancient but He demovted himself for his country .

He hot, rude, arrogant man. He never believe in marriage neither willing to bind by any bandhan


Princess Geet Singhania :-18yrs old a young , bubbly, beautiful girl  /woman who had to grown up earlier for her family & circumstances. She scared to marry any one after seeing lots of destruction in the name of marriage and some cruel social custom.

Nabanita Khurana:-49 old mother of Major Maan Singh khurana, she is very loving woman who loves her only son dear to her heart,she has only one wish to see him marry

Savitri Singh Khurana:-68yrs old grand mother of Major Maan Singh Khurana ,she is old but her mind is not, till today she is very strict with her principal , her only weakness is her grandson maan who always mano her by his own way but this time she decide something for her dearest grandson


Deep Singhania:-71yrs  old grand father of Geet , hates  her very much but can't say anything as he is on bed

Rimita Singhania :-61yrs old grand mother of Geet ,hates her and think she is curse for her family if she is boy then

Nirmala Singhania :-45yrs old step mother of Geet and hates her and loves her also but main she is bind by her strict in laws who make her like this.she wants to love but can't she wants to hate but can't also .she also bind by some old custom  of this world and society

Alok  Singhania :-54yrs old father of geet but thinks she is the reason her loving wife left her, but he in his deep down heart knows how wrong it's , he wants boy from her wife, but gain geet as daughter.

Mrinalini Singhania :-choti ma of Geet , means choti chachi she loves her very much but can't much as cause of her family

Rishav Singhania :- chota chachu of Geet, loves her some times but he is also bind by this custom but wants her to free from this cruel custom and wish some one came and freed her

Brijeshawr Singhania :-26 old brother, brother of Geet, he lived in Mumbai for their printing business but some times came to his home and geet is princess truly for him, he loves her like his own daughter

Vikram Singh Khurana:-28yrs old , Step Brother of Maan Singh Khurana, illegitimate child of Aditya Singh Khurana ,vikam is cunning, evil, dangerous man, he envied maan for everything, he want to see him in pain, he want to stanch all happiness from maan , he is born evil

 P.S more Character will be introduced as per story needed

Major Maan Singh Khurana and Princess Geetanjali(Geet)Singhania in


Road To Love N Beyond 


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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Maaneet two different individuality who r running away from the marriage or any kind of relationship due to some reason
maan is laadla and blessed by all relationship but geet is not , her family thinks she is cursed for her family and they torture her mentally physically for this
circumstances and destiny and their family make maaneet marry to each other though they met before and their first meeting was bitter but they married to each other .
Circumstances and some reason made maan's angry and rude where geet become more mature and sensible
on their first night Maan discovered his wife is not only innocent little woman but a matured and determined and sensible woman also and who has immense self respect and love for other
he feels attraction towards his own wife but 
slowly maan came to know more about her family & some cruel reality which take soil beneath his feet  and how she lives her past life then he noticed her in his house after so many problem still she always smiles and make other smiles .

on their reception maan's past came there along with maan's friends and colleagues ,geet sensed the uncomfortable in her kuwar sa, she quickly understand something is wrong.
she has immense trust on her kuwar sa from the beginning . she helped him to face his past strongly .maan again blown over by her beauty and innocence and determination .
both danced in that night and again discover each other or falling each other unknowingly
Later maan's friends become very good friend of geet.
Maan's family is like geet's own family and geet is getting all love, affection, support from here.
maaneet and maan's friends went to picnic together and again they r discovering each other in new way.
Later they went on their honeymoon  and they enjoyed each other company again more and happy with each other, they ate together, went to shopping together
, they become friends , their trust, care, respect, growing for each other or may be love from which they r unaware  still .
maan give his wife geet a name "Sona" for him she is young child woman who is child yet mature and sensible
Both r possessive for each other , both r protective for each other.
he suggest her to study and geet is so happy like geet is trying to know more about her kuwar sa, gradually her world revolving around her kuwar sa.
After returning from their honeymoon they come back to their home when for some emergency maan has to go back his office for his duty.
after going there, geet is missing him more and maan also missing his sona , both r missing each other and thinking about each other, unknowingly two different individual who never intend to marry or tie in a relationship today  dying to see the glimpse of their life partner , today their world revolve around their life partner  
one day geet and maan's family came to know that maan is missing and all break down but except maan's Sona, her trust on GOD and her kuwar sa that he is fine and as he promised her  that he will be back to her .
Later kuwar sa, Major Maan Singh Khurana called his Sona , his wife Geet .

Now , Geet's Piya is back , she is so happy , she is going through so many emotions they met finally, but later geet came to know that her kuwar sa hides from her & whole Family about his injury, it's give geet lots of pain, she try to hide it but help maan, her kuwar sa help to heal fast ,

but maan know he done a mistake unknowingly , hurt his sona, he want to manao her and he success to manao her
and his sona also can't stay away from her kuwar sa
Maan's next destination is "JANNAT" as Kashmir , as he got the transfer order for there , now he wants to take his sona with him.and sona also agreed happily
both ready to go to "JANNAT" , their new destination ,
but maan's masa, dadi sa and his sister suhas r upset sply for geet,
they came later in "JANNAT" and try to adjust with new place, new life, new responsibility
Maan help geet in study and make her admit in new college .
both r coming close slowly with their new developing feelings and realization but there r lots of confusion, hesitation  ,Passion  longing, craving .
they want to come close but feared about own feelings and some times others feelings and hurt others .
by this time , maan faced many obstacles in his professional life to make peace in that place and face hardship but geet's love help him to over come it and like once he help innocent villagers to free from few armed negative men who want to destroy the peace of that place,
maan and his team killed them and successfully rescue all villagers everyone praised maan and his bravery when geet want to spend times for this with her kuwar sa and congratulate him first but for some circumstances she didn't  have the opportunity
when maan also try to avoid his sona with his confuse feeling and don't want to hurt her as he is feeling immense attraction for his sona.

later maan's office held a party for maan's success where maaneet met ,maan's past sameera, it's create possessiveness in geet and then a young officer try to friendly with geet which makes maan possessive now
by this feeling and their new finding passion , they danced passionately there and then geet's out burst about her insecurity, fear, craving, longing all came out
but maan understand it now and try to give much time and  soon make a holiday and told few truth about his past and sameera and how she once almost destroy maan
geet heard it and trust maan and both share some close, romantic moments and maan confessed his love for his sona, his geet where geet is still confuse about her feelings, care, longing, craving for her kuwar sa.

Here, her trust for maan gradually increasing , again there is trouble in their paradise and interrupt their moments ,maan has to go for his duty
this time geet feared for maan and his life as there is no news for her kuwar sa for any where,  everyone's news r coming but now maan's
Later maan came back and geet almost broke down in front of maan when maan handled her and taking care of her and her delicate situation .
After this geet also understand want to strong as she wants to her kwuar sa's strengths now weakness , maan is falling for his sona more and  where geet is slowly slowly realizing her feelings.

now this time geet send maan for his duty with brave face and with more strengths 
but there is again small separation but they will meet
but now
after this  small judai, separation

but there is again small separation  but now they meet after long time and their reunion is more passionate, romantic, beautiful,
they longed , craved for each other and their longing, craving all r coming out slowly .

Maan already deeply and crazily loved geet, his sona but geet is slowly realizing but her shyness coming in front of her.

But her insecurity longing make her or want her stay close to her kuwar sa.

They r both flowing in their passion, newly found passion and drowning in each other passion.and share many intimate and romantic, passionate moments.

In geet' shyness geet try to avoid maan & make maan, her kuwar sa restless.

Maan noticed his junior officer try to flirt with geet and it's make maan's blood boiled but he control himself. He know how much his sona will uncomfortable with this kind of situation.

He whisked away geet from there.But later maan ignored geet to tease her and make her confess what she is trying to hide and y she is avoiding him.

And geet falls on trap of her kuwar sa , where both again shared few intimate moments & maan came to know it's her shyness which make her avoid him

They spend time with each other ,later for some incident maan came to know  about geet feared darkness and that night for some reason light went off and geet feared and in darkness geet thought maan is a thief and bit him but later maan make her understand and which leads another very passionate moments .

Geet confessed her love for the first time without any shyness and make maan fall for her again.

Maan's passion is too wild and raw for geet but maan always took care of geet's comfortable .

Both r slowly mixing with each other love, care,passion, desire .

But again destiny takes little exam and maaneet faced a accident.

But maan again saved his sona and himself also.

After discharging from hospital , maaneet r taking care of each other and it's make them come close to each other ,some time maan is taking care of geet some time geet bossing over maan to make him eat properly and take care of himself.

Like another day ,maan is helping geet to take shower but it's become another passionate moments for them.

They come more close to each other and both of them now fully confessed each other love .

One day geet is searching maan and find him in the gym but she froze there to see him uuper part full bare and doing his exercise and looking too desirable.

She is openly drooling on her handsome husband and dreaming something .

Her thinking turn to raw.

Maan noticed her and caught her and make her drown in his passion .

But geet shied and run from there and went to terrece but wet due to heavy rain.

Maan again caught her and take her to the room and helped her to change dress and there they shared few intimate moments and which turn to their consummation and they finally become one in every sense . they r one now, their soul become one now.

Their passion, love, desire now increasing day by day, they can't stay away from each other for a moments also.

They share few more too passionate and intimate moments and loved each other like eternity, they become each other again & again.

Maan's foreplay to passion and geet's also love, passion  r going and  geet slowly becoming bold .

Their love turn to worship for each other, their trust for each other keep growing ,

But both of them r extreme possessive for each other, like one day one junior lady officer try to flirt with maan and keep trying and reached his , maaneet's home & it's make geet extreme possessive for her kuwar sa.

Geet trust maan and show that junior officer her place.

Maan feel proud of her sona.

Their relationship went the way where no place for any third person.

Maaneet's love, care, trust, respect, passion r keep increasing, with maan's love, trust, care , geet is fulfilling her and his dream, she is doing excel in her study, maan is so happy with this news and both celebrate it in their way, where geet poured out her inner feeling how any one from her family never wished her for her any success but they taunt her more

but maan's love erasing this all memory and making new memory with her kuwar sa,

their life is going well but there is storm coming and it's from geet's family who want to see geet again but that was not their real intention

maan can guess there is something hidden with that msg and try to  alert geet who is unaware of this all

geet who always crave for  her family's love, affection, her mother's love, affection and thought they might be really missing her

in this all maan trying hard to make her understand but geet is really adamant and hurt maan and maan also hurt geet and say her to go away from there and stay there without her kuwar sa.

by this geet's whole world froze as without her kuwar sa, she is nothing, her life is nothing,

here in geet's parental house, geet's dadi sa is thinking how to  make brij  agree for some alliances and how make him trust them again as, they have no problem with geet any more. but in real they hate geet for being girl child of their family, they think ill about her.

but geet's chachi sa secretly informed brij all , brij who break up all tie with his family

Here in Jannat, both maaneet fight and maan hurt geet badly, but his intention was to save her from more humiliation pain from her family who just want to use her for their son nothing more.

What an irony of a life , both r know each other  so well, both r right in their place still there is problem

but man's word deeply hurt geet and her trouble child hood , insecurity r increasing, she is fearing to loose her kuwar sa, but maan again come as her angel and give her all love , care, maan's love, and care and sath erase all those and bring her back.

maan's love, again make her drown in her kuwar sa's world where no one exist other than her kuwar sa and she .

where she is also some time like little child , pamper by her kuwar sa and some times like mature woman , pamper his kuwar sa well,

both of their life revolved around them , they love each other, care for each other, trust each other, respect each other, and understand each other and pamper each other well

in between maan injured when geet took care of him and once geet fall ill and maan took care  of her .

after few days again geet's dadi sa called geet o humiliate and insult her but this time she face maan and maan show her , the place and give her back what she deserve

In geet's eye ,maan ,her kuwar sa's respect is increasing gradually

few days later they r all ready to go back to their home RAJASTHAN

Geet is excited as she will meet her in laws, , maan's dadi sa and masa who love her like their own child

but before that had , sply maan had some work in head office, so they went to DELHI first

there maan complete his work but meet with yash and adi his friend

adi who will accompany them in their next journey

here in delhi all friends celebrated and sply for maaneet and their love but it's make maan face the trouble as few girls r drooling on him in the DISCO and almost throwing on him but his cutie , his sona witness it and got angry on those chipkali .

she cursed those chipkali to lay their bad eye on her innocent , hot, dashing kuwar sa but maan  just fall for her this cute antics again.

but geet suddenly want to go to DISCO to see the life style there and maan know what will be geet's reaction then

finally they reached home sweet home

all welcomed them and they enjoyed their life their

maaneet's love, passion r increasing gradually .

they explored lots of places and with their undying love and passion

masa and dadi sa r happy to see them happy and in love with each other

they never think that their maan will again smile, enjoy and love some one but geet is angel for their maan who bring happiness on maan's life, not only maan's but their life also .

suddenly there is another storm as vikram who is maan's step bro, illegitimate child of maan's father came to picture and make the paradise shake with unknown fear and tension and anger & hate

but when both dadi sa and geet r insisting maan to open up his wound when maan narrate his past to geet who herself shocked and in pain to hear it, she engulfed maan in her love and try her level best to erase the pain.

Later after vikram left from there geet got to know that maan, her kuwar sa promoted and geet want to give him surprise . so with dadi sa and masa she make plan

but for more surprise , dadi sa make plan to tease both maaneet as next day maan's birthday so they will keep both party together but before that one day small separation due to KULDEVI puja and intentionally dadi sa has done it

both maaneet restless sply maan without his sona, he is becoming like kid, love sick teenager

finally when he found his sona, he tease her and where dadi sa also pull his leg some times

at the end of party maan finally got his sona but again tease her and said her that he will give her either re award for this surprise or punish her for one day separation

 there r lots of Love, care, respect, trust ,passion, desire, craving,longing ,Possessiveness for each other, how they will cope with this all emotions.

how their relationship will blossoms ,  is maan's past will trouble maaneet or maaneet will over come this also.
 for this all to stay tuned in

"Road To Love & Beyond MG FF"

and see MAANEET's Passionate & Intense Love Story


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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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vm Credit Goes to gelgurti or Francisco.Angel

vm Credit Goes to gelgurti or Francisco.Angel

 Vm Credit goes to rsroopali (roops )

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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_Jyothi_ IF-Rockerz

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on the new thread di... Big smile
waiting for an update Big smile

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-padmarao- IF-Sizzlerz

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congrats for the new thread RakhiClap
sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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congrats for teh new thread

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