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OS: Just Another Crush- Part 2 Pg 11

Carabelli5 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 February 2012
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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 10:15pm | IP Logged

So i am down with the flu and this is what happens when you hand the laptop to a person high on Mortrin.  The rest i shall lead upto you to decide.

**And I want to dedicate this to my lovely Buddy Sia, who makes the World's BEST VM's and she had ask me to write something  a while back but i did not have the time. This for you Sia lovie.**
OS: Just Another Crush


"Here are Tuesday's lecture notes Arnav and I already emailed my copy of the assignment so you can use at as a template. "

"Khushi yaar what will I do without you?" sighed Arnav pouting his lips to receive a nudge in the waist in return.

"Don't butter it too much. I swear this is the last time. You better get your ass to class on time.

 And tell me are you coming to my recital tonight?"

"OH! the recital'umm its tonight?"

"What Arnav you forgot? I can't believe you are suppose to be my best friend."

"Come on Khushi don't be so over dramatic, I just made some plans with Melanie, I swear I totally forgot'" and before he could finish Melanie walked up from behind giving Arnav a tight hug, causing Khushi to grind her teeth.

"Arnav! So I see you tonight?"

"Melanie sorry babe change of plan something important came up" he emphasized the word "important" looking right at Khushi to see her eyes sparkle with joy.

"I see. But you better sort you priorities Arnav before it's too late" spat Melanie passing Khushi one nasty look and leaving the lecture hall.

"You bloody bit'"

"Khushi please Chillax, the mice running a tornado in my stomach really can't handle a cat fight right now." hollered Arnav grabbing Khushi's arm before she chased Melanie.

"Chipotle?" questioned Khushi

"Sounds fine to me!" replied Arnav and grabbed his backpack and headed out towards the restaurant.


"So did you tell him?"

"Tell him what Lavanya?"

"Oh! Come ON! Khushi it's been four years the entire world is obviously not blind. You obviously like him"

"He is just my friend and I can't risk this friendship for anything"

"Well it won't be late till someone else replaces you in his life than Khushi Kumari Gupta. Are you dumb, he is rich, smart and GORGEOUS! All the girls in the college are crazy about him."

"Why are you so melodramatic, I love him that doesn't mean he has to?"

"Well what if he does and you will never know?" questioned Lavanya.

 "What if this is just a crush? What if this isn't actually love?"

"OK! close your eyes and imagine this we are all graduating this year, we will all move on with our lives, I am going to UK for my graduate studies, you are moving to Boston for medical school and Arnav will most likely move to Canada to handle his dad's business. Will you be able to live without him forever?"

"I can't" gasped Khushi suddenly rising from her chair. Apprehensions clear on her face.

"I can't Lavanya! He is my everything'"

"Exactly my point! Now let's pick out your dress for the recital and show Mr.Raizada what he is missing out"

"LAVANYA" said Khushi rolling her eyes.


Khushi stood in front of her dorm dressed in black cocktail dress that hung just above her knees. She had a black iridescent shawl wrapped around her arms, and black stilettos with ribbons that wrapped her ankles. She looked stunning would be an understatement. She constantly rubbed her cold hands hand against her shawl looking around the corner to see if he had arrived.

"Super late! How typical" she smiled to herself

After some time had passed she tried dialing his number but it was unreachable. She tried texting him but no response. Disappointed she ended up taking a cab to the venue. She continued dialing his number but it was constantly unreachable.

After her performance Khushi ran off backstage and began weeping in a corner. She slipped off her heels and threw them across the floor, one by one the. Soon the hall began to empty and Khushi looked at the watch it was around 10pm.  She gathered herself up and started towards the exit.  However she could not open the door

LOCKED! The door was locked from the outside. She began to panic. She now began to phantom how dark the room was. Her heart raced and she began screaming

"HELP!" OPEN THE DOOR" but her feeble scream and pushes were no match for the metal door.

Her weak, tired body began to give up and she felt the ground trembling, her world spinning. She stepped back from the door and anticipated a hard fall!

But instead!

The door flew open filling the room with bright light emanating from a body. A man she recognized all too well.

"Khushi! are you ok!" he questioned with panic as he grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Why are you here?" she said furiously

"Look I am sorry I am late'.I was doing something!"

"OH! Yeah like what having a dinner date with Melanie. You know what Arnav I can't do this anymore. I am sorry that I am making you do all this, forcing you away from things that are important to you!"

"You are important to me Khushi"

"Arnav who are you kidding. I have been a fool for the last four years but I can't do this anymore. All this doesn't matter to you"

"You matter to me Khushi!"



Khushi stood there stunned as if someone has just passes a thousand volt current through her.

Arnav knelt down before her and took out a ring from his pocket'

"Will you marry me Khushi Kumari Gupta?"

"Is this why you were late?"

"Way to ruin the moment. And the answer is yes'last minute planning, you know me!" he replied with his charming lopsided smile.

"I am sorry Khushi replied cupping his face"

"Wrong Answer Ms. smarty pants. Khushi hurry up, my knees are starting to hurt"

"YES!" and her whisper echoed through the room.

 Arnav slipped the ring onto her finger and he stood her grabbing her by the waist and taking her into a tight embrace. He ran her hand across her back and every fiber of her body tensed with his touch. He brought her face to his and gently took her lips into his and he tenderly but passionately discovered her mouth.

He had never held her like this, as her own. For four years they had convinced themselves that this was just another crush but in fact this was their One True Love.

Hit Like, Comment and all that good stuff as I will be reading all this while sitting on my bed in between reading all my fav books all over again.

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sohara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
so sorry that you are sick. get well soon buddy.
Oh Belli, that was such a sweet OS!
 Arnav and Khushi are just made for each other.They've waited for 4 years just to realise their love! Gosh that is really true love.And finally he proposed her.
Aww it was a very romantic proposal!

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Carabelli5 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 February 2012
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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sohara

so sorry that you are sick. get well soon buddy.
Oh Belli, that was such a sweet OS!
Arnav and Khushi are just made for each other.They've waited for 4 years just to realise their love! Gosh that is really true love.And finally he proposed her.
Aww it was a very romantic proposal!

seeing your comments just brightens my day...thanks love

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SaJanLuv14 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
I really hope you feel better!
The oneshot was really cute! Embarrassed Arnav and his lateness LOL only Khushi can handle it,
the proposal shocked me but it was soo cute!Big smile
it's nice to see this kind of love, making the wait worth it!
loved it, and again, feel better!

Edited by SaJanLuv14 - 09 October 2012 at 11:00pm

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nazibah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Oh I hope you get better soon!! Aww I loved the OS!!! Adorable!!

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-Sunset- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 11:07pm | IP Logged

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Sharaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
So lovely OS...Thumbs Up

GAURI29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
nice os dear...
n get well sopn dear...

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