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9/10 Dragon Club:When Past meets Present..

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Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Anyone missed SBB/SBS segments .. can chk out and be happy Big smile

SBB/SBS:AarYa & cup of Tea:WU/VU pg1 & PicUpdt Pg3&4


Episode Analysis

It seems post JDJ''s end , we r getting a Gurmeet overdose in the show .. its 2 episodes in a row ,..right ?? ShockedLOLEmbarrassed...But I m simply loving it since Yash's realisation , his restlessness and longing for Aarti was long long pending and so finally its a treat to watch Yash going through so many mixed emotions during his search for Aarti and Ansh Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Gurmeet is outstanding throughout in his search mission with so many emotions pouring out for Aarti finally EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Contrast between White (Yash) and Black (Prashant) comes out clear today Thumbs Up

oday I can clearly see the contrast between Yash and Prashant not only in their shirt colour but also in their actions  Thumbs Up

Yash today pours his heart out saying sorry to Aarti on national television for all his mistakes .. he even confesses that he never tried to understand her emotions which is his biggest mistake ClapClap...He openly admits that he is ready to accept our baby .. he uses the word "our" and not mine or your which proves that he is accepting the baby from his heart and not just out of duty towards her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...He even admits that he cannot live without Ansh and there Payal-Palak cannot live without Aarti which is the truth and which goes on to prove how well he knows Ansh because we hv seen how Ansh is remembering his Yash papa even in sleep EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... He is not even ready to go home even after police assures him that they will find Aarti-Ansh simply because Yash knows its his mistake and so now he needs to not only find them out but also he owes an apology to Aarti from heart EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Yash's restlessness and longing for Aarti-Ansh is something we never saw in Prashant in the past Smile,...When Aarti was pregnent with Prashant's child , Prashant not only disowned her with the baby for another girl but later went on to accuse her that mayb even the baby is not his OuchOuch...Also when Ansh was kidnapped and Prashant had the option to save him , he backed out , so today his car selling stunt makes no sense and is only coming out of his own guilt since when it came to saving his son's life , he was nowhere and today he is selling his car only to make sure Ansh does not go back to Yash which is nothing but his selfish love when he knows well that Ansh's happiness is with Yash and not him Smile

Yash always thought about Ansh's happiness first before his own happiness and what did Prashant do today ?? Angry He was about to call Yash to inform him about Aarti-Ansh after watching Yash's confession on TV  but backed out in the last minute just because suddenly his father love was awaken once Ansh holds his hand in sleep Ouch...Not once he thought that Ansh's happiness is with Yash and so if I really love my child then its my duty to inform Yash about them but instead he goes on to tell himself that he wont contact Yash unless Aarti herself wants to go back to him which is nothing but a hypocratical excuse just because he wants to keep Ansh with him which is his selfish love when he knows Ansh is so badly craving for his Yash papa AngryAngryAngry...

I loved the way today CVs showed the contrast between white(Yash) and black(Prashant) ClapClapClap... Prashant can never be a reformed man unless he stops being selfish about his own needs Smile...Few years back he dint need Ansh or Aarti because he had Nida and so very conveniently he disowned Ansh and today suddenly his father's emotions r rising just because he has no Nida or no emotional support .. wowww AngryAngry... I would hv called Prashant a truely reformed person if he actually thought about Ansh's happiness first seeing him craving for Yash papa and instantly informed Yash via some anonymous call SmileSmile... So he can sell his car or do whatever stunts needed , but he can never take Yash's place in Ansh's life since Yash's love for Ansh is not selfish Approve...

Yash's confession and apology on TV is a perfect loop closure for the public humiliation he did to Aarti during Palak's birthday ...Thumbs Up

Yash's confession on TV asking for an apology from Aarti is a perfect loop closure Embarrassed...Yash humiliated Aarti during Palak's birthday party and that too in public for which he always owed an apology but it never came .. today it finally comes in such a grand way where he says sorry to her on national TV which is really big StarStarStarStarStar...I wish once Aarti comes back to her senses , she watches this confession recording of Yash at least once on TV EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Aarti will truely feel proud of her Yash ji then EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yash was spot on with his confession today Thumbs Up..He mentioned about all 4 kids .. first about how Payal-Palak cant live without their mother , then about how Ansh cannot live without his Papa and also vice-versa and then he lovingly says how he knows she is pregnent and wants to accept our child and while saying this he had a proud smile on his face which clearly indicates that he does not consider the kid just his duty but more than a duty EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Last but not the least his confession that dont punish the kids because of my mistake is something we have been nonstop debating daily and today Yash becomes the voice of viewers Embarrassed...I remember when Yash had gone all insane during his guilt trip related to Arpita ,  we hv seen Aarti telling the same to Yash that why is he punishing the kids in all this ,why dont he think about them who r scared of their papa today Cry...Today Yash more or less says the same to Aarti which is like a full circle in their relationship now LOLEmbarrassed...Its like Yash is trying to remember Aarti all that she taught him in this punarvivah EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

I hope post reunion both realise that this punarvivah was not just about kids but about their own emotions too because unless they both understand each other's emotions ,. they wont b able to do justice with the kids either ..so first they need to understand and respect each other's emotions and then things will automatically fall in place Big smile

Pratik-Paridi and Yash-Aarti's life r also going in contrast and in the end it turns out that both Paridi and Aarti will b hving a secret to hide ... Ermm

Its funny how Pratik and Paridi's life are going in reverse gear in contrast to Aarti-Yash's life Ouch...Yash-Aarti r really close to reunion and happy times ahead as per SBS/SBB  but it seems in Pratik-Paridi's case things will go worst once Pratik comes to know about the whole producer fiasco OuchOuch..

Pratik has made up his mind to give full freedom to Paridi since after Aarti left house , poor guy is scared that Paridi might follow suit LOLLOL whereas on the other hand Paridi wants Pratik to stop him from doing any work because it has ruined her whole life now Ouch...

Somewhere I see Paridi and Aarti r sailing in same boat .. Paridi's producer fiasco will keep haunting in her married life and Aarti's Prashant fiasco will keep haunting in her married life too OuchOuch...Only difference is in Aarti's case she is not really at fault and so Yash will understand her emotions since he will fall in love with her by that time but in Paridi's case , she is actually at fault if she really slept with the producer and so I doubt Pratik will really understand her  when truth comes out ConfusedConfused

Yash's slow transition is going brilliantly at present ClapClapClap

I m liking the transition of Yash's restlessness towards Aarti and Ansh as time is passing by ..Embarrassed

I remember in friday's episode when Yash was searching for Aarti in bus stop , he was only concerned about her safety and wanted to make sure she is all safe Embarrassed

Then on monday's episode , he was concerned as well as a bit guilty for his actions and kept wondering why Aarti dint give me a last chance CryCry

Then in today's episode he is concerned , restless and there is a strong longing in his eyes and his confession when finally he apologises to Aarti on national tv for all his mistakes and also confesses that he was wrong in never trying to understand her emotions ClapClapEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

So the slow transition in Yash from feeling concerned to restless to now finally longing for Aarti has been wonderful so far ClapClapClap

Yash-Ansh's hit and miss moment too proves Yash's attachment to Ansh EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

So Yash remembers the way Ansh used to play with the forks by banging them on table and so the moment he hears the same sound in restaurent , he immediately turns back to see whether its Ansh EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Even though he fails to see Ansh and then that selfish Prashant too hides Ansh successfully from Yash's eyes Angry but still the whole scene goes on to prove that noone knows Ansh and his habits better than Yash and so he is the father of Ansh in real sense Thumbs Up...

By selling car and all , Prashant can get temporary sympathy of Ansh but the love of a father is exclusively reserved for Yash only in Ansh's heart  and same goes for Yash also , the love for his son which we hv seen and felt in Yash , that kind of selfless love can never b achieved by Prashant  Approve

Overall an episode which totally belonged to Yash Scindia and his gamut of emotions he goes through during his search for Aarti and Ansh StarStarStarStar..Precap suggests there is more to come from Yash's side the way he fanatically runs behind the black car just to track down Aarti and Ansh .. awww .. cant wait for tomorrow's episode now EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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res Wink  nice title jyo! Big smile

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A very good episode Big smile

It commences with Ansh saying that he tried calling Yash but he can't seem to get through...and he he continues to say his dad is the BEST and he loves him a lot... Prashant looks at him with guilt in his eyes...That's what he get for deserting your family P, you didn't want them so you toss them aside...Your lost was Yash Scindia's gain TongueTongue

P kisses on the cheek and hugs Ansh, the former has tears in his eyes...He looks up at the TV set and asks Ansh if he wanna watch cartoon to which he replies yes...Prashant tells him to watch Tv but to keep the volume down cause Aarti needs her rest...P tells Ansh that he's a good boy and leaves the room...Ansh looks over at Aarti...Poor kid, I just wanted to Hug him 

Paridi flashes back to the incident that happened with the pervert producer in her trailer...Pratik comes and asks her what's the matter, she hugs him and is crying...She tells Pratik that she has to tell him something just as she about to tell him her phone rings, he tells her to answer if...Its her mom she goes out the room to talk while Pratik goes to watch Yash's telecast message to Aarti...Aww poor Paridi she's in such a dilemma Ouch

Scene switch to Yash at the tv station...He records his message to Aarti, he starts by saying that he is sorry...He goes on to say that he has hurt so much and that he never tried to understand her...He says he understands her and knows that she's pregnant with their child...He wants her to come back home...Awww Yash has tears in his eyes EmbarrassedEmbarrassedCry

Prashant comes back into Aarti's room, he sees Ansh sleeping, he looks at the tv set and sees Yash...He remembers them bumping into each other, he raises up the volume on the tv...Yash is crying, he says that PayPal misses them and that he knows that Ansh misses them also, he can't live without Ansh...He pleads for Aarti to tell him her whereabouts and that he'll come running to get her...OMG GC was fanfreakintastic in that telecats message he had me CryCryCry

P takes out his phone to call Yash, he dials the number as he's about to push the call button, Ansh in a sleep state holds his hand and tells him that he loves him and misses him a lot...P hangs up the phone and hugs Ansh telling him that he loves him to...Seriously P, Ansh was talking about his father Yash Scindia NOT you Angry

Yash is in the police department with an inspector who tells him that they saw a black car giving Aarti & Ansh a lift and they have the number plate of the car...The inspector suggests Yash to go back to bhopal, Yash refuses to go home and says he can't miss anymore chances.

The inspector tells one of his employees that this is Yash's second and that Ansh is his stepson and he is impressed with Yash's love towards them...oohh Yash strangers are starting to see your love for your wife my friend, I know that deep down your feeling it as well can't wait for you to realize it WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Ansh is holding Aarti's hand, Prashant says that he isn't going to call Yash until Aarti decides to go back...The doctor comes and tells P that he needs to pay for Aarti's treatment, the latter wants to know the amount, the doc tells him it's  Rs 25000...haha seriously where the heck is he gonna get that amount of money LOLLOL

P wonders where he's gonna get the money from, P heads to the door when Ansh calls him and asks him where he's going...Ansh cutie pie says that he's hungry both P & Ansh leave to go get something to eat.

Ansh and Prashant are sitting in a cafe...Pankaj tells Yash to eat something to which the latter says that until Aarti and Ansh come in front of him, he isn't gonna eat anything Cry just then P and Ansh walk into the cafe...Pankaj gets a call while P goes and get food for Ansh...The latter is making music w/ his utensils, Yash hears it and remembers when Ansh did it after AarYa's wedding...Yash turns around but he doesn't see Ansh who bend down to pick up one of his utensils Ouch

Pankaj comes back, he and Yash head out of the cafe when P sees them and gets tensed...Yash looks heartbroken walking like a zombie, P comes and places himself between Ansh and Yash...Aww father & son had two hits & misses UnhappyCry

P gives Ansh his food just then a man comes and calls him, the man tells him that he checked out the car and that he's taking it...The man gives him the money and P hands him the keys to the car while Ansh looks on...Okay so he sells his car to arrange the money for Aarti's treatment but I don't think he gets enough to pay the whole bill Wink

Yash tells Pankaj to go home, Pankaj wants him to come as well but the former refuses saying that he isn't going home without his wife and son and that he isn't letting them go away from him...That's my boy Yash, Prashant doesn't have a prayer in he!!, he can do everything he wants but Yash gonna get his family back TongueBig smile

Yash sees the black car and remembers what the inspector told him.

Precap: Yash is talking on the phone with the inspector, he asks him about the number plate of the car and he's repeating it out loud...The car drives off and Yash chases after it...I'm sure it's the man that bought the car from P, I really hope the man tells them about P if/when they catch up to him *fingers crossed*

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Nice title!

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Love the  title Jyoti!

its high time its gets revealed!

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@Jyo: Loved the title...and omg i can't wait to tonight =D

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Gr8 title jyothi love itTongue

Present is the fact which we are facing the reality..

Past is always the flash memories whether it is good or bad we cant go back to it...I mean mainly for prashanth and my words to this guy,,

Yash omg...where did u keep this much love for aarthi these days...Embarrassed

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