Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

saas bahu aur saazish!!

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
 What an episode!!!Clap Dramas in the drama... Urmi's  I lost everything act and kinjal's I am a bechari lachari tortured bahu act, Both deserves a standing ovation for their performances ..Tongue. But Koki gave an ear full for both!LOLLOLHetal ben gave some sensible advices to Koki .. but just like Kinjal,  Koki too do not listen!Shocked After a day of eventful stay at Urmi's house, Modis are going back home Big smile

 Super performances by saas and bahu

Urmi;s phone rings.. She took the call... IOt was Kinjal.. urmi soo happy... she dance with joy hearing her DIL's voice in the phone, whom she thought she lost!!!Dancing NO NO NO !!!Nothing like that happened!!Tongue She poured molten tar in Kinjal's ears and kinjal spitted lava in Urmi's ears...Ouch  The rest of the family  burned in the anger flames of both!Shocked

U: Hello... teri akal tikkane aayi?!!TongueAngry

K: Akal ?!!!Shocked, woh kya hai?!!Wacko Do not say such complicated things to me!!Shocked actually  I called to tell you that I ran away .. I wanna hear a magical word to bring myself back to that house... I will give you more clues as  you are a bloody b**** not a witch Wink This word has 5 letters... Start with 'S' and ends with 'Y'..Smile If you feel like, You can even add'I am very ' too to this word Wink

U: SHOOO?!!!!!Angry You giving me english tuition ?!!! How dare you!!Angry I no loearn english!! assambhava.. namumkin.. never never!!!Angry No say  any magical words too!Angry

Urmi refused to say sorry.. But surprise .. surprise!! Rashi asked ker to go and talk to Kinjal, and put this matter to rest!!!ClapClap Dhawal bhai was also in agreement with Rashi..  When Rashi said ' aap badi hai, jaake baat karo aur baat ko yahi khadam karo' I was like this could not be Rashi!!!ShockedShocked Urmi was like' you too brutus'!!!Shocked Even the whole family was shocked thinking, What happened to our Rashi?!!!Shocked Did she hit her head somewhere?!!LOLLOL Hetal was visibly proud and  Embarrassed

Now Urmi has become  angry  beyond boundaries ..Tongue She went to the back stage and did a sad drama in the phone Shocked

 Worried Modis!

 They are shocked at their daughters behavior.. They are shocked at Urmi's reaction...  Hetal ben understood that its not gonna work... she gave a wise suggestion to Koki.. but as usual Koki said N- O spells NO!!!Shocked

H: Kokila, I wanna say something.. I do not think Kinjal and Urmila will ever gonna get along... so... If you dont mind... Every one  agrees...  After  thinking and all... after discussions and voting... Hamare padit ji se pooch ke... Hamare ghar ki choohe se permission maang ke...Embarrassed

K:  Are you studying for Gopi vahu?!!!ShockedAngry come to the point,,Angry

H: Ok, shall we buy a house for Dhawal and Kinjal so that they can move out of here?!!

K: N-O spells NO!!Angry

Koki's excuse was they too were living together without any problems .. so kinjal too can!!Shocked But Koki, my dear You are no Urmi and your bahus, even Rashi , are no Kinjal Tongue And also, if you all are together, you should thank your mota bhabhi for being so  selfless Wink

Koki decided to talk to Kinjal and Urmi... But  what happened afterwards, really evaporated  most of her sharp dialogues to' yeh tamasha band karo' LOLLOL

Some unexpected visitor

 A knock on the main door... there come  3 police men..

P: Mr Dhawal kumar Desai, your wife ran away with the milkman ...

D: What?!!!!ShockedShocked No way.. She will never ran away with the milkman Tongue If you say she ran away with mittal's son I would have believed!Tongue

P: Yes she did , that too stealing her saas's  jewellery


D: nahi !!! mere Fayi ke pass gahane hai hi nahi toh chori kaisse hogi?!!!Shocked

Urmi comes in.. looking very satisfied..Angry All Koki could say was, How could you? and yeh tamasha band karo'.. I have not seen her at a loss of dialogues!! Urmi confirmed that  Kinjal has stolen her diamond jewellery  and Ran away.. This time the biggest shock was for Rashi!LOL She came near Urmi and asked'   You dont even have gold jewellery , then where this diamonds came from?!!!ROFL

K: Yeh kya tamasha hai?!Angry

U: This is my way of putting my DIL in place..  if you say straight , She will not listen... This way is called play and learn.. approved by NCERTWink  Best syllabus for closed brain syndrome waale kids like KinjalTongue


 Urmi was in full form.. Aaj Koki ki bhi bolthi band kar diya!!!Clap She was fuming and saying all the bad things about Kinjal in very loud voice, she was really looking like a torturing saas!!Wink and there comes the second drama group.. their lead actress , Kinjal desai!!LOLLOL

 4 behane from rajkot mahila mukthi morcha , completely in support with Kinjal...

B1:  Ab aur nahi hoga...Angry

U: Kya nahi hoga? Shocked

B2: shoshan, athyachaar... Jo aap kar rahi hai!Angry we are from Rajkot MMM.. yeh sab hamare behanain hai.. we came here to get justice for our behan, on whom you have done all the atyachaar and zulm Angry you hit her.. try to burn her... and throw her outta house Angry


D: Fayi, yeh sab kab ho gaya?!!! yeh kaun si behan ke baare mein baat kar rahe hai ?!!! dekho, I have 2 behans.. one Gopi behan and two Rashi behan... and they are here and happy.. There is no other behans in this house... Aap log galat address pe aa gaye hai!Shocked

B1: No other behans?!!! then there is one more Behan in this house.Angry.. let me call her

She calls out and Kinjal comes in..LOL with a lot of bruises and marks on her body!!Shocked

D: Yeh?!!! Yeh behan nahi hai!!!ShockedShocked

B1: Acha,  ab pehachan ne se bhi inkaar kar rahe hai?!!!Angry Bechaari  hamari Kinjal behan.. Kithna zulm.. kithna athyachar?!!!Shocked

D: Nahi nahi, mera matlab hai, yeh mera behan nahi, patni hai!Embarrassed

 Then Kinjal gave a Clapworthy performance of a laachari bechaari  bahu.. LOL  She did not stop at her mom's scolding or dad's pleading...  Police officer totally confused.. Atlast he decided to arrest Urmi!LOL

K: Nahi inspector .. This is all a drama...  these two are renowned drama queensTongue

Kinjal: NO, Yesterday she even try to burn me with a mosquito coil Angry

U: Tumhara coil..?!!Angry 

As the word 'coil comes in conversation both Urmi and Kinjal transformed in to their real avatar... When the lachaari behan turned into durga maa in a fraction of second, the mahila mukthi morcha waala behans got a real shockLOL

At last Koki said  one maaf kijiye and send the extra artists back home...  and took Kinjal to one corner to have a mother to daughter talk Wink

KO: There is a limit for bathameezi , Kinjal Angry

 The Urmi did the biggest mistake of her life... She cut Koki's dialogue and try to put more oil in the fire .. But it back fired!LOL Koki said first , she will give a dose to Kinjal.. Then she will get her daily dose...

G: shaant rahiye maami ji.. sabar karo... daat daat par likha hai, daat milne waale ka naam!Wink

R: Gopi teek keh rahi hai mummy.. wait, you will get your heavy dose today Tongue

But Kinjal was enough to make Koki 's anger  to reach the limits..Tongue.  Result : Koki disowned Kinjal in front of everyone.Shocked As she finished her lecture for Kinjal, Urmi started jumping with her hands up, ab meri baari... ab meri baari Big smile

Kokila Did not disappoint her either Wink Urmi too got stomach full... In 3-4 sentences  Koki said that she is the worst person on earthClapClap

Modis left RN without  happy good byes leaving the angry birds to fight  alone..Wink. Sparks were coming out of Kinjal and Urmi's eyes...Shocked I am sure , when Dhawal comes back after giving farewell to his in laws, his house will be on fire!LOL

Around the RN

> Urmila ben has become really bold after the fight... One thing is sure.. after today's show off all the equations are gonna change!Confused

>Bechara Dhawal bhai is ready to say sorry to the dhoodwaala  too to get Kinjal back home...LOL

>One thing Urmi said is true.. Pyar se samjhao, daat ke samjhao..  Kinjal ki dimaag mein kuch nahi khustha!LOL

> Hetal has something to be proud of today.. Her bahu was very sensible today Embarrassed... Really Rashi was  good.Clap Loved her in the last scene...  and the way she obeyed her kaki ji.Smile

>Actually Kinjal got angry coz Urmi said she ran away with the milkman..Shocked. If she said  some big tycoons she would not have been soo upset!!ROFL

>The mukthi morcha behans got enough , when kinjal said, she would have  broken urmi's haath, if she ever try to beat her!!ROFL kya, abala naari hai!!!ROFL

> Kokila : Kinjal,abhi bhi kuch nahi bigda !!!
 ME:REALLY?!!!Shocked Isse zyada kuch bigad saktha hai kya?!Shocked But we have full faith in you Kokila ji.. you will put everyone in their place Big smile

> When  Koki disowned Kinjal ,I was LOL.. Coz I do not remember  she getting any favor from her family after marriage LOL

> Everyone spoke grind their teeth and showed their gussa.. Only  Jigar and chirag did not get any chance...Shocked Iss tarah , gussa andar rakhenge toh heart attack ho jayege!!!


Happy birthday to Baa.. Big smilewell she is always 18 at heart Wink

Smile A like or comment will not hurt

Plz dont mind any typos

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LOL Pony awesome as usual

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Ponny.. that was just awesome as usual..
I spit the milk out when reading.. Come on girl.. Don't do this to meROFL  

K:  Are you studying for Gopi vahu?!!!ShockedAngry come to the point,,

Superb.. Well written. Clap 
Actually I think Kinjal has got help from her brothers that is not shownWink How else is she sustaining ordering food from outside for so long? Tongue Anyway.. Koki or rather Gopi will find a way soon.. Big smile

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Awesome as usual!!

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Best post and best tittle as always

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NazimKiDewani IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome as usual!! I was read ur post in the morning Ponny dear u made my day!! Really i couldnt stop my laughterROFL my mom staring me...Shocked whtz worng with me!! Wink
Loved ur titile "Saas Bahu Aur Saazish" Clap

K: Are you studying for Gopi vahu?!!! ConfusedAngry come to the point,, Thumbs Up very well written Clap

stadenly Rashi being so sensible Shocked OMG!! Im amazed Shocked is it our rashi who always taking side to has mummy... But today usne hum sab ko galat sabti kar diya... Wink I like Rashi sensiblity Clap

Kinjal has stolen her diamond
jewellery and Ran away.. This time the biggest shock was for Rashi! LOL She came near Urmi and asked'   You dont even have gold jewellery , then where this diamonds came from?!!! ROFL

good one Clap ROFL

Poor Dhawal Bhai i always feel sorry to him... Kya zindagi hai bichare Ki...OuchConfused wife hai tu Angry or Fai hai tu Dead jayen tu jayen kaha!!

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ROFLROFL hilarious post ponny...

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Originally posted by Deepikz

LOL Pony awesome as usual

Thank you, Deepika Big smile

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