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Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Episode Analysis

I loved the episode. It was touching and uplifting for those of us rooting for our two dunces, and yet drove a lot of points straight home.

Today for the first time, Yash took responsibility for Aarti's decision to leave, and actually began to understand her. "If only you ever understood me Yashji," Aarti once lamented, and after all this time, and all these events, it is only today that Yash has started on that journey that will take him through Aarti's true self, her suffering and pain along with her smiles and strength. Yash has always mistaken Aarti because of the fears in his own mind coupled with the way he interpreted her behaviour. Little did he know that her behaviour was influenced not just by her feelings for him, but the baggage of her past and the pressures from his family, that she acted on but that he was obtusely unaware of.

Mostly, I would say, it was because of lack of information from Aarti's side for various reasons, be it the truth about her first marriage, the truth about how his family treated her, or the truth about what she expected from their relationship as it changed, that Yash could not quite understand the truth of Aarti. Aarti tried to protect Yash from all these truths because she thought he couldn't handle them, and she succeeded but their night together in Mumbai, and the events and confrontations that followed, brought  a lot of these hidden truths in front of Yash all at once. And only when he realised that Aarti was so hopeless as to run away from the people who care about her, does he begin to see each and every event from her perspective: you faced so much turmoil because you married me, but the very people who gave you pain are now worried about you, including me. No longer is he questioning why Aarti made the decision to leave; he has evolved past that. Now he understands her, takes responsibility for his and his family's role in her decision, and moves to the next step: he wants to make it up to her, to assure her that every single member of the family is concerned for her and Ansh, invested in her well being...including him.

And that is precisely why Prashant's medicine fell to the ground and the medicine Aarti ended up being healed with was from Yash's hands. Prashant is finding it mighty easy to slip into the role of Ansh's guardian and Aarti's husband. How easily he chides Yash for making the medicines fall, when both of them were not paying attention and were equally at fault, declaring that they were "his wife's" medicines! The medicines being dropped and breaking, showed not only Prashant's inability to claim his share of responsibility in the situation, but also how false his claims really were. When he went to the counter again, what do we find but that he was trying to heal Aarti on false premises, with medicine that he had not paid for? I think this showed that he didn't have what it took to be Aarti's husband or Ansh's father, literally and symbolically. On the other hand we have Yash, who not only followed him to the pharmacy to insist that he pay for the new round of medicine, which we can argue was a sense of responsibility, but also gave Prashant some extra money, out of sheer humanity and sympathy. Prashant refused to help save Ansh when he was kidnapped, saying that he was "Yash's son" now, but Yash helped to save "Prashant's wife" despite having no idea who she was.

The lines between Prashant and Yash blurred in Aarti's head because she thought the past was repeating itself. In many ways, Prashant is doing exactly what Yash did, he is trying to slip back into things the way they used to be without taking responsibility for what he has done in the past. What right does he have to passionately claim Aarti as his wife in front of a stranger? Similarly, what right did Yash have to expect Aarti's trust and attention after the way he had behaved and misunderstood her? But here lies the difference. Yash may have been slow on the uptake (to be fair, he was a lot faster than Prashant!), but he is taking responsibility for what he did, and for Aarti's decision to leave.

When the adults and parents act like children, what choice to the kids have but to become the adults?
This was the heart breaking part of today's episode. The way Vidhi described Palak and Payal's state, the two girls have stopped eating, sleeping and in general, being children. The one who came into their lives like a fresh breeze, coaxed their trust out of them and taught them that they could be children once more because they were not alone or unprotected, that she would help them face any obstacle that came their way, be it stage fright or an ill and raging father, was gone. She was the one who unfettered the the children within them and allowed them to be free, and their happiness became completely dependent the assurance of her constant presence. Now that she is not here, and there father is also not with them, they can feel that sense of responsibility descend on them once more. They go through the motions without complaint because they don't know if anyone will be there to catch them if they make a mistake!

I did love the scene between Ansh and Prashant though. When Prashant questioned Ansh's memory of Yash's number, Ansh was offended by two things. In Yash's absence, Ansh sees himself as the man in Aarti's life, her keeper and her protector, and though he is very grateful for this uncle's help, he doesn't take well to being spoken to and treated like a child. Second, he seems insulted by the seeming challenge of his closeness with Yash. How dare this stranger wonder undermine his relationship with his dad, or his ability to take care of his mother? It shows Prashant firmly as an outsider to Ansh, someone with whom he negotiates as an equal, "I will make friends with you of you save my mother." He is not a person of authority in Ansh's life and Ansh makes that distinction very clear, with one poignant statement, "I miss my father." This is the first and only time during this whole ordeal that Ansh has shown vulnerability and the desire to be safe and cared for once again. He has faced so much uncertainty with his mother on this trip, and not once had he complained or been anything less than enterprising and proactive in a bid to get her better. But he is a kid after all, and in his impassioned speech to Prashant, he let that slip out just a little bit.

Dubeys vs. Scindas: What a change!
In the beginning of the story, the Dubeys seemed like the ideal of principled and progressive people. They had rejected their son and cared only about Aarti and Ansh's happiness. At this time, the Scindias seemed like blood thirsty and regressive people who cared only about their image in society and a male child for their son. What a change!

Today the Scindias are genuinely concerned for Aarti, with SP refusing to eat and even Pankaj, who at first blamed Aarti completely, seeing only the immediate picture, coming around to the hard fact that Yash was also at fault and both of them needed a good talking to. There is so much "apnapan" in this family towards both Yash and Aarti equally, whether it be to worry about them or to call them out on their faults. I loved Pankaj's talk to Yash where it seemed like he was preempting Yash's tendency to sink into depression in a seemingly hopeless situation. They may have flaws and differing ideals, but there is no doubt that they are a family and a solid support system to each other, knowing each other well enough to be of real help in such a crisis situation. Vidhi wordlessly takes the responsibility of the girls while Yash and Aarti are gone, and Pankaj, sensing his brother's flagging morale, knew just what to say to get him pumped up again. It was really touching!

And on the other hand we have the Dubeys in an argument that is completely about their own respective, selfish desires for Aarti. Why argue about something abstract like Aarti uniting with Prashant, when she is concretely in a delicate medical condition, god knows where? Today I saw no concern for Aarti in Shobha, only the need to prove her point that Aarti would never forgive Prashant. On the other hand, Dubey was rebuilding his perfect family picture in his head with Aarti and Prashant reunited and Prashant taking charge of his son, Ansh. Dubey was projecting his desires onto Aarti and Shobha was projecting hers...neither of them seemed in the least concerned what would actually make Aarti happy. Would Aarti want to go back to either man after what they had put her through?

First with her husbands, and now with her families, I strongly believe that they are building up to a point when Aarti realises she can't depend on her relationships to provide her with purpose and direction: she has to do that for herself. These relationships exist between human beings and as such are constantly changing and changeable, based on motivations and desires. Aarti cannot find her own happiness solely in making others happy because their happiness is not only in her hands, it is influenced by so many other factors. She has to dig deep and find her own moral, emotional and intellectual compass so that she can steer her life the way she sees fit, and not the way others dictate through their behaviour or their words.

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Congrats all ...we did it ..Punarvivah found its nomination in top 5 in prestigious ITA awards this year Clap
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opps not CON?? LOL

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My view is a quote!!

"What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now."

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My Views on Yash-Aarti Separation phase

What I feel is CVs r deliberately delaying the reunion of Yash and Aarti by putting as many hurdles they can in front of Yash and mayb this whole week will b all about Yash's test to find Aarti and the kind of hurdles he goes through during this search mission since so far it was all about Aarti's struggle to bring Yash back to sanity from his guilt trip , so now its time for Yash to go through the same struggles and bring Aarti back to his house Ermm

So far Yash always had a cake walk towards whatever he wanted .. he always got full support of his family to achieve his every mission without putting in much efforts ... Even for the whole boxing thing , he took a decision and went for it and then assumed he got forgiveness of Arpita and then he expects Aarti and all to behave naturally and forget all about uss raat ... in short he always sees things from his own POV and never bothers to think about other's emotions or trauma Ouch

But now when after repeated efforts Yash wont b able to track down Aarti , the sense of defeat will finally come in and this will make him realise that things dont always move as per his wish during the coarse of his Aarti search mission Embarrassed...Every single day when he will fail to search for Aarti , he will realise her worth and importance in his life and also will start realising his own set of mistakes ... Its more like distance makes the heart grow fonder and the scare of loosing someone forever wil automatically make u realise where u hv gone wrong in the relationship Embarrassed

If Yash had easily tracked down Aarti then he would  hv never realised his mistakes and instead would hv questioned Aarti about why she left him without giving him a last chance and why she assumed the worst about him  Ouch.. In short Aarti again would hv been made to do all the explanations and Yash would hv never realised on his own that his nonstop mention of "Paap" made her do so since she dont want to keep Yash under any sense of guilt in his life Ouch...But now Yash will slowly realise all this during his journey of searching for Aarti and so when he will finally track her down , he will not question her anything but will instead apologise for all the mistakes he did and might also admit that the night was not a paap but destiny's wish even if he does not admit it as love yet EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

On the other hand after such a long gap of separation , even Aarti might start missing not just Yash but even Payal-Palak and entire Scindia family in general which we all wish to see EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...She might even realise a proper difference between Prashant and Yash here since she knows Yash is already fanatically searching for her everywhere irrespective of whatever he thinks about the night whereas Prashant left her all alone even after knowing about her pregnency in past and today he is helping her out only out of his own guilts just because his current wife left him Smile

In short Aarti too needs to realise the importance of Yash in her life which is beyond just love since her attachment to Yash is not just limited to her feelings for Yash but also towards his kids and family as well who love her equally Approve...So its important Aarti starts missing it all Embarrassed

I m ready to take another week separation of both provided CVs can give me lots of self-talks and realisations from Yash as well as Aarti's side which includes Yash's realisation of his mistakes , Yash's realisation of Aarti's importance in his life , Yash remembering all those Mumbai moments with emotions and feelings in his eyes and not with any sense of guilt ,. Aarti's realisation of how she cant live without PayPal and Scindia family , Aarti's realisation of how Yash is her ultimate soulmate and Prashant is only a hurdle in her life , both Aatti-Yash's realisation of how both r incomplete without each other Big smileBig smile...If CVs can give me all this week , I hv no complaints for the separation phase before the dhamakedaar reunion (Can we hv a good positive promo for the Yash-Aarti reunion plss)  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Things which I will hate to see is Aarti softening up towards Prashant or Prashant trying to trap Aarti in his jaal or Prashant taking Aarti to his house ... Hope CVs dont do these blunders Ouch


Today's Episode Analysis

Today episode was a rocking one since after ages I m getting to see the longing in Yash's eyes for Aarti which is fantastic to watch and even though missed Kratika's presense today(it seems she could b on leave which she deserves fully and so the delay in renuion ) but this is turning out to b real blessing in disguise as we get to see Gurmeet as Yash giving out some really nice intense scenes here which is very much needed to show Yash's realisation and his longing for Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yash's Moist eyes longing for Aarti was a real treat to Watch Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Today the best scene in the episode was Yash's moist eyes longing for Aarti after talking to Pankaj on phone .. awww my heart goes out to Yash here Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...Loved the way Yash told to himself that this family gave u so much pain once but this same family is today missing u like hell CryCryCry...Yash uses the word family when in real he too knows that its him who is missing her the most Wink and he realised the fact that he only gave her all the pain Smile...I loved the fact that slowly Yash is beginning to accept that Aarti left because she was hurt and for this he is responsibleApprove...

This is why I feel week long separation is needed before Yash can find her out because if he easily finds her out then he will never realise the extent to which he has caused all the hurt to Aarti but if he struggles to find her out , then with every passing time his longing for her will increase and the scare of loosing her will make him realise her value in his life and so for this realisation its important that Yash does not find Aarti easily but struggles a bit in the same way Aarti all this while struggled to bring Yash back to sanity Smile

If Yash had easily found out Aarti today itself , then mayb we would not hv seen Yash's emotional confession on TV na ??  WinkWe wanted Yash's POV and his confession ..right ?? So for this its important the separation track continues for this week so that slowly we can see Yash's POV , his feelings for Aarti , his realisation about his mistakes and his longing for Aarti which we saw today when his eyes were moist remembering her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...I m really looking forward to Yash's confession on TV where he tells Aarti about how Payal-Palak and the entire family including him r missing her a lot EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...This is something which will come from Yash's mouth for the first time since all this while his life was all about Arpita and her love but now finally we will see Yash talking and thinking about Aarti which is possible all thanks to this spearation track EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...He looked really worried today ... He is slowly realising her importance and as the time is passing by , his worry too is increasing and this is what I m loving EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Gurmeet is brilliant in these emotional and intense roles and so I m really looking forward to all the intensity that he brings in these episodes showing his longing for Aarti in his eyes and dialogues EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Having said that , its a request to CVs that once Kratika is fully back , plss dont drag it anymore and show the Yash-Aarti reunion asap Smile

Prashant is no threat to Yash-Aarti relationship for now and today's episode symbolically nailed it ...Approve

Coming to Prashant , I m really not scared or worried about his presense since destiny has already indicated that he can never b part of Aarti or Ansh's life or else the medicines which he got for Aarti would hv never got destroyed and then CVs would hv never showed Yash buying the medicine for Aarti in the end Big smileBig smile...

Scene was so symbolic when those medicines from Prashant's hand falls down on the floor because of Yash and then Yash ends up buying those medicines and also ends up giving Prashant some money for his wife's treatment who is actually Yash's wife Aarti only which means God wants Yash to make all the arrangements for Aarti's treatment and not Prashant , so whatever Prashant claims holds no importance at all since its Yash all the way .. Big smileBig smileBig smile...

I dont think Prashant will actually give his identity away to Yash since in today's episode he looked damn scared to even face Aarti when Ansh told him that Aarti is regaining consciousness  and since Prashant is not aware that Yash does not know the truth about Aarti's past , so he wont hv the courage to tell Yash that I m her ex-hubby since he will hv a fear that if Yash loves Aarti so much that he is giving an announcement on TV , then Yash might end up killing me if he comes to know I m that moron LOLLOLLOL...

So what I feel is Prashant will give an anonymous call to Yash from hospital and will inform him that Aarti is admitted in this hospital Tongue Or He might call Yash on his mobile only since Yash gave his number to Prashant in first scene itself  for the money return and then Prashant might tell Yash that he saw his program on TV and his wife is admitted in this same hospital where he is come to treat his wife WinkLOLLOL...But when Yash will reach there he will neither find Aarti nor Ansh since by then Aarti will b already heading towards Dargah and then finally we will hv a dargah reunion with Yash too getting some divine indication and going to dargah Big smile

Prashant is introduced here with just one purpose .. that is to realise that what he actually lost after betraying Aarti for another girl ... he lost the position of a father in his child's eyes and that same child today proudly talks about loving his other father and Prashant cannot even tell Ansh that he is his biological father Ouch...Prashant today could see how Yash is so lucky the way Aarti keeps chanting Yash's name in unconscious state too and the way Ansh is praising Yash by calling him the best father whereas noone really remembers him or loves him because he lost all that respect long back because of his wrong decision Ouch... So yeah Prashant is introduced so that he can realise what all he has lost because of his wrong decisions and so in future Prashant might actually get a bit greedy and demand Ansh back with Dubey's help since Dubey still believes Ansh is Prashant's son ... so I guess Prashant wont do any damage now but in future he might ask for Ansh's custody Smile

Paridi's case can give an interesting social msg for all those girls who get badly trapped in big bad world of showbiz OuchOuch

I dont understand what is Paridi alone doing in the shoot AngryAngry...Dint her mother say she will go with Paridi for the shoots .. what hapepned there .. why was she all alone ?? Confused

The way that producer was giving her lusty looks , I dont think he has done anything that night with Paridi or else he would not b so much physically interested in Paridi again Confused.. he only trapped her that night to make a fake MMS but in real he wants her badly now physically which was evident in the vanity van fiasco OuchOuch

I loved the way Paridi showed woman power and hits that flower vase on his forehead ClapClapClap...But now the big question is what will this producer do if he is alive ?? Confused...he can actually put a false case against Paridi and put her in jail OuchOuch...Whether he is alive or dead , in both cases Paridi is badly trapped now since that tea wala guy is a evidence Ouch...I feel Paridi should tell everything to Pratik so that at least Pratik can get her out of this mess before the news reaches in the ears of Daddy Scindia who is already tensed about this Aarti-Yash situation Ouch

CVs hv actually tried to show the harsh reality of this showbiz and what happens inside these vanity vans .. its a good social msg in a way for all those girls who under extreme ambitions of getting into film world , gets trapped badly in the mess Ouch... If the outcome is shown positive here with that producer send behind prison , then it might influence many of those innocent girls who get trapped to take action against such producers Thumbs Up

Vidhi and Pankaj played Viewers voice today ..

CVs in every episode hv made few characters as viewers voice and today it was Pankaj-Vidhi's turn when both argue over how Aarti left the house without thinking about Payal-Palak to which Vidhi feels its not her fault but Yash is at fault for scaring her away to this extent just because of one night which is common in any husband-wife relationsjip while Pankaj feels both r equally at fault since they need to understand that Marriage is not a child's play and both got to take equal responsibility to run this marriage successfully Approve...

We too r debating the same about Yash-Aarti na which is a proof that CVs r reading us and r voicing out our issues via the characters in the show itself Big smile... We kept telling why CVs forgot about Payal-Palak and there u go  Vidhi-Pankaj all r saying the same about how Payal-Palak r missing Aarti Embarrassed ... Even Yash in precap is telling the same EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...This is what makes me believe in CVs and mittals .. they hear us .. Big smile...

Overall it was a good episode where Kratika aka Aarti was missed since this is first episode without her conscious presense I guess but the overall drama and suspense with Gurmeet's longing eyes made up for it EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Cant wait to see Yash-Aarti's reunion now Embarrassed

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Oh Yashbabu this quote reminds me of you...You held on to the memories of your past with a firm grip and in not allowing yourself to move on from those memories...You've missed the opportunity to see the wonderful woman that has been stand right in front of you...AARTI Unhappy

But despite your stubborness to hold on to the past, It didn't stop her from falling in love with you...She loves you unconditionally and when you both took your relationship to the next level one rainy night in Mumbai...You considred it 2b a sin but for Aarti, it was love...You guys created a new life & her love for you increased HeartHeart


So tell me Yashji, after you've touched her SOUL and refused to acknowledge what she knows in her heart to be true...How could she stay??? Ouch

Aarti loves you so much that she decided to go away from you to unsure your happiness & well being...You are finally starting to learn what she truly means to you...Her absence is making you restless, though you are faraway your souls are connect through time & space.


Until you both realize the worth of each other and find your way...HOME EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


A good episode Clap

It starts with Yash looking at the family photo in his wallet and P looking at his phone they are not paying attention, they both collide...Aarti's medicines get smashed, P is furious he asks Yash if he can't see or what?? and that he broke the medicines, he got for his wife...WTH seriously get it through your damn head P, Aarti isn't your wife AngryAngry

They pick up their belongs as P is about to pick up Yash's wallet the latter takes and it...Yash apologizes to P for breaking the meds and tells him to come with him and that he'll get him more meds...aww Yash is so kind Smile

Paridi in PraDi's room, she is holding the sindoor box she is thinking about the slim ball told her she gets scares and drops the sindoor box...Pratik comes and she tells him she tells him that she dropped the box by mistake to which he replies it's okay, you are a modern girl right so why are you so tense? He says that he will buy her another one...Ahem Pratik she's tense cause even if she's a modern girl she knows that when your sindoor box falls and it gets spills on the floor it means trouble with a capital T OuchOuch

Yash and P go to buy Aarti's medicines...P gives the prescription to the pharmacist who gives him attitude because he didn't pay the previous load and now he comes back for more...Yash pays for the medicines...the pharmacist was been very unprofessional *SMH* 

Yash tells P to save his wife for he knows what is like to lose one...Awww Yashbabu Cry but you asked for it my friend...Yash gives P money and tells him that he can return it later and the latter asks him for his phone number...Yash gives it to him, says that he'll pray for his wife and they bot go their separate ways...Yash she isn't his wife she is yours and technically you did save her my superman EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yash in self thought asks Aarti, her wherabouts..He's really missing her.CryCryHeart

Paridi on location shoot getting ready when the creep producer comes and extends his hand to her but she ignores him and the make up artist and stylist are laughing seeing that...even though I think they much be laughing for another reason Evil Smile

Paridi does her segment...she's in the rain (well actually water sprinkler) and she is twirling, the creep is looking at her and I sure he was getting a *cough*...Paridi goes to her trailer without giving him a look...He follows her.

After her assistant leaves, the slim ball producer goes in her trailer and he tries blackmailing her into CON to which Pardi replies by giving him a hard slap...He hits her back and tries to abuse her when Paridi takes a vase and smashes over his head...He's bleeding a lot and passes out...Upon seeing that Paridi is terrified and runs out of her trailer...The producer is find by a crew member...OMG Paridi is in deep BLEEP 

Pankaj and Vidhi in their room...The former looks like he has a headache, the latter tells him that PayPal are in depression as they are missing their mother...Aww my heart is breaking for them UnhappyUnhappy

Pankaj says couldn't Aarti once think about her children but Vidhi being a good sister defends Aarti and blames Yash for overreacting about AarYa getting intimate in Mumbai...I agree with them both but I'm mostly on Aarti's  side here and i thank you Vidhi for standing by our girl ClapClapClap

Vidhi asks Pankaj to call Yash and ask him about Aarti...He does just that...Yash tells him that he couldn't find Aarti, the poor guy sounds depresses...He's at a news studio...He tells Pankaj that his heart says that Aarti is in Lilathpur and that she will hear his message and come back home with him...Yash is worried about Aarti CryCryCry

Ansh is in Aarti's room keeping a watch on his mom who is calling out Yash's name...Ansh goes and calls the doctor who checks her out and gives her an injection...P comes and Ansh rushes and tells him that Aarti coming through leaving him scared...haha you better be scared P cause you know that Aarti wouldn't want you near her but I guess she'll be grateful to you for saving her life Tongue

The doctor tells P that Aarti's BP isn't normal so they gave her a sleeping injection...P gives the medicines to the doc...Ansh asks why is Aarti sleeping, P replies that she's alright but needs to rest and hugs Ansh...Well he sure is bonding with Ansh will Aarti is unconscious Big smile

Shobha tells Dubey that Aarti will never accept P...Dubey goes on to say that Ansh is P's son to which Shobha says Ansh is Yash's son and goes on to say that very soon Yash will find them...Shobha tells Dubey the concern she heard in Yash's voice today, she never seen in P...Way to go shobha, i'm sorry Dubey can want his son back in his life but wht the heck does he want Aarti to go back to that useless son of his??? Angry

P is very tense in Aarti's room..Ansh sees him playing with his phone and asks him to so he can call Yash...P says he thought Ansh didn't know his dad's number to which he replies, he remembers now...Ansh tries to call Yash...Meanwhile Yash is about to give a tv message when his phone rings, he answers it thinking it to be Aarti but it was just an agency calling him to tell him that he and his family have won family vacation OuchOuch He tells them that he isn't interested.

They tells him to turn off his phone just then Ansh is trying to call him but can't get through cause he switch off the phone Unhappy...Ansh says that he loves his dad and that he tried calling him but he can't seem to get through...and he says his dad is the BEST and he loves him a lot... Prashant looks at him with guilt in his eyes as he remembers when he said harsh things about Ansh when he saw Aarti the last time...That's why they always say you have to think twice before you speak p now this Little Angel whom you've ignored is making feel guilty and less than a man...I say KARMA is a darn beautiful thing TongueEvil SmileLOL

Precap: P sees Ansh's telly message and comes to know that the man he collided with is Aarti's second husband...Yash Scindia Big smile

P is bonding with Ansh will Aarti is unconscious, I wonder what he'll do tomorrow?

EDIT: Sorry for the delay...Headache got worse Unhappy...Hope you guys enjoy my take...Goodnight Lovelies xox 

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Let's see if Yash finds out about Aarti's past today!

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