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Hola everyone.This time I have decided to come up with double Gushing...So BITS AND BYTES will have Lakshman Bytes and Episode bits tooEmbarrassed


Namaskaram Everyone...
This is  a weekly thread about the Lakshman bytes Analysis/Critique/Appreciation after  each episode
The purpose of this thread is to talk about Lakshman/ Neil bits in each episode and your views on it.And yes!!Constructive criticism and Healthy Discussions are more than WELCOME..
Please refrain from using derogatory language and do not bash anyone .Discussions are fun only when the tone is polite and the mutual respect is maintained.Also note that this thread merely will have my own personal views on how the scenes are done in the show and not about any religious scripture .So CHIP in guys and FEEL FREE to share your views and opinionsHug

Highlights of the Episode

1. The swayamvar scene

2.The interaction between brothers Ram and Lakshman

3.The encounter with eavesdropping Urmila and the Guilt

4.The alertness and the checking of the palace

5.The Wow Moment of a tiny Eyelock with Urmila

6. Finally the shooting of the bow in the precap as shown in the promo.


The Swayamvar-A devoted and proud bother'

Though the scene belonged absolutely to Gagan as Ram and Parshuram which IMO was executed brilliantly by both the actors ,whatever slight glimpses and zooms as well as expressions we got of Lakshman were absolutely praiseworthy .Right from the moment when he has that '"Look I told you.." expression when Parshuram addressed Rama and then finally the faith and trust in his brothers' abilities while he shot the arrow to the little smile and smirk both the brothers share while looking at each other. Every tiny gesture was wonderfully done. It showed how much respect and reverence Lakshman had for his brother that he neither interrupted nor spoke out of his turn in front of Rama.Loved it thoroughly. Also that tiny  stare   between Urmila and LAKSHMAN WERE NICELY DONE TOO.


2. Interaction between Rama and Lakshman-The dilemma  and determination

There are   certain moments in our lives when we are unable to decide for ourselves and in haste are not able to see beyond our own dimensions and end up taking decisions which might not have an equally pleasing effect on one and all. That is the time when our peer snad specially our siblings with whom we share an inseparable bond play an important role ,making us see things in a new light and perspective. Loved the   interaction between the  brothers. The delimma and determination of Lakshman as if complaining that ' "how can u fix the marriage when you know that I have promised myself in your service ".Ecah and every expression conveyed the utmost love and reverence and clearly showed how Lakshman shared a UNIQUE bond with his brother ,so much so that he doesn't even want any o ne else to encroach the space he has kept for his elder brother 'The eyes glimmering with a bit of Delimma when Ram actually tries to make him understand the importance of marriage and the wishes of his parents and his simultaneous silent acceptance of the fact to re-consider his decision aws WONDERFULLY portatrayed by Neil..The HIGH point was the the answer to the question of Ram  whether he trusts him or not..The tiny droplets of tears moistening Lakshan's eyes and the answer '"Ye aap kaisi baat kar rahe hain bhaiyya'", was so HEART 'WRENCHING. The varied range of expressions which stated the warmth and level of their mutual affection was so brilliantly executed by both Ram and Lakshman .Ram as the elder brother who makes him understand the meaning of a complete life and Lakshman ,the seeking brother who tries to understand his perspective.In short the SCENE was just EPIC. It stole my heart. It is said that for the attainment of Moksha-"ETERNAL SALVATION OR FREEDOM FROM THE CYCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH",one has to go through the four steps of CHATURVIDHA PURUSHARTHA SIDDHI ' ie Dharama,Artha ,Kama,Moksha'

Also the in those days life was deivided into 4 ashrams ,

         Brahmacharya-For education at gurukul.The focus is on healthy, positive training and discipline, learning about spiritual, community, and family life.

         Grahstha-For marriage and children

         Vanaprashtha-to explore the world and enrich life. This is a time for shifting focus more towards more inner spiritual practices of meditation, contemplation, and prayer

         Sanyas-To renounce wordly life and devote yourself to the Almighty

So marriage is essentially a part of for the attainment of moksha finally  and Ram made a perfect explanation for Lakshman to reconsider his decision .Needless to say Neil works wonders with his eyes while all the time trying to understand the view point of his brother.The scene had a certain warmth to it .The utmost level of bonding between the siblings. KUDOS.


3.The encounter wih Urmila-The Realisation and guilt!!

I literally was glued to my seat all the while watching the episode but this scene made me so excited.Both the actors 'Neil and the actress playing Urmila just NAILED it PERFECTLY!!The glancing eyes of Lakshman travelling from Urmila to Priyamvada and then turning around towards the room and then the sudden realisation about the hurt of Urmila was so beautifully done..It took a moment to sink in the multiple emotions. While Urmila's slight accusing look changed to hurt and resignation with the lowering of her eyelids and her tears ,Lakshman's realization turned simultaneously into his guilt.The expression and nuances on Neil's face were so beautiful that the tears of Urmila which might have reached his heart radiated on his face too in the form of guilt. Actually the scene had so many undertones too .One can imagine the level of hurt Urmila must have faced at that time.Right from the beginning we can sense her admiration for Lakshman and ten her feeling reach an ultimate HIGH with her marriage being fixed to the handsome prince ,HER HEART MUST HAVE WEAVED SO MANY DREAMS AROUND HIM.I am talking about those days when for woman ,her marriage being fixed meant that her entire life was devoted to her husband.It is not difficult to imagine her plight GIVEN TO THE CIRCUMSTANCES. It was as if she was flying high up in the vast expanse of the free sky only to be suddenly struck by an arrow clipping off her wings making her fall on the ground .The feeling of sinking was so evident through her silent tears.Equally emphatic was Lakshman.We have not only seen him as a devoted brother but as a gentleman ,who revers nad respects women. Remember how he bows down to Sita at their first pushpa vatika meeting.The expression of trying to say something to Urmila did actually convey how much he would have understood her plight and predicament. To summarize,I ACTUALLY FALL SHORT OF ADJECTIVES when I try to describe the scene.It was beautiful EYOND WORDS!!


4. The alertness and the checking of the palace 'The valiant and focussed prince!!

We all love this avatar of Lakshman,where he walks tall,the body language taught and eyes completely alert and focussed as if trying to gauze the severity and complexity as well as the mystery of the occasion .PERFECT EXPRESSIONS,PERFECT BODY LANGUAGE and above all EYES that are curious and alert.'Every tiny detail just AWEOME!!Also a very interesting facet was that when aLakshman saw those soldiers,there wasn't even a hint of shock on his face,but instead his grip tightened on his bow.Suggested how sure and confident he is about his capabilities. That's what makes him Lakshman .FEARLESS AND VALIANT!!

5.The Wow Moment of a tiny Eyelock with Urmila 'Duty comes first

This has to be by far my most favourate scene in the whole EPISODE.No not that because I love Lakshman and Urmila but because of the sheer fact that both the actors completely REDEFINED chemistry and KUDOS to the director for etching out such a DIFFERENT and Special scene.The miniscule moment of surprise ,awkwardness and finally the sudden realization of duty was so graphically expressed by Lakshaman's eyes that I wanted to give a standing ovation..It was so damn good. Equally BRILLIANT were Urmila's expressions ,the sudden encounter leading to a brief eyelock and then a sudden realiZation by her first by lowering her eyelids and simultaneously by Lakshman, added the much needed IMPACT to the already beautiful scene'The "suniye to'" and then "is samay nahi "was so cute'Kind of hinted to the future and the nature of their relationship.For Lakshman his DUTY TOWARDS HIS BROTHER will always take a priority irrespective of any distractions. BRILLIANT SCENE (Honestly I actually watched it several times ,I ma still not over that scene yet)

PROMO scene was brilliant too. But I will reserve my thoughts for complete summary after watching the next episode'.

So that's all from me on Lakshman bytes..Now start CHIPPING IN!!Hug





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Well to start off ,I must say the episode has some wonderful moments and some really interesting developments apart from the Lakshaman bytes .

The swayamvar Scene

A brilliant continuation from the last weeks HIGH of Parshuram being angered by Lakshman ,the story moves forward and we see an EQUALLY POISED ,CALM AND EVER CHARMING Rama soothing temper of Parshuram. With folded hands and a beautiful serene smile on his face,Gagan carries off the role of Ram with the lithe grace of a fawn. DELIGHTFUL AND DAZZLING with the glimpses of an EQUALLY BEAUTIFUL Neha as Sita,the scene has some wonderful moments with the sharing of the furtive glances between Ram and Sita..ETHEREAL AND WONDERFUL!!It's my personal opinion(I hope m entitled to keep one) ,but To me Neha is PERFECT for Sita .She has those cherubic BRILLIANT eyes that speak volumes. Not forgetting to mention here ,that Gagan suits her equally. The CALM demeanour always illuminates his angelic face. The arti scene was done so beautifully. Totally loved it!!

Sisters have Fun

A welcome change from clich Mythological dramatic scenes, the scene at the terrace with the pigeons and teasing each other induces a tug in your heart. Must say very BRIGHT AND HEART –WARMING. Also we see that Urmila's fascination for Lakshman is not hidden from  others too.

Their mother coming up with the news of their marriage and their subsequent happiness was LOVELY. Added a LOT OF SPUNK and humour. It was GOOD .

Priyamvada Teases Urmila….

The scene looks absolutely delightful and gorgeous. Both the actresses are so natural. The shy and demure Urmila with dreams in her eyes for a beautiful future is a TREAT to watch. I feel the rushing to see Lakshman was delightfully cute…Nothing offensive in it..Though restrained by her Maryada ,yet the push from Priyamvad convinces her to meet Lakshman.The scene had similar vibes when the sisters of Sita and Priyamvada coax Sita to go and watch Ram .So What's EXACTLY WRONG in having a sneak peek into the room of the man whom you are going to spend your life with. Even if this happened ages ago where such an act was considered impossible, but who knows. After all people have desires and it would certainly had been fun to sneak like this,. So IMO the scene was INTERESTING and INNOVATIVE.I have always maintained that What's the fun watching restrained stories with repetitions. With an EPIC like Ramayana with almost 300+ versions ,a little creativity and IMAGINATION just awesomely adds the much needed SPICE to an already enriching EXPERIENCE. So I give it to the PH for coming up with lovely new scenes. CHANGE IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.NO matter how much time it takes to accept the change but it's always REFRESHING!!


Sisters TALK-Urmila and Sita

This was the most AWWW Scene MUCH like the Ram Lakshman one. Needless to say Neha played the perfect elder sibling not only consoling Urmila but also reinforcing her TRUST in Ma Gauri….Brilliant acting by both of them. The scene had some INTERESTING AND STRONG PARALLELS from the Ram Lakshman scene. Both the elder siblings standing as a pillar of support to the younger ones who are both caught in the turmoil of their dilemma's. Both the younger ones know what they want from LIFE yet end up being disheartened coz both their desires are different .What an INTERESTING star CROSSED tale of love .INTERESTING !!

Sita and Ram meet –Pushpavatika..

While Neha looks like a demure beauty admiring the moon, Gagan comes across as an equally ENTHRALLING prince with captivating charms…The scene was beautifully done!! Loved it the core..


The BG score with siyawar Ram is so beautiful...LUbbing it absolutely!!


Finally I HAD TO ADMIT THIS.!!I was completely blown away by the GORGEOUS SETTING of the Priyamvada Urmila scene. The reflection of the characters on the floor, the intricate Gold carvings on the wall. JUST PLAIN GORGEOUS. The whole palace looks wonderful and the lighting appears BRILLIANT too. The vatic scene in the RICH BACKDROP of the night sky is PLAIN GORGEOUS….CLAPS AND CLAPS SOME MORE!!

Perhaps my only complaint is the dresses of the females. VERY AVERAGE L The jewellery is fab but the dresses look like the curtains hanging in the palace. I so wished they had used some BRIGHTER colours …Everything else just looks PERFECT


To summarize the episode I would say I am super happy with it.We all know the story of Ramayana .Don't we?So what I am looking forward in this version is FRESH different Tales and also I am keen to see the CHARACTERS and their various emotions. The little nuances of the character is what can hold a viewer's interest rather than REPETITION of scenes and mere aping of storyline. Till now this version has caught my interest because of these points. The journey of the characters makes it MORE INTERESTING. So I am ready to explore new avenues with the PH. Comparisons with the past versions is INEVITABLE but necessarily IMPORTANT.I am watching this show as a whole new experience .The characters are GROWING day by day and I am growing fond of the ENSEMBLE CAST !!HATS OFF!!

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first regarding lakshman bytes..

i have no words left to express the beauty of the scenes..u described each and every emotion of lakshman to utmost perfection..

i totally agree ram and lakshman scene was very emotional...and it was good to see how lakshman opened   out his heart in front of ram ji...ram ji actually hit the right chord when he asked lakshman "dont u trust me"...aww there goes lakshman ji in dilemma..he just cant bear those words..tears just flooded in his eyes..brilliantly done by neil..his voice gets choked..i have watched this scene like so many times already...

and yes the surprise was definitely urmi eavesdropping but that was not her intention..as u said..thoda hatke treatment of how urmi comes to know about lakshman's aim in life..i actually loved this treatment...and if sita ji can go n see ramji in pushpvatika then why not urmila.. ??
they are actually showing us how she is totally smitten by lakshman..so unintentional eavesdropping was in sync...

loved the alertness in lakshman...neil was fantasic there..the way he walked around with utmost caution...it was delightful to watch..

and finally my fav scene of the epi...the sweet encounter of lakshman and urmila...i was totally blown away by the chemistry ...that too in split seconds..the eyeplay was brilliantThumbs Up

the actress playing urmila...she was damn good..as soon as she saw lakshman her face brightens up and then she quickly realises ..lowers her eyes..followed by lakshman ji...

my god..i never expected such a beautiful scene...and the music which played there was so so divine...i have watched this scene like n times..have lost even count of it..and geesh ur vm was just added treat for us...

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OMG shocked exited and thrilled wat a brilliant analysis piu me actially dont know wht to say ,,,,,,,,,hats off girl and resBig smile

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Piu,what a wonderful post.I loved reading it especially what you wrote about the Lakshman-Ram scene and the last Lakshman scene with Urmila.You have written everything so beautifully I feel as if there is nothing to add.Neil was just fab in this episode.He nailed every scene of his with his expressions.The confusion and the little guilt that plays on his face when he realizes that Urmila might have overheard the conversation was really good and that tiny moment in the last scene where a flicker of emotion passes over his face when he comes across her in the corridor was also brilliant.Your explanation of those dialogues and what they symbolise was beautiful.Yes I agree with you it definitely foreshadows the future.Keep coming up with these weekly posts.It's a great readSmile

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piu AMAZING ANAYLSIS Clap I HAVE NEVER CAME ACCROSS SUCH A WONDEFUL ANALYSIS IN ANY FORUM NO TRUST ME its a masterpiece i  m speechless piu u write very well u r gifted writer seriously i m in love with ur post 

i loved ram and parsuram scene... lord rama shot an arrow and broke the ego and pride of parsuram it was fantastic ... the divine avtaar of vishnu was brilliant though i m not happy with the choice of actors but never mind the shivaarthi was beautful and neil was brilliant in each and every scene the conversation between ram and laskhmana was amazing i loved how lord rama explained the duty towards the elder and near and dear sometimes decision has to be taken for the sake of urs dear ones and then the tears in lakshmana eyes wen lord rama said do u belive him it was like someone dropped a bomb on him he could never ever bear it he was at the verge of tears...the meeting of urmila was the highlight of the show  the glances they gave to each other was amazing NEIL did great job here he always plays with his eyes... his eyes travelled from urmila to piryamvada and then the realization that she might have heard him and the immediate guilt conciousness in his eyes conveyed it all ...urmila was hurt but she left without a word it was her fate y to blame him...the scene with sitaji is my absolute fav lovely conversation between the two... the bond between the sibling is really strong i wonder how did sita react wen lakshman decided to leave urmila and to go along with them how she had reacted to see her sister in pain that too for fourteen years seriously some issues remained mysterious till date...then i loved the alertness in lakshmana wen he sensed danger he was serving lord rama so didnt move but knew something was fishy he waited for lord rama to sleep and then wen he slept he quietly got up and went out brilliant job done by neil...the meeting with urmila was fantastic the discomfort the reluctance and the hesitation was so apparent it was looking like a new bride and a groom had come face to face one shy moment that was but there were other issues to sought out so keeping everything aside lakshmana walked away i m in love with this couple...

again i would say ur post is fantastic brilliant job plz keep coming with ur awesome analysis

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Some caps for the Episode..Embarrassed

The Swayamvar

Brothers speak to each other

Sisters have fun

Sita and Urmila scene

Lakshman Savdhaan scene

Urmila Lakshman Scene

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lovely post piu i was waiting for lakshmana bytes yes the epi was fantastic i had some apprehension regarding urmila going near lakshmana chamber but as u say freedom and liberty should be given to creatives afterall they wanna make the character more relatable whts wrong if she does some sneak peak in the room of her would be hubby hmmm no complaints there...i loved ram parsuram ram sita shivaarthi sitamaa and urmila scene but my absolute fav is ram lakshman and lakshman urmila scene...i loved the peice of advice lord rama gave to lakshmana and the hint of tears wen he asked he belived him these words are enough to shake his entire existence...for him lord rama is be all and end of life his reason to live his reason to die and hearing those words must have brought tears in lakshmana eyes...i remember a incident told by satya sai baba wen lord rama lakshmana and sitaji was wandering in the forest in panchvati...lord rama looked at the place and asked lakshman to build a cottage at the place of his choice wen lakshmana heard those words he was sad he was in tears he quietly sat near ramji with tears in his eyes sitaji looked at him and asked y are u sad lord rama said nothing wrong lakshmana said lord rama is asking my choice do i have any choice????for me everything is lord rama he has asked me... "my choice"... where should i find my choice????? i dont want to offend him so tell me mother whts my choice such a blind faith he had in lord rama...the incidence reminded me of that story seriously it was heart touching scene and then urmila and lakshmana scene was fantastic i absolutely loved it and my heart went for this lady she won me completely her silent tears... her suffering in silence...u really descibed her feeling well and yes the sibling bond between sita and urmila was very well enacted agreed with sanjh even i m curios to know how did sitaji reacted wen lakshmana decided to leave urmila and accompany them in forest...if they can show us this...Tongue anyways i lved second meeting  it was more intense and more uncomfortable aww lakshmana was guilty. he looked at her and then dropped his eyelid avoiding her sight one shy bacha he is ...while urmila heart thumped up and down  so much to say yet nothing at all...seems life has given them bigger task they wanna share their feeling but duty comes first he left and then the imposter scene dont knw wht to say me reserving my comments

abolsute fav epi but i loved ur analysis more cv if u wanna go gaga over ur show keep coming with brilliant epis

forgot to add urmila's chamber was gorgeous i m loving mithila its far better than ayodhya set...everything is perfect just give some nice costume and jewellery to urmila too

once again fantastic post piu 

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