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Nautanki Times#15 : Tujhko Jo Paya To Jeena Aaya

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Nautanki Times #15

Tujhko Jo Paya To Jeena Aaya

- C R E D I T S -

Heads: -Dimple- and --Shivu--
Banner: -Dimple-
Headers: -Stutz-

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BY : ApurvaLovesARVI

1 october
Part 1

Madhu promises Radha that this time Ganpati Bappa will surely come in their house and one day a son will return to his mother as well..! Radha says all this hatred, all this complaint only Madhu can have the courage to destroy! She wishes Madhu good luck and goes away! Madhu goes and sits on her bed and looks at the idol of Ganesh ji! Dips comes and asks Madhu why she is showing false dreams to Radha? She says that Madhu does not understand RK so thinks he will participate with everyone in all this ! Madhu says.. if in past Bappa was part of RKs life, he will return again! Dips tells Madhu that she has not seen RKs stubborness, he wont agree! Madhu says even RK has not seen her stubborness! 

RK tells Bittu to cancel all shoots, photoshoots etc! Bittu tells RK that he was telling him the same thing earlier! RK says till the madness of the family members reduces, there is no need for stepping out of the house! RK comes to his room and sees Madhu smiling[ She is wearing a comfy kurti as nite suit]! He asks her why she is smiling? Madhu says there is no condition in the contract that prevents her from smiling! Madhu asks RK if he likes yellow or red? RK walks off! Madhu says strange! RK comes in shorts and tees! He keeps staring at Madhu! Madhu says sorry and gets up to go and sleep on the couch! Madhu is busy making some list! RK makes the partition of pillows and goes to lie down on his side of the bed! RK tells Madhu to sleep on the bed and now! Madhu says she has some work and refuses to sleep on the bed! RK switches off the light and Madhu shrieks! RK switches on the light! BG-Darmiyan! RK gets up and sits on the bed and recollects that Madhu is scared of darkness and says sorry to her! He tells her to come and lie down on the bed before he switches off the light again! Madhu goes and sits on her side of the bed as RK is lying down! Both of them are awake! Madhu asks RK if he likes yellow or red?! RK turns around and sleeps! She says she will ask next day morning and wishes him good nite!

Sikky comes to Kuku who is drinking! He asks Kuku why he is drinking? Kuku tells Sikky that Nair is asking them to return the advance he had paid to cast RK in the lead of his movie! Sikky says that they can return as they have not blown up the money yet! Kuku hits him and says if he wants him to remind where they blew the money? Kuku rues that ever since RK has banned them, everyone is cancelling their contracts! Sikky suggests to apologise to RK and request him to allow their equipments to be used for shoots! Kuku chides him and asks him to never repeat this! He says he may be a low person but not he is still not that low that he has to beg before RK! Kuku tells Sikky to tell Dips to expend less!He says.. 'Jeb nahi dhela.. aur biwi khele mela-mela'!

Next day morning Dips comes and Radha too joins her to decorate the seat for Ganesh Puja! Dips asks Rahda to reconsider her decision but she averts! RK is playing game on his PSP when he hears drum noise! Madhu is walking in with Ganpati Idol! RK comes and sees the decorations and Radha doing Aarati of Ganpati Idol! Madhu chants Ganpati Bappas name loudly! Sikky/ Kuku all are dancing..! Sikky makes Dips dance! RK is fuming! Dips sees RK and smiles! RK is grinding his teeth! He walks towards Madhu! He comes and stands in Madhus way and says.. STOP! He asks what is happening in the house? He says that whole world, the family members and Madhus Bappa knows that where RK stays.. he (Bappa) cant stay! He tells Madhu that he had told earlier that he does not believe in this! Madhu says no need for him to believe but he cannot stop others! She says that she believes in Bappa and this time he is not letting her go to her home so she decided to bring Bappa to their home (here)! Madhu says Bittu told her that for 10 days RK does not step outside the house so better he stay in his room and Bappa will stay in the hall! Madhu asks RK to step aside as she has to put Babaji in his place! RK stays put! Madhu asks all to play the drums! Mahdu says no one will get punished for this.. n if they do.. she will suffer! Al start! RK keeps fuming! RK-Madhu eyelock! RK glares at the idol and then steps out of the way! Madhu says 'Ganpatti Bappa .. Morya' and goes and places the Idol in its seat! RK is left fuming!

Part 2

RK is walking off and Madhu calls out to him and says its the first aarati of Bappa, so wont he come? RK says he wont be part of this drama and throws Madhus Aarati thal! Soem gulaal falls on his face and Madhu says willingly or unwillingly, he has been drenched in the color of Bappa! RK sees the Gulaal on his face and fumes some more and walks off! 

Bappas Aarati being done! Madhu has the pallu draped on her head! Madhu is doing aarati! RK watches on! Everyone in the family is praying along with Madhu! Dips keeps smirking! 

Part 3

Madhu chants 'Ganpati Bappa morya'! Radha self thot. t.hank u for coming home! Madhu self thot.. give strength to fulfill my promise to Radha ..that she can bring back faith and trust in RKs life again! She asks for blessings from Bappa as RK looks on! Screen

Precap -- Madhu tells Radha that she will make RK tie the Mouli! Radha asks Madhu if she is sure RK will tie the Mouli? RK tells Madhu to give him one strong reason why he should believe in her God?! Madhu tells RK that he has two options .. he can tie the Mouli .. or he can tie the Mouli so which option he likes?

2 october
Part 1

Madhu is tying Mouli in the hands of Radha and looks at the remainin Mouli of RKs! Radha asks if she thinks RK will tie it.. and Madhu says..she will make him tie! Cool Bittu is talking to the Police Commsnr. about the latest threat of Rs. 25 Cr to be given by tomorw or! 

Madhu comes and asks Bittu to tie and he freezes and Madhu says.. RK is not above God so to tie.. Bittu keeps glancing at RK! LOL Madhu asks RK but he says he doesnt believe in all this and asks her to give a reason to believe in God!Wink Madhu says.. if she gives? RK says.. she is fighting losing battle! Madhu tells RK ..that he has two options.. tie the Mouli or tie the Mouli! RK recollects the medicine thingy! LOL Madhu asks him to tell the option n takes off!

Dips is in her room and Sikky comes and tries to kiss her hand but Dips looks away! Sikky says..RK got a PATAKA biwi.. serves him right! LOL

Radha calls Dips to the kitchen to help for making Modak! Radha tells Madhu about childhood stories of RK making and stealing Modak and same way Madhu talks of her sis and Roma! Smile Dips is feeling awkward! LOL She says that Madhu is accustomed in her Chawl but .. n Radha says.. she too din have a habit but enjoying! Dips is at sea making it and Radha asks Madhu to teach her and she does!

Radha excuses herself to take a call..! Dips is fuming that Madhu is challenging her position. .now she will fix her! AngryShocked She resolves to throw Madhu out of the kitchen n give shock to Mrs. Madhubala kundra!Sikky stealing Ganesh bhagwans money and Kuku stops him! Kuku says.. he should focus on idea to get out of the trouble of lenders!

Madhu goes out of the kitchen and Dips mixes garam masala in the modak! Shocked

Part 2

Dips says Madhu know now what she knows n what not..! Sikky comes and happy seeng the Modak ..! He wants to eat ..but Dips stops him!

Part 3

Dips carrying Modak and all guests praise her..! Madhu comes and Radha introes her to all as Rishabhs wife.. n Madhu takes all blessngs..! Dips smirks

Precap -- RK comes and sits before Bappa and offers Kabab and Madhu / Radha are apalled .. He walks twoards Gods idol and Madhu holds his hand!

3rd october
Part 1

Bhog time n all think both Dips and Madhu have made it but Dips corrects saying only Madhu has made..! Radha asks Dips to distribute as well but she says only one plate n Madhu says.. nope.. 2 plates WinkTongueLOL

Madhu gives both plates to Pandit ji and its Arati time..! Dips keeps wondering which one has garam masala wala Modak LOL

RK is boxing as Aarati goes on! He fumes hearing the noise and Dips keeps wondering which plate of modak has masala LOL! She goes to check n Sikky stops her! Dips identifies the rite plate! Angry Madhu keeps waiting for RK Embarrassed! The waiter comes and mixes the plates again LOL! RK recollects his childhood n fumes! He sees the Mouli.. Madhu touches her Mouli and feels RK ... she prays! Dips takes the wrong plate to serve LOL! Dips claims credit for some of the modak and serves and all start coufing LOL! Dips is taken aback..! ConfusedWinkLOL Madhu realises something and others ask the lady to take from Madhus plate! Clap All praise Madhu! Radha calms Dips!

Paddo calls and says that Shammo is much better thanks to RK ..! Embarrassed Madhu delighted..! Paddo asks Madhu to come and meet Maleek! Dips keeps wondering how plates changed! LOL Sikky praises Madhus modak LOL! Dips resolves that there will be a lot more to the game.. n its only a start!

Madhu offers RK modak..! RK tells her he does not believe in it.. n Madhu says.. take it as a good news celebrn.. as Shammo is better..! RK says.. he knows all..! Madhu says she came to say just thanks..from the HEART! Embarrassed RK taunts that credit to Bappa to make Madhu bow down before him and Madhu says .. yes.. coz he made RK get the idea of foreign equipments ..! She asks him to join for dinner if he has courage to face Bappa! TongueLOL

Part 2

Radha asks Dips to sit on the floor n she is Confused n Radha is serving food..! Madhu keeps waiting for RK Embarrassed n Dips says.. he wont come and right then he does! Clap Madhu smiles but RK asks for his parcel! LOL

Part 3

RK taunts saying he cant make so much sacrifices for the Lord! Madhu is ShockedAngryOuch!

Precap -- RK offers kebab to Lord and as he walks towards him, Madhu holds his arm and stops him! 

4th october
Part 1

RK sits on chair and RK tells MAdhu.. cant two GODS sit in front of each other and eat? Madhu and Radha are appalled .. Dips bemused! RK takes out kebab.. n offers to Lord..! ShockedAngry

RK is about to eat n says.. he forgot the right to eat first is Lords so gets up to offer and Madhu comes in his way and holds his arm! Madhu asks RK how dare he? RK says he is sharing .. n that too after she said he and Bappa can stay 2gether! RK smiles n says..there are many walls in this house.. which wont let him n Bappa stay 2gether.! Tongue Dips smirks! Madhu seeks forgiveness for RK from Bappa..! 

Maleek back home with Paddo and Trish..! Trish shares.. Roma is on outdoor shoot .. n Paddo gets meds for him..! Maleek asks the chawl guy to arrange for a big project and Paddo asks him not to worry ..! Trish shares she is gonna get a job so all will be done..! Maleek says.. one job cant provide for Rs. 40 lacs.. and he has to do all it takes to free Madhu from the hell..!Clap

Radha rues that RK has lost faith in God so no relation can be formed .. between him and God..! Dips says..she tried telling same thing and offers milks to Radha! Dips praises Madhus intention .. but says.. RK is not a common man and he is king of another world..! Radha says.. many years have past.. what din happen till now and Madhu completes .. will happen NOW! Cool Madhu says.. Magikk will happen . .n RK will be a believer..! Embarrassed

RK too doesnt eat the kebab and keeps looking at the Modaks .. n recollects Madhus words. .n also stops himself from drinking..! RK recollects childhood days..of celebrations! Ouch Tries drinking again but cant Clap!

Part 2

Trish recollects Maleeks resolve to free Madhu ..! Paddo asks Trish to understand Maleek as he thinks himself responsible for Madhu..! Trish says.. she wont say anything but wont forgive Madhu..! 

Part 3

RK comes down before Bappa and starts to ring the ghanti Shocked while glaring at him!

Precap -- RK asks Bappa why he din stop his biggest devotee when he went to kill himself.. or why he din tell RK to stop his father ??? He says.. Bappa is piece of stone from inside out ... and so he wont pray before him nor cry during visarjan.! Madhu overhears the whole thing..! 

5th october
Part 1

RK asks Bappa if he heard the bells? He says.. ofcourse not .. as he only hears loud noise...! He says that his dad used to tell that God hears hearts voice but he doesnt..Ouch He recollects childhood days of Visarjan Cry He tells God that he mite have forgotten who dad.. well its Mohan Kundra.. the man who used to forget all for 10 days and serve Bappa ...!

He reminds how he used to come from school near Bappa n cry during visarjan.. but God din care .. n din solve his fathers troubles .. nor cared for his friend who tied friendship band on him! He recollects his fathers suicide..! He asks.. Bappa WHY?? WHY?? He did it?? Why din he stop his dad from killing himself..or tell him save his father..! He din care for RK being orphan! Madhu overhears..! RK says if God had answered his prayers.. n pleas.. he wont have been filled with hate n venom.. n when he realised God wont answer.. Rishab died n RK was born..! He asks God to enjoy Madhus trust and says..he wont pray before him n that he wont shed a tear when they take to immerse God! 

RK asks .. Bappa what he will do?? Destory him .. better do.. 'if u cant make anything.. u dun have power to break either'! As the flame of God starts to flicker.. RK protects it Embarrassed n Madhu thanks God..! 

Part 2

RK comes to the room and has a scowl .. n Madhu teases.. ! RK asks ..what she wants.. he feeding modak? Madhu asks if he doesnt care why saved the flame of Bappa? Tongue RK says.. not written in contract to answer her all questions.. Madhu smiles.. RK asks what she was doing n she says.. not written in contract to answer..! Both lie down n Madhu smiles seeing RK..!

Next day morning n Radha asks Dips to take care as Madhu wants to make Kheer..!

The dons person calls Bittu n threatens .. him saying if they dont pay Rs. 25 Cr RK will reach God.! Sikky asks the matter but Bittu averts n calls cops! Madhu and all are in kitchen n realise something .! Light goes off ..! Kuku asks Sikky if he bought drinks with bill amount.. LOL They see RKs room has light! RK keeps AC on! Servant comes and tells that RK has removed the fuse of house except his room ..! LOL Madhu realises theres no gas either Shocked! RK comes and tells he wants to see her BHAKTi ki Shakti Evil Smile .. time starts now! LOL RK asks if Madhu is gonna make Kheer on her 'Gusse ki aag'?? RK says.. now what will superwoman Madhu do?

Madhu lights up all diyas Clap but RK keeps blowing them off. .n she asks him to stop.. ! Angry He says he wont let her put Bhog.. n asks her where Bappa is?? 

Part 3

Madhu asks y he's so upset? if he doesnt like keep off.. she told him to stay off ..if he does not care.. then why the anger n hate? Tongue RK says.. he is a nasteek.. n Madhu asks him to surrender himself before Lord.. Vighan-harta! RK says.. he clears Vighan based on prasad rate..n has never cleared his Vighan...! Madhu says.. who knows and that what he lost maybe..n RK tells her ENOUF ..! Madhu asks why not? RK asks her why she has so much sympathy for him?? Coz Radha told her all? Dead Madhu asks ..if he only lost?? He has his fathers memory ..she has not seen her father.. as he wanted to kill her before her birth but she din lose faith..!

She shows him the bill of the kebab ... VEG kebab Clap

Precap -- RK doing aarati of Bappa ... n singing 'Jai deva' 

BY : Phoenix.Xeelan

This week Bakra of the week repeats and goes again to Deepali. Her cheap kitchen politics tactics to prove herself an efficient an better bahu and humiliate Madhu by changing the Modak's plate totally backfired on her. her repeated attempts of proving to Madhu that how she knows Risabh better than Madhu though Madhubala is RK's wife and Deepali is hi babi got failed and none of her attempts actually worked.

BY : Armu4eva

^^ Deffo.. goes to ... Missus.. Kundra...Tongue  errr Shocked no no.. not my Tharkeys Biwi .. Embarrassed but his Bhabhi ..!! LMAO ...whad da ROFL ... all plans to belittle Madhu went down the drain ..all thanks to Bappa.. n Munna LOL

Just loved how.. Dips after exchanging the Modak plates claimed part credit for preparing it and then when her Modaks turned out to be the ones with the garam masala... she went from ShockedAngryOuch ! Lomdi bani Bheegi Billi LOL!...ROFL scene.. truly..! Loved Madhus.. lil smirk in that scene! WinkLOL

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BY : princess163

Another good week...another tough decision.

Amongst the various good scenes,the few that just stuck with me are:

The one where Madhu was working on that list sitting on the coich and RK switched off the light but as soon as he saw that she got scared,he switched it back on Embarrassed 

He even apologized for doing it accodentally.

The next one is where Madhu tells RK to tie the Mouli on his wrist. I mean,the way she gave him the two options,it showed so much hak and posessiveness,i loveeed it.

Also,the confrontational scene between RK and Ganesh ji,where her bares his anger against him,the pain at the loss, the angst at the betrayal-the scene is brilliant for sheer brilliant acting by VD.

After much thinking,this week i fail to decide the winner and all three will be the scene of the week

BY : Armu4eva

Hialos.. my Modak-buddies Hug so last week was a week with .. umm less of hubby-wifey action and more of Gods intervention ...

Here are some pics which should surely put a smile on yar face..! Embarrassed

>> Come to BED HONEY Blushing

^^ ufff.. hai the way.. RK demanded.. his Biwi to leave all kaam dham n b his errr bed ki culdn hide a blush n a grin EmbarrassedLOL 

>> Meri Nazar hai tujhpe.. Teri Nazar hai mujhpe Day Dreaming

^^ What a Bappa milaye Jodi ..neither wants the other to be out of their sight.! *sigh* i tell ya.. these two.. just cant do without each other...Embarrassed

Totally addicted and high..! Wink

Now looking forward to next week... with the super rocking Visarjan Track! Embarrassed

BY : -DamnedDrooler-

It has to be Madhu she was looking stunning in the red and blue dress ... I wonder if any color doesn't suit Drashti ... She looks amazing in each n every color ... 

BY : Phoenix.Xeelan

No one!! Trishna was shown only once in this week and she was decently dressed and looking good too LOL Deepali was the ultimate vamp with beautiful sarees and dark lipsticks... everyone was pretty fairly dressed. Noone in particular to notice whose fashion sense would be trashed Smile

BY : princess163

Suno suno suno!!

*Swati calls out*
There is variation this week Shocked 

*people look on shocked*

This week,Mrs. Madhubala Rishabh Kundra takes the Character of the week away from her BELOVED husband

She is the character of the week for her persistence and faith in the goodness in RK,her belief that RK will give in to Gannu bhaiya's bhakti, the trust that behind the ruthless facade is the good old kid RK who took Gannu Bhaiya as his best friend.

I didn't miss her tender smiles towards RK either Wink 

P.S.- But,RK ke liye i can't resist saying, "Tere ishk pe tere wakt pr bas hak hai ek meraaa..."

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BY : x.Maaneet4eva.x

People Choice Award - Madhubala Nominated
By: bubblygal1711
View: 114
Replies: 2749

BY : .SilentPrincess

Made By : Chandani_C

~ Hua jo dard bhi kabhi toh aaj kuch zyada hua
Ye kya hua kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
*Ishq wala love* ~

BY : --Rashu--

Made By : saher_90

BY : bubblygal1711

Made By : itsMnK

BY : _Aanchal_

Fan Fiction : RishBala FF~A Heart's Obsession~
Written By : Mlle_Fabuleux

Written By : uteem

Short Story : ~ Aisa Hota hai~RishaBala SS
Written By : -happilyunknown

BY : Jyo_Ksg

Filmitown- Person behind RKs attack to be revealed

The article tells about RK who finally attends the Ganesh Visarjan,Dancing but tragically gets shot during the same time. Shocked 

There has been a lot of thinking as to who is behind RK's life & wants to hurt him..!! Ouch 
Well, then let me tell you all that finally there's end to thinking guys, as the person behind RK's attack has been revealed. Ermm Any guesses??

Uhmm, chalo bata hi deti hoon, its none other than RK's step father Kukku Bhatia..Pinch He has shown his real face, to what extend he can go to hurt RK..!! Angry

The article further tells that RK will be rushed to the hospital & will be saved from serious damage as the bullet will pass by his shoulder.Thumbs Up

Further , RK & Madhu will be shown sharing some romantic moments as Madhu will be taking care of RK during his stay at the hospital.Blushing So stay tuned for amazing episodes to come..Wink

Credit: Filmitown ; Posted by Armu4eva ; Likes: 50 ; Comments: 42 ; Views: 1223

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BY : swaron502

Superstar RK Of The Week : ritzi12
Your Gift:

Glycerine Of The Week : ISADORA
Your Gift:

FINAL NOTE: Glycerine Of The Week does NOT mean that you cried a lot in the particular week... its meant for MB/DD fans whose comments and posts showed their love towards her !!

Gossiping Queen Of The Week : kirti_fiji
Your Gift:

Heroine Of The Week : Shahisthi
Your Gift:

A CHANGE: the name has been edited from DVDian OF The Week to DVDian/RishBalian Of The Week

DVDian / RishBalian Of The Week : swaron502
Your Gift: 

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Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

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Fabulous NL!! ClapClapClapClap Really enjoyed reading it...Big smile

Keep up the great work!! Thumbs Up

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what a wonderful NL

love it totally

if ever help is needed you can let me know 

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undisclosed IF-Addictz

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congratulations got gossipping queen againLOL

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