Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

~Won't Give Up~ 12/12 UPDATED p16 (Page 4)

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Hahaha i m bck. bbbwwaahhh. :P 
Waiting for an Update di. ;) 

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Frankly speaking, when I get a PM from you, I am like – OMG!!!!! An update from Grace! – And my day turns to awesome. You are that good a writer. I have all the time loved your works. They always have a perfect balance and as a fan-fic are just beautiful.


Now, coming to your OS, since the OS is referring to Premeer marriage and Premeer's Wedding Anniversay is going on here, hence it is just like the icing on the top. I have every time loved the way you describe each single feature making us imagine every small detail and that one of the beauty of your works. Also, the flashbacks are really cute, damn cute. I wish you would have wrote on FF or an SS on this since the progress of their relationship is seeming too cute and beautiful but I am really happy the way you have depicted it in the OS. I wish I could give you a long remark for this really long update but I am not that good a writer.


I have said this many a times but anyway, I would still end up saying this – You really rock and you are truly an awesome and an amazing writer – Hope that you never leave Kis Desh and please do keep writing; I would always wait for any of your update as they all are always worth the wait.


Thanks a ton for the OS.


P.S. – Thank you for liking my OS – I don't want to Survive. It is an incredible feeling to get liked by someone whose work you admire. Don't think that I am exaggerating, I from the bottom of my heart mean every word that I said. I do like others as well, but Nina di and your works are special.

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Huge Hugs to everyone HugHugHug Seriously I didn't know what kind of response I would get since I haven't been very active here.  Thank you all for taking the time to Like and Post Comments.  I really, really, truly appreciate it!  You guys totally rock and every comment is very special to me.

I know enough of my babble.  You want to know what happens next.  So without further ado...

Part 2:


Prem grumbled as he opened the door to his room and made his to the front door of his apartment.  His dog Ginger got up from her dog bed in the living room and trotted behind him.  He rubbed his eyes to clear the sleep away from his head and looked out the peep hole.  Within an instant he was wide awake.  He quickly opened the door and stared at the women wearing a gray sweater jacket and jeans standing on his welcome mat.  He noted the blue suitcase at her side.  "Heer?"


"Surprise?" she grinned.


He couldn't help but chuckle as he recalled that time in college when he had surprised her.  "Come in," he invited and moved aside.


"Thank you," Heer replied and rolled her suitcase in.  "Sorry, about this.  I'm not interrupting anything am I?  Rachel isn't here is she?"


"No," he answered.  "You don't have to worry about that.  We broke up."


"What?!  You guys broke up?  When did this happen?  Why didn't you tell me?"


"It just happened tonight.  So, um...I just told you," Prem explained.


"Oh, I'm so sorry Prem," Heer sympathized.


"Lair never liked Rachel," Prem stated.


"That's not true," Heer defended.  "She um, had her days."


Prem chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, "Eh, it's okay.  It never would have really worked out.  My parents would have thrown a fit.  So, what's going on here?" eyeing her suitcase.


"I got fed up and well, I just needed to leave," Heer simply replied.


"Ah, and Viren?" Prem probed.


"I could care less about what he thinks."


"So, you left him," Prem guessed.


"We had this huge fight and I just need some know space," Heer replied.


"So he just let you go?"


"He drove me to the airport and wished me a happy flight," Heer snide.


"Oh," Prem softly uttered with a look of surprise.  He could tell the subject was beginning to irritate her and decided for his own health to change the topic.  "Um, here let me put your suitcase in the guest room."


"You're sleeping rather early for a Saturday night," Heer stated.


"Had a long week this week...been really tired," Prem replied with a yawn.


"Okay, then you go back to bed.  I'll entertain myself.  It isn't the first time I've come.  I know my way around the house.  Ginger and I will watch some TV, isn't that right girl?"  Ginger wagged her tail and barked in agreement.


"All right see you in the morning," Prem mumbled and walked back to his bedroom.


Heer walked towards the buffet table to see what they had to offer in h'orderves.  She was wearing a simple but elegant black dress with silver pumps.  She grabbed a small plate and placed a few cubes of cheese, some crackers, some salmon spread, and baby carrots.  She frowned when she saw a hand reach out and steal a piece of cheese.  "Thanks again Heer...for coming with me.  I know how last minute this party was.  I just found out about it this morning."


"You're lucky. I was about to call you and tell you I wouldn't be able to come because I hadn't found a dress yet.  But then I saw this dress and got it," Heer replied.


"You look great," Prem smiled and took a cracker from her plate.


"Hey, stop doing that..."


"Doing what?  Is that salmon spread?" Prem inquired as his hand reached down to dip his cracker into the spread.


Heer moved the plate away and instructed, "Get your own plate and stop stealing food from mine."


"I only have a few minutes.  Who knows when I will get dragged into another mindless conversation with some prospective partner for the company," Prem explained.  "Be a pal."


"No, this is my food," Heer replied and ate a baby carrot.


"So, you're okay at work...they let you take a week off?" Prem asked with concern.


"Helps when your father runs the clinic...anyways they recently hired another nutritionist to the staff.  This will be a good measuring stick if she can work the work load," Heer answered.  "And look who's talking...I distinctly recall a time you pulled the family emergency grandma is very sick and I must rush out and visit her...when in reality you wanted to go to Las Vegas with the boys."


Prem sheepishly grinned, "Ah, that was an awesome weekend."  Heer just rolled her eyes.  Prem was about to take another cracker from her plate when he heard his name being called.  "See, I told you didn't I?  Want to come join me?"




"Sure you do," Prem stated and placed his hand around her waist so he could steer her towards the group of business man waiting for him.


"Don't they want to talk business with you?" Heer whispered.


"Not really it's just bunch of chit-chat small talk kind of stuff," Prem answered as he adjusted his black tie.  "Come on, dazzle them with your charm.  You're on a break and who knows maybe one of them is looking for a second wife or mistress."


"Prem Juneja!" Heer fiercely replied through gritted teeth.


"Relax, it's a joke.  You know I think Preet is right.  You've become more up tight since you've gotten older."  He grinned at the way her eyes were still glaring at him.  "Anyways, you know at the end of the night you're coming home with me.  I won't let anyone take you away."  Heer's eyes softened at his words but then pondered gently at the brief look in his eyes that she had caught. 


Prem sighed as he undid his tie from around his neck.  He was glad to be home.  He turned around to see Heer struggling with her shoes.  "Need help?"


"Yes, my feet are killing me," she replied.  "I can't undo the buckle."


Prem went down on his knee and removed the thin silver strip letting Heer slip her foot out of the left shoe.  "Give me the other one," he instructed.  Heer raised her leg up so he could perform the same task.  "Better?" Prem inquired as he lifted his head up. 


"Thank you," Heer smiled as she stretched her feet.  "I just want to take a nice hot shower."


"Me too," Prem nodded and stood up ready to go up the stairs.  Ginger greeted the two wagging her tail and followed them up to the second floor.  She entered Prem's room and found a nice spot to lay down by the bathroom.  


Fifteen minutes later Prem was dressed in a white undershirt and loose fitting black sweatpants.  He exited the bathroom with his towel in his hand drying his hair.  His eyes widen in surprise to see Heer laying in his bed watching TV.  "You seriously got lucky.  What if I had come out naked?"


Heer just shrugged her shoulders and replied, "I took biology'I've seen pictures."  Prem shook his head and tossed his towel so it would land on her head blocking her view.  "Prem!"


"Get out of my bed.  Why are you watching TV here when there is a big flat screen downstairs?"


"Because I'm too tired to go downstairs and this 32 inch TV isn't that small," Heer replied.  "This bed has room enough for both of us.  Have you forgotten how to share?"


Prem smirked as she shoved his towel back at him as he climbed into bed.  "Fine.  Just don't steal the covers."  Heer nodded her head but then tugged the comforter with a sly smile.  "Funny," Prem stated as he pulled them back.


They found some re-runs of the Big Bang Theory and settled on watching that.  Prem laughed along with Heer at the funny jokes that were being told and the situational comedy the show was portraying.  Eventually Prem found himself glancing over at Heer and smiling that she was enjoying herself.  She had been down for the last couple of days and today she seemed to be in better spirits.  Heer turned her head as she sensed that Prem was staring at her.  When her eyes met his deep brown ones she felt this unnerving tingle in her chest.  They stayed in their eye lock for some time until a loud commercial broke their trance. 


"I should go to bed," Heer stated as Prem fumbled with the remote to turn the TV off.


"You can stay here'"  Heer glanced back towards him caught off guard by his remark.  "I mean if you want.  Like you said there is room enough for both.  And you're already settled here," Prem explained.  "I don't kick in my sleep."  For whatever reason he wanted her to stay with him; and he silently prayed that she would agree to his suggestion.


Heer was feeling curious to his suggestion and pulled her leg back up from the floor and slipped it underneath the covers again.  She laid back down and turned her back towards him to sleep.  Prem smiled and laid down.  He turned to his side so his back was facing her and laid there for a few minutes.  Heer stared at the white wall wondering if he was going to turn off the light or if they were just going to sleep with it on.  She could hear Ginger slowly walking out of the room to go downstairs to sleep in her dog bed.  Heer was starting to feel stiff on her left side and really wanted to turn over.  But she didn't know if Prem was sleeping away from her or facing her back.  She didn't feel like seeing his face, especially his eyes.  They had this unnerving quality to them tonight.  Heer sighed and decided to take the chance and rolled over to her right.  Just as she did that, Prem rolled over so he was facing the inner bed causing their eyes to meet again.


Heer felt her chest tightened and lay paralyzed to the spot.  Prem gently let his eyes take in the view before him.  She was beautiful he thought to himself.  He had always known she was but today he was seeing it in such a different light.  He searched her eyes trying to see what she was thinking.  He could sense this unknown feeling and it intrigued him.  Before he knew what he was doing his hand had reached out and was gingerly caressing her cheek.  It felt so soft to the touch and he wondered why he had never noticed how smooth and delicate her face was.  His eyes continued to roam discovering things that had always been there but things he had never took the time to digest like the way her eyebrows were shaped, the little ridge on her nose, and the way her skin shinned.  As his eyes drew closer to her pink lips he felt this unquenchable curiosity; what it would feel like to seal his lips with hers?  Would it be dull and boring with no spark of excitement or would it burn and open them up to something they had never experienced before?


Heer stared at Prem unsure what was happening.  A part of her was scared, but a part of her was also curious to see how this would all end.  Her breath had caught in her chest when his fingers began to delicately caress her cheek.  It felt good not strange like she had thought it would feel.  Even though she had seen his face a thousand times before, tonight her eyes were seeing him in a brand new light.  She noticed the little moles and imperfections on his skin, the way his stubble lined his jaw and covered his chin, and how soulful his eyes were.  She could feel his eyes emoting something she had never felt from him before.  Her eyes glimmered as the thought of what it would feel like to kiss him entered her mind.  It had caught her completely off guard.  She had never thought of him like this before.  He had always been her friend.  But now in this moment something was different.


She didn't know who had made the first move or how they had inched themselves closer to each other; but there they were with their noses so close and their breaths intermingling.  Prem tenderly adjusted himself and placed a soft kiss testing the response.  What was it going to feel like?  Within an instant he knew as the unspoken desire of the heart reveled itself.  Heer's lips had been timid at first unsure of its feelings but as their lips continued to caress one another the feeling became more overt.  Prem was beyond himself when he felt Heer's hand slip into his hair.  He rolled on top asserting his dominance.  Heer gasped in pleasure as she felt his lips work down her neckline.  She gripped his back and felt her body yearn for his touch.  It didn't take long for clothing to be removed so passionate exploration could begin.  The fiery storm raged in the bedroom until the wee hours of the morning.


Heer awoke to the sounds of birds chirping making her wonder what time it was.  She turned to her side and craned her neck to see if she could see the time on the alarm.  Prem was fast asleep laying on his stomach and she didn't want to disturb his slumber.  She saw the soft green digital lights display the time of 6:01.  She knew the alarm would go off soon so she decided to get up take a quick shower.  She looked down at Prem's sleeping figure and gave a gentle smile.  She felt nervous yet strangely content at the same time.  Images of what occurred the night before flashed before her and she felt her cheeks go red.  It was hard to explain why things had transpired in such a way between them.  Maybe it was the knowledge that both of them were unattached and perhaps lonely.  That was why the inquisitive desire was there to see what it would feel like to comfort each other so intimately.  Heer carefully lifted the covers and slipped out of the bed.  She put on her shirt and panties and took her pajama pants with her as she went to the guest bathroom to take her morning shower.


A few minutes later, she was downstairs in the kitchen making scramble eggs.  She grinned and felt her heart suddenly pitter-patter out of control when she felt Prem's presence in the room.  She tried to maintain her anxious feelings when she turned to greet him.  "Good morning."


Prem smiled and walked towards her.  He slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him so he could give her a kiss.  There was something about her cooking breakfast for them that made his heart happy.  He wanted to wake up to this every morning if he could.  Heer was slightly taken aback by his morning greeting but soon melted into the moment.  Eventually, she pulled away making him whimper in protest.  "I'm going to burn the eggs," Heer giggled.


"Fine," Prem sighed.  He then turned to get a cup of coffee.  "You made it already?"


"Of course, I know you need your morning coffee," Heer replied as she slid the eggs off onto a serving plate.  "English muffin or toast?"


"English muffin please," Prem answered before he took a sip of coffee.  "Ahh...good stuff."


"Should only be a few minutes on the English muffin.  Sit down and start eating I don't want you to be late for work," Heer instructed.


"Yes, Ma'am."  Prem sat down at the kitchen table and started serving himself some eggs.  "So, I was, we'd go out to dinner tonight."


Heer took the toasted English muffin from the toaster and buttered it slightly before taking it over to the table.  "Oh..."


"What are you in the mood for?  You've been craving anything?" Prem asked.


"Don't know.  I haven't really thought about it," Heer pondered as she walked back to the toaster to place another English muffin in.


"Well then you take the morning to think about it and let me know in the afternoon.  Nothing fancy...causal," Prem said.  "Unless, you want to do something fancy."


"No-no, causal is fine," Heer replied. 


"Good," Prem smiled and took a bite of his English muffin.


Heer sat at the table and looked out across the pier.  Dinner was at a seafood restaurant by the sea.  The sea breeze was refreshing and the night sky was beautiful to look at.  She glanced across the table to see her date busily attacking his food.  "Prem..." she sighed with a giggle.  He looked up and gave her a puzzled look.  She handed him a napkin and simply stated, "Wipe."

Prem sheepishly grin and took the napkin from her.  "Is this how you behave on your dates?"


"No," Prem replied.  "It's just you and me...why, should we be formal with each other?"


"No," Heer answered understanding the hidden meaning in his question.  They had yet to talk about what had happened the night before.  It was this unspoken thing out there that neither one of them really wanted to analyze.  They were having a good time and didn't want to spoil the mood.


"Stop staring at the scenery and eat your food," Prem ordered making her laugh.  She nodded her head and started concentrating on her entree.


After dinner the two decided to take a nice relaxing stroll down the boardwalk.  Heer looked to her side and smiled.  Prem was wearing a white graphic tee and old faded jeans.  The left back pocket had holes but a patch had been stitched in the inside to save it from being thrown away.  It was his favorite pair of jeans.  She grinned as he showed her things and talked about some of the shops and restaurants along the boardwalk.  She was surprised to find girls looking at him and then getting disappointed at the fact that he was holding her hand.  She felt strangely satisfied and proud that he was there with her.  She started to study his profile and began admiring his smile; he was cute.  No, he was handsome.


"Hey, you want to get some ice cream?"   Heer looked in the direction he was pointing and nodded in agreement. 


The car was oddly silent as Prem drove them home.  It was coming down to that part of the date; the end.  The tension was starting to build.  This wasn't a normal date in which he could simply drop Heer off at her house.  She was staying with him in his townhouse.  What was he suppose to do?  Should he give her a goodnight kiss?  Would it be inappropriate to sleep together again?  He felt his shoulders becoming tense and his body temperature rising in nervous anxiety.  He slowly pulled the car into the driveway and parked.  He got out and led the way to the front door.  When he opened it Heer walked straight pass him filling his senses with the sweet scent of coconut.  He felt his legs gently swoon.  She had to smell so sweet tonight he thought to himself. 


Ginger was by the doorway prancing around waiting to be greeted.  Heer bent down with a smile and gave her a few loving pats on the head.  "You're so good Ginger."


Prem walked to the kitchen and pulled out some dog treats for his pet and fed them to her.  "Good girl," he encouraged.  He looked up to see Heer smiling at them.  "Um, so..."


Understanding his meaning she turned around and ascended the stairs.  Prem watched her walk pass his door towards the guest bedroom.  His eyes flexed in slight disappointment but his mind berated himself for having lustful thoughts.  She was a lot more than a one night stand.  He cared for her and wanted nothing but the best for her.  Perhaps it was for the best that it ended this way.  No expectations.  No fights.  Their friendship would remain intact and last night would just be a sweet memory of a time that something special happened between them.  Prem stood by the doorway and watched Heer open the door to her room.  She turned around just before she entered and wished him goodnight.  Prem gave a small grin in reply and watch her disappear behind the white door.  He stood there for a few seconds pondering softly to himself before he entered his own room.


Heer rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling.  No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't fall asleep.  Her mind continued to replay what had happened at the end of the date with Prem.  There was no goodnight kiss or even an attempt to have one.  She knew she was being silly after all it wasn't something that had to be initiated by him.  She could have initiated it herself.  Heer sighed as she flipped to her side and kicked the covers so her legs could get out from under the warm sheets.  Eventually she couldn't take it anymore and she got up.  She quietly opened the bedroom door and made her way downstairs to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. 


The kitchen light had almost blinded her when she turned it on.  She grabbed a cup from the drying rack next to the sink and turned towards the refrigerator.  She became startled when she heard a voice behind her.  "Couldn't sleep?"  She turned around to see Prem giving a guilty look.  "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."


"It's okay," Heer replied and opened the fridge to get the water pitcher out.


"I had trouble sleeping too," Prem said as he took a cup from the cupboard and placed it on the counter. 


Heer filled their cups with water and placed the pitcher back into the refrigerator.  She turned around to see Prem drinking his water.  He was wearing a white ribbed tank top and gray sweatpants.  "That was good," Prem smiled as he placed the cup into the sink.  Heer shook her head letting out a soft chortle.  "What?"


Heer placed her hand on the neckline of the tank and replied, "You've spilled water."


Prem could feel the tips of Heer's fingers brush delicately along the neckline of the tank.  But he could also sense her fingertips leaning briefly against his skin.  He swallowed hard as he heard the pace of his heart quicken in his ears.  Heer rested her hand on his chest and gently raised her heels upward so she could place a sweet kiss on his lips.  "Goodnight," she smiled and left the kitchen.     


Heer had just lifted the covers to the bed up so she could slip back in when she heard a polite knock on the bedroom door.  She opened it to see Prem standing outside.  Their eyes connected and she felt her insides melt at the way he was gazing at her.  Before she could utter a word he stepped forward and firmly kissed her.  It didn't take long for them to wrap their arms around each other so they could continue making out.  When they naturally broke apart Prem delicately touched his nose against hers and breathed, "Goodnight."


Heer smiled at his comment and let out a gentle giggle as neither one of them made an effort to remove their arms from around each other.  Prem touched his forehead against hers and grinned.  "You're not letting me go."


"You're the one that won't let go," Heer stated.


"What do we do now?" Prem inquired.  "You're going to stand like this all night?"


"Are you trying to invite yourself over to my room for something?" Heer replied.


"No," shaking his head innocently, "Let's take things slow."


Heer gave a sarcastic grin.  "Okay, what do you want then?"


"Let's just take a nap together," Prem replied.


"A nap?"


"Well, sleep...I meant sleep.  I just didn't want to say let's sleep together cause you'd get the wrong idea," Prem explained.  "So, I guess I should ask.  Mind if I bunk here tonight?"


Heer let out a soft chortle making him flex his eyes mesmerized by the way she looked.  "I guess so."


"Thanks."  Prem walked to the left side of the bed and slipped underneath the covers.  Heer got in on the right side and made herself comfortable.  She rolled to her side and closed her eyes.  She felt Prem move beside her and the next thing she knew she felt his hand slip over her waist.  Her eyes popped opened wondering what he was doing.  "Relax," Prem whispered in her ear.  "Just cuddling," he explained.  She smiled as she received a few kisses on her ear and heard Prem sigh in content as he snuggled close to her.  She closed her eyes again ready for sleep to overtake them.


"Wait..." Heer suddenly objected making him grumble.  "Your have to go to work tomorrow."


"I don't care.  I just want to sleep," he mumbled into her shoulder.


"Prem," Heer snapped moving her shoulder up and down.  "Go set the alarm on my cell phone.  It's on the night stand by your side of the bed."


"Okay-okay."  She turned to see him move over to the night stand and set the alarm.  Once finished he quickly swung back around to get back into position.  He hugged her back making her giggle.  "Now, can we sleep?" he whined.


"Yes," Heer replied and closed her eyes.


Heer sat on the living room floor with the laptop on the coffee table checking airplane tickets.  Her mini vacation was coming towards its end and she needed to find a decent priced airplane ticket home.  She turned towards the front door when she heard Ginger get up and run towards the door.  She pranced about and wagged her tail excitedly.  "Honey, I'm home," Prem greeted as he opened the door.  He bent down and rubbed Ginger's head and the side of her body.  "Missed me, huh?"  Ginger let out a bark and shook her tail from side to side. 


"How was your day?" Heer smiled as she leaned towards him to give him a welcome home kiss.


"Better now," Prem grinned in reply after he received his kiss.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and asked, "What do you want to do tonight?  It's Friday."


"Hmmm...not sure.  I need to find a ticket."


"Ticket..." Prem repeated. 


"I was thinking about flying home Sunday morning," Heer explained.  She noticed the way his eyebrows knitted and understood what was troubling him.  They had yet to sit down and talk about their current relationship status.  They were friends but they had also gone beyond being just friends.  "I have to go back to work.  But you can always take a week off and come and visit me."  She frowned when she saw the expression etched on his face.  "Prem..."  He leaned in and sighed as he gently let his forehead rest against hers; his nose brushing alongside her cheek.  "I'll miss you too.  But I have the clinic and I can't just leave and you have your job here."              


Prem closed his eyes and sighed, "Sunday morning?  Can you leave in the afternoon?"


"How about noon? I have to get back early enough so I have enough time to unpack and settle back in," Heer replied.




Heer smiled and gave him a tender kiss.  She giggled as she felt herself being lifted up.  Heer wrapped her arms around his neck and hooked her legs around his waist.  Prem smirked naughtily and started walking towards the staircase.  He didn't make it far as Heer was commanding all his attention in kisses.  He settled on leaning her back against the wall while they made out.


They both groaned when the house phone started ringing.  "Ignore," Prem instructed as he captured her lips with his again.  They sighed in pleasure when the phone stopped but then moaned in protest when Prem's cell phone started going off. 


"Just answer it Prem," Heer commanded.


He sighed and carefully put her back down.  "Hello," he greeted.  "No, Preet you weren't interrupting anything."


"Ah, that means I was," his cousin laughed on the other end.  "So, how is Heer doing?  Has she had her break down about breaking up with Viren?"


"No.  No breakdown.  Everything is okay," Prem replied.


"You guys are talking about me aren't you?" Heer asked.  She took the phone from Prem's hands and greeted, "Hello Preet."


"Hello My Lady, you are my only make me happy..."


"When the skies are gray?" Heer continued.


"Of course," Preet playfully replied.  "I just wanted you to know that I care for you and I'm not the only one.  You're a very special person and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect."


"Geez Preet, is this how you cheer people up?" Heer asked.




"You're horrible at it.  Cheesy lines and you sound sooo sincere," Heer mocked. 


"Hey, I mean what I said.  If he wasn't appreciating you then you deserve to find someone else out there that does.  Don't ever settle cause you're worth it," Preet answered.


Heer smiled, "Thank you Preet.  And don't worry about me.  I'm fine," glancing towards Prem, "I'm really fine."


"Okay, just checking in.  Hadn't heard from you in awhile.  He's treating you okay?  You know how heartless he can be."


"He hasn't taken me to eat Chinese," Heer complained.


"What he hasn't?  Give him the phone and I'll talk to him," Preet commanded.


Heer giggled and handed the phone back to Prem.  "He wants to talk to you."


"Hello?"  Prem's ears winced at the loudness of Preet's voice and grimaced at what he was saying.  "I know.   I know...okay-okay...I've been busy with work...yes, unacceptable...yes, it's the weekend.  I know.  We're going tonight.  Yes, tonight I'll take her there.  Yes, okay.  I'll do that.  Bye."  He looked up and saw Heer covering her mouth hiding her laughter.  "You..." he simply stated causing her be alarmed.


"Prem..." she swallowed nervously as he steady walked towards her in a commanding motion.  She shrieked when he reached out to grab her arm and missed.  Prem grinned mischievously as he chased her around the living room.  Eventually, he was able to corner her so she had no choice but to run upstairs.  He followed her as she scurried towards her room.  He smiled in triumphant when he prevented her from slamming the door in his face and slipped inside the room.  "PPPrem..." Heer stuttered seeing the dangerous look in his eyes.  "We don't have to go to that place.  We can go someplace else."


"I know you like that place.  I'll take you there," Prem replied. 


"But you never like anything on the menu from there," Heer stated.  "We'll go to the other place you like."


"No..." Prem said shaking his head negatively.




"You owe me something for taking you there and I'm here to collect," Prem stated.


"Owe you?" Heer replied in confusion.


Before she knew it she was backed up against the wall and Prem was hovering over her.  "Any ideas?" he inquired as he sensually lingered his mouth near hers.


Heer simply grinned and captured his lips.  Prem felt like he was flying and he didn't want the feeling to stop.  His eyebrows arched in pleasant surprise as he felt her nimble fingers begin to unbutton his shirt.  He grinned against her mouth and deepened the kiss.  His body became even more alert when he felt his belt loosen and the zipper of his pants being undone.  An astonished look fell on his face when Heer pushed him back.  She gave a seductive grin and tugged at his pants so they fell to the ground.  Prem eagerly hopped out of them and let her direct him where she wanted him to go.  He walked backwards as Heer placed her hands on his chest pushing him towards the other wall.  He was excited to say the least and was willing to do anything she wanted.  He melted as her hands slipped into his hair and her mouth descended upon his.  He felt her tug his hair in a commanding way making him move sideways.  He whined when she broke their kiss and looked at her with pleading eyes.  Heer smiled and grabbed the collar of his shirt and forcefully pulled it down and away from his torso.  And before Prem knew it he was twirled around and kicked out of the bedroom.  He stood in the hallway bare chested with just his boxer shorts and his socks on looking utterly confused.  His eyebrows knitted as he turned the door knob finding it locked.  He could hear laughter on the other side making him bang his fist against the door.  "Heer..."


"Yes, Prem?"she giggled.


"Open this door," he commanded.




"Let me in," he ordered.


"No, you sound angry."


"I'm not angry," Prem replied trying not to sound he was annoyed with her behavior.  "You have my clothes."


"You don't need them...well, not tonight at least."


"What do you mean?  What, was...that...a minute ago?" Prem asked.


"I needed to get you to change your clothes.  We can't be late for dinner.  You know how busy restaurants can be on a Friday night."


"You could have told me," Prem protested.


"But you were enjoying yourself.  So, I figured I needed to motivate you somehow," Heer chortled.


Prem gave a stern look at the white panel door like Heer could see him.  "You're going to pay tonight."


"Really?  You're not treating me tonight?" sighing, "Well, I guess I should pay for at least one meal.  You have been very kind to let me stay at your house for the past week."


"That's not what I meant," he muttered but then realized what she said was a good idea.  "Yea, you're paying for dinner."


"Okay, that's fine.  I know you don't really eat anything there so it will just be my meal and maybe a bowl of soup for you," Heer joked.


"Nooo, if I can't find anything there to eat then you have to pay for my meal when I go to wherever want to go," Prem explained.


"Seriously Prem let's just go to the restaurant you like.  You don't have to take me to the other one," Heer reasoned.


"No.  I'm taking you there.  You will eat and be happy and then I will go and get food someplace else and you will pay for my food and I'll be happy.  So in the end of the night we will both be happy," Prem commanded.




"I'm not discussing this any further.  I have to get dressed and you should to," Prem barked and walked away to his bedroom.


 Heer bite her lip feeling slightly guilty that she had made him angry with her little joke.  She then shrugged her shoulders and decided to focus on what she was going to wear.  She tossed Prem's dress shirt onto the bed and went into the closet to search for a suitable outfit for tonight's date.


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-SwaSan- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
Awesome update really nice

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christmas Senior Member

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
what?! how third part? now we wait again?! update already!:)

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..moutushi.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
Arre wah ... Tht was quick Big smile... & again a beautifull update ... I really liked d development in their relationship ... But dey still need to talk ... Luking forward 2 d nxt part ... Update soon Smile

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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 October 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Prem and Heer romancing. Nyc. :D 
and their fights. They are perfect together. :D 
The Update was up very soon. thnkq so much di. :* 
and thnx a ton for the pm. :D 
Nxt update also soon. ;) 

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luvharshiti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 12:20am | IP Logged
thanks for the quick update dear...Smile
super update ,,,loved it ...
premeer scenes were awesome ...
can't wait for the next update...
please update soon ...
thanks for the pm ...

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