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ArHilicious Droolers # 52 - Bachke Rehna Re Baba..

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ArHilicious Droolers #52: Bachke Rehna Re Baba...

Song of the week: Shruti_P
Summary of the week: ~Saraa~ + SP
Picture of the Week: -stardust
Filler of the Week: ~Saraa~
Rating of the Week: ..first.rain..

Funny Scene of the week: ~Saraa~
Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: --Pooja-
Achari Scene of the Week: ~Saraa~
Best Character of the Week: anita_211492
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-
Video avi of the week, Siggy of the week: minuu
Icon of the week: ~Saraa~
Best FF of the Week: arisai
Message to CVs: ..first.rain..
Best OS of the week: OnlyHope
Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week: Appy_Indy
Most Active Member of the Week: -Barun-
Costume of the Week: OnlyHope
Dialogue of the Week: ~Saraa~
Joota scene of the Week: ~Saraa~
Blooper of the week:

Banner and animated logos: Khushix PurpleFairy

Winning Siggies: -Fatz-

Thankyou everyone for supporting us sooo much. Its all due to your support we have reached the 52nd newsletter. 


From now on please send your assigned task by Friday night and no later than Saturday afternoon 12pm (India Time), to IPKKNDentries and not to Sanjana or Neethi.

If you are unable to do your assigned task for any reason, PM the same ID (IPKKNDentries) with the reason why by Friday and so back-up could be arranged.

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Khushi blames herself for Dadi's departure. Arnav comforts her and expresses his grief over his mother's death. Nandkishore, Akash, Payal and Anjali demand money from Arnav before letting him celebrate his wedding night with Khushi. Anjali asks Arnav to keep Khushi happy. Shyam installs a spy camera in Arnav's room. Arnav sees the camera and alerts Khushi. They suspect Shyam when Anjali tells them that he has been working on his laptop all night.

Arnav and Khushi put off their wedding night after learning that Shyam has installed spy cameras in their bedroom. Khushi becomes nervous when Nani tells her to prepare halwa puri for the Raizada family as is the custom of a new bride. She is astonished when Arnav eats the food that she had prepared without complaining. The family gathers together to unwrap the wedding gifts. Meanwhile, Khushi and Arnav sneak into Shyam's room and watch the videos captured by the spy camera in his laptop.

Arnav and Khushi watch the videos captured by the spy cameras in Shyam's laptop. They learn that Shyam had entered the house disguised as a drummer and put broken glass pieces in Anjali's room. Arnav is enraged to learn that he had caused Anjali's miscarriage. Khushi checks the scars on Anjali's feet and hatches a plan to make Shyam confess his crime. Shyam removes the spy cameras as Arnav plans to repaint the house. Nandkishore pretends to be Devimaiya and makes Manorama confess her sins.

Arnav decides to handover Shyam to the police for causing Anjali's miscarriage. Khushi asks him to help her gather proof against Shyam before going to the police. She and Nandkishore replace the blade in Shyam's razor with a broken glass piece. They also put glass pieces in his socks. Shyam cuts his face while shaving and injures his feet while wearing the socks. He gets a series of blank calls and tells Anjali about it. Anjali thinks that he is hallucinating. Khushi gives her a medicine for it.

Arnav surprises Khushi with the cravings that she has had. Shyaam is still scared of the house and believes that something is wrong. Anjali thinks that Shyaam is unwell and therefore he is hallucinating. When Anjali gives Shyaam the medicine, he thinks it's the one he had given to Anjali in place of the one that she was to take. He tells everyone that this medicine is for abortion and not headaches, that raises questions in the minds of everyone but when Shyaam was confronted, he fakes a headache and gets away with it. Arnav and Khushi decide to reveal the truth of Shyaam in front of the entire family the next day since it's on that day that Shyaam and Anjali were married. It's their anniversary. Arnav gets a little emotional in the beginning on not revealing the truth that day, but then changes his mind when Khushi tells him that the entire family will be there for Anjali when she needs them. And that one day the truth has to be revealed - better soon than later.

October 2nd, the day that was sooo eventful for all of us. It was the beginning of the week that would have been destroyed by Shyaam's cameras. But our ArHi are smarter than Shyaam. Under the blanket reminds me of just one song "Choli key peechay kyaa haaii." but we'll have to rephrase that to "Blanket key neechay kya haaaiii." Lame attempy by me. ROFL

Anyways, it was the most achari scene we have had this week. Hopefully, once Shyaam is out, we'll get more achari ones. Big smileBig smile

Shyaam's over-acting. ArHi's scenes being cut short to give more space to Anjali-Shyaam. OuchOuch We want more ArHi.
But I guess the most amazingly joota worthy scene would have to be the one where
Shyaam getting "dizzy" Well guess what, brother, you weren't given the wrong medicine. At all. So, all that over-acting was so not worth it. It was priceless how he thought he had been given the wrong medication. Hilarious but joota worthy. ROFL

There is just one scene this entire week that must have had everyone in fits of laughter. Okay, remember that scene where Arnav had to "act" and he was SOOO bad at it. The entire sequence was hilarious. NK and Khushi being the draaamebaaaz log, but now they have happily included NK in it too. Clap

Arnav forgets his dialogue while acting in the middle. And Khushi over-exaggerates the entire scenario! ROFL

I'll let the pictures speak now:

Barun's acting was commendable. Good job, Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani and Karan Goddwani - you all are hilarious! ROFL

Hola Guys!! Can this week get any better? I mean our most awaited dream to see Arnav and Khushi and a man and wife came true.. Alas!! They are married and we are enjoying this aren't we?? Of-course yes! Okay I think I should stop my ranting else I will be thrown out. I will come directly to point. Tis week apart from marriage and post-marriage rituals and romance we got something very special and that was Arnav's love and concern towards his Di. His determination to expose Shyam and let his Di live a better life was beyond anything. But again I ranted too much for something am not gonna mention here because for me RakshaBandan scene was the scene where Anjali, NK, Akash, and Payal disturbs Arnav-Khushi's first night after marriage. That scene was a real sibling scene. I guess that how siblings workout at home. I really loved that scene and every actors deserves a applause for such awesome acting. Well now we will next week. Till then Take Care* Ohh That sounded like a reality show. Didn't it??*

Argh, this week was full of fillers and draggers!
Except for I think like 3 or 4 scenes which were worthy of watching. Anjali still
thinking her husband is right. Shyaam continues to drama-ofiey! Dead Plain 'ole story. We want something new! Big smileBig smile

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Despite of all the drama going on off set, this week has many good moments but this week got to Arnav, Khushi, and NK. Arnav and Khushi realized Shyam's dirty plan and how he killed his unborn child. I love how they were giving Ahyam a taste of his own medicine. Driving Shyam to the point of confession.  I am glad NK is there to help because without him the plan would have failed if he was not there to change the razor or the socks to make Anjali believe he is stress. I can't wait to see how they will drive shyam to his confession of his evil deeds.

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys us to really bad extremes. This week it is none other than the great Shyam jee ofcourse!LOL

Well, this week although Shyam didn't do anything really irritating but what I really hated was the camera fact! I can't believe a person can go to such extremes for a girl to actually place cameras in her room on her wedding night. Talk about horrifying. I wonder how Shyam would have been able to sleep after seeing their suhaagraat. A normal person would have been scarred for life!Tongue

Seriously feel bad for Anjali. What did she do to deserve such an evil husband like Shyam. Seeing her blistered feet really felt bad.Ouch Shyam really is heartless!

Anyways, see you guys in the coming week!Embarrassed

Hello guys and welcome to the funniest character section. This week the funny character award goes to NK and Khushi. Yep these too are back in action and this time the mighty ASR is with them too!!

We have already witnessed the amazing comic timing shared by NK and Khushi and now they are back with a bang. Sometimes i really pitty shyam because he has to put up with these two nuts but then again he is a a*se himself so its all good.

 These two are doing a great job and their silly little plans are worth watching! So without a doubt i'd like to handover the trophy to the cuties!

This is all for now see you guys next week.


Khushi: "Aap humaray liye yeh saree lekar aaye?"

*Arnav smiles.*

Khushi: "Bohat sundar hai."

Arnav: "Khushi main jaanta hoon key tum Shyaam ko lekar bohat pareshan ho especially humaray kal shaam key plan sey. Main bas tumhain thora sa relax karna chahta tha..I just wanted to cheer you up. "

The two hug.


I know you are all wondering, why this dialogue? Well, only because it shows the real ASR who is now our loveboy Arnav. He's ruthless when needed but he is sooo loving and caring when needs be. ClapClapClap

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What a patakhaa week it was! Silly TRPs increased, iPK is now 350+ episodes old!! Dancing, show extended, Barun NOT leaving.. all this was too much news to take LOL..

Here are some memorable ArHi moments..

They are man and wife! FINALLY!!

AWWW Heart Heart

3 cheers to our gorgeous actors!!

Don't they make a wonderful team?? Wink

But the pick of the week has to be this addictive one from off-screen *nazar lagao* Day Dreaming

The costume for this week undoubtedly goes to the newly wedding Raizada Bahu Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. Her getup on the first day after the wedding was enough for anyone to recognize her as the honorable bahu of this prestigious family!

I just have one question, HOW in the world did Shyaam's camera have such amazingly zoomed in reception? PLEASE enlighten me? Sleepy I'm still confused. I don't know whether this is a blooper or this is something that the CVs are doing to our brains on purpose. Ouch
Solve this mishery slash conphusion plizzz. Big smile

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Made By - Aanya.

Here is ur Gift:

Made By - c3cilia

Here is ur Gift:


Made By -

Here is ur Gift

Made By - -Niky-

Here is ur Gift

Made By: diva.deluxe

Here is ur Gift

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unner Up

Tae Kwon Do by rushi

Here is ur Gift:

Incomplete Without Love. by arnav_addict
Here is ur gift:

Runner Up
The Luthier's Tale by Aubade.

Here is ur Gift:

A Girl Named Khushi by napstermonster
Here is ur gift

IP REDUX : Syena !! by tanthya


Lets stop LM from leaving IPK. Edited by trina2010

Here is your Gift:


Here is ur Gift

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I know I know. Some of you won't agree with me. But, for me this week was kinda bland. Other than the episode that aired on Friday in which there was ArHi romance as well as Arnav's determination of revealing the truth. The week has been...not so much fun. Ouch
Hopefully, next week we'll have a 5/5 once Shyaam is out. Unless that is a dragged track too. Ouch

Dear CVs,

Please, we want ArHi romance. I guess, in our last Newsletter, we only mentioned romance and therefore we got a taste of Anjali-Shyaam scenes. We don't want that. That's the boring stuff..the not so liked one. ArHi all the way, please. Big smile
We are really happy that Shyaam is tasting the medicine of his own. The abortion pill was a genius thing to do. ClapClap And the NK-Arnav-Khushi scene was hilarious! ROFLROFLROFLROFLThankyou for such moments. Big smile

IPKKND forum.

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CONGRATULATIONS on the 52nd NL. I hope you all like the song. It kinda goes with the week because it shows how everyone is keeping an eye on one another. ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Thankyou for the patience and love that you guys give to us! Big smile


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