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RASIA SS : One Night In Delhi : Part 2 - Pg 8 (Page 8)

sakura_bb IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
@muskanpuri99  Thanks for liking! Will update soon! Big smile
@jane_krittzz... Sach me...let's see Raghav ke mind me kya chal raha he?WinkTongue
@shruti-love Glad you liked it!Big smile
@gal.angel  Glad you liked it...and you are welcome!Big smile
@nimmi-hhl Yup! Raghav kisi kam me bhi kam nahi!Cool will update soon!SmileBig smile
@pia.raha Rockstar Raghav ko Pushpa ne challenge ki thi after all!Star Haan jaldi se update kar dungi! Happy Puja!Big smile
@anks_9 Will update soon!Smile
@AbiAnshUtpol Hi Upi! How are you!!! Big smile
So glad that you are liking it this much!Big smile
 Will update as soon as possible!Embarrassed

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chahat4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Very-2 nice. love ur style of writing. I havn't read "Our Story" yet, but I will. Suspense is very-2 exciting as well as killing. Tongue  waiting for next update. Smile Big smile

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Malvaika Senior Member

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 1:42am | IP Logged

Awesum update.
read both the parts 2gethr.
just so cool!!!
Raghav as usual up 2 his pranks!
Update soon. 
thnx fr pm.

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sakura_bb IF-Rockerz

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Part 2

When she is with Raghav, her life also becomes unpredictable. Events just occur randomly. Like today only, at morning when she was sitting in the exam hall writing her paper, she could have never thought that she would be walking down a deserted street of Delhi at 5 at the morning!!!

But Sia has got adjusted to this life of hers now.

 If she takes the Elite days into account, then it has been almost 1 and a half year of her relationship with Raghav. And in this time, her life has been like a roller coaster ride!

Every other day she quarrels with Raghav and thinks about break up but almost at the next moment she feels like she needs to be with him….

…..Such is her love for Raghav...




11 hours earlier……….



"Uff! Aur kab tak aise muh fulake baithi rahegi?", asked an irritated and bored Naina.

The person intended for this question was sitting with a disturbed expression on her face and was continuously stirring a spoon in a cup of hot chocolate. It was evident that she was lost in some deep thought and didn't hear the question.

"Sia….hot chocolate thanda ho gaya he shayad…..", Arjun spoke now.

Sia now seemed to hear Arjun's voice and she turned towards him. But it was clear that she again have not heard what he had said exactly. Arjun pointed at the cup placed in front of Sia.

Sia looked at the cup and then made an irritated face. She pushed it away and again sat with a serious expression.

"Kya baat he Sia? Tum itna paresaan kis baat se ho?", asked Arjun.

"Tum ise nahi jante ho Arjun?? zara si baat lekar itna bara issue banati he", Naina announced angrily.

Arjun nodded his head. He knew what has happened…but he didn't realize that Sia would make an issue out of it.

The exam results had got out some few minutes ago and since this was the last exam, they were in a mood to relax and enjoy. The three of them had got to the nearby cafe and was having hot chocolates.

Raghav didn't come with them.

"Jo log mujh par yah mere abilities par varosha nahi rakhte he…I am not interested to hang out with them!"

This was the line that Raghav had said when Arjun asked him to come with them.

Arjun didn't react much to this reaction. He has got used to this daily quarrels and drama between his two best buddies and he knew that soon things would get just fine.

But still, just out of humanity he had requested Raghav to join them one more time. But when Raghav ignored that and left, he did nothing but went with the girls to the cafe.

Yah Naina was quite shocked…..she was still thinking that maybe this is serious issue.
"Arjun….chalo chlate he abhi", suddenly Sia said.

Arjun looked at Naina's face once…she looked seriously irritated.

"Ok chalo"

They got out from the cafe. Arjun had to go to a book store while Sia and Naina had to go back to Academy and so they went separate ways.

Both Sia and Naina walked for a few seconds quietly…….

"Sia..itni si baat ke liye jhagra kyun kar rahi he?", suddenly Naina asked.

"Me ne kuch nahi ki…usine ane se mana kia", replied Sia coldly.
"ha..par tu hi he jo usko aise hi gussa dilaya…..kya zarurat tha use waise bolne ka? Ki wo life me serious nahi he and all?"
" sach…."

Suddenly she stopped speaking.

Raghav was coming their way……

"Hey Naina", Raghav greeted her with a smile, " Cafe se a gaye itna jaldi?"

"Hmm", replied Naina.
She wished Raghav would talk to Sia now and patch things up….but somehow it felt like Raghav was not even in the mood to talk to Sia.

But then no one can say anything about Raghav with surety………..not even God probably!

Raghav turned to Sia and then threw a smile at her,

"Hey Sia"

Both Naina and Sia now gave a surprised expression.

"Hi….", Sia replied.

"Toh Sia……I am sorry ki maine aise rude behave kia…mujhe tum logo ke saath ana chahiye tha….I hope tum mujhe maaf kardo Sia….."

He said a perfectly normal sentence and yet it felt like everything was totally wrong in this line! He even said sorry and yet she didn't feel nice to hear that.

Naina didn't reply anything. She just waited to see Sia's reaction.

"Umm…thik he…koi baat nahi….waise mujhe bhi tumhe waise nahi bolna chahiye tha subah"

Raghav smiled at her.

"Koi baat nahi…tum sahi to boli thi….I am always casual. Anyway, tum abhi kahi ja rahe ho Sia? Ya Academy wapas ja rahe ho?"

"Me…..Academy ja rahi hoon….."

"Great! Mujhe ek book lautana tha..lets go then"

"Hmm", said Sia awkwardly and then turned to Naina.

Naina didn't utter a single word……she just walked. But her face had a strange expression……as if she wanted to laugh but could not as she was feeling very sad!!

"Toh Sia…kya piye tum log?", Raghav again started talking.

"Kya?", Sia asked…….this time his words were seriously hurting her ears!

"Kya liye tum log?"

"Hot chocolate"

"Par tum to diet kar rahi thi na? phir chocolates? should be conscious about your health……tumhari championship ki qualifier 2 months baad hi he"

Naina suddenly increased her pace and walked ahead of them. It felt to Sia like Naina was trying to get away from them….her face was still hidden like earlier!

They had already entered the campus….and the moment they got near the library, Naina excused herself saying that she had a call to make.

Sia went to the library with Raghav….

"Ha pata he championship samne he…par me to chocolate 2 weeks ke baad li..toh koi problem nahi he…"

"Hmm..wo bhi he…..", said Raghav while returning the book, " waise bhi kavi kavi rules break karna bhi acha hota he…..I am sure you enjoyed the chocolate Sia.."

"Ha…acha tha…"said Sia …..not sure what to say….she hardly drank the hot chocolate as she was irritated with Raghav's behavior.

But right now she was feeling even more irritated… and now she knew why her ears hurt…..…it was due to one term Raghav was using repeatedly……

"Ok..Sia… ghar ja raha hoon…aaj shayad…."

" Tum bar bar mujhe Sia nam se kyun bula rahe ho?", Sia finally said it out loud!

Raghav gave a surprised look and then looked by his side…….a guy from his class was returning book.

"Rohit, tu isse janta he?", Raghav asked pointing towards Sia.

Rohit threw a confused smile and then replied, " aisa ajjeb sawal kyun pooch raha he? Sia to humare saath English class me hi he..toh me kyun nahi janunga use?"

"Sorry dude..tu apna kam kar", said Raghav.

Then he turned to Sia,

"I know ki tumhare nam Sia he, wo ladka ne bhi wahi bola, tumhari ID card me bhi wahi nam likha hua he….to me tumhe Sia nahi to aur kya bolu?"

Sia looked at Raghav with surprise. Yeh kya bol raha he?

"Mujhe pata he mere nam Sia he…par tum to..tum to Pushpa bulate ho na? to phir…"

"Acha? Oo…sorry my mistake…aaj se Sia bulaunga…bye Sia", said Raghav and walked casually out of the library.

Sia stood for a second and then rushed outside. She stopped Raghav and then said,

"Par kyun? Mujhe ajeeb lag rahi he…tumse yeh Sia nam sunkar…tum mujhe Pushpa hi bulaoge...samjhe??"

Raghav folded his hands across his chest and stood quiet for a second.

And then he bent forward so that his face was close to Sia's…….and said in a hush tone,
"Me tumhe Sia hi bulanuga……I hope you remember ki me challenge jita hoon aur me kuch vi kar sakta hoon aur tum kuch nahi bol paoge……and this is what I want to do…call you Sia from today…."

So close was his face to hers ……..his lips almost touched hers as he spoke…… one or two of his front hairs touched her forehead.

She could not understand whether the sudden rise in her heart beat was due to what he just announced or because of his sudden proximity……

She just kept on looking at him……her eyelashes blinked involuntarily…..trying to hide her emotions which her eyes were giving away so easily.

Raghav felt like an eternity has passed after he had said those lines. He just could not pull away himself from her……but in the end……he did.
Raghav moved away from Sia…he could not turn weak.

"Like you heard….you will be just Sia to me from now on…."

Sia was still quiet while Raghav waited for an answer from her.


"No no no…..mujhe kuch sunna hi nahi he… will have to accept it…..shart yahi tha… I am going now..bye Sia"
Sia watched him go.

It felt so weird……when he called her 'Sia'.

Her own name seemed unfamiliar to Sia when Raghav called her by that name.

So that is why he came and said sorry. In reality he was not sorry at all…instead he have changed the game and got Sia on the losing side.

Sia felt heartbroken for a second. They have quarreled many times but never Raghav has reacted in such a way. And in a way Raghav was not even quarreling with her…….he is behaving ok, he is smiling, he is talking and he even said sorry.

To any other person everything would seem normal and they would conclude that things were fine between Raghav and Sia.

But to Sia…it would be everything but normal.

Hearing the name 'Sia' from Raghav's mouth every time they talk?



…..Only Sia knew how difficult that was…….




Raghav didn't turn back even once as he left the campus. He knew that Sia would be standing there watching him go…..but he had promised himself not to look back….it would make him weak.

He was not very much mad at Sia…but yah he was a bit angry at her for her comments at morning. And he knew that calling her 'Sia' was the best possible way to irritate her and in a matter of way punish her.

But now…it was feeling like a punishment to himself only…

………being able to talk to his Pushpa and not being able to call her 'Pushpa'……



……Only Raghav knew how difficult that was……

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SamaaNoor IF-Rockerz

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yipee me 1stDancing

Awsome update saku.

I dnt hv any words 2 praise you

It was jst out of dis world

haye rags apni pushpa se naraz hai accha haai sia ko realize karna chaiye wo ghalat hai.

I was also feeling strange wen he call his  pushpa, sia. i hope n ki narazgi jaldi katam ho

plz do continue soon and longer update

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