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Kuch Toh Log Kehenge
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This Time Forever: Chap10 parts 1&2 updtd 11/14 pg144 (Page 60)

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Dont worry dear i know its horrible especially if u dnt have a back up but as said these things happen and we should always take it positively I've always been taught that in every bad thing there is a good thing out in it so chill up.
Big smile Sopmething good is coming out of it dont worry

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SUNDAY ...ending...Blue Bye-Bye emoticon (Goodbye emoticons)
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Day Dreaming

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Hi everyone.  heres the update.  enjoy.  I wish you all a very haapy diwali.
All updates after diwali now.  Over the weekend.  I am off forum till then.Big smile
Chapter 5


Nidhi could hear her own scream over and over again, as the scene replayed itself in her mind, all the way to the hospital.  She could still see the horrified expression on the driver's face as he swerved and tried his best to avoid hitting Khushi.  But everything had happened so suddenly, when Khushi ran out into the street, that no matter how much he had tried, the accident had been inevitable, and although not head on, but the car had definitely clipped her, hard.  Nidhi could still see her baby lying so still on the street looking tiny, helpless and frail, with blood seeping out from her head, where it had hit the street, after the car had hit her.  Nidhi and Rangnath had run to her, while Anji had grabbed Nishi's hand as she ran to get the car.  Nidhi picked her baby up, and got into the car,and immediately dialed Ashutosh's number.  Somehow, calling for an ambulance or even the ER, never even occurred to her.  All she could think about was that Khushi had a head injury, and the best person in the world to treat her was Ashutosh.  Ashutosh picked up the phone on the second ring.  
--Nidhi?  Nidhi, is that you?  What is the matter?  What happened?
He said on a panicked note, when he heard her sobbing hysterically at the other end.
--A..A...Ashutosh...Ashutosh, you have to help her.  You have to save her.  If anything happens...Please Ashutosh...you have to save h...h...her...
--Nidhi, calm down sweetheart.  What happened...save who?  Love, I cannot understand what you are saying.  Please calm down, and then tell me what's going on.  Nidhi...Nidhi...calm down...
Nidhi wanted to try and calm down but she could not.  All she saw was her unconscious baby in her arms.  If anything happens to her...How will I live without her...OH GOD, please save my baby...please...those were her only thoughts.
No matter how she tried she could not control the sobs or the panic that filled her being at that moment.
--Nidhi ...Nidhi...Sweetheart is there anyone there with you, please give the phone to them, come on...
Rangnath could hear Ashutosh trying to coax her, and when he saw that she was incapable, at that moment, of any coherent thought or words, Rangnath snatched the phone out of her hands, and with one hand on the steering wheel, he held the phone with the other to his ear,
--Dr. Ashutosh.  Sir, Its Rangnath here.   Sir, we are headed to the hospital right now.  Yes Sir, Nidhi is alright, its Khushi, she been hurt sir, pretty badly.  Yes, Sir she is unconscious, she was hit by a car a little while ago, and it appears that she has a head injury.  I am sure that she has other injuries as well, but we did not want to wait till the ambulance came.  I did a cursory exam, and other than the head injury, it doesn't seem that there is anything else to worry about.  Yes Sir .  I will give you the details of what happened later.  Sir, we are about 5 minutes away.  
After hanging up with Ashutosh, Rangnath glanced at Nidhi.  She had calmed down somewhat, but still had tears running down her face, and was clutching Khushi tightly in her arms.
--Nidhi, please honey calm down.  Dekho maine Ashutosh se bhi baat kar li hai.  Woh hamara intezaar kar rahein hain...
Ashutosh was there waiting for them at the entrance, when Rangnath pulled the car in front of ER.  He reached in to take Khushi from Nidhi, but she just turned the baby out of his reach and climbed out of the car.  It was as if she was in a daze, and did not even recognize him.  Ashutosh once more made an effort to take the child, but Nidhi clutched her to her chest.  Ashutosh looked at Rangnath, who shook her head and shrugged his shoulders.
--Sir, she has been like this since the accident.  She refuses to let anyone near her.  I tried and Anji also, I think that she is shock.
--You are probably right Rangnath.  But we need to get her inside with the child.  Khushi needs to be examined, and each minutes delay can be crucial, at this point.  Let's get them inside first. 
So, they both walked Nidhi, inside to the ER, with Khushi still in her arms.  There, a couple of orderlies, and nurses were waiting with a gurney to take the baby from her, and when she once again refused to respond, and clutched the little girl even more tightly, Ashutosh turned her around, and shook her really hard,and shouted her name,
--Nidhi!  Nidhi!  snap out of it.  You need to let me take care of her now.  Come on Nidhi, you are a  doctor, You know that right now each minute you are wasting is important to her treatment.  Nidhi You need to give khushi to me, now and let me see what is wrong.
His harsh words, and the shaking he had given her a couple of seconds ago, managed to bring her out of the shocked daze she had been ever since they had gotten into the car,
--Ashutosh, Ashutosh you have to save my baby,  Ashutosh I cannot live with out her.  Please save my baby,please...
Ashutosh looked at Rangnath,  who came forward, as Ashutosh took Khushi from Nidhi, put her arm around her.  Nidhi turned into Rangnath's embrace, and began to cry softly, as she watched her baby being wheeled through the doors of the ER, with Ashutosh calmly but authoritatively giving orders for the necessary and immediate tests, and scans that needed to be done for the child.  
Nidhi made to follow, but Rangnath held her back,
--Nidhi, Dr. Ashutosh ko apna kaam karne do.  Woh Khushi ka poora poora dhyan rakkhenge. You Know that na?(AT her Nod) Toh theek hai phir thodi dheeraj rakkho, And let him do his work.
Rangnath was still comforting her when Anji came hurrying in,
--Sorry, I didn't want to bring Nishi with me, so I left her at a friends house, and came right over.  Ab Khushi kaisi hai.
Rangnath, gestured towards Nidhi, and Anji came forward and drew Nidhi into her arms.  
--Anji tum Nidhi ke saath raho, main andar jaakar dekhta hoon, Khushi kaisi hai.  Nidhi, main abhi aata hoon, tum bilkul phikr mat karna, sab theek hoga.  
And with a pat on her shoulder, he went through the doors, to the ER. 
As soon as Rangnath had left,  Anji led Nidhi over to the chairs in the waiting area and sat down with her,
--Nidhi, you have to pull yourself together.  Khushi agar tujhe aise dekhegi, toh woh ghabra jayegi.  She needs to see her mother strong and there for her.
Nidhi looked up, she was calm now,  but for the tears still flowing down her face,
--Anji, I can't still believe what happened.  Mujhe abhi bhi sab ek bura sapna sa lag raha hai.  
--Tu phikr mat kar.  Dr. Ashutosh hai na usske  paas, unpe bharosa rakkh.  You know how much he loves her na, almost as much as you do. 
--Par, Anji her reaction was just so unexpected.  I never knew she was that serious about this whole father thing.  Maine socha ke aise hi jaise chote bacche baat karte hai, it was a passing phase.
Lekin, yeh toh...Anji ab main kya karoon.  She is probably going to say something about this the moment she wakes up.  Main usse kya jawab doongi?  How can I give in to her, but, at the same time I don't know how I will be able to refuse her anything at this point.  Anji she is so small, she is just a baby, if anythng happens...
--Nidhi tu pagal hai.  Kuch nahin hoga Khushi ko.  Bhagwan par bharosa karo, woh usse kuch bhi nahin hone denge.  Sab theek hoga, dekhna, believe me.  Aur jahan tak Dr. Ashutosh ke liye Khushi ka jo pyaar hai, toh aisi kya galat baat keh rahi hai bacchi. Nidhi, try and understand things from her point of view.  I know that she is a kid, but you know how children are nowadays. They are very aware of what's going on.. And then, Khushi is an exceptionally bright and sensitive child.  She sees that she is different from other children.  And she wants a father.  Nidhi I think that you could do worse than to give in to her.  Think about it, you and Ashutosh love each other.  Inspite of the separation and the distances and the amount of time you both have been apart, the love has never diminished, in fact, the way I see it, is that over the years, at least from your side, it has only gotten deeper.  Nidhi you are a normal healthy woman of today, and in the five years that Ashutosh has been away, you have not even so much as looked at any other man, even sideways.  Why do you think that is?  If you sit there and tell me that that does not mean anything, I will hit you.  Nidhi you are deluding yourself.  You know as well as I, that for you there will never be anyone else.  Get your head out of the sand sweetheart, and look at your self.  Nidhi how much of a coincidence is it that Khushi resembles Ashutosh enough, that anyone looking at her will automatically assume that she is his.  And what does it mean that you were the one to find her on the steps of that orphanage.  Honey, some things are meant to be, and you and Ashutosh are one of these things.  Sweety, face reality, and look at the situation.  How funny is it that both you mother and daughter are in love with the same man.  And from what,I have seen, is that the man in turn adores the both of you. Nidhi, Rangu told me how that the first thing you did on the way here was call Dr. Ashutosh.  Think about that for a minute.  Why did it not occur to you to call the hospital, or even another doctor.  Why was your first instinct to call Ashutosh.  Nidhi, you love him.  He is a part of the air you breath, so much so that whenever you are in trouble the first person you think of for going to help, is him.  Nidhi, I love you.  You are not only my best friend, but you are my sister.  In fact more than that, you are the sister of my heart, I will always want what's best for you.  And above that, I want you to be happy.  It is long past due.  Sweety, tiny as she is, I don't think that Khushi is going to change her mind.  and I don't think that you will be able to solve this by offering her a bribe.  It will not be this easy.  Khushi wants her father, and she had chosen Ashutosh, for that role.  Think about it.  Nidhi...
Before Anji could go on Rangnath and Ashutosh came out, both had a somber look to their face, but there was also a bit of relief mixed it with it.
Nidhi jumped up and ran to Ashutosh, and caught his collar with both fists and cluchted tightly, Trembling all over with fear,
--Ashutosh...Ashutosh, boliye kaisi hai meri beti.  Woh theek toh hai na.  Tell me whats wrong...
She screamed, at him, loudly, enough to have the other people stop what they were doing and stare at her as if she had gone mad.  Anji came up to her and tried to pry her away from Ashutosh, but, he held held up his hand to stop her, and shook his head.  And indicated that he would handle it.  He then put his arms around Nidhi and pulled her into a tight embrace, and kissed the top of her head,
--Nidhi, calm down sweeheart.  Kuch nahin hua hai Khushi ko.  She is fine.  Yes she is unconscious, but that is more due to the shock and then trauma, and also the scare of being hit by a car.  Honey she is going to be absolutely fine.  We have done all the scans, and tests.  There are no severe injuries.  She just has several scrapes and bruises, and a couple of bad cuts that required some stitches, and on top that she has a mild concussion, for which we will have to keep her here for a day or two, to monitor her.  But other than some aches and pains, which is to be expected, she will be absolutely fine.  She is a very lucky little girl.  I don't have to tell you that it could have been really bad.  Rangnath told me how the driver of the car swerved at the last second.  Well, you should thank him for his quick thinking.  If had had been a second too late...Anyway, I am sorry I am scaring you.  But, really she is fine.  
Nidhi sagged against him in relief, not even realizing that he was supporting her whole weight in his strong arms, as she held on fiercely,
--Aap sach keh rahein hain.  Kuch nahin hua hai meri Khushi ko?  She is fine?
Ashutosh drew away, and looked her in the eyes,
--Nidhi, I would never lie about something like this.  I promise you, your daughter is absolutely fine.  We are just in the process of taking her upstairs to a private room.  But, I just wanted to come and reassure you first.
--Thank you. Thank you so much.  Can I see her now.
--Haan, kyon nahin. But Nidhi remember, what I told you.  Ussko abhi hosh nahin aaya hai. So, don't panic!
--I promise.  I just want to see my baby. Please.
--Theek hai, chalo...
Just then Anji's phone rang, and she turned away to answer.  A minute later she came back, and said that the phone call had been from the friend, where she had left Nishi.  Apparently the little girl, had been fretting ever since Anji had left her there.  and, despite, persistent efforts, Anji's friend had been unable to calm her down.  Anji, looked really apologetic.
--I am sorry, Nidhi. Mujhe jaana hoga.  Nishi bahut Ro rahi hai.
--Anji, don't be silly.  Of course tujhe jaana chahiye.  Aur Jeej aapko bhi.  Waise bhi bahut raat ho chuki hai, and you guys need your rest, and Nishi needs the both of you to reassure her.
When Both Anji and Ranga protested, she said
--Dr. Ashutosh ne yeh toh bataa hi diya hai, that Khushi is alright. But she is not even conscious yet..And besides there is nothing that the two of you can do here right now anyway.  App dono jayiye, please.  Aur Anji tu Kal subha Nishi ko school chod kar aajaana.  Theek hai.  Haan sune mera ek kaam kar dena, please...
And, she dug into her purse, and pulled out her house keys,
and handed the to Anji,
--Kal subha jab tu aayegi, to please mera thoda sa samaan ghar se apne saath leti aana.  You know  like a change of clothes, and stuff.  I am going to stay here with Khushi, and this way, I can just freshen up over here, without having to go back home.
Anji took the keys, and promised to be back the next morning with her stuff.  And after a last hug to Anji and Rangnath, Nidhi sent them on their way.  Then she turned to Ashutosh, and asked him to take her to her daughter.
 Nidhi opened the door to her daughters room, and saw her baby lying so still, and looking so delicate, with a bandage around her little, head and two big bandages, which she assumed were where she had gotten her cuts stitched up, one along her left arm and the other bigger one around her left thigh.  She walked up to the bed and took one of the little hands in her, and bent down to kiss the precious little face.  Seeing her little girl like that , brought home to Nidhi just what a close call it had been.  She could not even think of her life with this tiny, beautiful, precious child.  Anji was right, she sighed in resignation.  She would have to come some sort of a decision.  
Somehow knowing that he was standing behind her,  Nidhi leaned back, and rested her tired exhausted body against his.  Knowing instinctively that he would support her.  Ashutosh's arms came around her, offering all the comfort and warmth that she would ever need.  And they stood like that, for a few minutes staring at the little girl lying on the bed, both lost in their own thoughts, before Nidhi gently laid Khushi's hand back down on the bed, and turned around in his arms, and laid her head to rest against his heart,
--Ashutosh, can you hold me please, just for a few minutes.
Knowing that this was not the right time or place to say, what was in his heart, that he would and could hold her like this for the rest of their lives, he silently wrapped her in his arms, and held her close to himself, also, taking comfort from her closeness.  
Ashutosh could still hear her sobbing hysterical voice, asking him to save Khushi.  And When, he had found out from Rangnath that Khushi had met with an accident, well, the ground had shifted beneath his feet.  For a minute he himself had also panicked, but then hearing her crying in the background, he had gotten a hold of himself.  He knew that he would have to be the strong one.  That he had to set aside his own fears and panic, for sake of his Nidhi, and her little girl.  But, then, when he had seen Nidhi holding the tiny bundle all covered in blood, in her arms, as she came out of the car, his heart had nearly stopped, in fact, he was sure that it had.  And, he did not think that it had started beating again until all that tests had proven conclusively that Khushi was fine, that she had not sustained any serious injuries.
Ashutosh knew that he had agreed with and promised Nidhi that he would stay away from  her life, but after today...after having gotten a scare that he could have nearly lost Khushi, he did not know if he could or even would be able to keep that promise. He had realized beyond a doubt that there was no way that he could live without either of these two females.  And, there was certainly no way that he would stand by idly, while Nidhi found someone else to replace him, and who would also be a father to this child.  Ashutosh had made up his mind that there was no way, he would give up his love, or his daughter(for that was how he now thought of the little girl).  At the same time, though, he had also acknowledged to himself, that he would be needing a lot of help if he was going to accomplish that.  Although, from what Rangnath had told him down in the ER, it seemed that he already had help in that department, the biggest and most important kind, in form of this beautiful little girl, who right now belonged to Nidhi.  But, he vowed to himself, would belong to the both of them before very long.  He just wished that it would be as easy to bring Nidhi around to his side, as it had been with Khushi.  The little girl had not needed any help.  Thanks to the grace of god, she had made it clear that she already belonged to him, and wanted him in their lives.  Now convincing Nidhi, well, that was going to be the real tricky part.  He knew that it would take a lot of effort and determination, and above all persistance, on his part to win her back.  He also knew that the best things in life, never came easy.  And, that the harder you worked, the sweeter was the reward, at the end of the day.  And when he did manage to make her forgive him, and accept him fully into her life, and he would make sure that happened, well, then he would also make sure that THIS Time it would be FOREVER.  He would never let her go again.
Too soon it seemed, but Nidhi withdrew from his arms, and after another glance at her little girl, looked towards him.
--I don't know how to thank you...
--Nidhi, you don't have to insult me like that!  I love her too, and you know that very well.  I would have moved heaven and earth to have saved her, even without your saying so.  I don't need any thanks.
--I know that you love her, and I am sorry that I made you fee bad.  But kya hai na, I could not have stood to loose her too.  She and Dadi Bua are all I have.
--Nidhi you have other people in your life, also.  You just need to open your eyes.  You just have to look to see that they are there that's all.
--Anyway, I want to say thank you.  Aur, ab bahut der ho gayi hai, and I know that you are probably very tired.  Aap ghar chale jayiye, and get some rest.  I will be here with her, and then you can check on her again in the morning. 
--Nidhi, I don't know why you keep having this need to insult me over and over again.  You better be thankful to Khushi, because of her and because I know that you are upset right now, I am not loosing my temper.  Now just Shut Up.  I am not going anywhere. I will be staying right here with you in this room till she gets better, I don't care how long it takes.
Then without another word, he went and sat down and leaned back and closed his eyes, on the sofa, that was there in the  room.  Nidhi with a glance in his direction, went to sit near Khushi's bed.  During the night sometime, she had no idea what time it was, Khushi began stirring, and when she opened her eyes, and found both Nidhi and Ashutosh standing there beside her, she smiled
--Mama, Papa...
And saying those words, she drifted off to sleep again.  Nidhi had no idea how to react to this, in front of Ashutosh.  She looked at him to see his reaction, and saw that he was looking at Khushi, with so much love and tenderness, and she noticed that he also had tears swimming in his eyes.  She turned her face away, to hide how much seeing him like that had affected her, and after a minute, she turned and went to the window, and leaned against the wall and stared out into the night, thinking, confused, and yet scared at the same time.  Once again life had brought her to a crossroads, and she had no idea what to do.  One thing was clear to her though... actually,  Khushi had made it clear, when she had woken up and looked at Ashutosh and called him Papa.  Problem with that was, was she ready to call him husband, too.  Nidhi knew that that was what Anji, and Rangnath wanted for her, and that they thought that that was the best thing for her and Khushi.  But, and that was a big question.  BUT, what about Dadi Bua?  Nidhi could not take any decision until she had a talk to Dadi Bua.  Unki marzi ke khilaf she would not and could not do anything.  For, any decision that she took now, would also affect all of them, just not her.  Also, Even though she was hesitant, and very very unsure that she even wanted Ashutosh in her life, let alone in the capacity as her life partner, she knew that it was not just about her any more.  Khushi loved Ashutosh, and he loved her.  And to be totally honest with herself, she had to acknowledge that Anji had been right abut one thing.  That, she would never accept anybody else into her life.  That the only possibility that Khushi ever had of having a father in her life was if Ashutosh was that father.  No one else!
The only other alternative would be to pack Khushi, Dadi Bua and herself up, and move to another city, and start again.  she knew that Khushi would have problems for a while, but she was young, and she would bounce back.  But was it worth that?  Nidhi was also realistic enough to know that at some point, she would need some sort of a father figure in Khushi's life.  BUt...oh what was the point of thinking about all of this right now, it was just too confusing, and required energy that she did not have at the moment, she thought tiredly.  Time enough for that tomorrow, or whenever Dadi Bua came back. Right now she just needed to make sure that her baby got better quickly, so that she could take her back home, where she belonged.
She turned back to look at Khushi, and came face to face with Ashutosh.  Usse pataa hi nahin chalaa when he had come to stand behind her, so lost had she been in her thoughts.
--Kyaa soch rahi thi?
--A lot of things.  There are so many things...but abhi nahin. This is not the time for them.  Later...Jab Khushi theek ho jayegi tab.  Tab I will try and work through all this mess.  Right now I am too tired.  I just want my child to get better, thats all...
--Nidhi avoid karne se, things do not go away.  You will have to face up to the situation at some point. I...
--Ashutosh, please not now.  Not now.  I can't handle anything else right now.  I know what you are saying, and I agree with you. I will handle the situation, but NOT NOW.
Ashutosh knew by her words, and the desperation in her voice that she was nearing the breaking point. So, instead of saying anything further, on the topic, he put his arms on her shoulders, and when he felt her stiffen,
--Nidhi, I am not going to bite.  I just want you to get some rest, so I am helping you to the sofa to sit for a while.  That's all!
Then he led her to the sofa, and sat down with her.  Nidhi leaned her head back, with relief, and before she knew it, exhaustion caught up with her, and she was out like a light.  Ashutosh looked over at her and smiled tenderly, she still looked like a perfect angel when she slept, he thought.  And then he himself, leaned back and put his feet up on the coffee table, and closed his eyes. A little while later he woke up, when he felt a weight on his shoulder.  He opened his eyes and saw that Nidhi, had at some point tucked her feet underneath herself, and had unwittingly slid onto his side, with her head coming to rest on his shoulder.  He smiled and adjusted her position, so that she would be more comfortable, and put his arm around her shoulder to hold her there, and leaned his head atop hers, and after five years, fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.
The next morning, Nidhi was woken up by Khushi's soft crying.  Nidhi jumped up and ran to her,
--It's ok baby, mommy is here.  Kya baat hai beta.  Why is my little angel crying?
--Mamma, dard ho raha hai, mere head mein.
--I know baby.  I am so sorry, here let me get you some medicine to make the pain go away.
--Nahin mamma, mujhe davai nahin chahiye.  Davai, bahut yucky hoti hai?
--Kisne kaha davai, gandi hoti hai.  Main apni gudiya ko kabhi gandi davai, de sakta hoon kya?
Despite her pain, Khushi's little face lit up when he heard Ashutosh' voice, and she held out her arms to him.  Ashutosh immediately came forward, and hugged her, taking care not to disturb the IVY tube, still attached to her little arm.
--Ashu Uncle, aap bhi yahan hain?
--Aur nahin toh main kahan hounga?  Huh?  Apni Choti si gudiya ke paas hi toh rahungi na?  Accha, sweetheart, now can I take a look at you, while your mamma, goes to get the medicine that I got specially for you?  Hmmm.
When she nodded, Ashutosh gestured to Nidhi to go ahead and get some pain medication for the little girl.  But, Nidhi indicated that she needed to talk to him for a second.
--Haan Nidhi, bolo.
--Ashutosh, Khushi ko davai dena itna aasaan nahin hai.  She hates taking medicines.
--Don't worry about that, I'll take care of it.  If you could just go ahead and get the pain meds, I want to do a check up, and make sure that everything is as it should be.
Nidhi looked at him skeptically, but she nodded in agreement, and left the room.
When she came back, she saw Khushi propped up against the headrest, and Ashutosh was trying to get her to drink some juice, He was talking to her and making her giggle while he slowly had her sipping the beverage.
--Yeh kya ho raha hai, Ji.  Mere bina akele aap dono enjoy kaise kar sakte hain.  So baby what is your uncle telling you that is making you giggle so much.
--Mamma, uncle was telling me some funny stories. 
Then she looked at Nidhi, and her face wobbled, and tears started flowing. Nidhi Immediately went to her and took her in her arms,
--Kya hogya, angel.  Why are you crying?
--Mamma, abhi bhi, dard ho raha hai.  And my arms and legs are hurting too.
--Look baby, I have your medicine right here, the pain will go away in no time.
--No, NO NO.  No medicine.  Mujhe nahin chahiye.
And she started crying loudly.  Ashutosh looked at Nidhi and held his hand out, for the medicine.
--Nidhi, mujhe de do, I will make sure she takes them.
Nidhi had a ' this I gotta see look' on her face, as she smilingly handed them over.
Ashutosh, tried everything he could think of to get her to take the medicine, but Khushi stubbornly refused. He tried everything from cajoling to bribery, but the little girl was sticking to her guns.  She had a stubborn look to her face, and absolutely refused.
Finally exhausted, he looked at Nidhi.  
--Maybe, we should just give her a shot?
--Try that and you will have a mutiny on your hands, the likes of which you have never seen before.
-OK, I give up.  Now how do we get this stubborn little female to take the medicine.
--It takes years of experience, and a lot of ingenuity.  Now, watch and learn.  
Nidhi smiled as she took the pills, and put them in a napkin.  Then she picked up the spoon lying on the table and used it to crush the tablets, and then she put the powder in a little cup, and mixed it with a bit of juice.  During this whole process , she had her back turned towards the little girl.  Then she turned around, with the medicine cup,
--Ok.  Sweety, no medicine, but look here.  This is tiny little glass, for my tiny little girl to drink her juice from.  Do you like it?  You want to drink your juice from this?
When Khushi nodded, Nidhi went to her and held the cup to the child's mouth and managed to get the meds down her throat in two gulps.  Ashutosh looked on with open mouthed surprise,
--Well of all the...Now I have seen everything.
He could not believe the amount of effort it took to give one little child two tiny aspirin.  He shook his head in disbelief, and amusement.  He opened his mouth to say something, when he was interrupted, but the door opening.  It was Dadi Bua.
Nidhi was really surprised, 
--Dadi Bua, aap?  Itni subha...par kaise?  Aapko kaise pataa chalaa?
--Tu kya sochti hai, agar tu mujhe nahin batayegi, ke kya ho raha hai yahan par, toh mujhe pataa nahin chaelga.  Nidhi, do din ke liye maine apni bacchi ko tere paas akele kya chod diya, tune usska yeh haal kar diya?  Tujhe ek choti si bacchi ka bhi dhyan nahin rakkha gaya.  Ab hat mere saamne se, mujhe apni gudiya ko dekhna hai.
And she gave Nidhi a gentle shove, and rushed to the bed.  Khushi, at seeing her great grandmother, knowing that she had her biggest ally with her now, held out her arms pathetically, and made a sad face,
--Nani bhua, dekho mere ko kitni saari chot lagi hai.  Mere ko bahut saara dard ho raha hai.
Nidhi looked at the little girl with growing incredulity on her face.  Abhi ek minute pehle toh theek thi, ab suddenly yeh kya, She thought.
--Poori ki poori nautanki baaz hai.  Dadi Bua ko dekhte hi shuru ho gayi. 
She murmured underneath her breath.  But, Ashutosh who had heard her, turned to face her with a big grin on his face, and one eyebrow raised, and total amusement in his expression.
--Bilkul tumhari copy hai Nidhi.  Are you sure she is not really yours?
Nidhi looked at him with exasperation,
--Very funny?
And he gave a little chuckle.
Just then Dadi Bua looked at the both of them,
--Ab tum dono yahan kya kar rahe ho?  Kuch kaam nahin hai kya.  Yah aaj poore hospital ki bhi chutti hai.  
they both turned to looked at her,
--Ab yahan khade khade mera munh kya dekh rahe ho, jao dono apne mareejon ko sambhalo.  Main aa gayi hoon, ab main apni bacchi ko khud sambhal lungi.
Nidhi knew better than to agrue.  She looked at the time.  Well she had been going to call and cancel her patients, but since Dadi Bua, was here she wouldn't have too.  And she also didn't have the time to go home and get ready.  Maybe she could just go to the doctors, on call, room, and just just quickly freshen up.  She wished that she had a fresh pair of clothes though, as she looked at the scrubs she had on.   Nidhi silently went up to Khushi, and bent down to give her a kiss, hugged her Dadi Bua, and promised Khushi that she would come back and visit her as soon as she got a break.  She was about to leave, when Dadi Bua turned around and said, 
--Nidhi Anji ne tere liye kapde bheje hai, tere office mein rakkh aayi thi.  Aur Ashutosh, tum kahan jaa rahe ho.  Tum yahin thehero, tum se kuch baatein karni hain mujhe.  Nidhi, tu kya khadi hai, tu jaa, tere se baad mein baatein karungi.  Ab jaa nahin toh late ho jayegi.  Chal.
And with one last worried look in Ashutosh's and Dadi Bua's direction, Nidhi reluctantly left.
After  both adults had dealt with Khushi and her needs, the little girl went to sleep, happy at having two doting adults at her beck and call.  Dadi Bua led Ashutosh to the sofa, and sat down and indicated that he should sit down also.  Ashutosh sighed at the inevitability of the"talk".  
--So, Ashutosh, yeh main kya sun rahi hoon?
--Jee, kya?
--Ashutosh, Kaal meri Anji aur Dr. Rangnath se baat hui thi.  Un dono ne bataya mujhe ke Kushi ko kyon aur kaise lagi.  Ab tumhare  munh se baaki sab sunna chahti hoon.
--Dadi Bua mujhe kuch samajh mein nahin aa rahaa hai, ke exactly aap mere se kya chah rahi hain.
--theek hai Ashutosh. Main bataa ti hoon. Tum bas sunte jao ab.
Jab tum dono mein pyar hua tha, tab uss samay tumhara rishta mujhe bilkul samajh mein nahin aaya.  Par Nidhi ki zid, aur tumhara ek doosre ke liye pyaar dekh kar, main maan gayi thi. Mujhe meri bacchi ki Khushi chahiye thi, aur kuch nahin.  Phir 5 saal pehle tum kisi aur se shaadi karke meri bacchi ko itni berehemi ki chod gaye ...uss samay agar tum mere same aa jaate to shayad mein tumhe goli maar deti.  Tume pataa bhi nahin ho sakta, ke uss par kya guzri thi.  Usska kya haal tha, main tumhein shabdon mein bayyan bhi nahin kar sakti.  Phir dheere dheere ussne phir se jeena shuru kaiya, aur Khushi ek masiha ban ke usski zindagi mein aayi.  Aur meri bacchi ke munh par muskurahat wapas laut aayi.  Nidhi iss bacchi ke liye jeeti hai Ashutosh, aur iss se hi uski subha aur raat hoti hai.  Ab tum wapas aaye toh iss bacchi par bhi tumne apna jadoo kar diya, .aur dekho kya hogaya.  Main yeh nahin kehti ke tumne kuch bhi Jaan kar ke kiya hai, Lekin hua toh sab tumhari hi wajah se hain na?

Ashutosh was quiet, he had no answer to give her, because deep down he knew that she was right.

--Anji ne bataya, ke Khushi chahti hai, ke tum usske Papa bano?
Ashutosh main tumhe bahut pasand nahin karti. Aur main yeh kabhi nahin chahti thi ke tum kabhi bhi meri bacchi ki zindagi mein kabhi bhi wapas aao, Lekin tum aa gaye.  Tumhe pataa hai na, ke Nidhi ne kabhi shaadi nahin kari.  Uss ne toh kissi aur ke baare main sochne se bhi inkaar kar diya.  Hum sab ne bahut koshish kari ke woh kissi bhi tarha maan jaye.  Par nahin, woh aaj tak adi hui hai iss baat par,ke ussko kissi ki bhi zaroorat nahin hai.  Kehti hai ke usske jeene ke liye Khushi hi bahut hai. Lekin yeh baat mujhe zyada aur kaun samajh sakta hai, ke bina kissi sahare ke zindagi jeena itna aasaan nahin hota.  Zindagi mein humsafar ki zaroorat padti hai.  Usske liye itne rishte aaye, acche se acche, aur bade bade gharon se, Lekin sab manaa kar diye.  dr. Ashutosh aaj bhi isske liye rishte aate hain.  In fact, abhi jahan mein gayi thi, wahan bhi isske liye meri behen ke paas ek rishta aya hua tha. Ladka bahut accha hai, caroron mein ek, lekin kya fayda, mujhe pataa hai yeh manaa kar degi, manegi hi nahin.  Yeh tumko kabhi bhi bhula nahin payi hai.  Aur yeh hi isski sab se badi badkismati hai.  Tum.  Tum Ashutosh, tumhara pyaar hi Nidhi ki badkismati hai.  Meri bacchi ko bahut dukh milein hai tumhari wajah se.  Ussne bahut kuch jhela hain tumhari kaaran.  Aur ab tum phir isski zindagi mein wapas aa gaye ho.  Main tum se jawab chahti hoon, Doctor, ke tum aakhir chahte kya ho? Bataa sakte ho mujhe? Main sunna chahti hoon, tumhara munh se.  
--Dadi Bua, main jaanta hoon maine Nidhi ke saath kya kiya, aur usko meri wajah se kya kya sehna pada.  Dadi Bua uss ke liye mere paas koi justification nahin hai.  Main bas itna keh sakta hoon ke maine galat logon par bharosa kiya, aur uska badla bhi mujhe mil gaya.  Aur jis par bharosa karna chahiye tha, usse par nahin kiya.  Usski sazaa abhi bhi mil rahi hai mujhe.  Dadi Bua main Nidhi se aaj bhi bahut pyaar karta hoon, behad pyaar.  Bas ek mauka chahiye mujhe, iss baat ko saabit karne ke liye, ke ab meri wajah se usse kabhi bhi iss zindagi mein koi dukh ya takleef kabhi bhi nahin hogi.  Dadi Bua aaj bhi mera dil ussi ke liye dhadakta hai.  AUr Khushi...Dadi Bua Khushi meri bhi beti hai, main usse bahut pyaar karta hoon.  Mujhe pataa hai ke aap mujhe pasand nahin karti, aur karna bhi nahin chahiye.  Maine aapki beti ko itne dukh jo diye hain.  par Dadi Bua bas ek mauka dijiye, mujhe yeh dikhane ko, ke mai zindagi ki saari khushiyan aapki beti ki zindagi mein phir se laa sakta hoon.  Dadi Bua, main Nidhi se shaadi karna chahta hoon.  Aur mujhe yeh bhi pataa hai, ke aapke siva duniya mein aur koi nahin hai, jo ussko iss baat ke liye raazi kar sake.  Dadi Bua jitni akeli woh hai, usse zyada akela toh main ho gaya hoon.  Mujhe toh mere apno, mere Baba, ne bhi dhokha diya.  Iss se zyada aur badi sazaa kya ho sakti hai ek bete ke liye, ke usska baap hi usko apni dosti par qurban kar de.  Dadi Bua main Nidhi ke liye bahut tadpa hoon.  Uske paas toh aap thi, phir Khushi aayi.  Par main toh bilkul akela hoon, koi nahin hain mere liye.  Aur, jo insaan mere liye jeeta tha, usse maine hi apni zindagi se nikaal diya.  Dadi Bua Nidhi bhi toh mere bina akeli hain, meri nahin toh usske baare main toh sochiye, please.  Dadi Bua bas ek mauka de dijiye mujhe, main aapko kabhi bhi apne faisle par regret nahin karne doonga. Ek chance Dadi Bua...

Dadi Bua kept staring at him for so long without saying a word, that Ashutosh began to fear the worst.  He thought that she would never give her blessings.  and, without her blessings, Nidhi would never consent to anything.  He hung his head in total defeat, and sighed.  But Dadi Bua voice, caused him to raise his face,
--Dr. Ashutosh mujhe pataa hai, ke Nidhi kabhi kissi aur ke liye haan nahin karegi, nahin toh main yeh kabhi bhi nahin hone deti.  Par haan ek baat kahe deti hoon!  AGAR meri bacchi ki aankhon mein tumhari wajah se ek bhi aansoo aaya, toh main tumhe usski life mein se, bina ek bhi shabd sune, nikaal bahar kardungi.  Samjhe tum.  
Ashutosh began to feel lighter than he ever had during the last several years, as hope started to sprout roots, in his being.  And he waited for her to start speaking again, to finish what ever she wanted to say to him.
--Theek hai doctor.  Main Nidhi ko manane ki koshish karungi.  Main chahti hoon ke meri bacchi ka ghar bas jaye, aur uski zindagi mein bhi khushiyan laut aaye.  Aur woh sirf tum hi laa sakte ho.  Main tumhare pyar ke aage ek baar phir haar gayi, doctor.  Lekin tum mujhe vachan do, ke meri bacchi ko hamesha khush aur mehfooz rakkhoge, aur usska hamesha saath doge.
--Dadi Bua, main aapse vachan deta hoon.  Nidhi ko koi bhi dukh pahunchane se pehle main mar jaana behtar samjhunga.  Thank you Dadi Bua mujh par vishwas karne ka.
--Nahin Dr. Ashutosh maine tum par koi vishwaas nahin kiya.  Bas ek maa ne apni majboori ke aage apna sar jhuka diya hai.  Aur kuch nahin.  Mujhe tum par bilkul vishwaas nahin hai, aur na hi tum mujhe pasand ho, yeh baat kabhi bhoolne ki koshish bhi nahin karna.  Par haan, majboori mein hi sahi, lekin main tumhare aur Nidhi ke rishte ke liye, ek baar phir se haan karti hoon.  Zindagi ne tumhe ek amuka aur diya  hai Ashutosh, yeh mauka nahin gavana.  Har koi duniya mein itna khush naseeb nahin hota.
Ashutosh was humbled, and speechless, in front of Dadi Bua's unselfish love for her grand daughter.
--Thank you Dadi Bua.  I promise, aapko kabhi bhi afsos nahin hone dunga.
--Theek hai Ashutosh.  Main Nidhi ko razzi karungi shaadi ke liye.

All of a sudden there was a loud gasp, and both Ashutosh and Dadi Bua, turned their head to see Nidhi standing there in the doorway, of the room, with a pale shocked face, staring at the two of them.

--Dadi Bua, yeh kya ho raha hai.  Mujhe kissi se shaadi nahin karni!!!!!!!!!

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Res[BR][BR]Finally after a ling time...i topped...muwahhh[BR]I will b editing in an hour [:$]

Nyc update anu g...
1st of all, i luv the emotional display of nidhi as a mother
That was heart wrenching...
Her disturbed mind couldnt think of amyone but him...and that was just so well connected...
Ashu himself was shocked to see his baby covered in blood, but keep himself steady for the sake of nidhi...
Khushi is ok...thanfully just minor sctraches...great...
I really loved the way ashu stayed beside nidhi...n didnt leave her alone...the medicine part was my fav
The well known doc need to learn a few tricks of being a good father...
Nidhi's end reactions were superbly written...
Ummm...there are two parts that i didnt appreciate in my comments...
Anji nidhi convo n dadi bua n ashu convo...
For anji nidhi convo, i know whatever u thought was great n i know how bad it feels when sumone put a question on ur story...but i think anji nidhi convo went too much in detail...
I mean, i was looking to see a scene of a desperate mother who is praying for her child wellness as other matters can b discussed after the news of her good reports are out...um truly sorry if i hurt u g...
N in dadi bua n ashu scene, ifelt something missing...i cant explain that...

But the two moments i luved the most was ashu being confident that he will make khushi have her medicine and nidhi give him an amusing look
And other was khushi acting to be in pain in front of db and nidhi muttered under her breath and ashu said, she is surly ur daughter...

Lookin up for the next chap to see how king gonna manofy his titli to marry him...

Happy celebrations to u...

Luv ya

P.s: sorry once again...please

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awesome part cont soon .

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