Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka


Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

SiNal's 1st Anniversary Celebration

amul_kn IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 12:30pm | IP Logged


As we all r well aware of this fact tht on 09 August 2011 a unique show named Parichay hits its first episode on Indian Television via Colors TV through which we viewers got to see two different persons Siddhi & Kunal who were completely opposite to each other in all aspects.
But destiny have some other plans fr both of them. Such circumstances comes in thier lives tht both of them decided to live thier lives together and also to give thier lives a second chance after losing the first one.
07 October 2011, the day when Siddhi & Kunal got married to each other and we viewers got our beloved & adorable couple SiNal. Since thn we got to see thm passing through all hurdles which came in thier lives by taking thier relationship everytime to a new level.
Thier relationship ws started with hatred after thn becuming friends thn gaining trust over each other and thn after falling in love with each other truly, madly & deepy and thn finally having twins as a symbol of thier extraordinary Love. 
So 07 October 2012 is really a big day fr all of the Parichayans because first of all its SiNal Anniversary frm viewers aspect (because according to storyline aspect SiNal r supposed to celebrate 11 Anniversary) and secondly we viewers gonna celebrate complete one ear of SiNal relationship.
Before continuing with tht Let me bring into limelight all those moments of SiNal and the
phases through which thier relation hs gone through till now.
When Kunal Chopra & Siddhi Malik met each other
Whenever they met with each other they always fought because none of them were liking each other's presence & even they were hating each other to the core bt destiny hs sum other plans fr both of thm.
And then sumthing happened which cnt be even imagined
Circumstances were build up such that Akdoo Chopra asked out Ziddi Malik fr marriage and in return of tht Ziddi Malik agreed to becum wife of Akdoo Chopra. Finally destiny brought thm together to live thier lives with each other.
And then came the day ------ 7 October 2011
The day our beloved couple SiNal tied the knot into an unbreakable bond without having a pin drop of feeling for each other and still disliking each other. They started thier life together without being aware of ups and downs coming in thier way with this decision of marriage due to the demand of the circumstances then.
After Marriage SiNal relationship started by becuming friends
SiNal started off thier relation of husband & wife, firstly by  becuming friends of each other. They start caring for each other and even started helping each other in thier works and also started sorting out problems of each other. 
SiNal start liking each other's Presence
Slowly Slowly SiNal started liking each other presence and even they use to enjoy each others company. They were liking each other in thier life due to qualities and the way in which they r handling each other in each and every ups and downs of thier life. 
SiNal found sum fun moments in thier life
In Second Chance of thier lives SiNal found sum fun moments with each other due to which they wer able enjoy thier company with each other a lot and even they get the enjoy those moments and even such moments helped thm to understand each othe rmore clearly wht makes thm happy and wht bring smiles to thier faces.
SiNal started falling in love with each other
Gradually SiNal started falling in love with each other but due to hesitation they wer nt able to confess thier feelings for each other. They got attracted to each other but still sumthing ws missing in thier relation due to which tht hesistation ws  again and again cuming between thm to confess thier feelings.
Finally they Consummate thier Marriage
Though thier hesitation ws nt allowing thm to confess thier feelings fr each other bt on tht epic night of 31 Janaury 2012 they both cnt able to control thier feelings and without confessing thier love they finally consummate thier marriage and thn Siddhi & Kunal became one ...
2 Bodies 1 Soul
Siddhi realised her feelings fr Kunal
After consummating her marriage with Kunal she wanted to confess her feelings fr Kunal as tht she cant't live without him bt more troubles wer awaited fr her as Kunal filed divorce case in court which made her to nt to disclose her feelings to Kunal as she doesn't want to hurt him and also don't want to put thier relation forcibly on him. So she decided to confess her feelings only whn Kunal gonna confess his feelings fr her.
Kunal realised his feelings fr Siddhi
After consummating his marriage with Siddhi he wanted to confess his feelings fr Siddhi as tht she cant't live without her bt he was in misconception tht Siddhi hs still nt forgot her first love so he go ahead and filed divorce case in court and Siddhi signing the divorce papers made him think tht Siddhi does nt want to continue her relation with him. So he decided to nt to confess his feelings only fr Siddhi because she does not love him.
P.S. : The Credit fr all of the images above goes to Gayathri_MSK. Without her help with images I wud nt hv been able to complete this thread. All the work over images is completely her work only.
Continued Below...

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amul_kn IF-Dazzler

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Though being realising thier feelings fr each other they both cnt able to confess thier feeling fr each other due to troubles & hurdles coming in the way of thier confession. Though differences between thm increased bt they did nt give up and continued facing each other. Thier relationship gone through bad times bt they both kept supporting each other everywhere in these bad times also and even they did nt let thier trust to lose over each other. 

SiNal confessed thier feeling and found happiness in thier lives 
After overcoming all the problems coming in thier way and sorting out all the issues between them finally SiNal confess thier feelings before each other and nt only soon after thier confession thier happiness doubled itself whn they both came to know tht soon they gonna becuming parents. This happy news of becoming parents took SiNal relationship to a new level frm where no one cn come between thm except frm thier child.
SiNal made every moment of thier life as the happiest moment
 After realising importance of each other in thier lives and even confessing thier love fr each other SiNal tried to make every moment of thier life as the happiest moment of thier lives. They want to live thier whole life in tht particular moment. They made each and every moment of thier life a special one.
SiNal madly & deeply fall in love with each other
With Day by Day passing in thier relationship their love bonding becumes strong. Though they wer in love with each other but slowly slowly spending more and more time with each other they fell in love with each other deeply and madly in such manner tht they cn go to any level fr saving thier love frm all problems and difficulties. Thier extraordinary love ws turned into passionate love fr each other.
Thier happiness ws nt long lived as ability of doing anything fr thier love hv made thm suffer a lot. This hs leaded into the numerous misunderstandings between thm and finally they both wer seperated frm each other and thn after Siddhi giving birth to twins - one child remains with Siddhi and another one remains with Kunal later on followed by nine years tym leap. 
After Nine Years whn SiNal met again though still they wer in love with each other but due to increased misunderstandings between thm in these nine years hv now restricted thm to show thier love fr each other. They r trying thier best to pretend in thier lives tht they r happy in thier respective lives without each other bt still sumtimes they r nt able to control thier feelings.
SiNal r made fr each other
They still r in love with each other and they cnt control thier feeling fr each other. On one hand whr Siddhi wants tht Kunal comes to her and even she enjoys his company with her which she ws missing in those 9 years. she wants to feel love of Kunal once again & On the other hand Kunal cnt see her with anybody as he is possesive of her and also he cannot keep away frm her as being working together professionally its difficult fr thm to ignore each other bt due to lot of misunderstanding between thm they r nt able to bring thier feeling fr each other on thier faces.
SiNal and thier small family
Siddhi & Kunal r having two childs with each other who r their love symbols bt none of thm want to disclose this fact abt thier sons due to fear of losing thier kids after losing each other as these kids r only the last hope fr both of thm to live thier lives. Both the kids r exact replicas of SiNal only as the child with Siddhi is replica of Kunal and the child with Kunal is replica of Siddhi. Due to this only they r able to live thier lives without each other as the found a glimpse of thier spouses in thier kids. On one hand MU hv been reached to its peak value and on the other hand in a camp Kids r aware of thier actual identities and thier parents. SiNal replicas in the form of thier kids have decided to unite SiNal and thn after we know tht SiNal will be living together with thier kids making a small SiNal family.
And Today SiNal r ruling into the the hearts of millions of people around the such a manner tht one day without seeing them will appear like a century.
Ignoring this fact fr a while tht our beloved couple SiNal is sepearted let thm b in our hearts united forever and today after exactly 1 Year it's tym to celebrate 1st Anniversary of our beloved & cute couple on this planet Siddhi Chopra & Kunal Chopra...our SiNal... their love story...and this love saga is still least in our hearts...and soon we will get to c united SiNal with thier kids.
P.S. : The Credit fr all of the images above goes to Gayathri_MSK. Without her help with images I wud nt hv been able to complete this thread. All the work over images is completely her work only.

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amul_kn IF-Dazzler

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Gayathri_MSK IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 12:33pm | IP Logged

Happy wedding
Siddhi & Kunal

Prove that the love you shared 9 years ago,
is still as strong today as it was
May the love that you share
 last your lifetime through,
As you make a wonderful pair

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-Rojaa- IF-Sizzlerz

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Edited Smile
So finally we are celebrating sinal's first anniversary ; Happy Wedding Anniversary Sinal Party

Ive like very few onscreen jodis, i was in love with a jodi ( that too form one of Ek show ) after that show went off air, i tried many shows , but there was always something that was missing ! i started to watch the show when Aanand - Sidhi track was going on , but aways felt that sinal were meant to be together, i liked their love hate relationship , Kc's honestyClap and Sidhi the strong sensible girlBig smile, i lovedthat ! Finally sinal got married, and from that point my day wouldn't end without watching them ,
Day Dreaming i became addicted to the show also to the forum ! there has been days when i got frustrated seeing their irrational behavior when i was almost reedy to give upD'oh ! but one cute moment of them would put a smile on my faceBig smile

After this leap, many things that disappointed me, im still here ignoring all the illogical things , reason is only sinal ! I hope the new timeslot will do good to the show! and we get many sinalious episodes Tongue! My wish is to see sinal remarriage with all the rituals performed ! And sinal living together as a happy family !

I want to thank SS and KN for giving sinal , Ek for giving us this show ! SS and KN, you guys are awesome Clap! Sinal is the USP of this show, U made them alive ! Thnx

Amul and Gayatri akka Great work ClapThanks for making this thread ! 

Hey all sinal lovers , i made a Vm just now  on the song Aankhon ki gustakhiyaan from the movie HDDCS , hope u like itEmbarrassed ! This is a gift from my side for all sinal lovers Smilekeep smiling 

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Twisted. IF-Stunnerz

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All reserved then me also reserved ...

Dr baba ki jai ho WinkLOL


Wow widout any good comments i got 4 likesLOL Baba works WinkLOL 

Now something for SiNal... It was marvellous and beautiful journey of SiNal till now.. There sweet nok jhoks and dedicated love towards each other and sometimes serious fights has glued us to this show Big smile I just hope this frm CVsStern Smile that they reunite our SiNal soon LOL and we get to see there remarraige with there mutual consent not bcoz of that bloody richa D'ohand live happily ever after with there kids (neva happenning) 

Made a siggy

Free to Use

The quote isnt fitting this thread bt still postingLOL

P.S. Amul awesome thread frnd and  the siggies are awesome Big smile

-------R E S   W I L L   E D I T   B Y   T O D A Y   N I G H T------ 


gosh! making this siggies was tough task for meD'oh

And still they came out so bad Angry

SiNal are really magical... i thought i wont make siggies anymore as my PS crashed on me twice for this two siggiesLOL Bt i couldnt resist WinkLOL

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Nice thread dear ... i was happy abt Sinal anniversary but not anymore 

but after this Crap Slap Sinal has ended for me ... no SI frm Sinal ... 

@CV's and ekta - can u plz kill Siddhi's character or make her marry to her aashiq and end her role ...

i can't tolerate her with Kunal's character now ... bring some new character ... make Kunal loose his memory and give us a fresh love story 

@ mods- before anyone pm u abt this post let me tell Siddhi is a character , not a real life person ... so nothing is against any rule Wink

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