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SWARON FF LOVE MAKES IT WAYS!! Updated pg 106 (Page 78)

pehlanasha. IF-Rockerz

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Nehu this is so not fair, i keep sending you my updates in pm and here you are taking so much time to update even your exams have fended on 20th January.

Please update girl! ? Pleassseee! Big smile

_Deepika_ IF-Sizzlerz

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-Vishaka- IF-Sizzlerz

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Wen u r going 2 update nxt part...

Waitng 4 ur update...
Nehal92 Goldie

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Hello guys i hope you ppl remember this FF. So here goes the update. Ignore the errors did not re check it. Embarrassed

Chapter 10

The night passed and she hardly closed her eyes. Swayam woke up and found her cuddled into him, eyes wide open thinking something deep.

He sensed something is wrong with her, she has been acting weird.

He placed a peck on her forehead, pretending to be normal and behaving as he didn't notice that she didn't sleep last night.

Sharon: You up... sorry I didn't notice.

Swayam: it's okay wifeyy...

Sharon: I will get freshen up and make breakfast.

Swayam: no stay here close to me.

He pulled her closer and a tear escaped her eyes. She quickly wiped it off before he could notice it. She pushed his hand around her and walked off.

She stood in front of the mirror staring at her image...she was unable to understand the new feeling inside her.

She splashed water on her face trying to calm her down. She closed her eyes and remembered how she desperately wanted to get this divorce and the past some weeks had changed everything.

She was getting restless with this thoughts in her she could see is all the moments spent with him.

Their first the bet..the chocolate party...their closeness. A smile crept on her face..thinking about him.

How just in past some days he had such a great effect on her...merely his presence around her could lighten up her day.

She didn't know what she was experiencing right now...But one thing she was sure about was...she didn't want to separate from him...she wanted to give her a chance...moreover she wanted to give them a chance.

She wanted to stay close to him forever...why?? She had no idea ...but she wanted to be with him...and this thought that they would separate in some months time was killing her inside.

Sharon: NO... I want to give us a chance. But does he want us to give us a chance...

She remembered how he said about the divorce and signed the papers. He had no second thoughts about it at all...

There was no effect on him at all...they were going to separate forever...this thought never disturbed him.

Sharon: what am I for you Swayam?? Do you feel the way I feel for you? Do you want me as much as I want you?

She rubbed the fog formed on the if she will get answers to her questions.

She moved out after getting soon as she stepped out she was pulled in a hug.

Swayam: How much time do you need in there wifeyy? You know I can't stay away from you for a minute.

He placed his head on her shoulders smelling her shampoo...

Swayam: This is last time you had shower alone wifeyy... next time I will make sure you are accompanied by me.

He turned her around and placed his lips on her..he pecked on her lips...but she din't respond to his kiss and he moved back.

Swayam: what happen Sharon?? You have been acting weird from last night. Are you fine wifeyy??

Sharon: Swayam... what am I for you??

Swayam: what??

Sharon: what do I mean for you Swayam??

He pulled her more closely to him in a bone crashing hug and placed his chin on her shoulders.

Swayam: You are most beautiful girl I have ever met... you are just PERFECT.

You are smart, pretty, are...hmm...just wonderful.

You just make me go crazy.

You are so beautiful..that I can't keep my hands off you.

He started placing some wet kisses on her shoulder to her nape.

He hugged her tight feeling her in his embrace.

Tears flowed from her eyes...She didn't know the reason why she was so hurt by his words. But she understood that he was just physically attracted to her and nothing else.

It was simple plain attraction and nothing else. She wanted to control herself but tears kept flowing from her eyes.

She buried herself in his chest..he felt her t-shirt getting wet and got worried.

Swayam: Sharon, why are you crying??

Sharon: Sw...Sw..Swayam...

Swayam: Wifeyy...stop crying please...and tell me what's wrong??

Sharon: Just hold me close to you Swayam...just hold me close.

He held tight against him and allowed her to take her own time. Suddenly Sharon pushed his hands off her and stepped back.

Sharon: I am fine Swayam. You get ready...we are getting late for work.

And she walked out of the room... leaving a confused cum dumb Swayam behind.

She ran out of the room and went inside the kitchen. She covered her mouth with her hand to prevent the noise.

She broke down and sat on the floor crying...she placed her head on her knees and cried her heart out.

She was feeling bad...she was hurt that she was just a piece or a thing to which Swayam is attracted to and holds no importance in his life. But she had come a long way...such a long way that it was hurting.

Why as she feeling so bad about it?? She questioned herself only to find no answers for her questions.

She heard his footsteps coming towards her..she quickly got up and wiped her tears and pretended as if she is working. She pulled her hair to a side so that he could not see her crying.

Swayam: come Sharon..let's have breakfast.

Sharon: have it..i have to go a little late for work so I will have it later.

Swayam: are you sure?

Sharon: Yes. I will get you some coffee.

Swayam had his breakfast and made his way to the kitchen before leaving for work...

He hugged her from behind and she froze...

Swayam: I don't want to go wifeyy...i will miss you.

He said showering kisses on her.

Sharon: Umm... Swayam...there are still time for our divorce. I will be at home only when you come back.

When she said she will be home for some more days..that struck him hard...real hard. But he shooed off the thoughts and snuggled into her more.

Swayam: tonight will be special for us wifeyy... I can't wait to get back home.

He pecked her on her cheek and saying her goodbye left for office.

Sharon ran to their room and jumped on the bed crying...

Sharon: what's wrong with you Sharon?? Why are you feeling so bad?? He was always like this...

He was never serious about any girl and he is doing what he used to do earlier...charming girls...

How did you fall for it??

Did I really fall for it...NO. Sharon is always in control how did this happen to you Sharon... How did this happen to you??

She hid her face in the pillow and cried more and more...

On the other hand Swayam was hell confused the way Sharon was behaving... He cancelled all his meeting and sat in his cabin just thinking about her.

Swayam: why was she crying in the morning??

Maybe she is missing her parents...or Maybe she is tired after the trip.

He hit his forehead with his hand...

How can I be so dumb! She is scared because she thinks after all that happened between us I will cancel the divorce.

NO NO...I very much want this divorce. I will make it clear to her.

She don't need to worry on this...We can enjoy with each other until we get divorce. After all we should get some benefit from this marriage.

Yes..this is the solution...I will talk to her and everything will be back to normal between us.

He ordered some flowers for her and a white wine bottle for them.

He happily resumed doing his work... thinking ever 

Her phone rang which brought her out of her crying land.

She picked up the call and when she ended the call she was smirking.

It was a call from the counsellor informing her that..if either one of them halt the divorce procedure then their divorced would be cancelled.

Sharon rubbed the tears from her cheeks and promised herself that she won't let this divorce happen.

Sharon: Sharon has always got what she wanted and today also I will get it.

I want you and you are's time you realize that you belong to me...

You will cancel this divorce Swayam...I will make you do it.

I will realize you that I am not just any other girl who you will dump..I am you wife and I am here forever.

Zip Zap Zoom Hubby... You are in for the reality check.

You want this divorce...I am all set to give you divorce...

Sharon called up Rey and told him that they will start the practices for their next show from tom..She also said she wants Swayam and Kria to be part of this event and asked him not to inform Swayam about it yet.

Rey ended the call and smiled at the person sitting opposite to him.

Kria: what is it?? What are you smiling at??

Rey: I told you na...these two will face the blow soon...

Kria: what do you mean??

Rey: we both are in for some serious fun and winked at Kria.

Sharon cleaned the whole house and lighted Strawberry scented candles all over the house giving special attention to their bedroom...she placed some rose petals on the bed and made the whole atmosphere cozy and romantic.

She wore a see through night gown which ended on her knees and ironed her hair and sprayed a perfume on her neck and her wrist.

She heard the sound of the door getting unlocked and smirked.

Sharon: Get ready to get the taste of your own medicine Hubby...

Swayam entered the house to surprise her and here he was surprised.

He removed his tie and placed it along with his laptop bag on the couch and made way to their room.

He was mesmerized by the whole decoration...he was admiring the room when he heard the door getting locked.

He turned around to find Sharon leaning on the door...

Swayam was staring at her with open mouth...smoke was coming out of his ears seeing his hot wife in front of him..

Swayam: Seems like you are in a good mood wifeyy...

Sharon instead of answering walked to him and placed her hands around his neck.

Swayam brought her closer...and gave her the flowers. Sharon threw the flowers on the couch and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Sharon: You seriously wanna waste time with those flowers...

Swayam: Not at all baby...

And the next moment they were on the bed making love to each other. Soon after their completion Swayam pecked her on her lips and lay beside her.

She turned and smiled at him and sat resting her back on the head set of the bed.

He too sat and pulled her in hug playing with her hair and she drew some patterns on his bare chest.

Swayam: Sharon I know what kept you tensed in the morning...I just wanna say I won't cancel this divorce.

Sharon: She sat up staring at him with a questioning look...

Swayam: Listen...

Sharon: hold on ...I would have not let you cancel this divorce at any cost. I very much want this divorce.

Okay...I want to make this clear...what all is going on between us..that doesn't mean we are not taking the divorce...

We very much are... We can just have fun with each other till it happens... After all we should be benefited with this marriage of us in some way...

Sharon words struck him hard...he wanted to say her the same..but when she said it to him ...he was feeling bad...he was frustrated..

Sharon: Whoa bought us wine.

She poured them some wine and handed him his glass and raise a toast...

Celebrating our Divorce...she smiled at him and then lay hugging him...

She peacefully sipped her wine...where as he gulped in down in anger.

She looked his expression and mentally patted her back...

He turned off the light and closed his eyes... She chuckled at him and she too slept.

Sharon: tuch..tuch..tuch.. sorry baby, but you need to learn a lesson.

So, How was it guys. Hope you all liked it. Do leave your comments and hit like it means a lot.Big smile

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Reserved For Partner :)

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awsum part just luved it

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res for me

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nehal Hug
mast update Approve
aww poor sharon vo shaadi bachana chahti
n Censored swayam ko free ke maze chahiye LOL
koi use samjhaya ki beta ab free mai kuch nh milta...
ahaan sharon...Cool
*on ur face swayam*
kya sahi plan bnaya h ladki ne Evil Smile
bada aaya tha shadi ke maze lene...ROFL
aww swayam ka ego hurt ho gya jb vo baat jo vo sharon se kehta sharon ne usse kehdi ..LOL
vo bhi sirf tp kr rh h uske sath ROFL
Sharon asked rey n kria for help...
Eagerly waiting to see a fu**ed up swayam
update next part soon...

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