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Destiny[FF]: Part 11 updated pg 27 (Page 20)

ksfan2 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 February 2012
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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 3:48am | IP Logged
i loved it. really nice. keep it up. thanks for the pm

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bhuvana90 Senior Member

Joined: 27 September 2012
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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 9:40am | IP Logged
hi friends...Smile sorry... i couldn't update today Ouch due to many odd circumstances...Dead.. hmmm... 
anyhow will update it soon dearies!!!...Stern Smile
jasraj123 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 January 2011
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Posted: 25 November 2012 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
awesome update
omggg who is that dheeraj and what the heck he was talking
omggg he is really sick personAngryAngryAngryAngry

love the way aarti slapped him and but i am worried for her now

she doesn't even pick her phoneConfusedConfusedConfused

waiting for next part
can u pls tell on top where u update the part as well

thanks for pm toooLOLLOLLOL

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Shashi1984 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 March 2012
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Posted: 26 November 2012 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Nice. It's really interesting, update soon.

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bhuvana90 Senior Member

Joined: 27 September 2012
Posts: 207

Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:43am | IP Logged

Part 9:

12:30PM       Aarti is standing in the lab working on her experiment. She completed her work and is filing her report. And while writing… she felt very dizzy as she had not slept from two days, not eaten anything since 16hrs by then…. And she almost fell down while her friends caught her…. She got the permission to get back to hostel as she is very weak and moreover she completed her exam. She is dropped to hostel by her classmate Anitha.

01:05PM     Aarti rushed into her hostel block which is very calm and empty as everybody might have gone to college. She entered her room switched on the light and fan, closed the door and managed to move the table locking the door from opening .. (lock was broken the previous night!). she then moved to her bed..switched off the light, threw her bag somewhere and just fell on the bed thinking to wake only tomorrow morning….! not knowing the circumstances she is gonna be in a little while ahead…!!!

02:30PM        Yash felt restless as Aarti did not pick up his phone. " she might have completed her exam by now, then why isn't she answering my call" said he looking at his watch. He was walking and wandering all over the house only looking at his mobile and dialing her number like a maniac…. He entered his room in a haste and threw away his phone cursing Aarti, just when his assistant Smriti entered his room. Yash looked at her puzzled.

A: sir, Mr. Mehta asked for a meeting today at 6:30 PM.

Y: what nonsence?! I have told you to leave me alone, and to cancel all the meetings until 2 days, and you come and tell me to attend a meeting today!!? How dare you!!.

A: but sir, Mr. Mehta leaves for London tomorrow, so he wanted everything arranged before that.

Y: then tell him to do it all by himself.

A: sir…

Y: go!! Shouted he. 

Assistant left frowning as this wasn't his attitude ever!!

 06:30PM         Aarti moved in her bed holding her stomach. She is feeling hungry to the core, she had eaten nothing for about 22 hrs. but she felt lazy to open her eyes and get down the bed. However, for the sake of her stomach she decided to move. She tossed for about some time and then opened her eyes!!!!

07:30PM       Yash is irritated to see the traffic before him….!!! He was there since 10 mins, but it seems like a jam.  He was pissed off before itself but now he grinded his teeth. He is getting back from the meeting which his assistant had fixed upon. It was his dad's order. His dad asked him the reason for he not wanting to attend the meeting, but when he answered with a 'nothing', he was readily ordered to go for it. It was his dad for whom he can never answer with 'no'.

He was waiting for the jam to get cleared faster while he dialed Aarti's number for the umpteenth time. He has been doing that since evening, for which the response is a simple 'no answer'. He got irritated and banged on the steering. "don't know what is with her? She doesn't even answer my call. She would have gone out of her college long back.we could indeed meet today instead of tomorrow!!"

"But kitni ajeeb si ladki hai, she is worried of her practical exam, while her life is at her stake on the other hand. How childish?". Suddenly he got an idea… 'why don't I just go to her hostel and meet her.?!' He then thought of the shortcut via smriti's house to Aarti's hostel, 'while on the way I can hand over the file back to smriti!'. He moved back slowly signaling other's behind him.

Yash somehow entered the small lane, and was driving cautiously as the lane is full of vehicles parked. He felt the traffic jam to be much better than driving in this overcrowded lane. He turned left and found a deserted lane,with no street lights working. He scolded himself for choosing that route. in the rays of the lights in the previous lane,he found an image following his car. He then looked at the rear view mirror, and saw a girl running behind his car followed by some boys. Before he could understand anything his memory recognized the girl to be Aarti. He stopped the car applying a sudden break and got down the car..only to find the road empty. He thoroughly checked everywhere, but found none. He then cursed himself for dreaming while awake. He  confirmed that the road is empty, got into the car and drove away.

08:00PM         Aarti is sweating like she is beneath a shower, she couldn't even breath. She was tensed. She lifted her hand pressed against her head and moved all over her face wiping her sweat and later found her hands stained with blood. Her hands and lips shivered out of fear.

 She managed to open her eyes with a frown only to look at Dheeraj sitting beside her observing her in her sleep. She was dumb and she couldn't speak… she was still like a doll looking at him. She finally got into senses and stood up in a haste.she moved in all directions to escape his touch. But he did not withdraw his trials. He went on attacking her. She  somehow managed to get out the room, she ran in the corridors vigorously finding nobody visible. Dheeraj and his gang followed her. She fell off the steps…… he was taken aback seeing this, he tried to catch her but failed. Aarti rolled on the steps and finally fell on the ground…winced in pain. She closed her eyes tight not able to bear the pain….she tossed front and back catching her elbows!! She heard footsteps, turned back and found them moving towards her, when at once she overcame her pain, got up and moved jumping and running.

She looked at her stained hands,  her forehead beared a hurt bleeding, chin had a scratch with skin bloody red, elbow had a cut draining with  blood. She felt a tickle pass from her forehead to her cheek, which she knew is another drop of blood. She is weak as if everything is empty inside her. But she stood up and moved slowly backwards, hiding behind pillars.

08:30PM       Yash automatically stopped before smriti's house, and called her. He asked her to come out fast, as he waiting outside. She was shocked to hear this from Yash. This was her dream to get called by him, at such an hour, and meet him outside her house, and that too he is waiting for her. She got overwhelmed with joy…and ran out too fast. Yash looked at his watch and bit his tongue for coming there at such a late hour.she came running with a big grin, and stood before him.

S: sir, aap?!! Here? At this hour???? Said she breathing hard and excited too.!

Y: I'm sorry, I've come here to give you the file regarding the meeting I have attended, I want you not to disturb me tomorrow. Said he giving away the file.!

Her smile disappeared, and she quietly took the file.

S: fine sir!

Y; ok.. bye!

S: good night sir!.

Yash didn't reply back but just moved his head in response and left. While she stood still looking at his car moving away (towards Aarti's hostel).

S: you've never even been friendly to me sir…… but I'm waiting for a day to come when you will treat me more than a best friend. I wish one day I'd be the most important person for you in your life.! She wiped a tear drop which fell on her cheek and walked back.

 09:00PM         Aarti  is hiding behind a pillar,when she heard footsteps reaching her. She is very tired and stressed. She felt very weak, she shook head vigorously to get totally alerted. She held her breathe and moved back but unfortunately she stood before that very person whom she is hiding from. She stepped back… slowly… but stepped on a glass piece, which pierced into her leg through her sandals. Now her leg is wounded too…'oh god kuch toh chodo na please!!' …

09:30PM     "I have dropped her at noon, I have returned at some 8PM, only finding her room disoriented and empty. I've called her, but later got her mobile in her bag." Informed Anitha to Yash who came to meet Aarti. Yash is now sure that he wasn't dreaming at that instant, and confirmed that it Was indeed Aarti that he saw.!! He just drove back as fast as he can……….

         Dheeraj moved very close to Aarti... she stepped back...suddenly remembered something and bent her hand to remove something from her left pocket. She swung it in the air in front of him. He was taken aback with fright,looking at the small pen knife in her hands. She felt relieved and blinked her eyes in satisfaction... but she got immensely tensed seeing the evil smirk he had on his face...

10:30PM        Yash came back to the place where he saw her…but now the very little lighting that was present also isn't there. He could rarely see anything in the moon light. He took out his mobile, turned on the torch and started searching every inch for any clues to approach her.!!!!  He stopped suddenly at a point where he found some stains of blood!! "Aarti!!" exclaimed he.

          She saw him smiling and moved forward to frighten him again, but this time he did not move an inch, nor did he stop smiling. She just threw it on to him, which hurt him in his right shoulder. "Awww…" shouted he in pain. She gritted her teeth and wanted to punch more…!!!! But…she felt the earth revolving…she shook her head but in vain. He looked at her with rage, Her expression is like she is in pain too.

10:47PM         Yash moved towards the small shop following the blood stains he found at random places. He heard some foot steps. He now moved in the direction of the sounds he could hear.

           Aarti is trying hard to be alert, while she is losing her senses. She frowned getting angry on herself, that she is going to lose the battle. She uttered "mujhe chuna math" . she tightened her lips as if to gain energy, but it didn't help. She finally lost the grip on the pen knife…. Earth rotated faster this time… she couldn't stand still, she caught her head with her hands…closed her eyes, breathing hard moving her head in all directions.

She let out a sigh… a helpless one. Her legs could not take her weight now… she fell to ground first on knees but finally fell down totally.!! "mujhe chuna math…mujhe chuna math…mujhe chuna math… mu he ch u na ma………" uttered  while her eyes got closed against her wish. She opened her eyes struggling hard… but she could not make it….she couldn't cope up…. She finally lost all her senses, her frown too disappeared…. She is looking at Dheeraj who looked happy, first his grin, then the wound she gave him, later his hands with his fists clenched, later his shoes which had her pen knife under them…. And finally darkness. Her eyes got closed.

11:00PM        Aarti  lay on the ground peaceful, away from the stress she had since a few days, away from the chase, away from pain, away from fear…. away from every ghostly thing that she is tired of .….. and…….Away From LIFE too……

                            May Be!!!

hi friends this is a longer part... enjoy reading. ha.. the part in dark pink is FB. hope you'l like it. 

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PuvZ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 June 2012
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Yash please come fast... OMG... ... You're update is too good... I am waiting for your next update yar...

Edited by PuvZ - 27 November 2012 at 4:50am

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ksfan2 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 February 2012
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged
loved it. hope this is not the end

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drmhp IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 July 2012
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Posted: 27 November 2012 at 5:12am | IP Logged
nice part
waiting for yash to come and save her

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