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:: AarYan Express #7 : Alvida, Yaariyaan Alvida ::

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AarYan Express #7 : 
Alvida, Yaariyaan Alvida



Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Scene of the week : Jyothi06
Awww Moment of the week : Visha_Dhami
Funny Scene of the week : KinSanj
Best Dressed Character of the week : Jyothi06
Romantic Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Performance of the week : Amanda_18
Dialogue of the week : Visha_Dhami
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: Amanda_18
Picture of the week : KinSanj
Shocker of the week :PriyaxBassi
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : abhiya_crazyluv
Hottie of the week : Visha_Dhami
Blooper of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Siggy of the week : burningdesire88
Avi of the week : burningdesire88
Icon of the week : Aanchal
Prediction of the week : Visha_Dhami
VM of the Week :Aanchal
FF/OS of the week : *Piku*


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Hi Everyone ! 
It was a great week right with so many artists and casts of Zee TV coming back and that too for celebrating Yash's Birthday.
So yeah, Happy 20th Birthday Zee TV and also Yash Ji.
We also had many dances and performances right? So lets see what is covered by our NL Team for this week's AarYan Express.

And not to forget, my dearest AarYan News Letter Team. Thanks for all the time and contribution given to make this NL a sparkling one and here you go, a siggy/name card LOL to show that you are part of the NL Team Hug

http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif Regards,



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SinalRocksgctherealgemApoorvaFanPearl_27MissPurpleFreakashGC_arjaadigaag-MishtyBlue-ksfan2Kittya_Cullennirmalac99kholitahana_yInduG64ZetterFireLordPhoenix--Iqra--cssudhauluvmgaanyakunatAllbut1jyoti06OhmyjerryworldFallen AngelEuphoria.TanShi_CrazyLuvgcluvvillager00pickachusnowflake.KinSanjThabassum..

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1 October 2012

Yash asks Aarti if she is pregnant and Yash says that Gayatri's wish will not come true and they will not repeat a mistake that would affect their friendship and leaves. Prateek discuss with Aarti regarding their plan for Yash's birthday and Vidhi asks Aarti to give Yash a surpise like what Artpita did by announcing her pregnancy news on Yash's birthday. While Ram Dulhare was cleaning the house, Buaji finds Aarti's medical report and finds out that Aarti is pregnant and Buaji taunts Aarti asking her why has she not informed anyone and if she is planning to abort the child. Aarti says she will not do it and Buaji says that if Aarti wants Yash to be happy, Aarti has to leave as she is only living here for the wealth and Aarti says that she will leave if that would make Yash happy but after Yash's birthday party.

2 October 2012

Everyone is getting prepared for Yash's birthday party while Aarti is packing her bags and Ansh asks where are they going and Yash comes in while Ansh wishes Yash  and Yash sees Aarti's bags and she says that she wanted to go to peer baba Mazhaar as she had prayed for something. Aarti starts dreaming of a song sequence between her and Yash and everyone are already getting ready and Aarti comes out and Yash is stunned to see Aarti. Aarti asks everyone to leave first while she will come later. Papa Scindia is welcoming all the guests at the birthday party location and all the past Zee TV's casts comes joining in for the dance. Aarti at home takes a video of her confessing her feelings and she gets a call shutting the camera and leaves. Aarti brings the birthday cake for Yash and Yash feeds Aarti. Buaaji taunts Aarti again and Aarti asks Buaji to pass a CD to Yash while Buaji throws the CD away. Zara finds the CD and watches it with Krishna and Archana and they decide that they need to inform Yash about it. They plan a song sequence to give Yash hints and Savita finally announce that Papa Scindia is going to be a grandfather and Yash asks if Aarti is pregnant. The light goes off and Aarti is missing and everyone informs Yash that Aarti had decided to leave and Yash runs to stop Aarti.

3 October 2012

Ansh and Aarti arrive at a bus station and Ansh asks why did they leave and Aarti informs that they are playing hide and seek. Yash is driving around and looking for Aarti together with Prateek and Pankaj looking around at different places. Papa Scindia on the other hand is scolding Buaji that she knew Aarti was pregnant and why didn't she stopped her. Paridhi's producer keeps calling her and starts blackmailing her to come for the shooting or he would spread the MMS to everyone. Aarti buys a ticket to Delhi and Yash reaches the bus station and asks around if anyone had seen Aarti showing her photo and a person says she is sitting on the bench but when Yash goes and sees, the bench is empty.

4 October 2012

Yash is looking around for Aarti and Ansh sees Yash but Aarti asks to hide. Paridhi on the other hand meets her mother and tells what happened between her producer and Paridhi gets a slap. Paridhi's mother says that she will follow Paridhi for the shooting for the balance 5 days and once the shooting is over, the producer would not do anything. While Aarti is asking around for her bus, a thief comes and steals her purse and starts running while Aarti tries chasing him but the Thief runs into Yash and the purse falls down and Yash sees and knows its Aarti's. Yash comes finding for Aarti while Aarti sits in the bus and covers her face. Shobha apologizes to Papa Scindia for Aarti making such decision and Papa says that the mistake is Yash and he needs to correct this.The bus is going thrugh a jungle and stops for a break and Ansh wants to go for a loo but Ansh goes inside and Aarti faints.

5 October 2012

Ansh gets panicked seeing Aarti fainted and tries waking her up and sees the bus leaving. Ansh tries taking water to splash on Aarti's face but fails and Ansh hears sound of car coming and its Yash's car but Yash leaves before Ansh could stop him. Ansh sees another car and stops it and its Prashant and Ansh asks Prashant to help is mother who has fainted and Prashant is shocked to see its Aarti. Prashant admits Aarti to the hospital and recalls him leaving Aarti and also Nidhi leaving him where she says what goes around comes around. Yash calls to Shoba and informs that he is still looking for her and Prashant learns that Aarti is pregnant and starts bonding with Ansh. Prashant tries informing back home about Aarti but Shobha who hears his voice ends the call. Yash is now at the hospital without knowing that Aarti is admitted there.

Best scene of the week  goes to the hide and seek scene between Aarti and Yash in Bus-Stop when Yash fanatically searches for Aarti but Aarti makes sure Yash is not able to track her ...The scene wonderfully shows the longing ,pain and emotions of both Yash and Aarti fore each other ...

I  loved the way Yash catches hold of that thief's collar who stole Aarti's purse and asks him about Aarti's whereabouts in a typical angry young man style Cool .. It showed Yash's extreme possessiveness towards Aarti and the fact that he will never let anyone touch Aarti's belongings EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...


On the other hand I loved that little self-talk of Aarti when she sees Yash searching for her and she was almost ready to go towards him as well but then she feels that Yash is searching for her as part of his duty but he will never be able to forigve himself for this baby and takes a U-turn again CryCry ...So Aarti's dilemma here was quite clear .. She wants to go back to Yash but her only worry is she dont want Yash to accept her with this baby by force and then stay with guilt forever Ouch ...In the process she did take some wrong decisions like not thinking about Payal-Palak or not thinking about her own condition since she knows she is hving a high-risk pregnency but  its an extremely emotional decision she has taken where her mind is not at all thinking about any practical stuff but all she could think is Yash called it a paap and he should not live in guilt because of her Ouch ...

I could clearly see the immense pain in Aarti's eyes when inside the bus she was hiding herself in that blanket so that Yash could not track her CryCry...Her heart was bleeding for him that time but she was resisiting it all only because she feels her exit from Yash's life only will give him peace CryCry...

Moment which stood out for me in the hide-n-seek scene was Aarti inside that bus looking at Yash from window and longing for him with moist eyes while Yash's eyes continues to search for her restlessly and then the bus in which Aarti-Ansh r there passes away in front of Yash's eyes but he could not see them  CryCry .. what a fabulous heart-wrenching scene Clap

So all these complex emotions of Yash and Aarti I could see in the entire hide and seek bus-stop scene which really made a interesting watch since I m personally a sucker of such emotions of pain and longing and when u have such wonderful actors like GC and KS  ClapClapClap, then it does become a treat to watch such pain on screen before the reunion


The moment that made us Aww was certainly during the birthday party right? Where the song sequence between Yash and Aarti was really sweet and romantic. And the way Yash looked at Aarti in her golden saree was just awww Day Dreaming
And isn't it sweet that everytime Aarti is about to fall or gets stuck, Yash is there to save her LOL
And of course, the pain of separation where after Aarti left, its obvious that they both love each another but now staying away from each another.
Credits also has to be given to Ansh who got so panicked seeing his mother fainted and finds ways to wake her up by taking water in his hands but it keeps falling down. It was cute to see him getting irritated and he got a smart idea of keeping the water in his mouth to make Aarti awake. Such a sweet son indeed Embarrassed

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Bhua's Epic dance on Jalbi Bai!

This week best dressed characters jointly goes to Birthday Boy Yash Scindia who looked smoking hot in black formal suit and his lovely wife Aarti Scindia who looked drop dead gorgeous in her Golden Saree Star

Where should I start?LOL Romantic in a happy way or Romantic in a sad way?Confused I will save the emotions of last..Wink
Celebrating Zee's 20 birth anniversary in grand style in Punar Vivah. Our Yashu was the host, and that day bought a change not just for Zee becoming 1 yr old, but in the live of Yash & Aarti. Embarrassed It was so exciting to see Yash caring for Aarti,Loved how he left staring at her while she was drying her hair, LOL Loved how he demanded her to go to the partyWinkLoved how he untangled after she tangled up her self & with Yeh Dil in the bachground playing, (so dreamy)..., But of course the dance sequence heated up the floor. "Don't you lovely readers think so???"LOL For me it was the best, & the song select, damn they did rendered me speechless..., So so Romantic but it was aarti's dream...
Coming to the emotional part of this week Punar Vivah but yet so romantic. Aarti made her decision to leave home without telling anyone because of the fear Yash may never accept there child, But Yash didn't even take time to think he just ran after her, why??why is that so?? Because after, he is actually in love with Aarti. He doesn't want her to leave. It was so sweet of him, I seriously had goosebumps looking at how he ran out of the hall going after her. All his big talks, he just lost everything. He ran after her, looking for her, every single way he can. This a very emotional part but romantic..,because of the first time in Punar Vivah, Yash regets what he did, wish he could have apologized, wish he hadn't been so rude...but still he sets out to correct his mistake & wants to apologize to aarti, wishing he had been by her side, now he longed for her and he is unable to meet her, despite being so close (and with the sad version of Yeh Dil playing) that made it even sadder...
One saying goes like this "When you have someone next to you, loved them to your utmost, because after they are gone you will miss so badly" I saw that in this week Punar Vivah

This week Best Performance obviously was our Lead Yash & Aarti & little Ansh.
First of all, Congrats to all Gurmeetians as we had it happen, Gurmeet Choundary won JDJ...Clap
Gurmeet Choundary is a great dancer & a great actor..,His character as Yash Scindia took quite a turn in this week Punar Vivah, Yeah he did.. He consider his relationship with aarti as nothing, there relationship has no meaning, but all of a sudden this character surprise viewers as soon as he found out his wife pregnant and left him he just took off insearch of her.., Yash Scindia surprises me..,ShockedIt seems as he can move mountains to get his wife back...,and apologize to her.., However that is a good thing, he will accept there child, & her love for him.
Gurmeet Choundary is the best...,above the restLOL
Kratika Sengar, What to say about this woman? She is an amazing actress, how well she manage to juggled her emotion as Aarti, celebrating Yash birthday in grand style with lots of happiness & leaving Yash on his brithday with sorrow.
I think no one could have done this part better than Kratika. Her emotions seems to be so real. She can do anything for her husband's happiness, even if that means she is not part of that happiness.
Ansh,This little boy will do great when he grows older. Seriously! Despite being so young he can act so well. He made he fall for him and I am sure all Pv-ians fall for him in this week, last episode... How many son can do that for his mom..I know Prashant won't to that.!!
He is so little, and he tries his utmost best to help his mom.
Divyam was so adorable..,I love him...LOL love him too much..,

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As for the dialogue of the week, lets give some credits to our Zee TV's guests who finally managed to make Yash realize his mistake Clap

Zara :  Yash, you never understood Aarti and she is now gone.
Krishna : She had high expectations but she had to now leave.
Archana's mother :  Yash, relationships aren't meant to break. You got a chance, don't let it go. Stop Aarti'
Shaileja : Yash, don't behave like how you had behaved with Aarti till now. You have to change for yourself and your family.
Mrs Kaushik : Its not easy to find a partner like her, don't let her go.
Pinto : Show that even man's have heart and not heartless.

And didn't we also loved the encounter between Savita Tai and Buaaji? LOL

Buaji :  Meri Bhagwan Ki Kasam Confused
Savita :  Bhagwan is not only yours but he is for everyone.LOL

For me there were no OMG! moment, except for one..., like why the hell does Prashant to be the one to save Aarti...,Confused Should have been Aman or someone else instead. Because with Prashant and bonding with Ansh and so..., That scare me...
That should have never happen, don't know what were these people thinking making Prashant Aarti's saviour???Confused

Plenty to choose from...but these were the ones that I liked best

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This week's shocker is no surprise. This shocker involves 3 things
1) Yash finding out about Aarti's pregnancy
2) Aarti leaving the house with Ansh
3)Aarti faints and Prashant takes her to the hospital
This weeks episodes were very good and the characters displayed emotions very well. There was that dramatic atmosphere and mood visible
Hat off!

Most Irritating scene of the week was Bua again doing behas wth Aarti in the party n she was repeating her dialouges since last 2 epi's...n most irritating character of the week was Bua JiAngry..n sooo much draaging is just getting into my nervesAngry

Buaji had no flowers on her hair but if you noticed during her dance, she suddenly had a red flower.

And once the dance is over, the flower went missing again.

Not sure if this is a blooper but Yash, with the weather being so hot and going around looking for Aarti, Yash could actually take out his tie right?

And another thing is that Yash's birthday was a grand party but has everyone forgotten Gayatri? She is an important figure in the family and if Papa Scindia is here, where is she? Confused

This bloopers are credits to KinSanj:

Blooper 1: when Aarti left the party it was evening, but when she reached the bus stop it was like day light LOL

Blooper 2: aarti's Bindi decides to change on her way to the hospital itself

Blooper 3: Yash's Car decides to change it's color itself from Black to white while he's driving on the streets searching for Aarti

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By : Saher90

luv the way blend colorize  of ur siggy HeartDay Dreaming how u make so perfect i just cant take my eyes of 4rm this siggyHeart Day Dreaming


Special Gurmeet Avi Heart 

Big avi by :  JanakiRaghunathHug
Awsome avi colorize texture perfect Day Dreaming

Large Stacked avi By :  dimple Day Dreaming

First Congrtas to  ClapOur sweet heart our jan gurmeet Hug to win Jdj Day Dreamingdrooling  dancing when  i hear  that he win omg he win on 30th septemper  HAHAH 1ST OCTOBER MY BDAY 
sO This is the best gift of my life Heart Day Dreaming

yes guru my jan wins Congrats Party time Party

ok now lets move to Next pvWink avi of the week 

Stacked avi By :  albut1 Day Dreaming

Large avi By : kinsanj Day Dreaming

Stacked By : albut1 Day Dreaming

Big text avi By : Albut 1 Day Dreaming

And here is a gift for you Wink :

Once again, we didn't had a contender for this category Ermm

And here is your gift Party : 

The Hottie of the week this time will be shared between both Yash and Aarti :

Yash had dressed in a black suit with matching black tie while Aarti was clad in a Golden Saree giving each another a win-win situation jodi. So yeah, both of them are the Hottie of the week Wink

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By :  shubhika124

And here is your gift Party:


Author: amouramalika

Genre: Hurt&Comfort/Romance/Family

Song: Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet

aa laut ke aaja mere meet

ek pal hai hasna ek pal hai rona

kaisa hai jeevan ka khela

ek pal hai milna ek pal bichhadna

duniya hai do din ka mela

yeh ghadi na jaye beet

tujhe mere geet bulate hain

aa laut ke aaja mere meet

 Synopsis:  Do you want to read about a remorseful Yash, who regrets his past behavior with Aarti? After Aarti has left Yash, he realizes his past cruel behavior and how horribly he treated his wife. Yash his determine to bring his wife Aarti Scindiya back into his house and life has mother of his children, mother of his unborn child, and mostly important as his wife. Will Yash be able to find Aarti and bring her back into his wife? Will Aarti forgive Yash?

FF:The Summer Returns

Author: Kittya_Cullen & InduG64

Genre: Hurt-Comfort/Romance/Family/Comedy

Song: Yeh mausam kaa jadu hai mitwa 

Yeh mausam kaa jadu hai mitwa
Naa abb dil pe kabu hai mitwa
Naina jisme kho gaye, divane se ho gaye
Najara woh harsu hai mitwaYeh mausam kaa jadu hai mitwa...

Synopsis: Once time a upon time, very far away in the kingdom of Conland, reside a handsome and arrogant, widowed Lord Yash Pratap Scindia, with his two beautiful young daughters Palak and Payal Scindia. Lord Scindia, hires widow maiden name Aarti  Dubey, who is mother of a son, as governess for his daughters.  As days pass, Lord Yash is attracted and captive by his fair maiden. Find if Lord's Yash lust blossom into love for his maid? Will Aarti feel the same way and accept her Lords feeling? Will society and their family accept? To find out'''let's jump into a carriage and go back into the Victorian Era with The Summer Returns.

OS:I'm your husband

Author: madhaviprathap

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Dark n Mature Content


Song: Tu mere samne main tere samne 

Tu mere samne main tere samne
Tujhko dekhoon ke pyar karoon
Yeh kaise ho gaya, tu meri ho gayi
Kaise main aitbaar karoon

Toot gayi toot ke main choor ho gayi
Teri zid se majboor ho gayi
Tera jadu chal gaya, o jaadugar
Toot gayi toot ke main choor ho gayi
Teri zid se majboor ho gayi
Tu mere samne main tere samne

Synopsis:  After learning about that Aarti is pregnant and carrying his child, Yash confronts his wife for hiding such important news from him. This confrontation will have an unexpected consequences, where as a reader we will read about the unleash   behavior of Yash similar to what we as viewer have watched on TV.

OS: Hide n Seek

Author: shubhika124

Genre: /Romance/Family/

Song: Aa mere humjoli aa 

aa mere humjoli aa

khelen aankh michauli aa 
galiyon mein chaubaaron mein

 baagon mein bahaaron mein ho 
main dhoondhuun tu chhup ja 

Synopsis: Cute story where Aarya with their children play hide and seek. The three musketeers have asked their parents to hide while they count and find them. While hiding, Yash takes the chance with the opportunity to romance with his pregnant wife.


OS: Reimbursement

Author: shubhika124

Genre: Hurt/Romance/Family/Tragedy


Song: Aap ke pyaar mein hum savarne lage

Aap ke pyaar mein hum savarne lage 
Dekhke aap ko hum nikharne lage 
Is kadar aap se humko mohabbat hui 
Tootke baazuon mein bikharne lage 
Aap ke pyaar mein hum savarne lage 
Aap jo is tarah se tadpaayenge 
Aise aalam mein paagal ho jaayenge
Voh mil gaya jiski hamein 
Kab se talaash thi

Synopsis: This story takes place in Montreal Canada, where both Aarti and Yash are romantically involved live in partners who are expecting a child together. After giving birth to her beautiful son Aayu, Aarti leaves him with his father Yash and decides to go away from their life for forever because of her haunting past that gives her nightmare. Why did Aarti leave her two month old son and the man she loves? What is her reason? Will Yash search for her and forgive her? Will Aarti be able to forget her past, and forgive her self and move on?


And here is your gift Party:

Biggest twist is that Yash has found out about Aarti's pregnancy and Prashant is now back as a reformed person. Ansh and Prashant seems to be bonding well. After all, its a father and son bond and it makes us wonder if will Ansh gets attached to Prashant and once learning that Prashant is Ansh's real father, would he still accept Yash as his father? Or once Prashant gets attached to Ansh, will he be willing to let go of Ansh or fight for custody? How would Aarti react now that Prashant is back? And now that Prashant is back, will the secret that Shobha and Aarti hide from the Scindia family come to light? Its going to be a hit and miss between Yash and Aarti for sure but hope its not for long.

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NL is now up. Many things took place this week. Zee TV's 20th Birthday with PV casts, Yash's Birthday, Aarti's pregnancy is now known to everyone, Hide and Seek between Aarti and Yash  and now Prashant's entry. Hope things doesn't gets complicated and no dragging next week. And of course, hope Aarti and Yash's re-union is fast as we know how much they are missing each another.

So that's all for the week and do enjoy the NL. Have a great week ahead everyone Smile

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