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~* Sumit Vats AT#75 * token of love to our star!!! (Page 2)

-Clara- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 5:41am | IP Logged
Sumit aap bohat behtreen kalakaar hai ek achche actor ki pehchan uski ankho ke emotions se hoti or aapki ankhe sidha dekhne wale ke dil par asar karti jo use fiction charactar se jodte hai.rishi ke charactor ko aapne zindagi di hai.hum 75 a.t. Tak pohach gaye pata hi nahi chala kash maine bhi 1st A.t SE START KIYA HOTA mujhe yaad bhi nahi main kabse is At Par hun par haan lamba safar tay kiya yahan mujhe meri 2nd family mili hai. Di, frends,little sister,brother sab hai iss badi si sumit At family Main humri pyari R.T.C. Family yahan blood ka rishta nahi ek hi love ka rishta hai hum sabka pyara sumit vats ne humko pyaari family bana diya sabko big hug
thanx sumit love you
aur baki sabke liye hum agents kamyaab honge
Love letter for our green eyed handsome hero Sumit Vats who already made us crazy by his charm, sunshine smile, twinkling eyes and excellent acting skillsHeartHeart

I'm loving you more than I loved you yesterday.

Every passing minute bring me a little closure to you.

Now feeling start in my heart for you,

wishing I was close instead of miles away.

Just to hold you in my arms and told you that '

I Love You

I wish that I could be nearby when you are feeling sick;

or just to hold you when you are sad and blue.

Give you some comfort and love to show you that I care.

Watch the sunsets with you, be there with you till the sun rises the very next day.

'i hv no word to xplian  my love for sumu  Heart he is a brilliant actor of   tellyworldEmbarrassedsumu ki jitni tareff ki jai wo kam hai bcoz  this man is a wonderfull actor n as well as agood human being unlike other actor of tellyworld sumu ny kabhi be show off nae kiya he is very down to earth person jo  dil me hota hai wohi zuban par hota hai  i feel proud to became his fan bcoz of  him i make many frndz in this forum  isi liye a big thnx to sumuHug n a big thnx to illa bcoz usi ki wajah sy hmy sumu jesa  actor milla hai Embarrassed frankly speaking jab me ny sumu ko promo me dhka tha tab mjhy acha nae laga but  jb show dhka i was like to see his acting skills n expressionsShocked Blushing ...lov u sumu  we all r here jst bcoz of u so ap hmsha isi trah khuh rho or hmy be khush karo achy achy show sign kar kyLOLEmbarrassed'
laakhon ki suna tum ne taqadir sa. Nvari hai
mujh se yahi kah dete ab ke terii baarii hai
Daalii hai nazar jab se ek nashaa saa taarii hai
...saaqi shishe mein utaari hai

Nazar mein Dhal ke ubharate hain dil ke afasane 
ye aur baat hai duniyaa nazar na pahachane 

                                                           -Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum

Sumit is such a deep yet simple personality ki usko describe karne ke liye Urdu nazm ki help leni padhi!LOL Keep up d good work green eyed actor! May u scale great heights after HD! Bless you!Big smile
Sumit Vats...what can i say about this man.he is a dream man of every women. I dont have a son and if i ever had i would always want a son like sumit vats. but still i will always want my son in law like sumit vats as i always keep on saying he is like my bachha. sumit vats has been explicitly oustanding at his acting skills. though an actor he has touched my heart as a normal & humble human being with all his sincerity, innocence and great tots. i truly admire him as a person more then a actor. he is an actor who disapears himself in any character given to him. He is a dream of a sister who wants a brother like him, a lady who wants a lover like him, a mother who wants a son like him, a kid who wants a father like him, a lady who wants him as his lover, a ife who will dream of him to be her husband.
Sumit Vats: A name that doesnt need any definitions. Because this man himself has defined himself the best way. He is someone who will steal your heart and you will not even know when did it happened Heart Heart from reel character Rishi to real life Sumit, he has been the one who is not only best by appearance but even more genuine by his nature Embarrassed

i didn't even knew that telly actors can ever bring tears into my eyes, but with Rishi, i cried with him, i smiled with him, i got angry when he was angry, and even laughed with him, sometimes i forget that i've my real world and some real problems just because of him Day Dreaming

he has won many hearts by his acting and moreover his simple living in real life caught the attention of us Embarrassed i really don't know how to define my love which i owe for Sumit Embarrassed its just that he walks and we follow Blushing

his simplicity and genuineness makes him different and unique Day Dreaming instead of getting all the name and fame, still this man has always been down to earth... Teaches us lots of lesson of real life Embarrassed

on this beautiful occasion of 75th AT i just want to salute him for his talent, art and uniqueness Clap you are the real winner Sumit Vats.

And it will be right to mention "Love Him or Hate Him but You can't ignore him" Thumbs Up

Sumit...hmmm he lives in my heart yar...i don't have any words to describe him. Tareef karne bethun toh next day tak bhi khatam nahin hogi...xD :D
ok let me try...
Sumit i wish i can meet u some day...My sumu! ;) you are so unique than others! i mean the best! when i'll meet u i'll tell u to break that reserved limit u have created. i wanna see u the way U are! Rati n Sumit's first sbs segment is just the cutest! coz i can see the real U there. Full of Masti n smiling like a cute baby! love u alot! hoping to see u again the Real u! You should know that we love u endlessly...n other's criticism won't change our love for u. You are the Best! Keep Rocking! :* ?

Raat me jugnu ki jagmagahat, 
Aasma me taron ki jhilmilahat 
Thandi vadiyon me hawaon ki sarsrahat, 
In sabse bhi khubsurat hai 
apke chehre ki muskurahat 

Har sajda aap ka manzure khuda ho jaye,

Aap ki duaon se rab ki raza ho jaye.

Khuda aap ko itni khushian de,

Ki aap ki zindgi se lafz e gam fanaa ho jaye.


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-Clara- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 June 2012
Posts: 39732

Posted: 06 October 2012 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Sumit Vats what do i say about this man, i feel my words wont be sufficient
to praise this man... Sumit vats one of the best actors of the telly world presently..!!!

As i already said for me its difficult to say whether Sumit is lucky to get the role of Rishii,
or Rishii character is lucky that Sumit portrayed it perfectly, but yes We your fans
are even more lucky to watch Sumit Vats as Rishii...!!!

I can say it without hesitating tha none could have make Rishii-character brillianlty as Sumit
has done.. He had  put in so much effort and that can be easily notice..
the way he started and the way now he is portraying himself in commendable... A superb job by you..
The growth of Rishii as well as Sumit Vats -the actor has been incredible...!!!

Every emotion played be you touches the viwers heart... We smile when you smile, you makes us smile, also you makes us cry..This is the impact of Sumit's performance...!!!
Its the natural emotions he portrayed thats the reason we all feel the pain as if it has been
of real...!!!

A man who had set a new trend in telly world of a fun-loving,happy go lucky man and the best word used Mr.Jugadu...!!!his character may not be perfect bcuz it portrays a normal man wer u have to
do lots of stuff to win over cunning people.. And hats of to Sumit for making Rishii soo lively
enjoying watching him on screen..!!!

The one-liners are the trademark, i am sure aaj kal ab har ladka ladkiyon ko
aise hii one-liners se propose kareenge ...!!!

The first promo of this actor itself was enough for me to decide that i am gonna watch this show for this hazel-eyed Actor..!!!!
And slowly slowly this man have won millions of heart with his amazing performances..
and feels sooo happy that your work has been appreciated..!!
Being nominated itself is a big award for his  fan's bcuz it shows that he truly deserve to
be on the top...!!!

The recent SA tour, it had mark yet another milestone in his career.. Must say ther is more lot
for him  in future..!!!

The best part about Sumit vats is his simplicity and down to earth nature..!!
being a star does not mean always be in lime lite, this man prefers to be out-of it..!
he believes in himself and his efforts, therefore he does not need any media to  showcase his talent..!!!

he does not believe in mixing the professional and personal life, therefore always maintained a distance  with the media..
thats the best thing about him, where we see now-a-days everyone ready to do anything for publicity but this man avoids it..!!!
this is a true Star quality..!!!

He is not the one who goes ga ga on camera, rather stick to what is being asked and answers

And about his geniueness and kindness what to say, the recent one from the SA
tour was enough to see how well-mannered and simple this man is when one small kid asked for his autograph..!

i think i will go on and on therefore will stop here saying Sumit Vats we Love you for what you are
and are proud to be known as Sumitians...!!!

Keep up the good work and May you achieve more sucess in life...!!

First of i'm not good in writing Unhappy even bad Ermm so just trying Wink now
come to the topic Smile Sumit Vats Embarrassed man
with green eyes Embarrassed Heart his simplicity, acting everything who entered in television industry like a
small child, who learnt to live life. But his improvement in a short time it's just awesome ClapClapClap In HD first, loving and carrying
cute Rishi who can do anything for his love, Ricky just opposite of Rishi and again
Rishi as man who lost his love, living only for his daughter. Hats off to SV for handling
well all these roles. Last but not the least,
In MB as angry young man. good bless you Embarrassed


'Your precious presence in a scene makes it more than beautiful to watch...Day Dreaming
Your  expressive eyes, innocent smile make us believe the childish joy, happiness, sorrow or pain of the character 'Rishi'...Embarrassed
You are the magical one..Sumit Vats.Star
Heart to see you in Hitler Didi...Heart the magical jodi InShi/ZaShi...Day Dreaming
Sumit - the person who made me go crazy with his extra-ordinary acting skills and down-to-earth nature..   i wish sumit to have a wonderful,healthy and peaceful life ahead on both real and reel world.. keep rocking with ur sunshine smile..  Love u forever... 
"I love you so deeply I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice , I love your warm smile and your kind, thoughtful way, and the joy you bring to my life each and every day I love you today as I have from the start, and I'll love you forever with all of my heart."
"Silver streaks of moonlight shine in my eyes whenever i look at you, The sun rises in your eyes my darling When you dream of holding the moon, I catch it and bring it to you, wrapped in red-watery rose petals I lay red roses for your feet to walk on I see your face on every moonrise Your face is on every sunrise My beautiful darling, I can never count the ways I love you Your eyes sparkle like diamond Your smile brightens my days like the sun Love of my life Sunshine of my morning Moonlight of my nights."
u r a good actor sirThumbs Up, u r doing fab job as rishi Embarrassed
keep rocking sir , Big smile 

1.       Ye zindagi hasin hoti hai,

Jo chahne se har dua kabul hoti h.

Kehne ko to sab apne h.

Pr kash koi aisa ho jo kahe

"Tere dard se mujhe takleef hoti hai.

yahi hal hai hum sab ka tumhare ek muskurath ke liye hum taras jate hai.

tumhari ek smile humara pura din bana deti hai or

tumhare ankhoke asu humain bhi rula dete hai

bas tum hamesha uhi muskurate raho


2       Ankho ke ishare samaj nahi pate hontho se dil ki bat keh nahi pate apni bebsi hum kis taraf kahe koi hai jiske bina ham reh nahi pate

          tumhari ankhe sab baya kar deti hai 

              sumu tumhare bina ye show adhura hai tum iss show ki jaan ho

                  tumhare liye  hum ye show dekhte hai

                         agar tum na ho to ye show bhi kuch nahi hai.

3      sumu tum show ki heart bit ho or inshi show ki jaan in do combination par pura show tika hai or ye dono ke ho jaye to show ki trp kya show raato raat sab show ko maat dekar asman chu lenga.








Sumit Vats'

A person who started his journey in a hard way.  His path to success was full of Thorns and Negativity. But still he worked the way through it and achieved the success.  I feel proud to say that I am one of his Fan. As per my reliable source his colleagues respect and adore him a lot for his simplicity and hard work.  What can he ask for more, a role with all the biggies in HD show.  But today he is the limelight of HD and one of the best actor in HD. He is man of few words and his work speaks for him.

I just want to say "God bless you" and wish him all the success in life.


Ahhh, Sumit Vats! <3

I could go on & on and talk about him all day & my discussion would never end. No matter what I say about this amazing actor, and wonderful human being..words will always fall short. But still here's a small token of my love and admiration for an unique & talented personality<3

Sumit Vats. is a natural! A talented actor who is subtle & puts that realistic touch to each scene. He never overdoes it or under does it, he naturally brings each and every scene to life. Be it a comic scene, or a romantic scene, or a sad scene, his expressions are always bang on for the required scene. When he laughs, he brings a smile to our face, when he cries, he makes us cry. Through the medium of this show; Hitler Didi, Sumit has shown us the immense talent & growth as an actor, by portraying so well, the shades of the characters he plays: Rishi Kumar & Ricky Diwan. The effortless switch from Rishi to Ricky, is always so smooth and the different dimensions of both characters has been depicted amazingly by Sumit, always! The track where Rishi kidnaps Indira and then changes back to Rishi after telling her the truth, was one of the best scenes of Sumit till date. The transition from two staunchly different characters & personalities, was so smooth and shown so well. The way his body language, expressions, and tone of voice changed from Ricky to Rishi..it gave me goosebumps. Sumit owned that scene!! Throughout many scenes, including this one, Sumit has proved he is a true performer & entertainer!

Offscreen, through interviews, offscreen behind the camera bits, or articles, Sumit has always stayed true to himself. Love him also for his modesty, humbleness, & intelligent/classy self. Sumit Vats is one of a kind.  Sumit's mysteriousness is nice, it's intriguing and makes him more appealing  and I have always believed he is a complete gem, for always being himself & not fake or ott offscreen. One can certainly tell from his interviews, he is so sweet and genuine. I love when people are themselves, comfy in their own skin, like Sumu. Though it would be nice to know more about him. But I respect Sumit for keeping his professional and personal life separate. And Sumit is so nice to share the stuff he has shared. Like the 3 f's article, where he shared so much. 

Sumit is a man of few words in interviews, & basically when facing the camera. For he doesn't believe in incessantly talking with the media which makes sense. But after the master prankster article & seeing Sumit's glimpses when he is not facing the camera, in segments, I think he is not a shy person. In those bits offscreen he looks like a funny, talkative, masti type person. Because he's laughing and chatting all the time in Those bits & also going by what akash & other hd team members have said about him. He is only shy in front of those he doesn't know, or feel comfy with, like the media (who he said gives everything away; spoilers). I think most ppl are like this, it takes a lil time to open & they aren't comfy with everyone, so shy with those ppl or in sumus place- the camera.
Just to add something I loved about Sumit/Rishi earlier on in the show. I really liked when rishi talks/imitates Mr. Bachchan. Personally I'm not really a Mr. Bachchan fan but Sumit does a great copy & he looks soo cute and does perfect dialogue delivery (like always) in those scenes  Like the Macau scene with the bell & recently when suner wakes up inshi and rishi imitates his voice/style while saying that alarm clock dialogue. I really loved the Macau bell scene, he was looking too cute and I loved his frantic dialogues and nautanki copying mr.b. it was funny, sumit was awesome!! I love his comic timing, his acting is fab in every type of scene actually- serious, romantic, angry, sad, playful, nautanki.

I'd like to conclude with saying: I am proud to be a Sumitian! I want to thank Ila ji & HD for making this show, and giving us a gem like Sumit Vats to portray the male lead. Thanks to this show, I saw and then loved SV as Rishi/Ricky, and became a Sumitian. And special thanks to the one & only rocking Sumit Vats, I got my Sumitian family here. Heart Sumit Vats


"Acting is not about being someone
different. It's finding the similarity in
what is apparently different, then
finding myself in there.''
~ Meryl StreepI could not find any better quote describing SV-the actor! The way he has grown and matured as an actor in such short span of time is a reflection of the amount of hardwork,dedication,patience and perseverance behind the screen.Its never easy for an actor when he is paired with an actress having a strong base in the telly world!Even a small mistake in the body language,voice modulation or dialogue delivery is met with innumerable critical reviews and comparisons without a slightest thought that the person still needs some time! Even the best of the best performances by the actor can be bettered and improved!Only the actor knows what he goes through during such a difficult phase.But still being able to bear all this quietly,putting his everything into each scene inspite of the never ending criticism,accepting the praisings with humility and being rooted in this world of glamour and fame is what makes me a fan of SV!Hope to see him touching great heights!May god bless SV!

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-Clara- IF-Stunnerz

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        Mission Of Team Sumitian

Rules and Regulations
We Follow By Heart & Heart Follows Us

1. Our key: 2 FORs

2. Smile & Make everyone Smile

3. No Mocking/Bashing
Critical Appreciation is welcomed

4. Respect All forum members POV

5. Only Enjoyment, Hurting anyone NOT allowed
Using Harsh words are strictly forbidden

6. Live this moment
Hum Rahe ya na rahe kal
Bas Jee lo ye Pal

7. NO complains, NO demands, NO regrets
Appreciate the present
Jo hai samaa kal ho na hoo

8. Its beautiful to see a person smiling
but even more beautiful to know the reason behind their smile
Be a reason for other's smile
No One should leave the AT without a Smile on their FACE

9. Please make sure keeping personal chatting minimum.

NOTE: All the members are requested to share the rules which they want to add here


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.Mishh007. IF-Stunnerz

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bye bye...main ab nahi aane waali yahaan...tata...goodbye forever...chalo acchha...tc everyone...

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-Cyn- IF-Sizzlerz

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Pari117 IF-Stunnerz

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Finally we are on 75th AT. A beautiful pyar ka aashiyana which i always dreamt of. I got a beautiful family due to Sumit Vats Embarrassed a perfect actor who gives 100% committment to his task, and thats the reason we are hooked up with him Star i'm really very proud of my choice that i'm ur follower Heart follower of decency, genuineness, simplicity and perfectionism. Love you sumit. Thanks clara for beautiful thread Thumbs Up

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wow congratulation...
It is the party time...

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-Clara- IF-Stunnerz

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D AT name is not fitting Ouch
anu suggested dis name...simplicity is d ultimate sophistication

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