MKAP Bakaity Ka Adda#41*Wid Ik tara*

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           BAKIATY KA ADDA 
            NEWSLETTER #41       


                                             Story so far -  -Sheena- 
                                    Summary of the week - ...Poojie... 
                                        Dialogue of the week - --Kabe--  
                                                        OS/FF/SS of the week-Veena.S
                            Best dress/costume of the week - Kriya_Sruthi 
                                           VM of the week - piyarapiyari 
                               Best siggy of the week - babithaj, Deepali88 
                                       Best Icon of the week - -Devu- 
                          Best AVI of the Week- The_Dark_Knight (aka Ahnaf)
                                     Best Picture of the week - Anondo.R 
                        Active Member/Member of the week - The_Dark_Knight 
                                     Most active thread - The_Dark_Knight  
                             Blooper of the week - amrapali_Dubey, babithaj 
                                              Filler of the week - telstra
                             Best scenes of the week (Hilarious, Shocking, Sad) The_Dark_Knight,Snigdhakhanam,Veena,S  
                               Characters of the week(Best,Irritating,Underused)-                                                                Anondo.R,Snigdhakhanam,Veena.S
                 Best behuda comment of the week/ One liners - The_Dark_Knight 
                                 Sher o shayari of the week - Snigdhakhanam 
                                     Worst episode of the week - Anondo.R 
                                Best episode of the week - The_Dark_Knight
                             Background score/Song of the week - Anondo.R 
                                  Best speculation of the week -  -Sheena- 
        Happy and sad news of the week (related to articles, interviews and crush                       ofexpectations by cv's, Spoilers, actors whoever) -  --Kabe-- 
       Most magical moment (KriYa) - Eden_LuvsKriya, ArjaAddict (aka Nechu),                                                                   telstra
      Winning Siggies:-AmyheatzNoah-,Sehreen,Dhakarn,Babithaj & Anondo.R
                 NewsLetter Banner Logo: -Devu-
                           Layout & Final Post : piyarapiyari

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                                    Story So Far

GH invite Takurs to the wedding..K who is upset refuses to attend but tells them that P will be there..They inquire as to why he is not going..K tells him that as he is uneducated he will be an embarrassment for them..Later P convinces K to attend the engagement.SS buys a lot of gift for Arushi as he has found out that Aman is the son of the new Police Commissioner to Allahabad..
We are briefly introduced to the family.,,GI is a strict disciplinarian and very much into law and order within the family and at his workplace..A dutiful wife..They have 3 son..Aman who is the eldest and has followed his father's footsteps and become a lawyer..He is afraid of his father..He has 2 younger brothers..the middle brother has hatred for his father and his wife is pregnant..The youngest who is a sploit brat..

The GI meet the Takur and takes an instant dislike to them..He is unaware of the family's criminal background..SS tries to win him over with the gifts..He finds out who the Takurs are and openly insults them..K takes offense and defends his father in front of the gathering crowd..SS defuses the situation and leaves the engagement..P too leaves...GI tells Prof that the wedding will only take place under one condition if no member of the Takur attend the wedding..  

SS manages to find the culprit behind Adarsh's accident and tries to blackmail the GI..GI takes action by jailing his son..The family cry over the jailing but GI stands firm in his beliefs and says that his son should pay for what he did. Meanwhile, P visits GH and they inform of her the decision and she reluctantly agrees to it.. They get to know who is behind the accident and is surprised to see GI son there..K too comes and controls and hysterical Komal who wants to kill the culprit..Adarsh lies on the statement saying that it was someone else..All go to GI house but K refuses to go inside after the humiliation he felt..GI upset but reluctantly agrees to Prof reasoning..

P returns home and inform K that they do not want any Takur to be part of the wedding..K gets angry and blames P for just listening to it and not acting upon it..He informs the rest of the family and refuses to speak with P or listen to her..Prof comes the following day and request if P can come to the wedding...Thakur are not happy with it but P refuses to come as her husband is not invited..K elated and takes P out..She sees Aman with another woman...Her suspicious grows when she sees him again with her..She informs K who tells her to tell her family..The GH refuses to believe in the allegation and believe in Aman's lies...Instead she is insulted by both Arushi and Aman...

K finds out and decides to kill Aman but is stopped by amma..He then puts a plan in action to catch him...He asks Chandu to follow him..He informs KP that he has seen Aman and the mystery girl at a restaurant...P tells K to call GH and inform them..They arrive but only see Aman and his bhabhi..GH insult K and indirectly insult P...With further investigation KP find out that Aman has a wife and is living a double life..KP expose Aman's truth at Arushi's wedding but are stumped when Aman and the wife claim to be brother and sister...

GI breaks off the wedding and Arushi vows to take revenge on P..KN who is there with gifts decide to marry..Both KP protest but Arushi marries KN...Takurs at first are unhappy but soon realise that Arushi is angry with P..P tries to convince Arushi to break off the wedding but to no avail as Arushi is still in revenge mode...She decides to make KP life hell and begins to mock that K is unemployed and lives off his parents...

With the help of a baba, Arushi is saved from losing her virginity to KN...She visits the temple and there she sees both Aman and his wife and realises what KP were saying was the truth..She seeks forgiveness from P and says she wants out of this marriage..Meanwhile, K who demanded a car for P birthday, enrages his father and he dares K to earn a living...K does nautaki..P gets impressed..P finds out that K is only challenged his father as part of his drama to get money out of SS..P convinces K to find a job..K first job is not of P liking as she wants K to earn a decent , honest living...K is confused as to what job he can do as he is uneducated with no work experience..

Arushi apologies to both KP over her behaviour..They help her to get home and rest of GH take her back..Takurs are unhappy and bring Arushi back..They plan to kill Kesar...They make a plan to bury her alive but tell the rest of the family that she has gone to visit her maika..GD sees this and for the first time speak out..P wakes and then wakes K who saves Kesar from certain death...

Kesar files a case against KN..He is arrested..Arushi and Kesar both leave TN..Kesar goes to live with GH..There she finds out she is pregnant...SS comes to know about it and brings Kesar home..K still looking for jobs manages to get a job as a model but is unable to take instructions and gets angry when the photographer abuses him..He decides not to work again..

Kesar tries to abort the baby but is unable to...Kesar mother comes to stay with the Takurs..She and SS came with a plan to get KN and Kesar back together..It works and Kesar and KN become a couple again..

FInd out what happens to KP and the rest of the characters in the next edition of NL...

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         Summary Of The Week


K cooks food for P as he does not trust anybody in the family..GD is happy that K is taking care of P...They argue over the sex of the baby..P is worried about the financial strain it will have on them...K tells P not to worry as he will take care of everything..Samar refuses to drink milk from Kesar as he thinks she has poisoned it...Kartik seek permission from K to marry Komal but K says Komal's decision is final..Komal admits that she loves Kartik and wants to marry him..K suggest them to elope to which Kartik refuses..K says then he will speak to SS as he knows how SS mind works...K gives a loaded gun to SS and tells him that he would need it with the news he is about to hear from Kartik..Kartik tells he wants to marry Komal..SS shoots the bullets of the gun...

SS shots aimlessly in the air..He refuses to agree to marriage..He tells Kartik that he has to prove his strength to win Komal..Kartik refuses to do so and tells women should be respected and not treated as objects..P too agrees with Kartik but is told to shut up...K did warn them that it was better that they eloped but tells them that SS will come round as he has not killed Kartik..KN refuses to allow the marriage..He blames K for spoiling Komal's life..KN decides to take action by running Kartik over with his speeding car...Kartik is injured...
K puts up photos of P in their bedroom in the hope of having a daughter..P teases that she wants a son now..K tells her to keep her dreams for the next time..K gets a call from Prof saying that Kartik is in hospital..K blames SS for the accident...SS finds out KN is behind it and is angry with KN...Kartik does not want the police involved so no charges are filed..KN warns Komal not to marry Kartik..He admits to causing the accident..Komal returns to the hospital and tells Kartik to put sindoor..SS watches on..K scolds him that he should think twice in harming Kartik as his daughter will be a widow again...
Chinky convinces SS not to hate Kartik and accept him..SS accepts Kartik on one condition that Komal and Kartik marry with full tradition..K overwhelmed with SS acceptance decides to put his feud to an end..He reconciles with his father...P informs GD that SS has accepted KK as a couple..KN acts cruel with a sink Kesar and tells her to cook dinner for him and Kesar..P returns to see Kesar ill and decides to cook for the full family...K and KN too hug but KN is still on his revenge and decides to destroy both K and SS...
SS apologises to P in regards to his behaviour during the court case..K claims that because of him the family is reunited..SS pleads with KP not to distance him from K child...K and SS have a heart to heart...Kesar apologises for her behaviour to P and both unite..K tries to get close to P and the baby..SS visits Kartik at GH to start with the wedding traditions..Both decide on the venue..Kartik visits Takur and requests them to have the wedding at his village as his parents are unable to attend..SS agreed but KN is left with a dilemma as he has already made plans to spoil the wedding at a different venue.. 


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                                        Best Character

As always its our KriYa this week too...Clap Star 
Both understood Komal and Karthik's love for eachother, agreed for their Marriage, also convienced and made SS to agree for their Marriage Clap 
And even forgave SS, Shakthi and Kesar deeds, forgetting that they harmed and troubled KriYa alot... 
Our KriYa Soo kind and selfless SoulsEmbarrassed

                  Irritating Character

Its Shakthi this week...Thumbs Down 
Everyone changed for good, except our Bail buddhi KN LOL still trying to harm Komal & Karthik, plans accident and drives Jeep over Karthik, as He is against their marrige... Also planning to cancel to their marrige...Angry 

                Underused Character

Its Chandu this week also... He is no where..!!


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Scenes Of The Week

Best Scene

Krishna feeds pratigya and all their cinversation wid lil eye look was touchy amazingHeart 
 Krishna hanging pooja photos instead of pratigya Shocked So his LIL babu shld b like pooja  onlyEmbarrassed
 Full scene was awsome Star 
 Krishna saying to pratigya to reserve her wish of having lil krishna  for another time was naugtyy Embarrassed Wink 

  Shocking scene 

  Komal saying to kartik to fill her mang Shocked SS agreeShocked
          Krishna SS rift finish Shocked 
 Hence full week of shock only Shocked 

Hilarious scene

 Kesar asking to shakti go and make food LOL 
  And on return get parasadi LOL LOL

Sad scene

 When chinky making request to SS to agree for komal kartik marriage
 she was really very innocent Cry 



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                 Dialogue Of The Week

       SS apologizes to pratigya for his behaviour and tells he did  wrong and                                         was blinded to becme politiicanOuch
                 All three conversation SS Krishna pratigya was niceClap
            Krishna to pratigya: hum ka apni beti ko piyar karna hai Embarrassed
                               Pratigyato krishna: beti so rahi hai LOL
            Krishna to pratigya:acha ek chummi to de sakte hai naEmbarrassedEmbarrassed



                Filler Of the Week 

The filler scene was most definitely the part where Kesar asks KN to make food...ConfusedErmm With the autenticity of Kesar's good hearted character, her brain has also gone hiding... What did she expect..Confused just because she became his "Pretty Wife" he will do anything and everything for her??? He already warned her once before that he is not Baba who will give up everything and follow his wife around holding the pallu of her sari... This scene was not needed or more so could have been done in a different way since the Cvs whilst changing every other character into characters with a heart of gold and kindness, wants to leave KN as the ruthless Takur... AngryOuch



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               Costume Of The Week

This weeks best costume goes to our soon Pappa to be and Mummy to be...ClapStarSmile They looked beautiful in the red and blue combination...Day Dreaming Pratigya added to the beauty with the glow on her faceEmbarrassed and K was just a dreamy sight in the red shirt.Day Dreaming. These two complement each other like no other couple in every possible way.. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Pic courtesy: Anondo Bro... Thank u... Hug



Best episode of the week

No Best EpisodeOuch


Worst Episode Of The Week

Wasn't a Bad week So no Worst Episode So far



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             Most Magical Moment(Kriya)Day Dreaming

Awaiting the arrival of the little bubba (cute name for baby)..Tongue past week had a handful of Kriya treats for us viewersSmileeven though it pinches each time that we are going to be dropped down a deep mountain holeOuchCryBroken Heart.. anyways aside from the depression, the Kriya scenes were a beauty to watch... 

After claiming Babu as his love post officeEmbarrassed and warning Kesar to stay away from their unborn child... Krishna walks in the next day with breakfast in bed for Pratigya as she was just about to wake up from bed and start her busy day...Big smile  He asks her to stay in bed as he will feed her with his own hands the food that he prepared with his own hands... ( would have been nice to see bawarchi K againCool)... he lovingly feeds her each bite as he tells her that he doesnt trust anybody in the household to give her anything, wondering what might be in iOucht... admist the continuing feeding sessions Pratigya catches sight of Dadi watching them lovingly from the door and shying away... Krishna assures her to come in and Dadi talks to them about how sweet and wonderful of a husband K is and that P is really lucky... P already aware of her luck... keeps on stealing glances in the way of her hubby and shying away each timeEmbarrassed... Dadi walks out blessing them... and P continuing to look at her hubby with the biggest smile on her face... Big smile
Another small scene where Krishna seats Pratigya on their bed when he catches a hint of worry on her face and asks her what is wrong.. She assures that its nothing but Krishna who can not only read what Pratigya's face shows but also what is in her heart probes her a bit more and she reveals that she is concerned about how they would live when their little angel is bornSleepy... She reminds him that the restaurant was their only source of income and now that was closed how would they live... She assured him she will do her best to get more cases and help out but Krishna who would not let Pratigya do anything that will stress her out assured her that everything will be okay as long as her Krishna is thereHug and now that Abimanyu has surrendered to all his wrongdoings.. He cupps her face in his hands and they share a look of trust and support that they are always there for each other and their bubba... Big smileHug
After returning from MMFG, Krishna decides to give a makeover to their room... He hangs pictures of his darling beautiful wife in and around their room so that their little angel or "Chutki Pratigya" as Krishna says, would look exactly like her beautiful motherHeartThumbs Up... but Pratigya rebukes and teases Krishna saying that she wants chotte Krishna and not Chotti Pratigya... Being the naughty, flirty BabaEmbarrassed that he is tells her that it is a good idea and to reserve it for the next one that will come along..ErmmWink Looks like Krishna's restaurant gone tel lenThumbs Upe and he already has immediate plans for the next oneClap... Such a nice scene cut shot by Shyamu's frantic call...Angry 
Last but not least, Krishna wanting to try the efficiency of his new exclusive postal service to his Chutki Babu via his BabuEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Alas Pratigya being the typical Pratigya running away from him...AngrySleepy In the waiting to be a Pappa, Pappa's bachpana hasnt left himTongue... he asks Pratigya why she is running around the haveli when he is right there infront of her and makes her sit next to him to spend some quality time with mummy and childEmbarrassed... He reminds her that she is pregnant and should take of her rather than running around and she assures him that he need not worry and she is taking good care of herself and the babyStern Smile... He says if she is busy looking after others then how will he get the time to be with their child and tries to send some love via his exclusive postal serviceEmbarrassedROFL but she stops him and teases him saying that when baby is sleeping not to disturb.. Grabbing his opportunity he makes sure since baby asleep he will love the mother and tries to get close to her.. only to see that she escapes from him as alwaysOuchAngry... he shouting out that it was not meant for you but for his baby..
Kriya scenes are always a treat to watch especially these treasured ones that we have been waiting for so long... ENJOY...!!Day Dreaming

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