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Shafyy's MN-VM,Siggy,OS-7Pg51/FF Gallery

shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged

Hello Friends..
Here I am presenting My Gallery of Different different Creations I performed On our Favourite

 Mayank -Nupur

grin emoticon
Here are OS,FF,VMs,Siggies...
and much more...

Scroll down for Vm Gallery List,Creations and SS,OS...

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 12:48pm | IP Logged

Latest-Ashiqui -In Gallery 3

You can Pm also request your fav song to make VM

Scroll down for Creation Gallery Links

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 12:53pm | IP Logged

I hope YoU all will like it ..
It has siggies , avi's and animated gif

All are of Mayank-Nupur..
Also 1-2 Celebrity collage...

Scroll down for fiction work list..

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2012 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Roses-khushi

Nice work Shafyyy

shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 July 2010
Posts: 18518

Posted: 28 November 2012 at 11:50am | IP Logged
@The concept of this OS goes to mayu-nups...

Mayu-Nups.. dear this is for you hope you like it...

Trust Our Love

"Gunjan yahan chalte, mene suna hain yahan pe collection bahut achi hain aur especially men k liye inhone ye Naya brand nikala hainyahan per mujhe kafi kuch mil jayega..."
"Haan di mene bhi suna hain, chalo chalte hain, issi bahane mein bhi Samrat k liyr kuch le lungi, VO to hamesha kehta rehta *chashmish tum mere liye kabhi shopping nahi karti hoo*"
"Ab kya kar sakte hain, topper se shadi karega to yahi haal hone wala hain..."
"Di...tum bhi"
"Haan Gunjan mein bhi, chal ab chalte hain vese hi late ho raha hai"

Entering the showroom,they glanced towards the different types  accessories for men.Nupur picked up 5-6 shirts of light color shades,some were having a texture and a white color shirt .She also bought few tousers and 4 pair jeans and also many ties;grabbing her clothes she went to the billing section,Gunjan was exclaimed by seeing so much,"Di"
"Poori shop kharidne ka irada hain kya"
"No, dearsirf tere jiju ki wardrobe changes karne ka irada hain"
"Di... vese ek baat batao...aaj achanak se jiju ki wardrobe per kese.Aaaj to Na hi koi festival hain aur Na hi koi occasion"
"Gunjan  ...VO kya hain Na Maynk bhi mujhe kitne surprises deta rehta hain, to mene socha mein bhi kyu na uske liye kuch karo aur vese jab shopping ki baat aati hain to sirji mere kiye to puri shop buy karke aa jaate hain but apne liye kuc bhi kharedtte to I thoughtkyu n uski wardrobe mein changes mein kar doon.."
"WowDisomeone is getting romantic"

Nupur blushed,"Gunjan tu bhi Na"

Chatting and paying bill both sisters went to the other showrooms to buy other accessories for themselves and for their husbands,while roaming around Nupur's gaze fall on a watch ,she entered the show room and liked the watch for Mayank it was studied with diamonds and gold but it was quite expensive.After thinking a lot Nupur bought that watchand secretly kept it in her bag,don't why but want to keep a secret for everyone.Both the sister's were enjoying their shopping when Gunjan got a call from Samrat and she has to left Nupur their cancelling their program of spending more time together.

Nupur was feeling a little bit hungry so she thought to grab something from the near food corner and then will head to home,while having her sandwich she saw a familiar figure in a near by garden,it was garden-cum-restraunt.Nupur again looked him very carefully from back he was lookig exactly like Mayank,but she thought why would Mayank be here,he said he has an important meeting,sighing a relief she sat down on her chair when she saw the same man was hugging a girl who was releaving her body too much*Well according to Nupur*and the man gifted her a big present and due to happiness that girl kissed him on his cheek,seeing them Nupur went through her memory lane when she and Mayank used to go for date,Mayank never likes public affection,he never touches her hand in public till they get married,after marriage also he avoid public affection and Nupur completely respects his thought,she came out from flashback when waiter came to give her a bill,she paid the bill and stand on her heels to move towards her home,suddenly she saw the girl and the man were now moving out and girl's arm were clinging on his shoulder,by mistake something dropped from his table he turned back to picked it up and went with that girl,Nupur was stunned to see the face of that man,she couldn't able to believe her eyes,she was blank,totally blank,he was none other than Mayank,her Mayank,but could this be possible he said he has an important meeting and will come late,tears were brimming in her eyes but she stopped them,she calmed herself and dialed his number after a ring or two he picked up,"Hello..!!!"
"Mayankwhere are you...when you will come home"
"Nupur...i told you in the morning na I'll be late don't wait for me I'll had dinner and yes I am still stuck in the officehad a important meeting in a while so just preparing for it,okay I got to go bye"
"Bye Mayank and I lov"

The call get ended,Nupur saw that he was setting in his car with that girl and was going somewhere,Nupur felt betrayed,devastated,lost,controlling herself she took a cab and stratight forward moves towards her home.

Reaching home she throw all the packets in the cupboard and started crying,she took his photo which was placed on the side table and complained to him what's wrong went in their relation.Nupur cannot bear this,her husband was betraying her,doesn't he loves her,does their love has faded with time,it's only  two years of their marriage and here  Mayank is lying to her,it was a big shock for her,tears were not stopping from her eyes,she felt so empty,so pitiful from inside.She don't know when she fall asleep on the floor sitting in that position,she woke up from the sound of horn indicating Mayank was home,she looked at the time it was midnight she slept for six hours.

Mayank looked very tired,he didn't ringed the bell thought Nupur must be sleeping and with slow steps he opened the door of his bedroom only to meet the angry and fury eyes of his darling wife.

"Nupur, you didn't sleep, I told you Na I'll be late"
Ignoring him she asked him in a cold tone,"where were you Mayank...?" 
"WhatNupur I told you Na...i have a meeting sweety I was in office"
Still maintaing her stern voice she said, "Mayank last time I am asking, where were you..."
Mayank couldn't able to understand what she is saying,what happened to her all of a sudden,"What's wrong with you Nupur, I said I was in office then why you were asking same question again and again..,"
Now Nupur was getting irritated as he is not answering her properly"I am asking same question again and again so that atleast one times you could tell me the truth"

Mayank ws flaggbestered, he was already tired and Nupur's unreasonable questioning was just increasing his headache"What are you sayingNupurwhy would I lie to you...?"
Nupur was very much in shock, Mayank isn't anwering her anything and also was getting irritated on her questioning, she raised her voice as for now she couldn't able to the flood of emtoins inside her and bursted out, "Becaue you are fed up with meyou don't love me anymore that's why instead in office you were spending time with a girl in a garden"
Mayank was taken aback, he was wondering how could be this happen, "How did you know that?"
Giving him disgusting look, "That doesn't matter; when I called you up you said you are in office where as you were right infront of mehow could you do this to me Mayank"
Calming himself he tried to make Nupur understand his point of view, "Nupur  ...listen to me you are taking things wrong listen"
Giving him unbelievable look,"I am taking things wrong, I am... *saying in a sarcastic tone*and by the Mr.Sharma you never like public affection and their with that girl you didn't care about people were seeing you ar not"
Mayank was trying to explain her things,"Nupur listen to me..."
But Nupur cut him in between,"No Mayank first you tell what's my mistake,why are you doing this Mayank because of you I had even left my father's house forever,I choose love ,your love above his decision and here you are lying to me betraying me.."
"Nupur"he tries to touch her shoulder but she shrugged him off with a jerk,"Don't touch mejust don't touch me..."
Crying she let her heart out ,"Tell me Mayank from how many days all this going onare you fed up from me, am I not able to please you anymore "

Mayank didn't expected Nupur to think in this way,he temper rose,"Just shut up Nupur,just shut uphow could you think like this,what's wrong with you,have you gone crazy Nupur,how could you think so low,so cheap"
Equalizing his tone she replied"Because you lead to me think like this Mayank..."
"Just shut upjust shut up Nupur, don't you trust meyou think I could betray you?"
"I didn't think Mayank I had seen you betraying me"
"Please Nupur stop all this nonsensewhy are you talking things in a wrong way"
"I am not letting things in a wrong way Mayank you are trying to divert it"
"Oohhcut the crap Nupur, is all this you think about me, you don't have trust on our love"
"Love which love that love which you were sharing with other woman"
In a high rage tone,"Nupur"
"Leave me MayankI just hate you, I hate you"
Saying this she left the bedroom and went to the garden.after few minutes she saw Mayank was coming with a bag,he put it on back seat of his car and came towards her,she turned her face in fury.
 Mayank,"I am going Pune for a two day conference,don't go to Gunjan's house else unncessarily you will be worrying her",and without saying bye he went,all those words he didn't meant by heart but the way Nupur has reacted today he hadn't thought in his wildest dreams.His Nupur,His love is doubting him for betraying her.

This has actually hurt him a lot may be more than Nupur.Nupur was all shattered now she became a problem now for everyone.Mayank extra martial aaffair was peircing her into small pieces,silent tears were taking there way from her eyes to her chin,rolling down to her neck and this time Mayank won't be wiping them off as he is responsible for them,It was late she didn't think it to be appropriate to talk to Gunjan grabbing her self she led her way inside,she sat on the couch and looked the big photo of hers and Mayank and everytime thought what has gone wrong in their relation,will she has lost her love forever.Thinking she slept there.

Next day Nupur went to supermart to buy somehousehold accessories still lost in her thoughts,her chain of thoughts were broken when someone called her out,she turned to see that she was the same girl with whom she has seen Mayank,Nupur couldn't able to understand how she know her and why is she calling her,she saw her approaching near to her and before could say anything she bursted out,"Nupur Bhabhihow are you,you know I am so happy to meet you finally,I was so curious to meet the person who has made my brother a perfect Romeo for her,OMG you are indeed very beautifull like Bhai has stated me yesterday,you know when I met Bhai yesterday I was so angry from him of not bringing you with him , but he says he has attened a meeting and will be going Pune for two days and after that we will surely hae a good get together,but see my wish granted so early,I am able to meet you two days before,you must be thinking how could I able to recognize you,well this credit goes to your husnabd,Bhai always talks about you and has your photo also in his wallet which he shown me yesterday,you know bhabhi it's been only tree days I had retured from London but the it seems I was never far away from India,I am sorry Bhabhi I am not letting you speak,I am sorry it's just that I am so excited to meet"
Someone called her from behind,"Ishita"
"Yaya I am coming,okay bhabhi I have to go now but Saturday night your home dinner and I'll introduce my fiance to you okay byelove you bye bhabhi"

Till now Nupur was silently listening to everything,now everything was oming into place,Mayank met her while he was going to attend his meeting,he want to introduce her but before he could do she bursted on him and blame him for betraying her,she ran towards her home and fall on her bed and cried her heart out,she blamed her Mayank , her love just because of this stupid misunderstanding,she took his photo frome from the side table and said sorry for n number of times to it,she felt so guilty,she was so sorry,she wanted him to be here to be  with her,she was missing him hell,she wants to listen his voice,wants him to scold her for being so idiot and stupid,she grabbed her phone dialed his number but before beel could ring she cut it off,what will she say to him,she has ruin to very much extent ,things will be sorted out face to face she has to wait till tomorrow's evening,but here every minute is getting difficult to pass without him how could she survive a day and a half.

She prepares herself for tomorrow and also makes plans to apologize Nupur,she was scolding herself for not believung her Life,how could she think this,all this serial tv drama has made her so insecure ,she knows she has hurted Mayank very much and now she will be the one to heal thse wounds which she caused.

Each passing minute was getting difficult and was also increasing her restlessness,finally the day arrived she prepared all his favourite dishes and also wore his one of the most beautifull giftef Sari,it's the combi of red and white whit red work at the end of the sari's pallu.

She desperately waiting for him finally his car horns indicating he is ack,her Mayu is back,smiling she opened the door before her could ring the doorbell.But something was change Mayank's eyes were showing hurt Nupur was feeling more gulity there was an awkward prevail between them,once when they don't even need the words and could understand their silence now are just standing on an awkward situation before Nupur could start her conversation or anything Mayank rosses her and went to his bedroom showing her he is still very hurt.Nupur knocked the bedrom's door before entering as she know right now Mayank's mood is certainly not good.She internally prayed to God,she has manofy her sadu *husband*,it's a great task.
She slowly moved towards Mayank who was pretending to ignore her presence in room and was doing studying some file.

Nupur stood behind him and called him"Mayank"But he didn't response,she again called him this time sounding a more desperate,but still teir was no response from his side.She hesitantly put her hand on his shoulder but Mayank shrugged her hand and moved towards rack to collect another file,she called him in a small whisper,"Mayankplease listen to me Mayank..",no gettign any response from his side she continues,"I know I behaved like duffer,I am really sorry Mayank,but please talk to me,I can't bear your separation Mayank ..please Mayank I am sorry,I am ready for any punishment ,I really love you Mayank pata nahi mujhe kya ho gaya tha,I know I behaved like a jerk please forgive me Mayank ,please forgive me Mayank,I love you lot Mayank,I really love you I can bear any punishment you gave but please ,please talk to me , scold me for doubting on you please Mayankplease..Mujhe sab pata chal gaya Mayank , I am so bad but please don't do this to me , please talk to me,I can't live a moment without you"She was crying and sobbing,Nupur fall down on her knees and was badly crying.Mayank was deeply hurt and couldn't able to collect himself to forgive Nupur at least so easily,she has hurted him a lot , his heart has a deep wound which won't be filled up soon,without saying any word he moved towards door to leave the room but before he could Nupur grabbed his wrist and begged him to forgive her,"Please Myank ,I am sorry,I am ready for punishment but please don't leave me Mayank"

"Will you able to bear my punishment?"She positively nodded her head,with expressionless face Mayank stated her punishment,"If you really love , you have stand outside whole night in the rain and mind it you can't sit,you have stand whole night.After that I'll think about whether to forgive you or notWill you able to do it."Nupur just nodded her head,she was feeling so guilty that she didn't have courage to even question,she knows how deeply she has hurted mayank and for his forgiveness she could stand whole life in rain,She stand on her heel and move towards garden and stands in the rain.

It was raining very heavily and yet Nupur didn't moved from her place nor she sat down ,she was looking at their bedroom window to get a glimpse of her love , her life her husband.It's been only 15 minutes when Mayank actually started worrying about her,tough he was hurt yet he loves her truly and ere he had given her punishment without even thinking,he peeped through window and saw his lady love is obeying his orders,she was shivering with cold yet didn't moved a little,all this was enugh to melt him down how could he be angry from Nupur , he cursed himself for bein so rude to her,he instantly moved down and covered her with umberella,"Nupur,come inside,you ae shivering,you'll catch cold,it's raining heavily,come."
"Untill ou forgive me I won't step inside"

"Listen Nupur we will discuss everything, but firstcome inside"
"No , untill my punishment got over and you forgive me I won't come.."
"You are so stubborn Nupur"
"So I am"
"Hold the umberella"Nupur held the umberella and Mayank carried her inside where Nupur was glaring him to leave her she has to complete her punishment but Mayank didn't listen any of her word and dropped her to the bed.Nupur was going to retort back when Mayank hand over towel to her in a gesture to clean herself but Nupur didn't took it and asked him whether he has forgiven her or not ,Mayank glared her and took her hair and wipes water droplets from her hair , forhead , face , hands.

The scene which should  romantic was actually becoming funny as Mayank was still maintaing his sadu expression,he was looking so funny Nupur want to pulled his nose but controlled her desires,Mayank oredered her to change but Nupur denies and repeats her same thing wheter he has forgiven her or not,Mayank was getting irritated due to her constant asking of frogiving,"Bas Nupur,bahut ho gaya,ha men tumhe maaf kiya ab khush jao jaake k change karlo,else you'll catch cold"
"Pakka Mayank"
"Mayank I love youI am sorry"
"I'ts okay it's happenes"
"Mayank you are forgetting something"
"No I am not, you better go and change.."
"No I won't go untill you..untill yousay that.."
"What" "I love you Mayank"tear were brimming in her eyes,Mayank tried hard to control himself but after all how could he see her lady love in such amiserable condition,"I am sorry Mayank""It's okay Nupur"he hugged her ,hugged to assure he is with her,to assure he won't leave her,to assure himself that she is with him in his arms,she need to capture the warmth of his body,she need him , she want to believe he is with her and his single hug was fulfilling everything,after a trance they broke hug,"Nupur,I love you,when you said I had betrayed you I was deeply hurt Nupur,I know I should have told you about Ishita but couldn't get a situation to tell you everything.i really love you Nupur""I love you too Mayank, I am sorryplease don't ever leave me..'
"No my jaan , I won't you also trust our love . it's strongest of anything in this world dear"

Finally their misunderstanding got cleared,their love again proved to be strong infront of any type of misunderstandings,Mayank picked up and Nupur and laid her on bed , soon he joined her and claimed his lips on her her,the kiss was intense , passionate,describing how madly they love each other,showing thier urgency,how desperately they need each other,trailing his lips from her lips to her neck , collor bone and slowly removed her pallu and slowly giving a wet kiss on her each exposure region,his reached his hands upto the dori of his blouse and with one hit they opned,he trail his fingers on her back kissing her , nibbling her,making each other feel how much they love each other,soon their clothes were met by floor and thy were covered by warm blanket he made her his again for forever. 

That night rain again become the symbol of their union , their love and vanished any sort of misunderstandings in their love life for forever.This made them understand that their love is strong all it that they have to trust in their love and with that they could fight any battle of their love ,they all have to trust their love ,trust each other.

Hope you like it

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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very very sweet and lovely update

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vinan2050 Senior Member

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Awsm update very roamntic ...

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