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Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Episode Analysis

A long time ago we watched as a man who was not ready to let go of his past and acknowledge his present, stirred from an unconscious state during a raging storm, as his wife frantically attempted to bring him back into awareness. He had the name of his beloved on his lips, the name that he thought defined and would continue to define his entire life, even though her physical presence had left it too soon: ARPITA. However, when he awoke, he found in front of him, not the past that he was clinging to, but the present that wouldn't be denied: AARTIJI. Today we see a woman lying unconscious, a woman who refuses to confront her past and wants solely to look at her present, as though that is the only real thing that has happened in her life, and so she calls out to her love, as though he is the only love she ever had: YASHJI. But when she awakes, she will the confronted, not with the present which she clings to, but the past which refuses to be denied: PRASHANT.

What master weavers these writers are and what an absolutely poetic turn of events! Things are going to get very, very interesting in terms of the dynamic that underlies Prashant, Aarti, Ansh and Yash. This is why the Ansh-Yash bond was so strongly forged as the first order of this marriage, this is why Yash had to so firmly establish himself in the little one's heart as his father, his protector and his teammate. Ansh will make many friends and easily, being the outgoing and loving child that he is, but he will have only one father, which is what Yash has come to be since that first meeting. That is not to say that Ansh's mind will not pass through a cloud of confusion the moment he learns of this good samaritan's name and makes the connections in his head... because according to Sunita Aunty in Mumbai, Prashant is his father! I foresee Ansh passing through a similar conflict as Palak did when she struggled to accept Aarti: where was Arpita's place and where did Aarti fit in relation? Ansh too, will be forced to wonder, where is Prashant's place his family? Don't forget that Ansh was the first one who wanted to throw out the member of his family that didn't "fit" his image of them in the family game. In this case, who does he throw out, or contrarily how does he learn to accept this new definition of family?

I predicted this outcome for Prashant yesterday. They say that a mother becomes a mother the moment she finds out she is pregnant, but that a father truly becomes a father the moment he sees his child for the first time. Today was the first time Prashant saw his child, held him and interacted with him. He remembered his harsh words, "how can I even be sure this child is mine?" and now wonders how he could not know that this child was his, so much affinity does he feel when the innocent eyes look up at him with trust, gratitude and admiration. Prashant is a man who has probably gone through life feeling inadequate and unimportant, especially to his impossibly principled and demanding mother. My guess is that Neda saw him as a rising star professionally, and flattered him in all the right ways, which combined with his sense of inadequacy and insecurity made a surefire formula for him to cling to her for approval and ego-stroking. But the moment he fell into financial trouble, she gave him some time and when he didn't rally, deserted him because her love had never been real...she had loved his money, or the prospect of it. And so Prashant is left with no money, no wife and nobody to stroke his ego...in such a condition is it any wonder that Ansh's trusting and accepting demeanour won him over completely?

But this is not love. It is Prashant looking back on his life choices and wanting to feel that for all the terrible things he did, for all the people he hurt, he did something right: he brought this sunshiny little one into the world. And just like that Ansh becomes a burning need for Prashant, the sole means to validate his life and the good choices he made so long ago, only to spurn them for a relationship that came to nothing. And today in the hospital, it must have seemed for a second that he was transported back in time, with the doctor telling him his wife was pregnant, to a moment when he could erase all his previous sins. He may be reformed, and he may be guilty for what he did, but only because it turned out this way. If he was still rich and Neda was still with him, I doubt this change would have occurred.

I found it really interesting that they showed that bit about how well Prashant knows Aarti, about her allergy to penicillin and the rashes it would cause. It made me think, would Yash have known that? And the answer is obviously, probably not. And that is just the beauty of it really, because it shows that Prashant really did care about Aarti once, he knew her inside out and they shared everything. This was not a false love or mere infatuation. It was the real thing, and it just so happens that Prashant left it for something he thought was better. His weakness and insecurity, long fostered and highlighted by Shobha probably, caused him to be vulnerable to flattery, to need a person like Neda there to dole it out constantly. Aarti, though she loved him with all her heart, I imagine, knew him too well for that and being the vivacious and energetic person that she was, finding immediate favour with Shobha (all my speculation) probably only served to increase Prashant's insecurity. It makes me wonder if their marriage might have worked, had they been living alone and not with Shobha and Dubey (mainly Shobha). Point is, this makes Aarti's past all the more poignant because the fact that what she and Prashant had was real, makes it even more wrong to deny completely.

And Yash? Yash has changed so much. At first Ansh was his duty and Aarti his partner in a lucrative and pragmatic deal. But today, after facing the demons of his past, he finds that he needs them, not for himself, to fulfill any desire of his heart or ego, but because he needs them to be happy, and he finally believes that he has the power to make that happen. "How could she think I wouldn't accept our child?" he asks  Shobha. For him, dealing with his past and his his grief was separate from the kids entirely (though of course Palak and Payal felt his general sadness), but for Aarti, Ansh became her crutch after Prashant left, the one symbol of their relationship and the replacement man in her life. As a result she cannot separate the child from the relationship that bore it, which is why she interpreted Yash's rejection of their intimacy as a rejection of the child. Also, Aarti used Yash as her means of standing up to Prashant...by saying that he was Ansh's father, so her tenuous truce with her past was dependent on Yash as well. For Yash on the other hand, their personal relationship, and the demons he dealt with as a result, is separate from his relationship with the kids, and would have been separate from his relationship with this child as well.

To him Aarti's behaviour is baffling because he knows nothing of her past, nothing of the associations he triggered when he said those words, 'this was a mistake," the same words Prashant said about their marraige as well. Today it became even more clear why Aarti is so fuzzy about the line between Prashant and Yash right now. For the second time she was trying to convince her husband that their relationship was not a mistake, it was love. Aarti desperately wants her love to mean something, and more than that, she wants her love to be complete, and divinely blessed.  But she is to scared to express such a desire because her hard life has taught her that it is almost blasphemy for her to want or expect so much happiness. So she masks it as fighting for Yash's happiness and hides her true prayers for fear of them being mocked by destiny.

This whole track is pointing in the direction of Aarti's realisation that validation as a mother and a woman does not have to come from a man. Destiny is shuttling her back and forth between Yash and Prashant, as though encouraging her to break out of the cycle of emotional dependence, not to surrender to the divine and to decide her life for herself, with her man as her equal companion and not her god or saviour.

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For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!


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Congrats all ...we did it ..Punarvivah found its nomination in top 5 in prestigious ITA awards this year Clap
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From now onwards everyone in this DC post who r commenting ,liking or stalking ...plsss make sure u hv done your daily 2 comments quota in these following profiles of GC and KS Embarrassed...

It will b better if we can comment on every actor's profile at least twice in a day so that all PV actors rankings can go up but make sure we r doing it regularly on GC and KS's profile at least Embarrassed...


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thank you samana ! great title...Big smile
its gonna be like a roller coaster ride,sit back and enjoy guys!! LOL

my take on today's episode !! kinda liked it! and im looking forward for the upcoming episodes..Big smile

ansh brought tears to my eyes while watching the first part of the episode,seriously this kid is so talented! feel like hugging him so n bus ltight..so the epi starts with arti still remain unconscious and the bus leaves from there,irresponsible driver!!how can they leave thier passenger just like that..Angry  ansh is screaming all alone Cry ansh gets an idea of having water in his mouth and trying to splash it on arti's face..but it doesnt seem to work Cry he hears a car sound and off he goes to the road to stop the car..he spots the car and says it pappa's car...he shouts out loud calling pappa ,yash goes away from there,yash could have atleast look at the side mirror,wonder why he coudnt feel like someone was there waiting for him..Cry next up a black car apporaches ansh stops the car..its prashant!! Shocked ansh begging him to save arti...awww . prashant feels he has some deep connection with the kidShocked  ansh keeps pleading him to save arti and says even his papa is not around Cry

ansh tells prashant if he help save mamma he will be friends with him...ansh be careful when you make a promise for prashant might take advantage of this once he saves arti ansh should follow him..omg no!! prashant is shock to see arti Shocked prashant having flashbacks how he left arti...that guy had hurt arti so much,  Angry she was pleading him to to leave her Cry

prashant takes arti to the hospital along with ansh..arti blabbering yash name and hold prashant's hand thinking its yash ji Cry aww poor arti she is missing yash ji so much and needs him to be with her asap Cry  arti coudnt respond to ansh while asking her to wake up but she could blabber yash's name, Embarrassed

yash looks at the family picture in his wallet..EmbarrassedDay Dreaming  simple love this part..yash says where are you arti ji,why didnt you give me a chance and listen to what i have to say.. Cry

prashant knows arti's blood group and she has allergy?? how in world he still remembers this? Shocked prashant again having flashbacks of him and nida,seems like they are having problem with thier relationship, probably he got ditched!! she says we should go seperate ways Thumbs Up and look who is talking about husband and wife relationship  AngryAngrywonder how he fell for that nida girl and left arti...he deserve it and im happy arti got a life partner who is like one in a million..yash ji EmbarrassedDay Dreaming ,ok did prashant sign the hospital formality paper as arti's husband??Confused

prashant and ansh having fun time..ansh tells prashant you are very nice..like my pappa...omg no ansh!! not even close,this is the guy who left you and your mamma,aww love th way ansh tells prashant about yash..so sweet of him! Embarrassed did prashant even bother to ask
dumb doctor is not his biwi!!AngryLOL i simply love the way prashant reacted to this,for me its like now he knows that arti had moved on and she has got the best husband on earth!! and he loves her unconditionaly...they became one,and they are waiting for the arrival of thier child..Embarrassed ok wait how come the doctor doesnt now about arti's complication??  Confused  and i was wondering why doctor did not ask prashant why was he so careless not taking good care of arti.. Confused dumbo doctor ROFL

moving on to dubey,,caught red handed,by shobaAngryClap  i cant believe prashant is depending on his dad's income...scene shifts to yash talking to shoba on the phone,he cant seem to find arti anywhere,this part was awesome when yash says WHEN ARTI NEED ME THE MOST AT THIS VERY MOMENT IM NOT BY HER SIDE EmbarrassedCry and he is asking shoba why arti thinks he will not accept the childCry  love you yash ji..dont worry janu you will find arti soon...,Embarrassed  yeh dil hai moment was an emotional scene...arti calling out for yash...and yash looking at the picture in his wallet..  Cry

i hope ansh will see yash on monday ..nothin much to say about the precap..still yet to know how arti is gonna react when she sees prashant..Shocked

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Edit; Perfect Title Samana...prashant is nothing but a shadow of the the past...psht!

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Dont forget to congratulate our VM Winners Embarrassed

VM Contest Winners

Today's Episode Analysis

Today's episode was one of the best for this week in terms of story telling , pace and execution .. Things really moved at a fast and interesting pace thus making me bite almost all my nailS LOL...so good comeback CV team Thumbs Up

 I loved the episode for following 3 reasons Big smile

Reason 1 : Black and White symbolism : Yash comes in white car and Prashant was in black car ... Yash is wearing white shirt while Prashant is wearing black shirt Big smile...CVs there itself give away the hint ... Prashant will always remain a black spot in Aarti's life almost like a grahan(eclipse) Ouch...Yes his sudden love for Ansh is coming out of his own selfish needs just because his so called girlfriend/wife Nida gave him a reality check of how he is not a man since he ditched his wife when she was preggy with his child and only to prove his worth as a good father and son , suddenly he is feeling guilty towards Ansh because once he accused Ansh of being someone else's son just for that Nidai and today his own girlfriend/wife Nida wronged him for his accusations on his ex-wife Aarti and so today all his feelings for Ansh is coming out because of this guilt and nothing else ,reason why CVs made him wear black because he is here only to bring troubles in Aarti's life Big smile...Whereas Yash is in white because only Yash can give the much needed peace to Aarti now and white is the colour of purity and peace Embarrassed...Yash's intentions towards Aarti and the baby is pure which was evident from his phone talk to Shobha where he tells her that its our child something which Prashant never told when Aarti was pregnent Smile...So in short CVs clearly indicated that Yash is the sunshine of Aarti's life while Prashant is the eclipse of Aarti's life who has come to take away her son but Yash is there to protect them and so in the end when Prashant in black was standing outside Aarti's hospital window , Yash too comes at same spot in white and stands there to protect her from the black eclipse  Approve

Reason 2 : Prashant is only attached to Ansh and not Aarti ..so no triangle nonsense : Its clear that in future Prashant might fight for Ansh's custody battle with Mr.Dubey now that he knows Aarti is pregnent with Yash's child Ouch...But good thing is he has no feelings for Aarti and so no triangle nonsense Big smile...I m sure custody battle will not come immediately but for the time being Prashant might b shown secretly meeting Ansh since it seems in hospital Ansh and Prashant will become good friends which Prashant will take advantage in future but thats a good story telling the way CVs r building up the future storyline at the right time Thumbs Up...  Custody battle of Ansh is extremely important from a story telling POV to show Aarti-Yash together fighting against Prashant Embarrassed

Reason 3 : Prashant takes Aarti to hospital and not  home : I m glad articles were misleading and he only brings her to the hospital and not his house ..pheww LOLBig smile..

Yash's POV regarding the child and his thoughts of Aarti leaving finally comes out clear today Big smile

I think Yash realised his mistakes of being harsh towards Aarti since while driving the car in last episode ,he was thinking about all that only  but from today's episode its clear that he is simply amused that how can Aarti assume I wont accept our child .. thats not me ... she knows the kind of principles and emotions I keep when it comes to our kids .. so how can she assume I will b heartless and wont accept my child .. I mayb a self-obsessed ruthless guy or whatever but I hv never ever washed off my hands from any sort of responsibilities ,so then how can Aarti feel I wont accept this child CryCry ... this is what is Yash's thinking and so he says those words like why dint u give me one last chance to explain Aarti .. Ermm...It will b intereesting to see what sort of explanation he gives to Aarti once he meets her ...

Coming to Aarti her assumptions come from her past experience actually .. She felt just like Prashant ,even Yash wont accept the child because if Prashant can betray her for a random chick Nida , then here toh her competition is with Arpita who is Yash's true and only love Ouch...So she assumes the worst and leaves especially after Yash was nonstop calling it a paap Ouch...

I really hope both somehow meets in Dargah only and overcome all their differences .. it will b wonderful if their reunion happens in Dargah instead of hospital Embarrassed

Shobha- Yash r somewhere similar in nature when it comes to decision-making LOL and on the other hand Dubey-Prashant too r similar in nature interms of going selfish towards your own blood WinkOuch

 Thats typical  Shobha for u when he blasts Dubey for paying Prashant's bills and later blasts Prashant on phone wityhout even hearing to what he has to say .. LOLLOL...She will never listen to what other side has to say .. she will give her verdict and bang down the phone LOL...sometimes I feel Shobha and Yash r similar in nature .,. both wants to hv their final say and dont want to listen to the other side at all LOL..No wonder Shobha and Yash hv started connecting with each other brilliantly ... Shobha always defends every action of Yash and there Yash calls Shobha over his father WinkLOLLOL...

Coming to Prashant and Dubey equation ,both their  basic nature  is selfish .. Prashant  will definitely show his true colours soon once he will realise that he is all lonely in life and he too needs his successor and so he will b desperate to get Ansh back as Ansh is his only successor with Nida bidding him good-bye ,so no chance of a kid from Nida LOLLOL..I wont b shocked if Dubey helps Prashant in this Ansh custody battle Ouch...So Dubey and Prashant both r similar in nature .. they first think about their own blood before outside relations Ouch

New Reformed Prashant and his set of realisations Ermm

I liked this new Prashant over the old one in terms of looks as well as acting Thumbs Up..I feel this actor has a better screen presense than the old Prashant and mayb its his face but the reformed Prashant looks justified mainly because of the actor selection Smile...

Karma is the right word for Prashant here Big smile... All those humiliations and accusations that he had put on Aarti once , comes back to him via his so called love Nida only LOLLOL.. What a slap on his face LOL... At least now he realises the value of family and loved ones ...at least now he should show some respect to his mother Shobha's words  ... But somethings never change and I bet his selfish nature will come into action soon when he will want Ansh back in his life Ouch

For now I  think Prashant had 2 realisations today  ..

One when he looks at Ansh , he is ashamed of himself that once he actually cursed this angel like kid by questioning Aarti about the father of this kid .. He feels that I refused to accept this charming kid Ansh just because I was blind in that Nida's love and today this same kid who is mine is sitting in front of me but I cannot even tell him that I m his biological father because of my own sins Ouch .. he is guilty as well as ashamed of himself when he sees that innocent kid looking at him and smiling with such purity CryCry...

Two when he hears the news of Aarti's pregnency he feels jealous as well as a bit shocked ..Jealous because he cursed Aarti that she will never get happiness in second marriage but here she is already pregnent with Yash's child LOL and shocked because he found Aarti is a very bad condition and so he wonders whether its a result of his curse and whether history is repeating itself again with Aarti in case Yash refused to accept her with this child Ermm

So he had mixed realisations and emotions after meeting Aarti and Ansh in this condition and in the end when he will see Yash accepting Aarti with all love and respect in front of his eyes , I sense thats when he will realise the vaccuum and loneliness in his life and will think of getting Ansh back in his life Ermm

Ansh's concern for his mother .. his efforts to get water .. Outstanding ClapClapClap

Divyam once again take a bow ClapClapClapClap...The way this kiddo acts , makes it look so real when he runs back and forth trying to bring water for his unconscious mother and then in the end uses his presense of mind to bring water with his mouth .. wowww what a natural and touching scene .. any person will get tears in his/her eyes watching this kid act ClapClapClap...Then the way he goes around trying to stop the car , goshhh the concern for his mother was so damn looking real ... I really feel he deserves an award ClapClapClapClapClap

I will give him a standing ovation again StarStarStarStarStar

So overall I m impressed with the episode's pace and story telling .. even Yash's intentions came out clear all thanks to his phone convo with Shobha .. Embarrassed

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PV's FB page has this status

Watch Punar Vivaah tonight at 10:30 pm to know if Yash finds Aarti and get her back home.

so we all know that Aarti is not going to be back home...well not today @least LOL

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A fabulous episode Clap

It begins with Ansh doing his business and Aarti fainting, he looks around when he doesn't hear her answering him back...He's shocked to see her laying on the ground, he tries to wake up an unconscious Aarti, the bus hunks it horn to signal the passengers that it's leaving...Ansh tries to wake her up again by saying that the bus is leaving but she doesn't get up Unhappy

The bus leaves...Ansh goes calling for someone to help him...He goes back and tries to wake up Aarti again without any luck...He sees some water and goes to bring some to splash on her face but his little hands doesn't keep the water...He gets frustrated but he doesn't give up, he gets an idea of putting the water in his mouth and splashes it on her face but she's still unconscious just then he hears a car honking.

He goes to see if he can get help...it's Yash, he's talking on the phone saying he's heading to the next bus stop to see if he can find them...Ansh sees Yash's car, He calls out to him but the former doesn't hear him so he continues driving Unhappy...Aww Ansh was just his mom's little hero Hug

Ansh stops another car and asks for help, it's Prashant...He comes out and Ansh pleads with him to help his mom since his dad isn't there with them...P goes with Ansh and sees Aarti...he flashes back to the day he left her...He takes her to the hospital, Aarti is calling out Yash's name and touches P's arm who is looking at her all worried...Pfffttt I'm sorry to burst your bubble P but Yash is is the name that's engraved on Aarti's soul so don't even think you've got a chance of getting her back Tongue

Yash is researching for Aarti and in self-talk he says "Where are you Aartiji?" and why did you not give me one lmore chance?...Aww Yashbabu is missing his wifey EmbarrassedCry...P is filling out paper work for Aarti, he flashes back to when Nidia left him...He's lecturing her on husband-wife relationship and she replies look who's talking about relationships...haha It hurts doesn't it P, like they say KARMA IS A BLEEP TongueLOL

P and Ansh are getting along, the latter tells him that he dad always plays with him and that he's a very nice guy...ha P is feeling bad but what would you expected, if you denied that little angel your love while he was still in his mother's wound Tongue...P asks Ansh for Yash's mobile number but he doesn't know it...Seriously this is a kid who calls Yash like crazy when they were separated but today he doesn't know it *RME*...Major blooper Confused

The doc comes and calls P, he informs him about Aarti's pregnancy leaving him shell shocked Big smile

Shobha is worried about Aarti meanwhile Dubey is doing something, he says that he cares for Aarti...Shobha sees him not really paying attention to what she's saying so she asks him what he's doing...She goes close to him and sees him doing something related with Prashant...She's pissed and tells Dubey that he's now lying to her and that P ruined Aarti's life and that she doesn't care about what happens to P Ouch

Yash's is on the phone with Shobha, he's in Lalithpur...He wants to know if Aarti has any friend there...he tells Shobha that Aarti needs him and that he isn't there...He goes on to say that she could have told him about their child, he would have accepted him/her...He's very emotional...awww CryCryHug

P calls Shobha but she doesn't let him talk, she hangs up the phone...Yash is walking while Aarti is mumbling his name...AarYa are missing each other...Yeh Dil Hai is playing in the bg...Aww my AarYa heart is weeping CryCryCry

Yash and P and standing next to each other, ,P is calling someone while Yash is looking at his wallet 

Precap: Shobha tells Dubey that there's no change that Aarti will go back to P, she will never let P come close to Ansh and there's a scene shown in the hospital with P caressing Ansh Dead

EDIT: Jyo my love you were right and custody battle is heading AarYa's way ClapClap 

Little Divyam was the star of the episode today StarStarStar

KS & GC were great as well even new P Thumbs Up

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Great Title!

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