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Reduxian's New IP Adda - Oct 5' 2012

swapna08 Goldie

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 8:56am | IP Logged

Welcome to our brand new Adda ~ new name, same people (and hopefully some new people too)''..or as SP would say rishta wohi sooch nayi 
 So things will work almost the same as Redux used to but we have a few rules we would like to make clear:

 1. No foul/abusive language, we all know how strict mods are on this rule so please keep it in mind as we don't want our new home being shut down. (If a newcomer says something inappropriate, kindly explain our rules to them or let one of us know and we will speak to them).

 2. A few people were concerned about not being able to 'res' if the thread was opened to early so we have decided to save the first 3 pages for posts/analysis. You have until midnight IST to reserve a place if you wish to for posts. Once the first 3 pages are filled or it hits 00:00 you may begin chatting in the new Adda, whichever comes first (Note: there are 8 posts per page). If you log in late and don't manage to get a spot on  Page 1-3 then please write your post wherever you can and PM whoever opened the thread that day and they will add the link of your post on the front page.

3. Please do not disclose any personal information such as location, emails, facebook ids etc in the thread. This is an open thread and many people view it so please share this info with each other in PMs only. 

4. Chat, discuss, enjoy'.aish karo ~ apna hi ghar samjho 
So far the opening of Adda schedule is as follows (subject to change)
Monday ~  Teju 
Tuesday ~ Sarika
Wednesday ~ Chaitu
Thursday ~Rit
Friday ~ Swapna 
We are taking each day as is it comes so if something is not working please let us know, we will try our best to accommodate everyone. 
This adda belongs to all of us so please feel free to open up continuation threads if no-one else is around.
Also I have made an IP Adda Index for future reference, so if you open a thread please PM the link so I can update the Index.

Adda Index -

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RJXX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Link to 2nd thread once this one is finished:

take on all the BS drama that's been filling the forum...

Before I begin, I'd like to say that I'm not a crazy fangirl who would jump at the chance to defend Barun. I do not think he's perfect, far from it in fact, but all I've seen since I logged into the forum today is negativity surrounding Barun & I just wanted to put my thoughts out there. 

Firstly, everyone seems to be picking and choosing Barun quotes to support their theories of him not being committed to the show & losing interest in it:

- Interview where he said 'anyone can play ASR' - we're forgetting the context of what he said here. This is when girls were going absolutely nuts about him leaving the show and he had to issue a video statement whilst shooting MAMR. Granted, in that interview he said anyone could play ASR but all he meant was regarding the character. He never hinted at a replacement - he basically meant that if we were only fans of him because of the character of ASR anyone could've done it and they would've had the same fanbase that he did. 

- He signed a contract with a show 15 days prior to leaving to join IPKKND. Tell me, would you not do the same? If the lead role interested you more you would surely take it. People who are questioning his commitment using this point need to realise that he had not begun shooting or anything with that other drama - it's different with IPK. With this show, he has a global fanbase and huge popularity - he wouldn't therefore just quit as abruptly as he did before. The fact that he's given a 2 month notice period shows that he's still looking for a way to compromise with the PH of both the show and the movie to work something out. No one gives 2 months' notice - for a normal job the notice period is usually around a few weeks. 

- He hasn't shown commitment to the show. Really? During a hectic filming schedule, he still filmed scenes for the show (which people complained about due to the inevitable use of BD). He talks about his Bollywood dreams in interviews now because it is something new he is excited about. He has spoken about IPK countless times in interviews & Arnav's character - over a year into the show people know everything about your character & if you repeated the same thing countless times you'd be branded a broken record. 

I'd like to highlight a few points here. Barun is not stupid. He knows all the show has given him & won't take a decision in haste that he will later regret. He hasn't signed a contract for the movie yet - this is something everyone seems to have forgotten. The PH are still in talks with him to see if he can do both simultaneously. They won't give up their lead that easily. News that the show will run until February at least had me wondering whether they would really replace the lead for 2 months. Since the major portion of episodes sometimes are made up of flashbacks, what are they going to do if they have a new Arnav? The PH do not have the time or money to recreate those scenes again. If they managed to convince Daljeet & Deepali, who was dead set on leaving and had served her notice period (yes, Mishti said they're auditioning for a new Payal, but Deepali still decided to stay until they found one) to stay, they can convince Barun as they will work a damn sight harder to convince him. 

Now to my main point - Is Barun a liar?
My short answer to that is no. If, as Zee had told us, Barun was told not to disclose the fact that he is definitely leaving, he would've replied with a 'no comment' when asked about his departure from the show. Instead, he replied by saying that nothing of that sort is going on. I feel that he, amongst others, is optimistic & feels that a negotiation between the 2 PHs can work. If they want him so badly in their movie, the production team for that can delay shooting for a couple of months or can decide to meet him halfway and give him time to shoot for the show too. He wouldn't give us outright false information if he wanted any credibility in our eyes. We all know how much he values his fans. Having said that, we don't know him personally so we don't know if he would lie like this so easily; I am willing to believe that he does give us value so would think twice before an outright denial if he was dead set on leaving the show. 

Therefore I believe these posts calling Barun unprofessional & a liar are completely unfair. Has he once gone to the media regarding all of these negotiations? No. Has he allowed his portrayal of ASR to suffer? No. So what's unprofessional about denying something that is not yet set in concrete?

Unprofessional would be Rajan Singh, SP exec, who has insisted that BS isn't leaving - if he knew otherwise he would be attacked from all sides for being a liar. Barun himself denied these rumours & so have countless numbers of people. Things will become clear eventually though. 

Having said all of this, I will also say that if I turn out to be completely wrong and he does leave then we should not allow the show to suffer up until his last episode. Already I'm seeing the negativity on the forum getting to people and we can't even enjoy the episodes now as there's always some rumours floating regarding Barun. So please, I ask you guys to not let these offscreen issues affect the onscreen drama we enjoy watching. This is a big track in the show so we should all be watching with enthusiasm! After his departure, if he does leave, I probably will stop watching as well as I cannot imagine anyone else playing ASR half as well as Barun does. 

At the end of the day it's his life. Try as we might, no one can force him to stay. As fans we should support him & Sanaya through whatever they decide to do. 

This is the last discussion post I will make on this topic. Cut it.

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coolgal270 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Jo boyega vahee payega, teraa kiya aage jayega
Sukh duhkh hai kya, phal karmo kaa
Jaisi karani vaisi bharni, Jo boyega vahee payega...
** to be continued!

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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged

Love is not just sharing, its much more than that, It goes beyond that, Its standing by each other in hard pouring water, its crying with each when come across loss & finally being each other's strength... This love when sustained becomes marriage- My Grandmother

I know I quoted my Granny, bcz frnakly while watching the episode tonite I found this and only this running in my mind,,,,
Arnav & Khushi who opp poles, destiny threw them across, blazed with Hatrd yet when they realised they hv something which is between them it stayed between them, be it khushi throwing a scalding cup of tea or Arnav manhandling the gal, nothing was told, nothing was shared everything was personal...
& today when the need was there Khushi stopped Arnav in her own drama way, Arnav couldnt get what was happening but once he doesnt question jus flows along her, the whole family wide mouthed gawed expression over the fiction she pretends to be njoing, even payal didnt believe itLOLLOLLOL
The man himself didnt realise the reason, yet he stood by her BRILLIANT, I wish they would execute it better n loud ,,, I mean inky if  it comes out clearly these various small naunces abt relationships
and then ASR goes out to arrange all the  choicest for the foodie Khushi, how brilliantly they understand each other, he knows nothing soothes her nerves than foodWink
I was wondering why food, why not something else but then I realised this is the most common among married ppl that you mitenot  know or understand the world, with passing time you start understanding each minute thought of your partner,,,,,,
& Finally I loved Khushi standing by Arnav become his Krishna for the war in which Arjun(Arnav) was seen flattering, he was so sure If he could hurt Anjali agn on her special day but Khushi stood by him, like the mind when your heart is Unsure, Kudos to the thought,,,, I almost felt that the hubby wife dou is always like mind & heat each changing the roles as the situation demands ,,, but I liked it I dont how many of ppl agree  with me but for me it was a practical scene, A turmoil of a brother and a wife being strong in a situation where hubby is unsure,,,,
Thats all gals from me tonite I am lil pressed for time today, I hope you will understand
The series started with a fanastic start, reached it peak, lost its way way came back a lil and now i beleive its nearing Its end, like many of you I will like it to end it on a high note but for me this ARNAV works, he isnt a Dikra still, he still is ASR with a blend of Arnav so for me guys its working only sore point execution...
Lets hope Monday will bring A NEW HOPE, A NEW HIGH in IPK

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riyya6 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Since I have reserved mistakenly in 1st page... Let me write something...Embarrassed

On regards of the epi, I still cannot comment as I have not watch it yet...Embarrassed Only via LU... As I'm away out station 4 this few days... Cannot keep up the pace with work ...LOLEpi seems Confused Investigation is on... Happy tat Shyam is getting tit for tat...LOL

On regards on whether bs is leaving or not, this is my view... This is a love story it cannot run 4 ever... So even if he's getting a better offer as a fan I wish him Gd luck n all the best... Embarrassed N surely all other cast with get better opportunity too... Be it sanaya, Karan, Daljeet,Abbas n so on... Every one will look for better future n not being stagnant at one place, it happens to us 2... In our daily life... 

This is a love story even if bs is not leaving, I think it's nearing to the end... Love story must end with both being together or tragic version LOL... Like in arhi case, they both star crossed lovers, face ups n down n finally settle down already... So what else cv can show, of course we can get some romance after marriage but I'm sure if they give us too much we will find it repetitive n boring... Unless u want it to turn out to be ekta style serial which I'm sure many of us here will think better end it than being turned that way... So everything happens for good... ChillEmbarrassed

N as being an ipk fan, I will watch till it ends... EmbarrassedN let's enjoy the moment now rather than thinking its gonna end... When,.. How... 

So guys no worries keep enjoying IPK  till it ends...Embarrassed When it's end then I will say RIPLOL

N guys I'm sure in future who knows we might get another serial with arhi as a lead... We never know... Why restrict them only for this serial... Keep option open... Life is all abt that...LOL 

N finally my team here will wonder how come Riyya wrote so much...LOL RIPLOL the only sad thing for me so at is that ipk never top the charts.. I mean being no. 1 position but newsy mayb coz this story does not interest much the trp group..LOL But this show rocks man...Clap

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Aphrodite88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 9:18am | IP Logged

Hello Hi to all Forumwasios and Addawasios!!


Meri tharaf se Namaste, Namoshkar, Namaskar, Vanakkam, Vanthanam, Salaam!


How are you all after yesterday's episode?


I am for one enjoying this Shyam track…finally Arnav and Khushi are fighting evil together! But I for one want to see more Arnav-Khushi romance!!




Coming back to the episode, it starts off with Shyam looking at his shaving blade and wondering where the glass piece vanished to…(all I can tell him is the vanishing spell from Harry Potter was used ;))…hahaha! Looks like Khushi's plan is slowly working. Khushi is using Shyam's famous method of using fear against the weak upon himself.   

The highlight here is Khushi's plan may seem childish, weak and not full-proof BUT THE CHANCES OF SUCCESS ARE ULTIMATELY HIGHER!

Evidence: 1) Aakash's suicide plan to unite Payal and Aakash

                 2) Dropping sugar into petrol tank, pouring mango juice in

                      shoes, etc, which led to the angst of Arnav

                 3) Manipulating Shyam during Arnav's kidnapping sequence and

                      finally rescuing Arnav

I say all of Khushi's plans are weak because she ALWAYS GETS CAUGHT in the end BUT NOT WITHOUT SUCCEEDING IN WHAT SHE WANTS TO ACHIEVE FIRST. J And all these methods of Khushi are tried and tested ones, thus not being full-proof.


Another highlight through this is the fact that is being shown: Shyam only has loved himself and only loves himself! Everyone is secondary.

The first evidence for this theory came into play during Arnav's kidnapping sequence when he left Khushi tied up on the road to be killed, when he himself proclaimed that he loves Khushi more than anything else in the world


This episode also showed this aspect of Shyam especially during the second scene.


Anjali comes into the room and gives medicines to Shyam for his headache. When Shyam goes to the bathroom, Khushi immediately enters the room and changes the medicine bottle containing headache pills to the abortion pills bottle that Shyam himself changed during the mehendi ceremony to kill the baby. Upon mistakenly realizing that the pills Anjali gave him were abortion pills, he immediately called for Anjali but failing to realise his whole attitude and inner characteristics are coming in the open amongst the family.


Evidence: 1) Shyam calling Anjali, no cancel that Shyam shouting at Anjali  while walking down the stairs (Phangurl moment: OH MY GOODNESS!!!Arnav's killer look at Shyam at that time made my day!! The phrase "Looks can kill" must have only been created because of him) *Dreamy look*

                 Anyway back to evidences….


                 2) Shyam telling off Anjali for giving him the wrong medicines and for making him suffer

                 3) Him telling Anjali his headache has increased, stomach upset and becoming dizzy (Can I laugh out here… Mr Shyam Manohar Jha if

I am not wrong you only took the medicines 5 minutes ago. Then how can all these side effects arise so fast? Tells phleej!!

                 4) Him reprimanding Anjali for not listening to him when he says he

needs a doctor right that moment… (Mr SMJ if you do not realise it you are standing in the lion's den. No one, and I mean NO ONE has the rights to shout at the lion's women! You had better thank Khushi for saving your life at that very moment…if not you would have dead pulp. (Phangurl moment: Khushi why did you stop ASR *facepalm*)

                  5) Him not accepting any words that Anjali or Mamiji are saying but

proclaiming that he is not alright as Anjali gave him wrong medicines and brings them to show the proof

                  6) Shyam asking how Anjali can do this to him in the room:

Another proof that Shyam does not trust anyone else except himself.


This clearly proves Shyam Manohar Jha only loves himself and not anyone else, but maybe Arnav Singh Raizada's money and wealth (but after kidnap this issue has not been raised yet, so let's leave it) and his lust for Khushi has not been lowered too (haldi scene).


But one thing is happening to Shyam through Khushi's plans: Shyam is slowly losing himself and the outer faade that he plasters for the world. His true nature is slowly revealing itself, and is shocking Anjali who up till now is in her happy world bubble.


Another information I want to highlight is during the scene in 4th October 2012 when Arnav and Khushi will be outside and speaking about Shyam's deeds and Arnav will want to go and bash Shyam up. It reminded me of how affected Khushi was by Shyam. She was sexually harassed, mentally, physically and emotionally tortured both directly (by Shyam) and indirectly (by Arnav's hate marriage).


As such, Khushi clearly knows what manifests in the evil brains of Shyam as she faced it and was humiliated beyond words during Shyam's revelation track. Amongst everyone else, Khushi was the one who suffered the most in the hands of Shyam. As such, she knows without evidence, Arnav and she cannot nail down Shyam as Anjali still blindly trusts Shyam.


Situations that made me think:


1)     Buri-Nazar

When Naniji mentioned that someone cast an evil eye on the family, Khushi immediately claimed that buri nazar can be cured. Is this an indication that Shyam(who is the buri nazar on the family will be rid off) and Anjali will be cured of it?

2)     Mamiji's words "If you have brains, make the next move"

I will likely connect this to Khushi's next plan which is according to the precap scene- Electric shock on Shyam. 


Just maybe, a strong indication that Shyam has lost his brain and Mamiji's words are actually a taunt for Shyam, as he is not making any new moves.

3)     Mamiji's Checkmate

An indication that the King will fall. But which one?

Maybe Shyam, as Anjali was standing with Arnav and Khushi when the statement was said. Got to wait and watch for this.

4)     Khushi's screens

Shyam has the video links of the cameras placed in his laptop. Is Khushi going to broadcast it to the whole family and guests during the celebrations?

5)     Arnav's words "Shyam's truth will come out in front of everybody and that he will reveal it"

An indication that even though Khushi planned everything for the right moment for the truth to come out, will it backfire and thus allow Arnav to save the day and hammer the last nail into the coffin? Exactly like kidnapping sequence


What I absolutely loved

1)     Naniji can I give you a very very big hug!! I absolutely loved you cornering Shyam and asking him about abortion pills. But Alas! The snake always slips away at the niche of time (Phangurl moment: Arnav's looks to Shyam to try to escape yourself from this question and when Shyam actually did, he understood the works of the evil brain)


2)     Khushi stopping Arnav from going to work and Arnav was confused as to why Khushi wants him to stay back.

CVS!! This couple has just been married 3 days back, if the wife wants the husband not to go to work, the mind of the husband has to go into overdrive and Arnav has already had enough of celibacy for 1 and a half years…can you make him give an evil smirk to tease his wife or a sexy look instead of confusion!!!!

3)     Arnav enjoying Khushi's cute and mad antics, his raised eyebrows and wondering when he brought Khushi out and bought for her all the food and saris. HAAHAHA! Brilliant! Aakash, Mami I also agree with you, The Great Arnav Singh Raizada did all these… UNBELIEVABLE!! Arnav's "I Know" too good!


4)     Barun you again proved Arnav Singh Raizada cannot act and cannot lie! What an amazing portrayal! When NK asks what happened on that day, the look he gave Khushi was like "What the?? What do I say to this?" No worries ASR, your wife is always there to save you!Chill!


5)     The look of amazement, amusement, love that he gives Khushi when she closes her eyes trying to savour Kolkatta ki Rasgullaes



6)     The lovely handhold! What an absolutely sweet gesture just to bring his wife a few feet away


7)     CVS!!!Khushi just called Arnav Singh Raizada Sadoo! He should be having a killer look on his face declaring " Wait till I get you alone Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, I let you know what punishment you are going to get firstly for calling me Sadoo and then telling the whole world I am good. Damn it! I am supposed to be ASR to the world, don't tarnish my reputation! CVS!! I feel like killing you!! Can I??


8)     Khushi and NK's bond! Khushi is feeling upset and worried about their plan and how it will adversely affect Anjali, she tells it to NK and derives the required strength from him to carry out the plan. An absolute way to represent friendship. You help your friends stand up again when they break down or the going gets tough J



9)     Arnav's and Khushi's bond! (Part 1) Arnav plans out the surprise dinner for Khushi which Khushi had only dreamt and lied about. But Arnav's way of showing his love for Khushi is by making sure all her dreams come true! How sweet of a husband can Arnav be!! He is the perfect husband! And he does not expect any credits for it at all! He asks Khushi not to be emotional as he asked someone else to do all these, Arnav how sweet can you be??!! (Phangurl moment: I want a husband like Arnav Singh Raizada BAS!!!)

CVS!!WHO IN THE WORLD WROTE THESE DIALOGUES???ARNAV AS A HUSBAND HAS TO SAY THAT HE PREPARED ALL THESE BECAUSE HE WANTED KHUSHI, HIS WIFE TO BE ALWAYS HAPPY AND THAT ALL HER DREAMS MUST ALL COME TRUE!!!!And then after that because she is stressed about Shyam so he wants her to relax!! CVs! What are you doing to a couple madly in love and married!! Damn it!!!! And the lighting, please you could have made it a bit brighter and made their faces glow.


10)  Arnav and Khushi's bond part 2! As Khushi draws strength from NK, Arnav draws strength from Khushi. She is the irrevocable and unbreakable pillar of his life. When he is at breaking point, he leans on Khushi to keep himself together and not to break apart. She instills the courage and strength in him. Arnav Singh Raizada may seem like strong only physically but mentally and emotionally, he is very weak. Example: During the scene when Arnav sees Anjali being happily in love with Shyam, he breaks down and is unable to shatter his sister's happiness. But Khushi tells him the importance of the truth to come out for Anjali's long term happiness. Just like how Krishna was the driving force for Arjuna to win the war in Mahabharata, Khushi is the driving force behind Arnav in this war against Shyam Manohar Jha.


11)  Shyam's mental state!! I absolutely love the fact that Khushi and Arnav are slowly driving Shyam to be an eccentric!! Shyam your end is very much near!



As a fan of this show,

CVs even though Shyam's truth is coming out, I would like to see him suffering more because of all the evil deeds that he has done which are practically UNPARDONABLE! I guess that's not gonna happen looking at promo L



Khushi's words "It is indeed right, fear is a very big thing. If he does not pay  

for his sins, then who will pay for it?"


Dressing of the Day:  Khushi's Beige Suit

It reminded me of her birthday when after all of Arnav's preparations, she did not accept any of it. The cake, decorations and even the sari. But now, she accepted everything done by him and fully acknowledged that he has turned out victorious and willingly embracing him. Great turnaround J


That's all friends from me today!

I would like to thank my friends from Adda Ritz, Sarika, Swapna and all others for motivating me to write my analysis. If not for you girls, I would never dream of doing this. And also Tants and Doods for creating Redux through which I met all these lovely people. J

Do let me know how the analysis is even if it is bad, I can improve in the near future J

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shivikrocks IF-Dazzler

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Arnav and Khushi are going through that phase where understanding and love are at its top. He knows that she is bothered and involved in some issue and just to cheer her he gets all her favorite food items and saree and make her smile. She just told it as a story but he knows she likes that and made it true for her. Khushi on the other hand is the strong support for Arnav now and will be there whatever happens. This is the best thing in love.

The much awaited Shyam revelation is coming so lets see how its going to get and whats Anjali's reaction this time.Big smile 

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yvon Senior Member

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Some one wants this space. Let me know. Just had to say I'm tired of the main forumY Confused

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