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did India move away from Gandhism? (Page 8)

Polki_Zofi Senior Member

Joined: 18 October 2010
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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 1:32am | IP Logged
I can see so much boiling. But I feel it is Indian forum and youth from India want a more fashionable European history of revolution and freedom than a dismal one with non-violence.

I have been compared to wall, racist, more and more Embarrassed. I know I am not either.

Very surprising to hear King Anu is real king. I did not know! You are real king or royalty in Pakistan? Can you tell me which state? I am interested as I never seen some real king. Please say truth, you are?

I have seen similar in Polish forums with some Indians too. No other nation want to accept information from another nation. But I wanted to open up here for few reasons.

I found my sister in law very indifferent about Gandhi. Oneday in India I found her say Gandhi as a beggar (beekari)! I was hurt but obviously I stayed silent because it was my first visit in more than 3 years, a time where I wanted to use full to come close to my in laws (ofcourse my sister in law and I are good friend and she always cared for me from beginning). It kept ringing in my mind, and I wished to share it with minimum damage LOL. I did share it, I find it horrible enough. But it is your wish! Smile

I never tried to disrespect any of you. It was nice to see you raise the argument on missionary, and when I replied you said "now that you raised the point polki ..." Big smile. Later same about other figures. I wanted it to remain with Gandhi, but maybe this is how discussions role out in here. Many others came in, and I knew something more about Bose.

I will be going Austria with my husband soon, I am planning to try and visit Bose's daughter too Tongue. I will argue with her? LOL I think not. She is very European I am sure Smile Evil SmileTongue.

I never said India was NAZI sympathizer, but Bose was involved as a friend of his. This is not good. This is simply as I said, and why his militia gunmen was siding with Japanese then? Many questions on him raised.

There are so many war between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to say clearly how people feel for each other. If your government do not say your word, it is big problem for you. I wish India did better than Africa. But your choice.

We have many Indian migrants in Europe, least in Poland. I only knew 4 in my whole city (Lodz). There were a few in Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw. We have very least Indians or South Asians. Among the students in my university, there was a Kashmir man who called himself from Kashmir, and not Indian or Pakistan. He had argument with another Indian. My husband was always mind his own business and peaceful man, but it was one horror of an argument. He is a nice man though, and this man is married to my best friend (Polish ofcourse) and have a daughter. He is also a family friend. One man he never had argument was with my husband who is a Hindu man.

I never justified that Europeans are superior or that colonialism and imperialism is justified. All I said is that they were natural in their time. European are not superior, ofcourse not, but we always stick to our way of life and never left anything else get so deep that it overwhelm us. When one country is weak, colonizing it brings peace and order. It was a way in those times.

About zero, you may share it with Mesopotamia if you dont mind Smile. But yes, India gave much to this world and I am very happy on it.

How can I be racist when siding with Gandhi? Have many of you not called him terrorist too? Yes you did, in another thread and this. I read. I am not racist so easily. I have seen how easy it is to label a white person a racist just because she or he said something strongly!

If this is your wish so be it. I think I learn enough of the way Indian youth think, and it gives clear idea why India broke into such pieces even when British kept it together for so many years. Given freedom they broke. It is very sad, and of course, I respect to the death. Who killed them? Who were responsible for the death?

When my son grow up I will ask if I were racist OuchLOL, right now he sleeps. Just to fulfill my curiosity I wanted this thread in a time for celebration upon Gandhi.

Apology is a Christian tradition to show humility and respect. It is not weakness. I apologize if someone was hurt, and I did not mean it.

You have wrong information of Missionaries killing natives. Missionaries have light and hope to India. Missionaries saved India. It is because of missionaries, there prayers and the Bible that they took to India that India is still surviving. This is simple truth. Is there no Christian Indian here in this forum? Catholic?

I myself have taken two such poor children's responsibility. Not to convert them but to see they get full education in life. We have got them school and we pay through the mother in law. This is Christian work, but where is conversion? People accept Christ when they realize the truth. Simple. There is no truth beyond Christ.

Ok I call it one day as to end it here Smile. You can think many things, but not necessarily true. I have respect for India. Love from Poland!

LeadNitrate IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 March 2007
Posts: 14666

Posted: 15 October 2012 at 2:59am | IP Logged
Let me tell you ne last time, people here are pissed off with you because you r high handd condescending and seem to shove your point down our throat ane Fox us to accept its gospel truth. I know many things about poland and Europe I am not portraying them as gospel truth. If you wish to debate, you need to listen to other people and accept they can speak truth. If you choose to undermine our logic, choose to dismiss our pain, you will be dished back the same thing. You and your inlaws and your husband's village are not the only Indian people, if you cannot see that whay you express iw your ame only your point of view, then people will loose patience and will force your eyes open. Obviously you don't like it. And you don't know half the thing about Gandhi. Go and read how he struggled in south afrika first. Gandhi preached non violence and not. Be doormat of other people. You seem to think India still consist of half naked poor souls waiting to be shown the light. Well no, India has problem and also success. Modern India does jot need fake pity, it matches toe to toe with rest of the world. Modern world does not seem to treat India as a beggar either. I travel, I work with people I know. You might be an European by hirth but you r not the only European in the world. So get out or your day dream bubble.
whatever Gandhi taught, it was never to put one person down to prove your point. Like you do over and over with bose. You can try and still bose will remain a freedom fighter and national hero. And you can brand us as a nation of terrorist if you want. We give rats furry behind.
I welcome you, go and meet anita and talk to her, if you can first figure out if she is german or Austrian or where she lives. I can tell you but I won't. You are not here for healthy exchange of. Information and debate, you are here to put down a bunch of people. And in case you don't have cluse, you finally have managed to piss me off. So first find out if she is alive or where she is, then come back with your awesome display of knowledge. Youtalk about research, you don't seem to even have done a google search either. Where did yoi get all the info

I respect all religion, if you cannot extend the similar courtesy then shut up . The world extends beyond you, you and yourself. People here have experience with missionaries and red.cross and amnesty. You are not the only one doing charity, good do you you are doing that, you are not the only one. You think missionaries are awesome, good for you. We don't think its all unky dory. I can support that with statistics and numbers but I won't I have respect for the good work they do despite their flaws.

for the last time, if u cannot respect other people's pain, stay away fron it. Only a sadist sprinkle salt on wound. You seem to love Gandhi so kuch, why don't to look up what he said about such people?

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LeadNitrate IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 March 2007
Posts: 14666

Posted: 15 October 2012 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Gosh I don't remember when I was so pissed off last time. Congratulations you managed that feat. I am officially out of here. You are not worth it.

I qm so tempted to show this thread to my polish friends and ask if all their women are like you but something tells me you are one of a kind. LOL

Edited by tannipartner - 15 October 2012 at 3:33am

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Pratamesh IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 December 2010
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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 3:50am | IP Logged
@Polki_Zofi U havent answered my questions and i dnt think u cn,u hav no idea abt indian history.Frankly speaking here in india we dnt care much about what happened in poland except that it was invaded.we were during the same time that is world war 2 fighting for our indepence so we dnt care who helped whom Bose was right when he asked help to save his own country from british and he is a true patriot for us.Abt colonization being natural process my foot,india had great ruler's even before britian knew about india bt they never colonized other regions.We are good as we are not interested in ur EU on the contrary britian was interested in india.India is fast developing its that u have closed ur eyes on that n even is africa.

M very sorry btw it wasnt britian who had kept india together it was they who divided it for ur knowledge go to google or wiki and type divide and rule politics u will be enlightened with knowledge.

Lastly we are nt fascinated by the european movements in any way we are a non-aligned country since independence helping all.

Edited by Pratamesh - 15 October 2012 at 3:56am
Forever-KA IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 April 2009
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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tannipartner

Originally posted by king anu

Itwas people of certain regions/provinces who wanted a separate state.[/DIV]

King Anu

Donno about Punjab but if u say that anywhere in modern West bengal or Bangladesh u will be torn apart before you finish this sentence. And people irrespective of religion will come together to tear you apart..
There does not exist a person, a mai ka lal, on this universe let along Bangla et al. who would be able to even touch me without my permission let alone "tear me apart". My request to you would be to learn some manners and behave like a civilized person and not a wild animal. And more than that stop speaking for Bengal/Bangladesh and its good people. I doubt they are like you.
And let me say this again.
It was people of certain regions/provinces who wanted a separate state
I am extremely tolerant person and even here I am not reporting you for this nonsense. lol.

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Polki_Zofi Senior Member

Joined: 18 October 2010
Posts: 280

Posted: 15 October 2012 at 4:04am | IP Logged
You should show this thread to you Polish friends tannipartner. Quite an aggressive personality you are. I doubt people I meet online more and more. I doubt you having anything to do with Europe. Anyways, it is clear enough for me who was aggressive here, and it is merely sign of helplessness. You can never get away saying things about missionaries to a Catholic and get away with it. You said it, you had to listen. You cannot tolerate and must lash out, it gives me nothing but pity. As I move away from topic already so I will not continue with it. This is responding to your restlessness.

You seem to have much knowledge on Europeans? Good for you. You should feel blessed to be on our lands (if you actually do). Be thankful that it gives you opportunity and good life. Christianity and Europe are never apart, and will never be. Remember it too.

You seriously need medication. If you love your country so much, you should leave for India surely too Smile. Why dont you take next flight and leave? There was one more person here talking many things about Russians, but she seem living safe as a single woman in Russia, which is impossible in India! Still, ofcourse, you know best about Europe and India and we Europeans are not relevant in our own continent and history or culture? Sure.

Religious tolerance? My own husband is a Hindu, I dont try to convert him. If he wishes he may. My son will see both worlds and decide. I will only give him all love and a good family. Sure he will come many times to India, already we will travel. Many of his relatives look forward to him and keep calling. I am sure he will see the worlds clearly.

I hope you get to hear this more times. If you have the gut to show this thread or your behavior in similar manner to other Poles or Europeans, I hope they just ask you "maybe its time for you to leave dear Smile".

For some reason, it is the Indian woman who is so much aggressive, not the men. This I have heard more and seen too. Wonder why.
But I wish it be healed someday, hope in the name of Christ the Son of God.

Never I was involved in such an argument. Infact I am never in arguments LOL
It is your Father of Nation not MINE!

Edited by Polki_Zofi - 15 October 2012 at 4:21am
krystal_watz IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 August 2009
Posts: 14087

Posted: 15 October 2012 at 5:09am | IP Logged
Just one question--Why did you not reply to any of the valid counter-arguments raised by Tannipartner? She clearly took each of your points and nullified them, yet you keep talking with no attempt to address those. You should know that to have a matured debate, you should DEBATE in the first place. All you keep saying is, "May God help you see light" and "I wish India got better", both of which make you sound vapid and immensely condescending. Better you quit if there's nothing more you have to offer here.
Polki_Zofi Senior Member

Joined: 18 October 2010
Posts: 280

Posted: 15 October 2012 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by krystal_watz

Just one question--Why did you not reply to any of the valid counter-arguments raised by Tannipartner? She clearly took each of your points and nullified them, yet you keep talking with no attempt to address those. You should know that to have a matured debate, you should DEBATE in the first place. All you keep saying is, "May God help you see light" and "I wish India got better", both of which make you sound vapid and immensely condescending. Better you quit if there's nothing more you have to offer here.

I have answered each. But then when people dont see, not much can be done. Christ gave answer to all the question by the Jewish priests, but they said He did not. It means nothing. If you wish you can see through the answers. If you wish more, in write each question once more in numeric order, each question being 10 words Smile. Without attack.

By the way, Gandhi is my favorite national leader in the world. I cannot understand so much aggression. By the way, I dont think tannipartner or those who feel same are interested to see any other answer. They have decided on their perspective and they will never change it. Much like many aggressive groups in the world, nothing can show them the light.

I am a true Catholic and I will always ask everyone to see light Smile. Tannipartner must also work on her attitude. Although I feel she is not aware of it Dead I have seen similar lady though, an Indian in a get together in Poland. She later left to India. I wish well for the women of India and self esteem.

(not talking about all Indian women, many surely have lot of courage. Just saw some very aggressive, maybe as they are less in Poland and close down. Recently very motivated to read about Malala of Pakistan!)

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