Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

NBT Season 1 - Farewell/Appreciation HERE!

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ALL threads posted with the intention of wishing NBT Season 1 a farewell, to show appreciation or to give the show a tribute have at this point been merged with this already existing thread. ALL new threads on the same WILL be closed/merged as needed.

Thank you guys!

NBT Dev. Team

It's tough to start writing this but can't postpone or delay it anymore as the farewell day is upon us. Anyways, it's important for me to recount my journey, mostly smooth, sometimes rocky, of these 9 months with NBT and around 7 months with this forum.

I have seen quite a few members here saying that NBT is their first ever experience of regular Indian telly. I claim the rights to same category of people, I used to literally despise even the name/mention of Indian soaps. My mother and sister being regular avid watchers of soaps, always insisted that it's good time pass but me being me, had been eternally revolted towards anything related to soaps.

Anyways, was going through a major down phase in my life when even work was not proving enough to keep my mind occupied, not enough to shoo away the dark depressing thoughts. Mother's phone counselling is what brought NBT to my most vague notice. Mid-february, i finally decided to give my mother's words a chance (:p) , googled the name of "na bole tum na maine kuch kaha - watch online" and wow!! I got it and watched the then latest episode, and guess which one it was?? Had the good fortune to watch the "toy shop" MM scene as my first taste of them. Right then, it was enough to get me hooked, I went back, researched, opened big boss 5 finale ceremony and checked out NBT's short segment in it, it's promos and the works. Since then, there's been no looking back.

Had been acquainted with the existence of IF already, so decided to become a silent reader of forum updates/news segments. First venture of getting my account active was during the holi celebrations.

Feeling immensely sad about having to say farewell to my beloved show. It's been like a most-dear friend to me. It managed to pull me out of an abyss of darkness and  blessed me with an alternate universe where all my spare hours, and more, went into following the dilchasp encounters of Mrs.Vyas and Mohan. Mrs. Megha Vyas so to say, was just a fictional character but in this case, everytime I saw her, the unreal became real and most tangible. This character, a portrayal of a lone woman's strength and code of going about her life, nourishing two beautiful children in such a way as to make Nanhi's every mannerism hold light up to her perfect upbringing. It was the moment when Mohan came running to an abrupt halt in front of a hands-outstretched steel-eyed Megha, that was the moment when i also came to halt alongside Mohan, since that point onwards, Mohan and Megha just became like my most cherished friends. Two individuals, who gave the term "being poles apart" a new meaning.

Mohan, an outwardly carefree bachelor and focused strong-minded professional, had his heart's eye unknowingly grappling to get hold of a mainstay, a foothold in the fast rushing life. Megha, a delicate vulnerable 28yr old girl serenading in the guise of a dry, stern widow. Pretending to presumably live her life for her kids' sake while letting isolation, desolation thrive and take veiled roots in the deepest recesses of her heart. Then came Nanhi, the cupid in disguise of an angelic adorable 8year old cutie pie. Mohan Nanhi's special friendship, is and will definitely remain a watershed concept in tellyland , for years to come. A friendship, free from the bindings of pleasure and mutual benefit, enduring hardships and attaining heights of adorability, week in and week out.
As these three characters and their mutual relationships went through the rigour of highs and lows of fate, i remained with them. I remember being in suspense, at the same time cheering the three musketeers on when the school gates were being shut in the face of Mohan's racing  Damru.

Oh how i remember literally bouncing in anticipation to see Megha Mohan's reactions on their first ever encounter in Prabhat Leher office. It proved upto and went even beyond my expectations, they actually fought over "meri desk tumhari desk"  :))  And of course, my heart skipped beats, whenever mohan threw those intense glances megha's way.  Megha's pro-love and Mohan's anti-love lectures to a bewildered and hapless Karan. That memorable Jannat ka corridor where silence reined supreme but still, the eyes talked and oh did they talk!! Oh yes!! Some of my fav lines were the ones that were communicated in silence between MM  :D

Mohan finally breaking the walls of cool reserve around his heart, to realize and accept that it's the warmth and music of Megha's laughter, her peace of mind and welfare that leads his heart. Megha struggling valiantly, against her very heart, by tying Amar's memories around her throat like a death noose, all but nearly killing her urge to live a happy life and find happy love.

All in all, the more that MM walked forward, the distance separating them stretched longer and longer. Their dream to attain their destiny but that destiny always ended up becoming just their dream. Yet they plod on, getting themselves lost in the way of their wishes/dreams but at last finding their happiness together. 

All this and much more, like the wise person of Guru, sulking angry cutie Addu and sweetest Jiji, all of them combined formed my little friends circle for so many past months, it seems like a part of them has grown inside me hence i hope the gate of these memories always remains open, not in sad but in a sweet happy way. Thanks to the makers of NBT and it's whole star cast, so much for making me experience a wide range of emotions, the fleeting passion, hope, joy, pain and sweet depression. Thanks Nanhi for your angelic dialogues of wisdom and innocence, Guru for being GURU with his Maa-baapu stories, Mohan for giving a lesson to us in resilience and persistence, Megha for being an inspiration of self-confidence and high self-respect.
Will miss you NBT but not in sad way, not at all :D

Thanks to NBT for one more thing. Big thing!! For making me get acquainted with this forum, hence MMT. Don't know or can't know whither life will take us, 3 months is a period too small and sometimes too long to let us guarantee anything. Whatever time I have spent in forum/MMT will be among my most cherished treasured times, for years to come. Had a super rich experience discussing and ruminating about everything related to NBT, indulging in every kind of madness within the confines of MMT with buddies who seem to have become my virtual family. To name a long list, here goes - Neelu, Sumi, Kul, Ami, Udhay, Subha, Mamta, Kiran, Shourie, Meera, Siree, Ash, Reshu, Bidzie, Vrinda, Susheta, Khushi, Preet, KK Bro, Lekz.
And then Komal, Pal, Shama, Geethu, Sita, Rekha, Manesha, Dhwani,Hope, Leesan, Puja, Bishal, Vyas, Swati, Bhanu, Shamil, Ankur..

sorry if I forgot anybody..

Had the best of best times with you all in MMT or elsewhere.

Next post is a VM I prepared to give rhythm to my feelings of having to bid farewell to NBT, hope everyone enjoys the VM, thanks :)

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Farewell VM on Nazia Hassan song -  Teri Yaad

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Great post fari diSmilelove u and lovely to meet u in MMT and u been very nice.
I love the mods and i dont want to give them a headache as i think der will be many thanking giving and threads in the forum after todays episode. So i will jolt my farewell message here.
l i want to thank
* Sun Shine productions for coming up with Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha . Thank u seema and sudhirHug
*Colors for airing the show.Smile
*Sonal for the wonderful story and screenplay. I love u mamHug
*Venita Coelho,Shilpa sharma D'mello ,Aseem Arora for the concept and broad storySmile
Special mention to my dear jhappu ji bcoz without u i wont be having so much fun in the forum.Tongue
*Amit malik, Maan the wonderfu directors of the show.
* Subrat Sinha for all the wonderful dialoguesClap
*Hrishikesh Gandhi, Abhishek Gandhi,Ehaan Ghanim for wonderful photographySmile
*Parag Deshmukh the wonderful cameramanSmile
* Vimmi Malhotra the stylist for coming up with gorgeous megha and dashing mohanBig smile
*Ashish Rego For the wonderful BG scoreHugI loved the music
Sorry i culd mention only a few of the crew. To all the crew. Thank u all for all the efforts . without u people vicouldnt have enjoyed my dearest show.Clap
Now the cast...
Kunal Karan Kapoor ,Akansha Singh ,Ashnoor kaur,Rinku Karmarkar,Dushyant ,Shivansh, sachin Parik, Anjan shivastav, shivansh kotia, neelu kohli, madhuri sanjeev, madhuri Bhandhiwaderkar,Nirnav soni , prinal, and all. All were super good and left a mark in my heart. Thank u ppl.Hug
Hoping to c u all on NBT 2.
I also thank all NBTians of theforum. Had a great time. Keep in touch. Special mention to all MMtians. Had a great time with u guys. Love u all.

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Hi Dearies..Hug

Finally the D-Day has arrived and like always I am too tongue tied to say anything..Should I be happy or sad ?? Confused I am unable to conclude it. I am happy because it had been saved from severe butchering and might come back with original creatives team and sad because the massive appreciation could not saved it from the Dragon ratings. 

Its been a tumultuous ride since January 9, 2012 ..we laughed, we cried , we pulled our hairs, we offered to become assassin to kill someone unwanted and still some of us stayed till its last breathe. I am sure there would be many like me for whom this must have been first daily soap which I watched religiously from start to end.This is an achievement for us to sustain with humor, wars,loathe and peace.LOL Hug

Thought of writing more but words never help me on write-ups.The day I noticed the promo, I was hooked to it. This was one picture perfect, feel good story of some people whom I had not seen on TV circuit for long years. It has that simplicity which no other show had it.There are few things which keeps NBT stand apart from its contemporaries. And the credit goes to Original creatives.. 

USP of the show : 

1) A Male protagonist, who is a Maa-ka-laadla son, but not Maa-ka-Palloo holding son. A child-man Hero who does not resemble a bit to any hero of TV land.Still he walks tall who does not compromise on his principles but can give everything for the love of his life..

2) A Female Protagonist, who is a widow but not a typical "Abla-Naari".she is a strong, mature mother of two kids who never cried for the sake of her loved ones. never had a second thought to disbelieve her late husband and she kept struggling.

3) A super intelligent yet adorable child who understands her mother more than herself.a kid who never appeared obnoxious in terms of speaking "Badon waali Baatein". befriends a man whom she consider her problem solver, not a calculator ,not a computerWink. he is the one who makes her mummy happy. A child belief in Spider-man,who has the power to set everything right..And there is no doubt that spider-man never ran away from his responsibility.Clap

4) Another Maa-ka-laadla son, but completely Maa-ka-palloo son. ok granted, since he is too young to deal with ugly world. he has been that innocent mind which can be moulded into anything.

5) A middle aged widow lady, who is not cunning..who is not plotting against any of DILs in house.she is an epitome of a strong willed lady who is financially independent and never holds grudges for anyone..a friend, guide, confidante of our Mirchi madam.Clap Heart

6) He does not need a mention ..rather deserves an applause Clap .he has been one of the best character in recent one considers helper as their brother, a guide , a friend..but he was not considered a helper even. An intelligently sketched character which portrayed the soul of Mohan. We often lands up in two minds and take helps from our closed ones..And he has been the one who without any question stood by Mohan through thick and thin.

7) Juna Mohalla and Vyaas Niwaas had been quite a realistic setting for a Middle class family which the entire characters belong to. I am happy that we were never showed any palatial homes..

8) Some non-livings sweet things which helped story, its not Bhaang induced effect and who was the partner in bedAngry..Its our Favorite"Rumali" and "Amar ka Photo".. LOL 

9) No loud make up, No garish clothing and accessories..I am barring Renu..though she was still far better than other shows.. Wink

10) Technical Team - A very crisp editing till long time, no unnecessary camera zooming-panning & rolling techniques (except some real dark times Angry

11) Festivals shown with apt natural vigor and underlying messages (except when Channel started raping it) 

12) Last but not the least..A "dilchasp" story which touched many hearts and a dilchasp audience who fought hard to get it back * crossing my fingers* Thumbs Up

This is my first time to try hands on Farewell VM because I am one super lazy lady..There have been lots of fabulous VM makers in our forum Big smile..Finally I could get inspiration from them Embarrassed..It has come out bad,so please don't hit me if i wasted your time..But I really want to credit those who had encouraged me to give it a try..

Credit: Thanks and hugs to Fari, Siree, Sumi, Dhwani .Hug

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that was d sweetest n heart -touching post to read...Smile..Thanks for sharing ur experience with NBT...n NBt really gives u peace of mind many may be because of the genuineness of characters like Mohan n Megha...n of course nahin Jiji n Guru which is a rare-quality in people now a days...Embarrassedthanks for including me in d list of your friends it was fun discussing n learning d things from you...n I love ur honest reviews...of my work at times...EmbarrassedLOLn I think u will continue to do it..just like before...and we will have fun during this 3 months too...SmileHug

Coming to d Vm -sweet n gorgeous VM  hai yaar...ClapClap..u have collected all d sweet n golden memories of NBT..n I saw some effects added by u...WinkLOL..they are really cute...TFS u...HugHeart

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Fari tune vakai dil se likha hai. Emotions bhare hai usme. 3 months bhut jyada nahi hote per ya kaise katenge ye hum hi jante hai.

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Sorry Fari di, write-up padhne ki himmat nahi hui Ouch But couldn't stop myself from watching your VM and now I'm... *tears rolling down* Cry

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Pals, is this really your first VM? Shocked 

Fari di ke VM ne toh rula hi diya aur ab tera wala dekhke aur rona aa raha hai Cry Fab work!!!

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