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#8 Ishq Junoon Deewangi Chapters 10-15+Epilogue.

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::Ishq Junoon Deewangi::


Credit: Twips (Ashu) [Siena..] made it. Thanks hun HugHeart No one would have done a better job. 

Welcome everyone!! 

The thing I always say:- 

My name is Khushi(Who doesn't know that? Stern Smile If you're reading this, you should know that ROFL) Ok back to speech... No! Not Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!! DO NOT call me her! Angry Let us both be different person. She can act and I can write. See, completely different occupation and situation. ROFL The journey began on October 5th 2011. A year today! It started out simple just like everyone else and along the way, this became the most popular FF on D3 forum(Or so I've been told by many. Since I do not read other FF's I wouldn't know TongueMade a handful of good friends as well along the way. I'd thank you all for reading but then you all bring in 'formality' rule so I'll say 'Continue reading OR ELSE 'Evil Smile 

The famous.. 

not so now.. 

::IJD completes ONE YEAR!::

Such a happy day for me! Hope it is for you guys too Embarrassed 

::One Year Anniversary!::

Sigh... it surely feels good. One of the closest FFs to me... Actually, all the FFs are special but as all, this one is special in it's own special way Tongue What makes it more special is that I had started this FF on my brothers birthday last year! So two events mixing makes it even more special for me Embarrassed

Though sad that out of 160 people, not even half can regularly read even though I update like once a month lately Ouch 

Yea, many ups and down, but I survived them all with your support. You guys are too sweet. Hug  But also a bit irritating when you all refuse to like and comment Tongue 

Other than that, this FF has given me tons of readers out of which, some turned into really good/close friends. So all credit to this FF and it's concept that everyone seemed to love instantly. Thank you so much friends for supporting me till now and hope it goes strong in future as well. I can't thank everyone enough as everyone is just as important for me.The old fun will be back once the competition begins! 

Tell me, who remembers this? : 

Remember? Yup, the divider with which I had started off this FF. Haha I was going through past threads a few days ago and damn... i miss all those people who read this ff in started and left for some reason... and the fun we used to always have. Some good old memories for sure... 


I feel really good to have one year of this FF and hope to see good response from members soon... In conclusion, continue reading this FanFic and continue loving it like you lovely people always have.Hug I won't bother you all with making this long by how I feel and the non stop ramble Tongue   You all probably want the update only Embarrassed So here that goes. 

 I bring you continuation of new twistssweet fightscute innocent romance and much more! After all, it is all about Love, Madness and Passion!! 


Love, Passion, Madness

How can one handle all?

Three strong feelings

At once?

Love for each other

Passion to dance forever

The madness that shapes their live.

Is it possible?

Once fell in love

Met again... but the distance remains

Will they trust to love each other

All over again?


Scroll on down! 

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(Ps: Do not use the above gif without asking please. I had it made just for me. Credit: -Ravjot-)

:: Most Important ::

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There are over 160 people on my pm account, after the whole deleting process we had, but still, I hardly get 60 likes?? I think I deserve more than that guys!! Please... 


::Character Sketch::


Kriya, 22 years: Living in Vancouver for four years. Suddenly, her past comes back to her, one that never did leave her in the first place. Now, she's a young participant in All Star's Dance competition where Rey is the judge. She has such a passion for dance that isn't hidden from anyone. An uneasy silence between her and Rey needs to be sorted out. But that isn't all. Many situations await her. It's not easy as it seems.


Rey, 23 years: A famous dancer and known all over the world; such a person who hides his pain from everyone other than his friends. Everyone knows his as the celebrity Rey. Only few know him as just Rey. He has a passion for dance. The day comes when his past is in front of him and that's what he had been waiting for since years! Still, dreadful past keeps them apart. It isn't that easy to win someone's trust back after all.


Sonia: Kriya's best friend and house mate in Vancouver. She knows all about Rey and Kriya and was the one who taught Kriya to live her life again. Before, she hated Rey as well as she knew one side of the story, the side that Kriya knew. When she knows the other side as well, she isn't the one who would back out from giving her best friend's love back to her!


Sharon: The perfect friend, girlfriend and the best of all, SISTER! She somewhere blames herself for the fall out of her sister and best friend. Now, she takes it upon herself to bring them back together. That's not all. She'll support everything Kriya does and at times, will even smack her if she's doing the wrong thing. That's what sisters are for!


Swayam: He's the guy who can always tell what is going on inside the other person's heart before it is even spoken. Whist he supports Sharon on her ideas, he also makes sure to not break any of the promises made. A man true on his words and always there for moral support whenever needed.


Karan Mallik ' Previously, he was a student counselor at their college. He had created a bond with all of them that they kept in touch even after college. He was closest to Kriya and always there for her by her side. Just like a brother to her. Many of the changes in their personality are because of the guiding he does. Whilst he can be very serious at times when guiding, he's just as much of a prankster.


Vaibhavi ' The second judge along with Rey. Since the time she first met Kriya, she knew there was more to her then she was letting out. Before truly knowing her, she was interested in the story. Now that she does know, how can she keep herself from helping the love buds? She's a very interesting character that recognizes the true talent in people.


 **New Characters that come in Season 2**

Tara: As others, dance is her passion. A girl who takes time to trust others and lacks confidence now and then. But believes to work hard and strive to be the best. She might get sidetracked now and then but always finds her way to work around things. A bit fast on getting anger. 

Christian: (personal note: how can you NOT like this guy and his looks? Tongue I simply love him Blushing Go search him up by typing Christian from DA and you'll get to see more Tongue) His character, an easy going person who helps anyone in need. He might be a bit of a flirt but only does that in limits to tease Tara. Hip-hop is his specialty! 

Katrina aka Kat: A loud, outgoing, fun-loving girl. Tom-boy at times and believes in saying her heart out, even if it's the meanest thing there. Still, always there for her friends and easy to talk to. 

Update below! 


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I N X .
**Page numbers are hyper-linked [except page 1] and they will be added as updates come**
Season 1 (Chapters 1-22+Epilogue)
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Season 2 (Chapter 1 - Ongoing)
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#6 Ishq Junoon Deewangi Chapters 5-6+NewCS 
#7 Ishq Junoon Deewangi Chapters 7-9 + Teasers 

Chapter 10 Page 1
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Chapter 13 Page 92
Chapter 14 Page 111
Chapter 15 Page 121
Epilogue Page 134

... And it's Back!

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Previous: Chapter 9 Page  54 (Thread 7)

Here it goes people Big smile I really hope to see tons of comments and likes for this update Embarrassed It's the only thing you can do to make me happy Tongue 

Chapter 10


Both exited the place in a rush. Why wouldn't they when they just got the chance to be by themselves?! The rode soon turned to a highway and Rey pulled the roof of the car back to turn it into sports car. They rode fast, the car running with the wind's direction, making Kriya's hair come all over her face. At first, she was enjoying the open air. Soon, she was irritated as it kept bothering her hair and disturbing her view!


Rey laughed inwardly at her expressions. He found them so cute! Then again, he was also a bit mad at the wind for ruining his view. How could he gaze at her when her face was all covered with hair running around?


At last, he forwarded his hand and gathering her hair, pulled them back for her. She turned her face to look at him as soon as his hands touched her forehead. She smiled at him. He smiled back. She seemed to be thanking him for his gesture. No matter how old and common this trick was, it brought a small smile on her face. It made her feel loved. These things constantly kept on telling her his car for her; the thing a girl needs the most!


That was of no use though. The wind would again undo the tucking and bring her hair forward again. She gave him a pleading look. He listened and pulled the roof back up, turning it into a closer car yet again. Both of them loved driving with the roof open. But today was just not their day! Fortunately or unfortunately?


 Kriya turned the AC on at full speed and directed the fan towards her. Rey shook his head. She would always do that whenever she sat in cars. As always, Rey said, "It's not good to have artificial air coming right at you."


She smirked, getting naughty. "Acha? Then give me natural air."


He cocked his brow, not understanding what she was saying. She bent towards him stretching the seatbelt and blew on his face. Reaction: eyes shut due to shock and the car comes to a screeching halt, making the seatbelt stretch further and her hands on his shoulder to protect herself from bumping.


"What are you doing? Accident ho jayega." Rey scolded, though he was pleasantly surprised by her action.


She laughed and then added acting innocent. "Tum samjhe nai toh mai kya karu."


Seeing his expression, she continued laughing and was about to retreat to her seat when he pulled her back, hands firm on her own.


She questioned him through her eyes. It was now him blowing on her face. She closed her eyes as she felt it. It somehow tickled her face and she shied, looking past his shoulder when she reopened her eyes. "Kya hua? This is what you asked for." He replied with the same innocent smirk-y tone.


She lightly hit him on his chest and pulled back. He restarted the car and started driving, a grin on his face while a smile creeping up on hers.




"Sharon, chill sweetie. Our plan is full-proof. It will definitely work." Vaibhavi tried calming her as she packed up and fro.


She replied back, "You don't know Kriya. She changes her mind in a second. Anything can happen."


"The worst that can happen is..." Karan started.


"Don't even say it!" Swayam interrupted Karan. He dispersed the sentence and Swayam moved towards Sharon.


"Let's go." He told her.




"If you stay here any longer, you'll keep worrying. Just follow me."


Sharon objected but he pulled her away. Vaibhavi asked, "Now who's going to help me set up?!"


Karan whistled and a flock of kids gathered around out of nowhere. Vaibhavi's eyes were wide with horror. What the…!?


"Don't worry, I know them." He told her and then winked at the kids. They all, like the smart generation they were, started on their work at once!!




Both of them entered the mall, walking hand in hand as a couple. After all, they technically were a couple. Weren't they?


While looking around from one rack to another, Rey teased, bringing up the topic out of nowhere. "You know, that red valentines dress looked pretty hot on you."


She gave him a 'shut up' look as he was being loud while around other customers. They were giving them a teasing glance and she was shying away. He laughed at her expression and kept his hand around her, taking her by surprise. The next instant, she relaxed; loving the moment even more. They continued fishing for outfits.


Rey's eyes fell on a dress. He instantly pulled Kriya towards him from the other side and handed it to her. "Go try this on." Rey asked her. She looked at it horrified.


"This?!!!" she exclaimed.


He replied, "Yes, this. Why? What's wrong with it?" He asked then, pretending to be completely innocent.


"Nothing..." she replied very slowly, almost a murmur, and moved towards the trial area. How was she supposed to explain to him that it was too low from the chest and while she would do anything for him, she still had her morals set and wasn't comfortable with crossing the limits.


Moreover, it had a bunch of threads which were to be tied, all of which she had no idea where they would tie up to. Even after being flexible, she was sure she wouldn't be able to tie them all by herself. For a second, she cursed Sharon for not coming along and cursed herself as well as she herself didn't want to take Sharon with her.




"Swayam! Where are we going?!!" Sharon asked for the umpteenth time. She was sitting in the passenger's seat while Swayam drove without replying back to her previous attempts at trying to find out. He did the same this time.


"You will know when we get there."


Five minutes later, the car stopped in front of the most familiar building. One all of them were deeply connected with. None other than St. Louis college campus. Being the famous historical dance team they were; they were allowed to visit at any given time at any day. A beautiful advantage it was for them all! A perfect way they could relive their magical memories whenever they wished to.




She asked and then cheered up; giving a bright smile as they stepped out. She understood the reason he brought her there. There was only and only ONE thing in this entire world that would give them relief from any worries, be it a small one or a big one.




He said, "You go in. I'll be right back."


Saying so, he proceeded to drive back out. She asked.


"Where are you going?" Then knowing it was futile to ask him, she continued, "Forget I asked you. See you in a bit."


He smiled, loving how well she knew him now compared to the college days.




As she had predicted, Kriya was struggling to find the correct ends of the strings to tie together. She just couldn't grab the correct ends together! Over all, she was getting frustrated to no end. Rey knocked on the door.


"Are you still in there?"


"Hmm." She let out to let him know while still struggling in there.


The trial area was empty. Thus, he leaned by the door and started talking to her.


"I thought you fell asleep in there."


"Very funny."


"Kriya, it's been half an hour since you've been in there! What's taking so long?"


"I – uh …" He started fumbling for words.


He stood straight on his feel. "Either you're coming out or I'm coming in."


She gave a mocking laugh. "Ha-ha. The door is lock from inside Mr. Reyansh Singhania."


"Are you challenging me?" he asked with a tease.


She decided against it knowing very well that he would prick the lock open if she encouraged him.


"No… I'm just saying. Plus, you aren't allowed in ladies trial area. What are you doing here?"


"Kriya." He said sternly.




"Stop making excuses."


And so he knew! She didn't reply back. He got worried a minute later.


"Kriya? You there?"


"You told me to stop making excuses."


He shook his head with pleasure. He smile wiped off his face as he asked.


"Do you trust me?"


"Is this a trick question?" she asked, worried he asked that all of a sudden.


"DO you?" he repeated, insisting an answer.


For few seconds, she didn't reply. Only because she couldn't answer why he was asking that. When the reply didn't come as fast as he was expecting, he was disappointed. He didn't know what and why he was hoping for in particular.


He took a step back and slowly turned to face the other direction. He was going to quietly walking away. He took a step away from the door. Just then, she knew she had to. She opened the door ajar to let him know. Hearing the movement, he stopped in his track.




Swayam walked in with a picnic bag. Sharon gaped at it pleasantly. "Swayam?!!?"


"Decided we might as well spend the night right. There's no way I'm going to let you go home and worry when we can spend the day in a much better way." He replied with a wink.


He moved to put the things to the side. She couldn't help with gaze attentively at him. Each action of his would make her love him even more then before. What did she ever do to have such a lovely boyfriend?!


After turning the player on, he walked back to her and asked for her hand. For a dance. She kept hers in his and he brought her closer to him. The soft, melodious music seeped through the room, touching their hearts and them lost in its rhythm.




Rey turned around to look at the open door. She pulled it back further and dared to move her head up to look at him. Their eyes met and he could only see immense love and trust in her eyes for him. He couldn't have asked for anything more. He took a step back towards the door and stood at its outskirt, a soft smile on his face.


Before taking the step in, he touched her soft hands and brought them to his eyes, covering them. How much more sweet can a guy be? It was only after that that he took the step inside the tiny cubicle and she moved a step back.


He had asked the question because from the beginning, he knew she would need help with the strings. And he simply wanted to know if she trusts him enough to let him in the place to help her. By opening the door, she had given him the best happiness she could for the moment. She had proved she did by letting him in. And she knew that too!


As the door was locked, Kriya moved her hand back. He kept her eyes closed. "What are you doing?" He asked.


"If I didn't trust you enough, I wouldn't let you in at all." She announced sweetly.


He smiled through the heavy meanings the words held. She asked him to open his eyes. "You can open them."


He asked for her hand, eyes still close. She placed it in his. He brought her slowly a step closer to him and he placed his hand on her back. He then whispered in her ear, "I don't know if I trust myself around you."


It was her who gave a genuine smile now. Putting her other hand on his check, she replied; the words holding the power.


"Open your eyes."


**Many of you said Dil Se moment in comments from teaser. Actually, I have not planned a song sequence for this scene. I have planned one (which comes later on in update) but it's not for this scene. You're free to open the song in new tab and play it while reading it! **


Steadily, he opened his eyes and looked into hers. She replied back with a smile and turned around. Holding her hair together, she moved them aside, to reveal her bare neck. And the temptation began. He did the best he could to not get carried away as he moved his shaking fingers up to hold the strings by her neck.


The butterflies were doing the similar effect to her when his hands brushed across her skin. The tingly sensation rubbed across her skin. Slowly and apprehensively, he tied the first string. Inwardly, he gave a smile for not losing his control.


Just as soon, he lost it. He looked past her to see her face in the mirror. She gave a smile back and her neck came in his view. He just could not hold back. Anxiously, his hand touched her arm as he took a very close step to her, his chest and her back almost touching.


She took a slight gasp at the touch of his cold hands against her skin. It sent shrivels down her spine. He buried his face in her neck …….. An uncontrolled reaction… her hand went towards the back of his head. In a way, it urged Rey to go on! He left a soft kiss on his neck, making her moan slightly. It was a pleasure. One both of them longed for.


He moved a little out to her shoulder, giving her arm a tight grasp. Another kiss. She had her eyes closed. Both from anticipation and from a little pain she was getting because of his tight hold on her arm. He stayed that way for a while.


She didn't reciprocate either. It was bliss. Their hearts being faster, yet together in sync. When the pain went above her limit, she softly called him out. "Rey…"


He wasn't in his senses to say anything. He simply made a sound.




With her opposite hand, she touched his hand, letting him know through this action that he was holding her too lightly. Instantly, he snapped out and let go of her hand. He looked down at it and saw the red marks his fingers had left.


He felt really guilty for hurting him. "I'm so sorry….!" He went on a hyper state, not believing he could hurt her like this!


She calmly held his face and looked into his eyes. All she did was simply shake her head in a 'no'. He calmed down and let out a deep sigh.


"I told you I don't trust myself around you."


"I do." She replied and moved in to give him a kiss on his cheek, making him feel alive again.


She turned her back to him and continued, "We should move out before someone comes in to find you here."


Next, he looked at the one that was by her wait. As he looked down, he could see her bare waist as well, due to the open back of the dress. The strings were attached to the first and one has to encircle them to bring them back and tie them there.


At first, he didn't know where exactly he tied up to. He moved to the front to figure it out. When he couldn't he moved back again, fumbling with them and turning Kriya around and round as if she was a statue he was experimenting on!


Finally, she got a bit dizzy and gave the stop signal. Taking the strings, she untangled them and left them. They fell by her side. She turned her back to him and took his hands by his wrist. As she brought them to the string, he held them and she guided his hands to the back, making it seem so easy.


He gave a 'sorry' face for making her turn so much and tied them up.




Swayam was watching Sharon as she ate. She asked between bites, "How do you make such delicious food?!"


"Try a thing called 'recipe book." He taunted and forced his smile back.


"Ha-Ha." She replied and threw a blanket at him before going back to her food.


Next minute, she was up. "I'm bored here. Let's go out."


He got up and followed her out of the room. Both walked the hallways, chatting and laughing, remembering their fights, taunts, dances and all their fun they used to have.


They ended up by the old staircase. Unknowingly, a tear escaped Sharon's eyes and she remembered the brutal treatment she had given to Swayam. She knew he didn't deserve it at all.


He noticed it and instantly turned her to face him. "I can't see a tear in your eye."


"The way I used to treat you…" he voice dried away.


"That was past. We'll make a better future." He assured her.


She nodded. He bent down to kiss the tear away. Her heart played havoc. They started walking again, his hands around her waist as she laid her head on his shoulder.




Ride back home:


The car ran smoothly for about 10 minutes. Kriya was humming along to the music while Rey was tapping the beats on the steering wheel. All of a sudden, the car staggered to a stop. She looked at him, questioning eyes. He replied back with uncertainty. "I'll check…"


He got out and opened the front engine. A rush of smoke burst out, making his cough. She got out of the car as well.


"Did you forget to get the car serviced again?" she asked with a stern face.


"NO! I had it done just a week ago." He replied and turned a few things here and there to locate the problem. She walked to the side, waiting for him to reach to a conclusion. When she did, she found the solution as well. She tapped him and made him see what he was seeing.


A trait of oil leak. "How can that…" Rey started asking and both knew without even having to wonder about it. They said it together.




They laughed and Rey pulled the bonnet back down. They rested against it. "A lovely friend I have!" Rey commented.


Kriya followed it with, "Add a lovely sister to it!"


"Can't blame them tough. The heights they go to-to bring us together."


"Imagine what happens when they find out we were already together." Kriya replied and both had another good laugh.


"You know, they should pay for this." Rey said deviously.


"Pay?" she asked.


"Yea! See, there's no petrol left in the car. Walking would take forever. This is a highway. No hotels or anything around. Practically, we're out in the middle of nowhere. We're going to have to camp out in this weather. They need a pay back." He concluded and she nodded. He told her his plan and she laughed.


"They will so kill us once it's all over."




"AHHH!" came the screaming voice of Kriya as Rey looked towards the dark place hearing it. It completely took the life out of him. The next minute, she appeared running out of the woods in pitch dark. Yes, they were by the jungle. They stepped down the road and walked a few miles inside to find a decent place to spend the night. Kriya had left to search for something to eat while he stayed back to make the fire.


He had removed his shirt, sitting there only in his vest. He was about to say 'slow down' because if she didn't, she would end up falling!


Before he could though, she jumped down on his lap and hugged him tight, out of fear. At first, he had a confused expression on which soon changed to pleasing. He was in a good mood. He purposely embraced her and asked cheerfully, a glint of teasing, "Wah, and here I was thinking madam was shy."


She opened her eyes and the fear was going. She was safe in his arms. She pulled back a little and realized she was on his lap!! The next moment, she was shy! She tried pulling back and hit him lightly on the chest. That didn't do. He was obviously strong enough and wasn't going to let go of her.


"Rey..." She spoke up. The voice soon drained away as she looked in his eyes and saw him intently gazing into her own set of eyes.


She stopped resisting and trying to get up. She relaxed and forgot the reason why she was running and just kept looking at him. As if on cue and with the temptation, she lay her head on his chest and closed her eyes, feeling the moment.


Both were spending time together. Alone. No one to disturb them. Was it was quality time or romantic moments? Did it really matter when they were with the other? I say not! Few minutes passed by when Kriya reopened her eyes.


She spoke softly, "There's a lion in the jungle." She spoke it with such ease! It was as if she was saying it was just a 'monkey' or 'goat'!


He replied with a, "hmm…" not really registering what she had said. A second later, he popped open his eyes and freaked. "What?!!" He was up in no time. Due to which, Kriya fell flat on her back!!! She opened her mouth, wide with horror that he would do that to her!!


"Rey!!!!" She exclaimed.


His eyes went wide as well. He had shocked himself by doing that. He helped her up. "I'm SO sorry!!!!" she was brushing the leaves away as he continued, "You know, it's your fault! Who says a thing like that with such ease?!!"


"Well my bad if I thought you needed to know!" She gave him an angry reply and walked the other way, letting him know she was mad at him.


He followed her to apologize. "I said sorry na."


She ordered, "Find me something to eat."


It was evident that was the only way she'd forgive him. He was about to turn and leave when she stopped him. "Wait." He turned back and she added innocently, "Sit down. You're not going anywhere."


"But food…"


"Not eating one day is not going to kill me!" she spit out. "How can you forget you are allergic to bugs? I might be mad at you but I'm not going to force you into a death well myself."


He smiled. Even through her anger, she cared for him. He hadn't really remembered his allergy on the bugs. If he got bit even once, it would make a week of bed rest!


She further scolded him. "And what is this? Just because you're a guy doesn't mean you keep flashing your muscles around."


He giggled at her concern. He made sure to make it silent. Though she did. "I can hear that." She said as she came back with his shirt. Here." She demanded he put it on.


He did with a pleased face. How he loved to see the concern for him mixed with anger! She looked all the more cute and angelic in this avatar. And he knew; the night was still young!



That was 15 pages in word!! If I added the other sequence I was planned, it would have exceeded page 20. So I stopped here instead Embarrassed Please don't throw juttas, tamatars and all at me Embarrassed Hope you all still loved the update!! 
And YES, one of you come over to my house and give me a neck message Stern Smile Typing this update has done severe damage to it!!! 

Now next update will be dunno when... I'm going to handle the other FFs now too so Im guessed this goes back to once a week...? Or less.? Jo bhi ho.. 

Abhi ke liye comment and like karo! Even silent readers please Embarrassed 


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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 4:14pm | IP Logged



im very happy for u re

pata hai im soo soo much happy

pehle shas ka wapas aana then

mera exams khatam hona...

my new thread

and ab tera new thread...8th!!!!!!!!

sabse jyaada 1 YR?????????

me dng tapori dance...

usi me maza aata hai...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! me jumping like mad...

chal ab teasers ki baat

umm umm...wo kya tha??

another DIL SE types??

dori and all...

hmm...rey is too naughty...


and second promo...


what was it???

kaha hai donon???

i mean jungle mei kaise???

and madam ki senses kaha gayi???

jungle mei sher hai...

itni ache se bol rahi hai jaise

jungle mei phool hai...

ab kya hoga???


My name is Khushi(Who doesn't know that? Stern Smile me me me me me!!!! *raising hand and jumping*If you're reading this, you should know that ROFL) I only know laalbattiTongue Ok back to speech... No! Not Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!! DO NOT call me her! Angry  toh sankhadevi bulaun??ROFL Let us both be different person. She can act and I can write. See, completely different occupation and situation. ROFL The journey began on October 5th 2011. A year today! It started out simple just like everyone else and along the way, this became the most popular FF on D3 forum(Or so I've been told by many. Since I do not read other FF's I wouldn't know TongueMade a handful of good friends as well along the way. I'd thank you all for reading but then you all bring in 'formality'formality hai so bach gayi warnaEvil Smile  rule so I'll say 'Continue reading OR ELSE 'Evil Smile

okay ji

me me...i saw this and loved it a lot..

par bohut late se dekha a late comer ri8??

yup many left...coz of...

*sigh* no comments...

chalo no sad thingies now...

its ur day...


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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by deetha


finally aaj mai ache se cmnt kar paungi

missed you <33
super busy?
Orrr maybe im bussy LOL

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Deetha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ..first.rain..

Originally posted by deetha


finally aaj mai ache se cmnt kar paungi

missed you <33
super busy?
Orrr maybe im bussy LOL

missed u too re...Hug

pehle dance practise and next exams...

poori tarah se nichod ke rakhdiya mujheOuch

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