Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

WU: Oct 4, 2012: NeVi divorce secret revealed!!

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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 11:46am | IP Logged

First of all sorry guys for being a bit late - as you all would see today's episode had huge convos which needed to be penned down correctly. Due to the time constraint I was forced to cut short few dialogues to make it fast.


Episode starts in continuation of Rahul's birthday party.

Upon asked about Ram's present health and hospitalization by one of the attendees,

Ram responds:

Ram:-Hospital se jaise main nikla hun na, yesa lag raha hai ki meri yek... (Ram takes a pause & glances at Priya turning his face towards her with a grinning smile ' making her jealous wherein Priya was observing him consistently and he takes a small pause again & continues)...nayi zindagi shuru hui...I am feeling rejuvenated...and feeling really happy ( Priya continues to stare at him with disappointment expressed on her face; her shocked eyes filled with tears which were about to get flooded out ' our expression queen made our day once again with her power house performance.

Ram continues (with a sarcastic smile on this face): Matlab pahle kabhi...(takes a pause again with an attitude, but smile continues on his face & then utters) itni khushi kabhi mahsoos hi nahi kiya maine ( Priya still in the shock mode observing him calmly ). Aur ye sabkuch meri wife...(Ram takes a glance back to Priya again and continues) "Ayesha" ki wajah se hui (Ayesha gives a stunning expression of "?" on her face; Priya still in the shock state; Ram gently places his hand around Ayesha looking at him with a so called bright smile) and the background number of "Bade ache lagte hain" begins...

While the background number is ON, Ram continues to have a smile on his face, keeping an eye on Priya.

Ayesha responds back to Ram with a smile on her face. Priya almost broke into tears. During the background number, Ayesha finally smiles thinking that Ram is giving her importance over Priya as his wife; Priya feeling uncomfortable with guilt & hurt reflecting on her face; and Ram tried to make Priya more jealous.

And Ram keeps taking a glance of Priya's expressions periodically very much suitable with the phase "kahin pe nigaahein, kahin pe nishaana".



Rishab slowly approaches Priya:

Rishab: Bhabhi...( Rishab with his face down and Priya looking at him ) I am really sorry, agar hum apko avoid karein, to aap please bura mat maaniyega... kyunki, bhai ne humhe sides lene ke liye kaha hai...agar hum aapke saath zyaada raheinge to, shayad unhe firse bura lag jaaye...aur aapko to pata hi hai ki bhai ka health kitna important hai. So, please bhabhi.

Priya: It's okay Rishab (with a gentle smile). I do understand. Mujhe bura nahi lagega. It's really okay.

Rishab: Once again bhabhi, I am really really sorry ( and leaves her company )...



Now Mama ji is back trying to flirt a girl in the party with a glass of drink in his hand and unfortunate for Mama ji that our little hero Khush arrives there holding his coat and starts querying him about the drink, saying...

Khush: Mama ji, aap kya pee rahe ho?????? (meanwhile, the girl got a chance to leave the place).

Mama ji: Oye, sharbat pee raha hun...SHARBAT

Khush: Mujhe bhi peena hai.

Mama ji: O beta, ye kya hai, ye sharbat se na, pait ke keede badh jaate hain...

Khush: (Mama ji got trapped with the series of such question from Khush) .. to apke pait mein keede hain?

Probably, this was the last question Mama ji could have withhold and finally, he didnt have any other option than to flee away from there.



Ram and Ayesha stood at a place and our rockstar "Peehu" approaches Ram calling "papa...papa...papa"

Ram takes her to him responds giving her a hug and greeting as "hi rockstar"...kaise ho?

Peehu: Bahut achi hun... (Responding instantly)...aaj Rahul bhaiya ka b'day hain...pata hai, maine unhe gift bhi diya hai (Ram has a BIG smile on his face seeing his cute daughter happy and excited)

Ram: arey wah !!! that's very good.

(Observing the conversation of Papa-Beti, there is a small sign of smile on Priya's face & Ayesha feeling uncomfortable)

Peehu: Papa, jab mera bhi b'day aayega, tab mere liye bhi gift loge? (Ram blushing with happiness on this face answers Peehu)

Ram: Ofcourse, zaroor gift denge...but apko b'day ke liye wait karne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Humaara paas apke liye gift tayaar hai.

Ram (to Ayesha): Humaari rockstar ka gift kahan par hai?

(Peehu looks at Ayesha with excitment)

Ayesha ( smile on her face ): Ya sure and calls Gopal ( Priya still observing silently )

Gopal fetches the gift and hands it over to Ayesha and she transfers it to Ram.

Ram (Presenting the gift to the rockstar): ye lo, ye sare choclates aapke liye.

(Priya's eyes get filled again, but with happiness watching papa-beti bonding)

Peehu: thank you papa.

Ram: Mujhe thanks kahne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Ye inhone laaya apke liye ( pointing his finger to Ayesha)... unse thanks bolo..

Peehu: Thank you Ayesha aunty !

(Ayesha's face with smile; Priya looks happy)

Peehu takes away the gift and approaches her mom saying-


Peehu: Mamma, Papa ne aur Ayesha aunty ne mujhe gift diya. ( handing over the box of chocs to her mom)

Priya takes the box with a deep smile and Ram observing both of them.

Ram ( calling Rahul ): Rahul, zara idhar aana. (Rahul approaches Ram) Tu professional photographer hai na!

Rahul: Ofcourse !!!

Ram: Zara family photo chahiye (Ram turns towards Priya and calls Peehu) Peehu come here (still staring at Priya stretching his hand to Peehu and she approaching him )

Ram (to Peehu): yek family photo leinge?

Peehu nodes her head with agreement and Ram quickly holds Ayesha and Rahul takes the family photo. ( Priya feels embarrassed again broken into tears and walks away from there and makes a call to her friend Shruti ).

Priya ( On phone ): Hello, haan...Shruti...sun na..wo...maine tujhse teri khaali flat ke baare mein baat ki thi na...wo mujhe aur jaldi chahiye...nahi...koi problem nahi hai...bas...main Peehu ke saath jaldi se jaldi wahan shift hona chahti hun...and listen...wo tune rent lene se mana kiya tha na...lekin mujhe acha nahi lagega... ( meanwhile Rajat arrives there while Priya still on the call ) main tujhe rent (Just notices Rajat with a smile on this face & noding his head asking her to carry on with the call )...Rent main tujhe dungi...abhi shayad yek dum se nahi honge mere paas paise...lekin thoda deri se main rent deti sun na, tujse main baad mein baat karti hun..okay..yaa...bye ( disconnects the conversation )


Rajat and Priya starts the conversation about the common rent issues for Priya both in Dubai and now in Mumbai; waves by to her and leaves the party with a locked smile.



Priya notices Khush playing alone and walks to him and starts lovely conversation with him.

Khush recalls her as "Priya Angel" and informs here that Ram told him that she is Priya Angel and she solves all the problems coming across. (Priya gets emotional thinking how bit by bit Ram used to think about her in her absence and gives a hug to him. She then offers him a chocolate which he denies to accept saying is his not fond of those chocolates. Priya then assures that she will get him some different chocolate on next meeting)

Priya thinks that she cant inform him that "Priya angel aapki maasi bhi hai" and wished if she could solve all the problem..



Ram approaches Nuts to discuss something important.

But, Nuts responds to him saying "aajkal aap baatein kam karte hain, orders zyaada dete hain" and wondering...and questions Ram about whatever he is doing with Priya is right...and also questions him that if Kartik does the same thing with her (as Nuts too had hidden the secret of her abortion from Kartik for the past 5 years & infact, she cant even conceve any more), how would Ram feel? ( This question is to make Ram realize whatever he is doing with Priya is incorrect ).

She also questions him that, when Priya was declared as 'dead', he used to think about her all the time. But, when she is back and infront of him now, he is hurting her severely.

Ram responds to her asking which side she is ie. His side or Priya's side and unexpectly closes the discussion that Nuts is currently talking as Kartik's wife ( ie. Priya's sister-in-law ) rather than his choti.



KK ji tries to persuade Khush to have some food and then have cake (which she confirms is yet to be cut by the b'day boy ) which he denies and suddenly Peehu enters there greeting 'Hi' recalling that he is her brother whom she tried rakhi online earlier.

Then Khush confirms Peehu that his papa Ram informed him that she will stay with them in their house in the near future.

Khush & Peehu get into a conversation and Peehu questions Khush about his interest to chocolates, pastrees, and aalu parathas for which Khush showed is dis-interest.

Peehu lost interest staying with Khush as he doesnt like her favorite items like aalu paratha and questions him saying how can he be her brother and she confirms that she doesnt want to stay with him.

Khush again and again says the same thing that Peehu is going to stay with them at KM after which Peehu rushes to her mamma to get this news confirmed.


Now the promo scene airs !!!!!!!!

Peehu rushes to her mamma and questions her whether she is supposed to stay alone with her papa or not hearing which Priya gets shocked and cross questions her that who informed all these things to her.

Then Peehu replies that she got these updates from Khush.

Priya confirms Peehu that mamma has promised with her that she will always stay with her ( Peehu ) and never leave her alone. Then, how can mamma break her promise.

Ram has an entry from the background taunting "Wah Wah Wah !!! kya baat hai !!!!... " (Sudhir had a shocked expression on this face entering Ram in such a way) and questions Priya why is she lying with his daughter as well. Priya requests Ram not to mess up these things in the party here, especially infront of a child and further request him to discussion on this matter offline.

Ram denies her request and checks Peehu's comfort level in staying in Mumbai instead of Dubai and informs her that she would further stay with him in Mumbai redirecting her to get it confirmed from her mamma.

Priya feels embrassed with this situation and instructs Peehu to get away for a while with her ( Priya ) father to fetch some food.

Once Peehu & her father leaves the place, she questions Ram what exactly is going on? In response to this, Ram just shows the custody papers to Priya.

Priya had a shocked expression on her face looking at such papers and tries to get confirmation from Ram whether he was really serious on custody matters and he really meant it.

Ram hands over the papers to her saying either handover Peehu to him in normal way and tear those papers, else theatends her to meet in the court.

Priya requests him that it is not fair to make Peehu suffer because of such things rather they both mutually can land to some solution in a better way for which Ram flatly refuses on the basis of the mistakes she committed 5 years ago.


Khush again caught hold of Mama ji with his drink enquiring about the cake using humorous statement like "oh, aap to cake nahi khaa sakte..apke pait mein to keede hain.."


The cake is ready for the b'day boy and Vikram seeks attention of all the attendees for cake cutting.

When the cake is being opened, everyone over there get shocked seeing Vikram's and Neha's photographs on the cake separated by the decorated word "Divorce".

Ram gets furious and enquires about the person who ordered the cake for which Cady acknowledges and informs him that she handed over Rahul's photograph and not sure about how the current photographs have been used.

He asks for the shop's phone number, till then Cady notices the shop guy just entering into the party.

Ram tried to question him saying that NeVi is Ram's family and how dare he did this, for which the boy answers that it's his family as well and confirms that he is Vikram's son, on which Ram reacts, but Vikram acknowledges and agrees that he is his son.

All the members stay stun with shock on their faces.

Later Vikram also declares that they ( NeVi ) are getting divorced.

Ram followed by others leaves the party after apologising to the boy with disgrace on their face.

Finally, the secret gets reveals and the hoody boy is Vikram's son.


Ayesha talking about Ram's friendship with such "Atrangi log"... with ships, Sudhir etc



Have a nice weekend everyone!

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thank u

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can you make it fast please I am in hurry to read it
Thank you

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at parifrom2010 please be kind and do not put such reques. Update will be posted as soon as sreev12 is done editting. Just remember sreev12 is doing a favour to all of us by posting update. ( it takes lot of time to write all the details. )
thank you and welcome to the form. :)

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Thank u

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Thanks 4 sharing d detailed written update sree ... Tongue
This episode looks really heavy n i appreciate your effort n time trying to pen-down each n every dialog in a much realistic n granular level.   Star

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thanks for the nice update

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thanx for da update sree

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