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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged

Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


My Views on Aarti's decision to leave house with Ansh Smile

I still stick with my funda that Aarti is right .. its high time she takes this decision of leaving on her own to make Yash realise her importance in his life Smile

Even though Aarti claims that she is doing it for Yash's happiness but deep down she is also doing it for her own swabhimaan(self-respect) too since she knows she wont b able to hear words like paap or sin for this baby in case Yash rejects it  Ouch... yes she is scared of such rejection from Yash and she does not want to see this side of Yash or else she might end up loosing that respect for him and so she wants to run away from him before he confronts her with this pregnency truth Smile...

Now why Aarti dint think about PayPal before leaving .. This is a very complicated scenario .. Bua told Aarti leave Yash's life and take your son Ansh with u Ouch...This has certainly given a sort of inferiority complex in Aarti's mind and she is beginning to wonder somewhere that whether she really has the right to leave this house with all 3 kids .. whether she really has any legal rights on PayPal at all when Yash himself is treating her just like a nanny and not really a wife ?Ouch... Yash repeatedly told Aarti that PayPal r Arpita's nishaani ..so somewhere even if she loves PayPal like a real mother , but her place as a mother in PayPal's life is still a big question mark unless Yash accepts her as his wife properly Smile...

Aarti told Ansh we will b playing this hide and seek game for some days which means she certainly has no plan to leave Yash forever and somewhere she does expect Yash to find her out and stop her from leaving and accept her with this baby ... She wants to see some genuine efforts from Yash's side this time as a husband so that later he is not able to put accusations on her for trapping him with this baby   .. Thats what I can make out from Aarti's decision and words to Ansh Smile


My Views on Prashant's return as a reformed man as per Articles Smile

Poetic justice is the right word I guess Approve .. Yash always has thrown Arpita card on Aarti's face whenever she spoke  about her feelings to him and today when Yash is developing feelings for Aarti , Destiny will give him a taste of his own medicine by throwing Prashant card on Yash's face thus challenging him to fight for his love Aarti to get her back  and this way mayb make him realise how much it pains to see the person u love is not with u but with her/his Ex Ouch...

Aarti in this case will b exclusively in love with Yash only but at least Yash will get the scare of loosing Aarti to this reformed Prashant for sometime at least and this will make him realise how much unfair he was when he kept throwing Arpita card on Aarti's face without thinking about her emotions Embarrassed

As far as reformed Prashant is concerned , I m sure he is faking it so that in future he can win Aarti's trust and then ask for Ansh's custody .. so a future costudy battle on cards for sure Ermm


Episode Analysis of today's episode

Today's Episode was more about the Journey to real destination which is the Dargah .. Yes now we know Aarti is heading towards Dargah and even Yash will go there searching for her .. Its the same dargah where both met for the first time which means both r going to reunite as well in that same dargah to make a new fresh start EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

I see the episode more like a filler even though I wont deny that I enjoyed the hide and seek scene between Yash-Aarti in bus-stop as I could clearly see the longing and pain in both their eyes and pain is always beautiful on screen Embarrassed...

Prashant and Arpita came in Yash-Aarti's life with a purpose ..to take them to their real destination Embarrassed

Prashant and Arpita r like carriers in Aarti-Yash's life  and not soulmates Smile...When Yash was in extreme guilt mode after the Mumbai night , we saw Arpita coming and freeing him from that guilt by asking him to fight for Aarti and kids Embarrassed...Today when Aarti is almost clueless in her life and does not know where to go , Prashant might come as per articles and help her out in regaining consciousness  and may even take her to the Dargah where she will meet Yash Embarrassed...

In short both Arpita and Prashant came in Yash-Aarti's life to take them to their ultimate destination Embarrassed...Yash will reach the dargah in Delhi since he remembers Aarti told him she will go there and Aarti too will eventually go to the same dargah since she has left her destiny in God's hands and both will eventually meet in that same place where they first met  to make a fresh new start ... So that defines true soulmates... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I m relieved that at least we know why Aarti is going to Delhi and where exactly she is going LOLBig smile.. She is going to the dargah to pray for Yash's happiness and also to know from God what is her next destination which means she really has no plan in mind ... She has not really decided what to do next or where to go next .. its not like she is going to Delhi to settle there forever ... Smile..So somewhere I m glad CVs r sending Aarti here to Delhi for a purpose Thumbs Up...

Aarti and Yash's hide and seek in bus-stop was quite interesting ...

Like I said I actually enjoyed their hide and seek in bus stop LOLEmbarrassed...Mayb because I was waiting for the day when I can see some pain , longing and restlessness in Yash's eyes for his current wife Aarti and not his dead wife Big smile...So finally when I could see all that in his search for Aarti , I dint mind all the dragging too Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...

I also loved the way Yash catches hold of that thief's collar who stole Aarti's purse and asks him about Aarti's whereabouts in a typical angry young man style Day Dreaming .. It showed Yash's extreme possessiveness towards Aarti and the fact that he will never let anyone touch Aarti's belongings EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

On the other hand I loved that little self-talk of Aarti when she sees Yash searching for her and she was almost ready to go towards him as well but then she feels that Yash is searching for her as part of his duty but he will never be able to forigve himself for this baby and takes a U-turn again CryCry...So Aarti's dilemma here was quite clear .. She wants to go back to Yash but her only worry is she dont want Yash to accept her with this baby by force and then stay with guilt forever Ouch...In the process she did take some wrong decisions like not thinking about Payal-Palak or not thinking about her own condition since she knows she is hving a high-risk pregnency but like I said in my previous takes too , its an extremely emotional decision she has taken where her mind is not at all thinking about any practical stuff  but all she could think is Yash called it a paap and he should not live in guilt because of her OuchOuch...

So all these complex emotions of Yash and Aarti I could see in the entire hide and seek bus-stop scene which really made a interesting watch since I m personally a sucker of such emotions of pain and longing EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and when u hv such wonderful actors like GC and KS , then it does become a treat to watch such pain on screen before the reunion Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Yash and Aarti .. both characters r flawed in a way  but thats the beauty of the whole track .. we can defend both characters and we can attack both characters depending on our perspectives and thats what CVs too shown in the episode today via Daddy Scindia and Mr.Dubey's perspectives Thumbs Up

I think CVs voiced out various opinions via all the characters today ..

Mr. Dubey believes Aarti is irresponsible in leaving the house suddenly with Ansh in this condition Ouch..Half of the viewers too think the same and even today many r debating on see what Aarti has put Ansh into , now what will happen to the little boy who is left all alone in road with Aarti fainting OuchOuch...

On the other hand Daddy Scindia believes Yash is responsible since Aarti was forced to take this emotional decision because Yash could not become a proper husband for Aarti and he apologises to Shobha-Dubey for it Ouch ...Half of the viewers too think the same that Aarti today is emotionally drained out because Yash's nonstop chanting of "paap" has taken a toll on her brain cells and she has stopped thinking practically Ouch...

Moral of the story is CVs themselves r trying to tell that they hv deliberately made the characters flawed so the debate can always go on regarding who is right and who is wrong Smile...Daddy Scindia feels Yash is wrong while Mr. Dubey feels Aarti is wrong ... Its the same with viewers too  and we too r forever debating who is right and who is wrong LOLLOL

I feel its the circumstances and destiny which is leading both Yash-Aarti through this complex phase of life so that both can realise how much incomplete they r without each other's support EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Its a realisation phase for both and we might see an emotional confrontation and reunion between both in dargah next week Embarrassed

Divyam take a bow .. u little kiddo ClapClapClap

I always keep praising GC-KS and Aarti-Yash only or keep talking about them but today I want to salute this little kid Divyam for his terrific acting in the last part when he sees her mother unconscious  in jungle and he is so helpless , dunno what to do , where to go ... goshhh the kid was brilliant in showing his worry for his mother StarStarStarStarStarClapClapClapClap...

Divyam's Expression made me say " Why Aarti why ... why your emotions had to take a toll on u that u hv to put your son Ansh in this condition .. why Aarti why ?? " CryCry...So hats off to this little kidddo ... he was a star in today's episode ClapClapClapClap

Overall I liked the episode but again CVs plss dont drag this hide and seek thing forever because then same thing starts looking repitative and boring .. so hopefully by the end of tomorrow's episode we should b able to see Yash-Aarti in dargah at least EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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thank jyo!! OMG!! prashant the khalnayak is back! ShockedOuch

will write my take later Big smile

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It was a Unhappy but great epy 

It commences with Yash asking around for Aarti and Ansh when the aunty tells him that they are sitting on the bench...Yash goes to the bench and doesn't find them...Aarti and Ansh are walking when Asnh spots Yash who is restlessly looking for them...Aarti is about to go to him but stops and in self talk says that Yash will forver burn in guilt so she decides against meeting him OuchCry...Seriously Aarti now I wanna smack you LOL

She tells Ansh to come let them continue the game...Aww my heart was breaking for them all CryCryCry

Paridi tells her mom about what happened with the producer, the latter gives her a good slap...She tells her you love Pratik so much, right then why did you commit this mistake to which replies that she doesn't know what to do...She decides to tell Pratik everything but her mother stops her telling her not to do such thing...She tells her mom that she has to go to the shoot, her mom tells her that she'll go with her since she only has five days of shooting left...Hmm I understand her mom going with her to protect her from that slim ball producer by not telling Pratik now about the incident it's gonna make things worse in the futureOuchOuch...My goodness both of the Scindias DILs are hiding some huge things 4m their husband, I really love the contrasts yet similarities between the two couples ClapClap

Aarti and Ansh can't find the bus going to Delhi so Aarti asks around with no luck then a shady looking man tells her her that the bus to Delhi is a few row down, he takes an opportunity to snatch her purse away when she wasn't looking...She runs behind him, the thief bumps into Yash and drops the purse...Aarti sees that and stops in her tracks.

Yash sees Aarti's ID, he picks up the purse and asks the thief where did he get it to which he replies her...But Aarti has already left...She's running with Ansh while Yash is chasing after them...While running she feels dizzy again but continues to run...they finally reach the bus leaving for Delhi...She looks out the window and sees that Yash also has reached the bus, she watches him and as he's about to turn his head in her direction she hides Ouch

Yash looks throw the windows by doesn't she them so he decides to go into the bus, he looks around but doesn't see them...He stands next Aarti who a cover over her and Ansh...Yash touches her shoulder but doesn't recognizes her ShockedCryConfused

He gets off the bus, Aarti uncovers herself and Ansh and in self talk says ...the bus starts to pull out the station, Aarti is looking at Yash on last time and Yash is looking so distraught CryCry

Shobha and Dubey at SM with SP...they tell him sorry for what their daughter did but SP tells them that Aarti isn't the one at fault Yash is...He goes on to say that it's Yash's responsibility to bring Aarti back & he asks them for forgiveness in Yash's name...SP was very emotional OMG my sly fox sounded like he was on the verge of tears Unhappy 

Pankaj comes and tells them that Aarti, Yash knows where she is heading...she going to the holy shrine in Delhi...Shobha is all happy to hear that, she says if Aarti is upset she goes there and that Yash & Aarti will meet there and be reunited...Dubey didn't look to happy when shobha said that LOL

Pankaj and Pratik on the phone...SP is very sad...Paridi comes and asks him to have something to eat, he refuses...Paridi goes on to say that this is the time for them all to be strong and that he needs his strength...Pankaj, Pratik and Vidhi are shocked to see this side of Pari...haha so was I, it was like i was watching someone else ShockedLOLLOL

SP agrees to go eat...Pratik tells Pari that he's proud of her while the latter's face is full of guilt ...Well it seems like she's gonna be putting on an act from now on Ouch

Aarti and Ansh on the bus, the former in self talk says she's coming to Peer BaBa...The bus driver says that they are stopping for 10min and whoever needs to refresh to do it...Ansh tells Aarti that he wanna go to the bathroom.

Ansh goes into the woods to pee cause he doesn't feel comfortable going in public...Ansh is talking his little heart out asking Aarti questions...The latter feels dizzy and faints when she doesn't answer him Ansh turns around and is shocked to see her laying on the ground...Aww poor kid, all that running around wasn't good especially since she hasn't eating anything plus she didn't take her medicine either CryCry

Precap: Ansh tries to wake Aarti up when the bus leaves them behind...Ansh runs calling for help, he's all alone on the side of the road Unhappy

EDIT: Hmm okay I don't know how P is gonna make his entrance cause it would be illogical for him to find Ansh and Aarti only if he was heading to Bhopal or in that direction...IMO Yash has more chances of finding them cause he was right behind them...I just want Aarti to get check out so that we can know how Little AarYa is doing <_< 

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Scary Title!

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Originally posted by jabirnou

@Zetter, Eva,  Tilu  My Greetings  to you
 May Peace and Blessings Of Almighty Be Upon You All
How Are You Sweeties?

heyy im doing good!! how have you been? Big smile

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Hai Ram now Prashant again...nahin yeh nahin ho sakta :(

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RES. I never tend to undate anything when i reserve. Still doing it anyway

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