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Dekha Ek Khwaab

SS " MANVEER MARRIED LIFE "ch38 pg163,ch37pg150(ho

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   Everything is same as shown in deka ek kwaab serial.all the character sketch is same. Story starts from where it ended in dekha ek kwaab. It starts wit jai returning the crown to manyata and asks for apology. And everyone one hugging as shown in the serial.

                Chapter 1 

J - sorry jiji for all the things I hav done. I know Mai maafi ki laayak nahi hu. This crown belongs to you.

MANYATHA - I forgive u j . Past is past leave it. Come my younger sister give me a warm hug. J n manyatah hug each other.

      All vijay manyatah unnathi j and uday hug each other forgetting all the things. Meanwhile Komal and brijraj enter mahal.

KOMAL - wit Teary eyes Bhagwan ka laak shukar hai .aaj hamaara pariwar poori hogaya ...she hugs everyone and congrats uday and manyatha.

BRIJRAJ - he hugs both j and manyatha and feels  his both daughters love. He feels happy for uday that he is back to his normal health

GIRIRAJ - he arrives from London. He feels so happy to c his son k . Next minute he shouts at manyatah telling that she was responsible for all da mess . Later aft 2 days he realizes da situation and forgives manyatha and j . He blesse both manyatah and uday.
RAJ PUROHITH - he arrives and tells that there is a nice muhurath after 10 days

BRIJRAJ AND GIRIRAJ - then final it guriji. We want to get them married as soon as possible . 

UDAY AND MANYATHA - both share an eye lock. Manyatha blushes and goes away from there.

                          AFTER TWO YEARS

       Jaigad mahal is fully decorated and all the arrangements are going on for unnathi and vijay engagement . That day night is vijay's and unnathi's engagement.

KOMAL - beta unnathi aap ka dress perfect haina koi alteration ki zaroorath nahi haina .

UNNATHI - nahi aunts ,now it's perfect . Everything is ok aunty. Bahabisa got everything done perfectly . 

KOMAL - k beta wear da dress and come I'll help u wit da jewellary. I'll help u to get ready. 

UNNATHI - nahi aunty I'll get ready myself I think u should go and help manyatha to get ready. U know na aunty these days she is weak .

MENAKA - no unnathi beta Komal Bahabisa aap ki madad karegi aur hum Jatakar manyatha ki madad karengi .

KOMAL - haa menaka he geek rahega ... Chalo ab baathe bandh karo unnathi . Hum aapko  Thayar karungi 

UDAY - is everything perfect .. Did u check all the arrangements? 

MANAGER - everything is perfect sir.  All the arrangements are rechecked . I'll take ur leave sir 

UDAY - k u can leave now . Uday goes to check if unnathi is ready . He finds Komal helping unnathi. 

KOMAL - uday beta I'll take care of unnathi . She is almost ready . I'll get her down in time .arey menaka aap ithni Jaldi  aagayi . Manyatah ko Thayar kiya aapne 

MENAKA - Bahabisa manyatha already got ready when I went to c her. 

KOMAL - doc ne manyatha ko rest karneko kaha aur yeh ladki kudh ready hogaya... Then where is she now ...I'll go and check her out

MENAKA - shaanth hojaayiye Bahabisa . Manyatha kudh nahi ready hua . She looks at uday and tellsWink koi Iska madad kiya ... I think she went down to c some paper work I think . She got a call from pa.

UDAY - what!!!  Uday gets so tensed and tells Aunty y did u allow her to go down  . I asked her not to move out without anyone. K aunty I'll get back . Unnathi ur looking great my baby doll. Saying this he comes down wit worried expression and gets relieved aft he finds manyatah wit j beside and talking to PA 

PA - gud evening sir... I know I must b not here at this time. Sir but it's an urgent riyasath work so came to take yuvrani's signatures. I called u on to ur mobile sir but its unreachable sir.  I apologise 

UDAY - it's k mr varun ... So done wit ur work ... K u can leave.
Manyatha y did u come down . I told u to not move without me . As usual u don listen to me

MANYATHA - oh my god uday ...mera peecha Karna da way j was wit me... I came wit ur happy now... K common j v will go up and c unnathi

UDAY - princess!!!!! Unnathi will come down in a while. Then u can c her. Pls now u sit here only wit j. 

MANAYATHA - uday pls am not gonna listen to u. Am so eager to c unnathi . No one can stop me so pls move ...

UDAY - ye Yuvraj ka aadesh hai ..aap nahi jaavungi uupar

MANYATHA - halkat Veda kasmaanukane thum muje aadesh derahahe . Mien bhi dekthi ki kaun yuvrani manyatah udayveer Singh ko  kaun rokega . ha nahi tho!!!! 

           Meanwhile Komal and unnathi are coming down .everyone looks at them .uday gives a sign of relief expression and looks at manyatha . Then he goes to get unnathi down asking j to b wit manyatha. 

UDAY -  unnathi ur looking like an angel . Meri choti badi hogayi .everyone leave to the party hall. Uday takes manyatha along wit him to receive guests .

VIJAY - he is already at the party place waiting for unnathi . They announce and they exchange their rings. Party is going on so well.

UDAY - princess I'll receive and talk to remaining guests . Pls u come wit me ,I'll drop u near Komal aunty.

MANYATHA - no uday am fine . I don like to sit . From past 15 days am tired of taking rest . Now am perfectly ok. Even doctor told that. Doc even told that I can even dance ,that perfect iam . So pls don make me feel sick all da time. Stop eying on me and concentrate on ur guests. I'll go and talk to them . 

UDAY - unwillingly he agrees because he doesn't want to disappoint his princess. But his eyes were always on manyatah. Yes he is greeting all his guests and talking to them but every now and then he is looking manyatha and checking out. He couldn't take his eyes off manyatha.

             Finally the party ends. It was one of da best party in thAt year. Everyone goes to their respective rooms and take rest. Komal takes manyatha and goes . Uday speaks to some guests and then return backs to his room.

UDAY - he opens da door and finds manyatha sleeping in her pink night dress. He looks at his sleeping beauty awfully and kisses her on her forehead and covers her wit comforter. He takes care that she doesn't get disturbed and slowly freshes up and slips up into his night dress . Comes and lies down beside manyatah.

MANYATHA - she turns around and puts her hand around uday's waist and keeps her head on uday's chest and asks " uday ithna der kyu kiya ,I was waiting for u "

UDAY - prinncess u dint sleep!!! Sorry baby ...there were some guests ,so I got late.

MANYATHA - did I sleep without u anytime idiot !!! U ask all silly questions. 

UDAY - yes my darling I know that u can't sleep without me. It's too late now v can talk tomorrow . Jus close ur eyes and sleep . Ur tired today common get some sleep. He tells this and caresses her hairs and plants a kiss on her forehead. Soon manyatha falls asleep in his arms . Uday looks at her and conforms that she is sleeping and holds her at waist n get her closer and kiss her on her cheek and tell "I love u princess, ur my life" and pulls comforter over them .
             Now it's in d morning .sunrays fall on uday . He wakes up and finds his princess sleeping peacefully on his chest .uday looks at alert MSG in his cell .today he has meeting wit foreign delegates .its already 9 now . He wants to get ready soon but he is worried if manyatah gets up if he moves her aside . Slowly he hugs manyatha turns around and slowly place her on da other side and release her so carefully . He plans to go out for bath but he withdraw da idea an put a hand around manyatah and lie beside her . " if I get up princess will also get up soon .. " he looks at her and meanwhile due to some car sound from garrage manyatha wakes up. 

MANYATHA - uday ur already awake !! Y dint u wake me up honey ... Saying this she gets up from da bed and reminds uday about meeting .soon they both get ready and go down for breakfast . 

UDAY - k princess am going to office take care baby . I'll call u ... Telling this he gives a peck on her lips . Aunty Komal I know I need not say but please be wit manyatah aunty . U know my junglee billy very well so .

MANYATHA - she pinches uday on his arms ... Halkat Veda !! Mein jungle billi hu kya ... Go to office now ...ur already late ...

KOMAL - she laughs and take manyatha and go to unnathi's room . Vijay and j also join them . They all discuss about da party and pull each other legs and have fun . Gossip goes on and finally they realize it's lunch time when  seemaji comes and calls them down .

BRIJRAJ   AND GIRIRAJ -  even they come and join them for lunch . They inform all at the dining table that uday's meeting went good and they got an international project .

      Everyone is so happy to hear it .meanwhile uday also comes and join them . Everyone congratulates him ... Brijraj and giriraj tell they are proud of uday . 

 UNNATHI - k dada let us go outside . It's been a long time since v all went out together. Bahabisa Also needs a change I think.

UDAY - yes choti good idea v all will go out for some movie .

MANYATHA - yes a movie ...that's great ...k I'll go and get ready .everyone goes to get ready.

UDAY - u won congratulate ur husband princess ?..?

MANYATHA - I think I hav already congratulated uday don u remember 

UDAY - naa baby ..u congratulated a Yuvraj ...not a husband 

MANYATHA - kya !!!! 

UDAY - he keeps his arms across his chest and smirks and leans towards and tells manyatha " koi apne pathi ko aise handshake karke wish kartha kya " 

MANYATHA - she blushes and says udayyy!!! 

UDAY - I want a ... He says and captures her lips.. He gives her a mild passionate kiss. Realizes she is going out of breath and releases her. Both look at each other and smile and hug each other. " princess I love u " 

MANYATHA - halkat I love u too .they get ready and go down . All together go to a movie .then do some shopping and are returning 

           All da media came and surrounded uday and manyatah .all flashes were going on was too crowded.Uday holds manyatah protectively and almost hides her from flashes by covering her wit his body. She places her head on his chest due to those flashes.

     REPORTER 1 - it's been almost a month since u came out manyatah ji ... How r u feeling now...aft that incident? 

 Reporter 2 - u got international project it sims Yuvraj ji ... Wat do u tell about ur success? Also how u feel about ur upcoming ----****---

REPORTER 3 (lady) - yuvrani ji if u turn this side I wanna take ur pic . Can u pls . 

UDAY  - pls give us way . We will answer u later. Pls I request u all . I'll talk to u all in a press meet tomorrow . I promise u pls .

REPORTER 3 - Yuvraj ji we even want yuvrani ji in da press meet . Also a photo shoot if possible pls. V wanna take a pic of her in her----******-----------

 UDAY - v will think about it now pls give us way. All da guards surround uday and manyatha and try to take them out. Uday almost covers manyatha and takes her carefully

REPORTER 4 - sir u dint even allow media for ur sisters engagement and made it a complete private party. Y sir? 

UDAY - because it's  a personal family party . On the other side media is behind the new couple that is unnathi and vijay asking many questions.

REPORTER 3 - sir pls can we take a pic of yuvrani ji pls sir ask her to turn around...we could only see her face ...we want to take a full pic of hers .so that v can -----******-------
            Guards come and almost surround uday and manyatha that no one could see them and take them to car . Finally everyone gets into their car and are on da way to mahal .

UDAY - princess are u ok

MANYATHA - uday jus don worry am perfectly ok ... Relax baby ... 

UDAY - drink some water manyatha . I donno how this media got to know about our outing . Nowadays v maintain our schedule as highly secret n private. Donno how they got to know . They r jus impossible .

MANYATHA - that is so called media uday ...anything is possible... Also v came to a movie so obviously now it's a public thinng.that lady reporter uday she was all concentrating on me to click my full size pic... I donno y ppl r so crazy to take pics of me now ... Oh my god that's so embarrassing

UDAY - he smiles. It's common manyatah v r public figures , celebrities . So they try to catch our pics And news at all stages . As of now ur in a very special stage that's obvious that all try to get ur pic... All news papers reporters think that they should be da first news paper to release da pic... Seriously they r crazy ... From now onwards v should be carefully they started falling on us...I think v both should attend da press meet 2 mrw ... So that next time they won fall on us if I allow them to take ur pic... I have a doubt manyatha y ur -------****------      

                 INDEX :

Chap 1 - pg 1 
Chap2 - pg 2 
 Chap3 - pg 5 
CHAPTER 4 - pg 7
CHAPTER 5 - pg9
CHAPTER 6 - pg 12
CHAPTER 7 - pg 19
CHAPTER 8 - pg 24
CHAPTER 9 - pg 26
CHAPTER 10 - pg29
CHAPTER 11 - pg 31
CHAPTER 12 - pg32
CHAPTER. 13 - pg 37
CHAPTER 13.2 - pg 39 
CHAPTER 14 - pg 42
CHAPTER 15 - pg 46
CHAPTER 16 - pg 49
CHAPTER 17 - pg 51
CHAPTER 18 - pg 57
CHAPTER 19 - pg 66
CHAPTER 20 - pg 70 
CHAPTER 21 - pg 75
CHAPTER 22 - pg 79
CHAPTER 23 - pg 83
CHAPTER 24 - pg 92
CHAPTER 25 - pg 96
CHAPTER 26 - pg102 
CHAPTER 27 - pg 107
CHAPTER 28 - pg 113
CHAPTER 29 - pg 119
CHAPTER 30 - pg 125 
CHAPTER 31 - pg 130
CHAPTER 32 - pg 133
CHAPTER 33 - pg 137
CHAPTER 34 &35 - pg 139
CHAPTER 36 - pg 146
CHAPTER 37 - pg 150
CHAPTER 38 - pg 163

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i think im first to comment!!!awesome part dear:)pls continue soon...

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nice ff deary:-)

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loved it contine soon

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Another ss Anisha???
I'm very impressed!!!
You have made a nice start.
...But you have to make the chapters longer.
All of the very best to u Dear,
...continue soon!

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Great update!!!!!!!!Clap Cn u mke da chapters a bit longer nxt time plzzz?Smile Continue sooon!Embarrassed

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Grt SS...jaldi se update kar do Puggy...Tongue

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luvd it 

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